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Yeah, I made a Senua icon. I'm obsessed. Deal with it.

I can already feel the gaming hangover setting in - anything else I pick up to play I'm like "Ugh, this is not as emotionally engaging as Hellblade!"

I did pick up Witcher 2 again. I do enjoy that game but I can't play it when Tim's daughter is around because the Witcher does love to get it on with the ladies. The sex scenes are pretty explicit, even if they are a little ridiculous since the graphics are not top notch (the game is several years old). I need to read the novels, Tim has all of them, and they seem like fantasy I could actually get into.

If you are in need of a spooky game for October, we just finished Layers of Fear and it was CREEPY! Tim could hear me screaming from downstairs because there were so many jump scares and startling moments. I actually made Sylvia control the character because I was too terrified. It says to play with headphones on but I couldn't even play with the lights off LOL. It doesn't have a whole lot of replay value but if you can get it for $10 or less, it's worth it.

We are going to see "IT" tomorrow after work. Which means it will be a long night because the movie is just over 2 hours LOL. Oh well...I may have failed to mention the run time to Tim. Shhhhh
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Come work with me! My library system is hiring Library Associates. All you need is your bachelor's degree in ANYTHING and fantastic customer service skills - though a willingness to do storytimes would also help in most cases.

Click here for details

Feel free to share with anyone you know who lives in Maryland and is job hunting. This is a great gateway position into public library work! (Outside of Maryland is fine too, but it is expensive to live here so just know that going into it)
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So, I can't stop thinking about this game. I flew through the 8 hours of gameplay time (well, it took me more than that because I am a very cautious fighter LOL) and I miss Senua already.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is the story of a warrior woman whose lover was murdered by invading Norsemen and she has decided to go into hell to free his soul.

But Senua is not a normal woman - she hears voices. Her mother heard them too. They whisper to her, constant companions since she was young. These voices have kept her separated from the rest of her tribe, which is why she wants so badly to find Dillion's soul - he was the one person who truly cared for her. I know this sounds cliche, but I have to say that love is the one force out there that will make people challenge gods, even if those gods are not their own.

I love how the game just drops you into the story - no tutorial mode, not even a flash of instruction on the screen to coach you. You must figure it out (even if that simply means hitting "pause" to bring up the control menu) - the game designers have faith in your abilities to play from the start and they don't want to pull you out of the narrative to go through some clunky "What does the A button do?" screen or cheesy flashback to find an excuse to learn how to make your character walk.

I really feel like this game is another great example of video games as art. I feel like to show how a thing is art, you must give examples of how it brings out emotions in us that no other format can; how it can tell a story that would not be nearly as powerful as just a printed page or even as a moving image.

I played Hellblade as the creator's suggested: with headphones on. This let me experience the voices the way Senua did - hearing them immediately as our shared quest began and growing both frustrated and fond of their chatter. I don't think the printed text of a novel could have done this for me and while I can be emotionally connected to a character in a movie or tv show, you can't become them the way you can in a video game. And while I don't think I was ever Senua, I felt like I was with her the whole way.

I know this game is already getting a lot of push back from people with mental illness. Ninja Theory, the game design company, did a lot of homework in trying to represent the different ways psychosis can feel. I've seen at least one reviewer who are not happy because they suffer from mental illness and didn't think the game represented them, and I can understand that. The designers could only do so much and they reached out to professionals and got as much feedback as possible but they can't know what it is like for someone and no game will really ever replicated that experience.

I am coming from a completely different place, and this game really made me think a lot about all of the voices in everyone's head and how some of us can shrug them off and others are forced to hear them. The voices of self doubt, of fear, of resignation beside the voices that also push you on. I've never suffered from psychosis and I can't even begin to understand what life would be like for someone living with it, but for those 8 hours, I had those voices in my ears and it made me think of how hard that can make everything - if I was struggling in a fictional world to run forward and stay focused, what must it be like for someone in modern society? No idea, I know I can never know.

While I didn't love the ending (too soon, I wanted more), I loved the game as a whole. I really enjoyed that it was more than just a button mashing fighter game and that the (thankfully few) boss fights all had strategies to them. It reminded me of Legend of Zelda and how each "boss" was more than just a simple fight, you had to pay attention. There were just as many puzzles and hidden things to make me want to keep going, and bits of Norse legend peppered through-out which made me want to go find Neil Gaiman's new book and see if there were more to those legends.

It was a beautiful game, I loved seeing it on my screen, watching Senua wander the mystical world. I really hope we have more adventures with her.

For more details about the game and how to buy a (digital only), visit the official Ninja Theory site.
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I forgot to tell ya'll but WE HAVE A FLOOR AGAIN!

The tile was installed two weekends ago and we love it. Really brightens up the entire kitchen and just really makes it a nice room on it's own rather than just flowing into the living room area. Dishwasher has also been repaired too which is just fantastic. I know it was saving us money in our energy bill BUT I really was tired of dishes piling up on the counter (#firstworldproblems). The deal is whoever makes dinner, the other has to wash dishes and considering how many pots/pans I get dirty that can't go on the dishwasher, the addition of plates/bowls/cups on top of that was making things crazy. So, yes, repair the dishwasher, save my marriage XP

In the world of Impulse Purchases, my spatula designed by Kristen Bell arrived in the mail last week too!

Proceeds went to the No Kid Hungry program so it was for a good cause. Also, I <3 Kristen so much and this is probably the closest I will get to having her autograph so yeah. I'm a dork, it makes me smile. If you didn't see her shenanigans with the senior citizens during Hurricane Irma, I highly suggest browsing her Instagram/Twitter feed for a few minutes.

When we went to Wisconsin this summer, Tim went through the boxes of stuff in his parent's basement for things that he wanted to bring back (this is what happens when you buy an SUV). Anyway, one of the treasures we did find were his Star Wars toys, mainly a few large vehicles. So last night, in a fit of cleaning, I rearranged some of my Star Wars shelf to highlight our vintage collection (I reclaimed my toys from my parent's house last year but hadn't made space for them). I don't have it all out yet, but I got a few things in nice prime spots to hightlight them:

I still have a few figures I'd like to display plus a LARGE collection of micro-machines playsets. #nerdproblems - I am going to either move or maybe even downsize my Yoda collection as I don't really focus on that anymore. My collecting focus for Star Wars now is mostly LADIES.

Last but not least, I finished playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice last night and OMG THE EMOTIONS!

I want to do an in-depth write up later but this game was beautiful and I loved the story, which kept me going even when the game got rough. It was very short, about 12 hours, but it was a smaller gaming company. Tim got me fancy headphones right before I started playing it so I got to have the full experience since it recommends playing with nice headphones that can give you the full range of sounds.

I love Senua. She is right up there with Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: I want an action figure of her for my desk.

...actually, I have that "Make your own Funko Pop" downstairs...maybe I could make myself a little Senua! PROJECTS!!!!!!!

Bedtime now - I am trying to finish the last two books for a conference I'm attending next month. Neither of them are grabbing me as much as the others so it has been a struggle. Plus SO MANY good books are coming out right now and distracting me with their covers and blurbs. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! #librarianproblems
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I feel like someone said they were going to NYCC but now I can't remember who...if you are willing to go on a quest for me, I would be VERY grateful! I just found out there will be an exclusive Faith POP! at the Funko Booth and the Buffy POP set is one of the few I'm trying to be a completist about. I would totally paypal the price+shipping. I just know eBay will be full of greedy people right after the con :\
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If you have not seen this bit of information about the latest South Park video game, you need to because LOL

South Park: The Fractured but Whole's difficulty slider changes the colour of your skin
"Don't worry, this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life."

Kinda makes me want to watch South Park in its entirety (I've only seen a handful of episodes, mostly ones that friends said "OH you have to watch this one!)
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Okay my geeks, I just saw this on my calendar and wanted to see how you all felt about it:

Every year around Christmas I do a Lord of the Rings rewatch, ever since the movies came out on DVD. It has become a tradition and a time I really look forward to. I go all out and watch the extended editions.

Last year I made a note in my Google Calendar that when Frodo wakes up in Rivendell, Galdalf tells him it is October 24 and therefore I should start my rewatch on October 24th!

Should we try to coordinate this? I am thinking since that is a Tuesday night we will probably just watch Disc 1 because of work in the morning LOL. I love LotR but they are long and if we don't start until 7-8pm the first disc won't be done until around get-ready-for-bed time.

Let me know what you all think!


Sep. 7th, 2017 10:47 pm
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I forgot to mention, after all that stressing over interviews and such I DID GET THE PROMOTION!

Which is nice. It would have been fun to get the manager gig but I probably need a bit more work. And I will be staying at my current library, just bumping up a step. It is kinda cool too because this is a new position for my branch so I will be a part of figuring out what it means to BE the Librarian II at a community library. Also, I love my manager and she is already like "Oh we are going to get you READY for the next manager interview".

I am waiting for my official feedback from the manager interview, but the basic things I heard was that I did really well, the person that got it was just a little bit more qualified.

So, yeah, I officially became a Librarian II this week. :)

And just to make things even more wacky, I'm going to sit on the other side of the table of an interview panel NEXT week LOL.
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This list isn't that very impressive either but I keep meaning to share what I watched!

My Life as a Zucchini
At just over an hour long, this movie is a perfect little story about a young boy adjusting to life in a group home. I watched it in French with subtitles, even though some big names stepped up to dub the film for the U.S. release after it got such rave reviews overseas.

Beautiful animation done in classic stop-motion style. I love the character designs. I was sad when it was over because I wanted to follow more of Zucchini's story.

Just know that this is not a children's movie even though the main characters are kids. It's not a happy fluffy bunny story, these kids are in the home because they did things or bad things happened to them, so you want to make sure those viewing the film are ready to hear about such things.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Confession: I have not read this book. It wasn't assigned to my class in high school. So I was going into this with only a bare minimum of knowledge - I knew that Scout was the main character and that a court case happened and there was a guy named Boo Radley.

Books into movies are tricky things - I low Scout is the narrator of the book, but I'd say the movie felt like it switched between her, Jem, and Atticus. Even though I haven't read the book, I could feel that things were missing from the world, but at 2 hours not much more could have been added.

I am not sure how I feel about the ending, it felt rushed and maybe the book offers more by way of closure but the movie felt like it just wanted to wrap things up quickly. Plus, the odd issue of Atticus fighting for justice doled out int he courtroom and having the finale be justice happening on the "street"?

Yet again, another "old" movie that is still upsettingley relevant to what is happening in our country today. Why has so little changed.

Nocturnal Animals
I don't even know what to say. That was an emotional experience... Is it just me or is Jake Gyllenhaal really into movies that make you go "WTF!?" when the credits roll? Amy Adams seems to be getting into that too, at least with this and 'Arrival'. I really want to read the book that "inspired" the movie to see what more it has to say about the relationships but this movie was mesmerizing in an really upsetting way. It haunted me the same way Susan was haunted each time she put the book down. Not at all what I was expecting.

More reviews on my Letterboxd!

Have you seen any of these? What were your thoughts! Feel free to link in comments!
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Well, this is a bit embarrassing. I only finished ONE book this month (not counting the picture books I browsed when they arrived on the new cart). I have been reading but I just didn't finish ANYTHING this month. Too much going on, lots of books that just lost me about halfway or had holds so I had to return them and go back on the wait list.

This is the ONE book I read from start to finish (and, oddly enough, I did that in an hour during my lunch break one day):

Empire State: A Love Story (or Not)Empire State: A Love Story by Jason Shiga

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jason Shiga is definitely becoming a must-read author for me.

This story is probably representative of a lot of people's lives, especially those that talk themselves out of taking the next steps in becoming an adult, those who wait too late.

Great story, quick read, worth picking up.

I am going to give a shout-out to the new Mo Willems books though because it made me tear up while reading it at my desk:

Welcome: A Mo Willems Guide for New ArrivalsWelcome: A Mo Willems Guide for New Arrivals by Mo Willems

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay, this is it - you can stop trying to publish the perfect book to give to new parents, Mo Willems has done it. You're not going to top this. Funny, bittersweet, and full of love. I laughed, I cried, and I wished that every child born from now on went home with this book.

Simple and Beautiful.

View all my reviews

September should be a more impressive list since I have a bunch of books I'm 2/3 of the way through and I am GOING TO FINISH THEM DAGNABIT!

How was everyone else's reading list this month? If I missed your post, please link in the comments!
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I was just on Steam and one of the titles I raved about earlier this year is on sale!

SOMA is a sci-fi psychological thriller! It is currently 70% off - only $8.99! This game had some fantastic storytelling and genuinely disturbing moments of wtf-ery.

If you have a PC, I would highly recommend grabbing this deal now, it will be a perfect game for Halloween time (Tim played it in the dark with headphones but I was too scared lol)
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Some full-time and part-time positions have opened up in my library system. Feel free to pass it on.

The two full time positions are for a systems network specialist and maintenance mechanic so not exactly "library" work but you get to be a part of the fun!
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Posting via my phone so please pardon any typos:

Glad that they did the thing I was hoping they were doing.

Still concerned that travel time in this show has gone out the window and people just kind of appear places.

The "big reveal" had already been revealed a few episodes ago - though maybe I only knew because someone here pointed it out

Someone who is better at math than me, help me out: if there are 60 episodes of GoT so far and I want to do a weekly rewatch that will end up right before season 8 starts, and assuming it will start in the summer of 2018 (please don't make us wait until 2019 HBO!) when do I need to start watching???
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I forgot to mention this but THE LIBRARY CAME THROUGH FOR ME! I managed to get a DVD copy of "The Expanse" Season 2 from Baltimore County! Tim and I have been watching an episode each night and OMG WTF SEASON 2 IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I stuck with this show. Season 1 was interesting but didn't hook me but Season 2...daaaaaamn.

I will post coherent thoughts after we are caught up and then I get to suffer until Season 3 starts on SyFy...when is that? Next year? UGH!

Won't get to watch an episode tonight because Thursdays are for Anime (our friend Mathew comes over and we watched a few shows on CrunchyRoll) but we should be finished with this season by the end of next week.
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Thank you for all the positive vibes this week for my interview. Despite being nervous, I think I did really well! Like all interviews, after I got home that night I was doing the "OMG I should have said THAT!" inner monologue. But I was satisfied with how I did.

The real fun will be next week when I have an interview for Branch Manager. This one is a bit more challenging since there will be people from outside the system and I have no idea how many people applied. They only have one day of interviews so I think it must be around five people, but it is all about experience.

But I'm feeling pretty good about my preparation technique. I'm going to tweak my notes before the interview so I'm ready (they give you the questions about 20 minutes before the interview so you can get your thoughts together).

At least I have kept myself busy this week with the Escape Room program. Just finished up my second round of groups and the kids loved it. Tomorrow I have a full day of the program. Hardest part is not giving them hints but if they are running out of time, I can't help myself! They all seemed to have fun and the chocolate at the end really made their day LOL.

And now it is time to shut down the library and head home for PIZZA! TTFN
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Librarian II interview is tomorrow and I've had a nervous knot in my stomach all day! ARGH! All those little voices in my head and starting to speak up, making my anxious and causing self-doubt.

I swear, if the interview had been the week I submitted the application I would be full of confidence and ready to go but after sitting on it this long, I'm starting to lose my mind.

10:30am tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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I can't seem to settle on my next read so I sorta stalled this month trying to find what to read next. I tried to start the audio version of 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King so I would be ready for the movie, but the reader just didn't do it for me.

Anyway, this is why most of this month was children's books and comics!

RoughneckRoughneck by Jeff Lemire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What a book. Intense and real, raw and gritty. Fantastic use of the medium to tell this story, one that could be happening right now. Lemire continues to put out top notch work at a surprising rate!

Real FriendsReal Friends by Shannon Hale

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A worthy shelf-mate for Smile, El Deafo, and Roller Girl - Shannon Hale takes a look back at her elementary school friendships and her family life, mostly dealing with being a middle child. It's honest and about as raw as you can get for a book for kids.

Even though Shannon's story takes place in the late 70s/early 80s, every kid today will identify with her struggle between being true to herself and wanting to belong.

4 stars and ALL THE FEELS!

Black Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret OriginsBlack Hammer, Vol. 1: Secret Origins by Jeff Lemire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, what a great first trade! I'm really glad Lemire finally got around to making this book a reality. It's both a great new story and one that uses classic tropes to really pull you in. Cannot wait for the second collection!

Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt  (Narwhal and Jelly)Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt by Ben Clanton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is a great next step after my beloved 'Elephant and Piggy' books. Two best friends who delight in each other's company and just try to have a good time and also eat waffles.

Ronit & JamilRonit & Jamil by Pamela L. Laskin

My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Such a great idea, but poorly executed. I couldn't even bring myself to finish it and it is a very short book written in verse. I want someone else to take this idea and run with it, write a prose novel that can go into more details of the characters and the story.

Very disappointed. :(

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 6: Civil War IIMs. Marvel, Vol. 6: Civil War II by G. Willow Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another solid story arc (even if it borrows a plot line from Minority Report). Wish Kamala Khan was in the line up for a Marvel Movie.

Captain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the SeasCaptain Pug: The Dog Who Sailed the Seas by Laura James

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Cute little early chapter book, great for kids who are just starting out with the longer reads. Pug is adorable and his main goal in life is finding strawberry tarts so I could identify with his struggle. :)

My Favorite Thing Is MonstersMy Favorite Thing Is Monsters by Emil Ferris

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

That was not at all what I expected which probably made it even more enjoyable as I tried to wrap my head around it. This is definitely "literary fiction" in graphic novel format. If anyone scoffs at your graphic novel reading, give them this book and watch as they have to sit down and examine each page, sometimes turning the book on its side to read the notes scribbled near the spine.

Just enough closure to make me feel finished with the book but enough loose ends that I will definitely pick up the second book.

I just started listening to Eddie Izzard's autobiography "Believe Me" which has to be one of the most ridiculous audiobooks I've ever heard because Eddie cannot stay on task. He has gone off book several times, in true Izzard fashion. It's like a whole other book because he is thinking of things he didn't say (or sometimes forgetting he is going to say) and begins to go off on a little tangent.

I also started the audio of 'The Awkward thoughts of W. Kamau Bell' but as I'm not a huge fan of his, when I hit the part that turned into more biography and less musings, I kinda zoned out. And then my Eddie Izzard book came in and he got bumped so I might come back to this, I might not.
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Thank you guys so much for your great responses to my thinky-thoughts post from Saturday. There's just no "right" answer to any of this stuff and each human experience is unique, but it is also very human to want to clump people together. It was great to read some feedback from people who have experienced the world in that part of the country.

It's been a week - on Friday, the contractor the insurance recommended came by to rip up the kitchen floors so they spot that was water damaged could dry out. So for a week we have been living with this:

There is a big fan and a humidifier going non-stop in the kitchen. The plastic is to keep the air trapped so we're not drying out the whole house. I didn't mind it so much at first, but now it feels like we are living on a ship. And it also feels like we are living in Elliot's house during the last half hour of E.T. and Peter Coyote is about to come out of my kitchen in a hazmat suit and tell me E.T. is dead. :\

Good news is they are supposed to stop by and take a moisture reading and see if everything is dry enough. We picked out some tile so we can give them that information tomorrow too and get that started.

Two promotions have opened up at work and I was planning on going for one of them but after careful contemplation, I've decided to try for both. One would just be a step up in the same branch, a brand new position that my manager has been trying to get for awhile. The other is a manager position at a branch down the road from my house. That spot opened up because of shenanigans with the recent hire, an outside person, who totally broke every "things not to do when you are a new manager" rule in the book before the 6 month probation was over. She "resigned" last week.

I've been with the library system for 7 years now at this branch and I've been working in public libraries full time for over 10 years. While I'm super comfortable in my current position, I feel like maybe I need to push myself and try for this. Everyone has been REALLY supportive. I'm getting some coaching from two other managers this week and next to help me with the interview. But I don't want to assume I have the job because they did post it for outside hires...though they only posted it for a couple weeks.

Anyway, I haven't written a resume in YEARS or done an interview - I know I am VERY lucky - so I've been stressing out about all of this since Friday. I'm done with the paper work part though, I'm submitting all of that tomorrow. Next up is "studying" for the interview because I have a TON of experiences to pull from...I just need to remember what they all are!!!

And now I should probably get to bed because the contractor will be here bright and early and I don't really want to greet him in my pajamas. :P
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To avoid any more deep thoughts today, I spent any downtime at work browsing the #SDCC2017 and #RIVERDALESDCC tag on Twitter and THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!


LINKING SO THAT THE "still image" doesn't spoil anyone because I don't trust YouTube to make the right decision

...I need to make some Riverdale icons...
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So, I'm about halfway through Hillybilly Elegy by J.D. Vance which is all about issues in rural America and the culture that exists there. It became a bestseller after Trump was elected president because it was implied that these were the people that voted for him so everyone is reading the book in the hopes of making sense of it all.

I saw this article in the Washington Post about rural Americans and disabilities and unemployment and it echoed a lot of the issues that Vance talks about in his book. And it all just blows my mind and I struggle to find any way we can all understand each other. This culture, the entire way the families function, it just is so alien to how I grew up, how I was raised, the values instilled in me.

And, the irony being that you could read about some of these situations they go through - the broken homes, the scraping by etc. and if you saw it out of context, you might think it has to do with inner city living and "minority" groups. And this is probably what makes the divide worse because most of us fight for equality for different groups, trying to figure out how to fix a broken system, but these rural poor white groups end up getting ignored because, technically, they are part of the majority?

I dunno, it is all so hard to even grasp because that world is just so alien to me having grown up in middle class suburbs. And I'm sure that is a huge part of America's problem right now because there is no way to have a dialogue that makes any sense because the culture of both sides is so different.

I had to return the book without finishing it, I'm back on the waitlist (only 100 people ahead of me blurgh!) but I wonder what each person is getting out of this story. Living in Maryland probably gives a unique perspective too since it has a large transient population due to military and government contractor jobs, but at the same time there are people who have always been here. And Virginia and Pennsylvania aren't that far, so I'm sure people who grew up in that society have migrated across the states to start anew like Vance did.

Has anyone read the book? Thoughts? feelings? reactions? Obviously his life story isn't the ONLY story of someone growing up there, but the news coverage of the unemployment issues and opiod crisis are making it seem like perhaps his story is more average than we would ever want to believe.

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