Mar. 29th, 2017

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UGH I really thought I had dodged the cold that Tim had last week but, alas, it caught up with me today. I called out of work and I just texted to take off tomorrow because while I don't feel totally awful, I work 1-9 tomorrow and when the sun went down today, I could feel it in my sinuses and I just don't think I could concentrate.

Seriously, writing this post is a struggle LOL. Mostly because I don't want to drip on the keyboard...EWWWW!

In between blowing my nose and sleeping I have been playing Mass Effect: Andromedia. It is a Mass Effect game, for sure. I'm having fun playing the story, meeting the aliens, and then shooting stuff. It is still kinda buggy, but I feel like that happens with almost all AAA titles nowadays, with pressure from the publisher to get it released by a specific date they don't test for everything. I had a rough time today with a glitch that wouldn't let me save my game in a REALLY LONG battle and when I died, the autosaves were all screwed up and took me back to the start of the fight. I'm hoping that a patch will appear soon and fix that because I really don't want to go back to that quest until it is done.

Anyone else playing ME:A? I made a custom Pathfinder, named her Samantha because why not! Of course, I didn't know the computer's name was I've accidentally added a whole new layer to the story with the computer my father built kinda named after me...or was I named after the program? duh-Duh-DUUUUUUUH!!!!!

I have noticed the animation issues and I think because I went custom they are even more noticeable. But, whatever, I like her, even if for some reason she came out kind of orange... yes, she looks like Shepard, I didn't mean to, it just happened, I guess I have a type

So I kinda customized my Ryder and now she looks like Shepard...totally not on purpose #masseffect @xbox @biowarebase

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