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La La Land poster Yup, finally watched this. I had hoped for so much more but I knew it was overrated when the Oscar buzz started flying around.

I mean, it was a movie about making movies. It homaged lots of classics. But it never even gets close to the level they were. Heck, John Legend's character even chides Gosling's for being obsessed with OLD jazz and not embracing anything new, asking how they can save the music by holding on to the past? Yes, those movies are classics, they were groundbreaking, but when you just try to recreate them, you can't hold a candle to them - we don't have a Fred and Ginger now. We don't have a Gene Kelly. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are both great but they are not that multitalented.

Don't get me wrong - the only reason this movie was so well liked it because of Stone and Gosling. I adore both of them, it made watching the whole thing a lot more fun. I mean, they really are not singers, they are barely dancers, but I didn't care because THOSE EYES. On both of them - THOSE EYES!

And this scene was, by far, my most favorite scene:

But, yeah. I can't deny it had some beautiful cinematography so I'm okay with that award. I'm also okay that it didn't win best picture because it was no where near as good as 'Moonlight'. It's a pretty forgettable movie. Even the songs didn't do much for me. Or maybe it was just one song?

But, yeah, since I adore Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, I didn't mind spending two hours in a dark room with them.

But, yeah, pretty much this:

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