May. 8th, 2017

orangerful: (rock and roll baby!)
Watched the second episode tonight and holy shit it was good. I mean, the first episode was interesting but it felt more like a prologue and this is where the story really starts.

First, I want Orlando Jones nominated for any Emmy just so they can show Anansi's speech during the award show and watch the whole world squirm. It was just uncomfortable and captivating and beautiful to watch.

Also, Gillian Anderson IS an actual Goddess so while her scenes were great, didn't we already know this? I've been worshiping her since 1993.

Just kidding, I seriously feel like I'm only watching the show now to see more of her awesomeness. YES I WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE HER!

I haven't listened to anymore of the book because one of my library holds came in and took priority. I'm sorta happy about this, I like not knowing what will happen in the show, though knowing Bryan Fuller things will get reworked. I think I only have about 90 minutes left in my current audiobook so when that is done I will flip back over to 'American Gods'.

The casting on this show is just so damn good.

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