May. 6th, 2017

orangerful: (fotc - favorite box)
I'm pondering unfriending LJ people who are cross-posting from Dreamwidth so that I start checking Dreamwidth more often...I feel like I forget that not everyone is doing the cross-post thing and I'm missing out on some awesome posts on DW from people who have completely left LJ.

I think I've given up on Imzy. It's just not the kind of social interaction that I crave when it comes to the internet. I think it is too...focused? Like, the fact that I have to join a different group for every interest I have. And then it's just row after row of links to other things, which doesn't count as "social" to me. LJ, Dreamwidth - these places are social.

I've started checking Twitter again and, let me tell you, I've started aggressively using the "do not show retweets" option on SO MANY PEOPLE and it is GLORIOUS! I wish Tumblr had a similar option...I don't mind reblogs/tweets when there is a comment made, but I get tired of just seeing other people's content reposted again and again.

I've been having fun with Snapchat but only because Sylvia and I have a streak going of like 35 days. I never know what to post on there. I flip flop between that and Instagram. My Mom checks my Twitter/Instagram so I kinda like posting things there so she knows what is going on, but Snapchat can be fun for stupid stuff like "Look at my socks!" kinda things.

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