Apr. 22nd, 2017

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My life has been taken over by video games and TV and just general life-ness. I swear this happens every few months, I go from an LJ addict to not being able to make the time.

My friend was supposed to come and visit this week with her daughter, but as her daughter is three and decided that she no longer wanted to sleep through the night so the idea of driving 8 hours with a tired toddler while also tired didn't appeal to her. :P On the plus side, I have cleaned the house!!

This was a weird week, I was just in the strangest mood until about Thursday. I blame the girl parts, which were really out of whack and threw everything off. Feel more like myself now though!

We are about halfway through 13 Reasons Why (we waited for Sylvia to come back from her spring break trip to watch with her).
mild spoilers if you haven't watched it yet )

I'm awful at 'Overwatch' but I do enjoy playing it. But OMG if you could HEAR Tim when he plays LOL. He doesn't wear the microphone, thank goodness, but he is one of those people who just turns into an aggressive potty mouth when he plays competitive games. He *hates* to die in games. And for a game like Overwatch, that is a HUGE part of the game. It's not about living forever. But he gets so upset when he does. It's both offensive and hilarious and I am so glad I am the only person who can hear him.

I downloaded Fallout Shelter again because Steam sent me a code for bonus stuff...I don't know why I did that, it's not even a real "game" the way that all my other games are. It's just nice to goof off with for a bit while I'm eating breakfast or brushing my teeth.

Still not sure exactly how I'm handling the LJ/DW thing. I was reading through the DW FAQ email they sent out and I did not know they were based in Maryland! Now I almost want to switch over just for that. Well, at least when May 2018 rolls around, that is. If there is still an online community to hang out in.

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