Feb. 1st, 2017

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FYI tomorrow, February 2nd, is the official Harry Potter Book Night, an INTERNATIONAL event started by the UK publisher. You can find details about the event on their website AND a map of all the locations all over the world that will be participating!

And guess who was crazy enough to volunteer to host the program at the library?

#HarryPotterBookNight tomorrow @aacpl Severna Park Library! Stop in anytime from 6pm-8pm for magical fun! @bloomsburypublishing
Super fun photo booth props for #HarryPotterBookNight ! Stop by tomorrow night and cast some spells with us! @aacpl Severna Park 6pm-8pm


And because we already had a Great Movies program in the meeting room, I will be hosting the event in the library proper. We will transform the library into a Hogwarts of our own making! I've gathered supplies from branches all around our system because Potterheads are plentiful in a library system. A few teachers from local schools have volunteered to come read from the books and several staff are bringing in their collectibles to show off.

I really have no idea what to expect. We didn't advertise much in the branch, but it was in our fliers and I made sure it was on the official website so we will see! Could be 30 people, good be 100! I'm not sure which I want more! Big programs are exhausting but so fulfilling because we see faces we don't usually see, not just the preschool students but all ages.

Anyway, I need to get some rest! It will be non-stop tomorrow because I may have also booked myself for a school visit in the afternoon LOL. Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

If you go to a Harry Potter Book Night near you, make sure you post pictures!!! I want to steal their ideas for next year see what others are doing!

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