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As I drive halfway across the country and my husband flips through SiriusFM channels, I have come to the realization that I've never been a radio person.

In middle school, I was obsessed with The Beatles and listened to them non-stop. My Walkman was always on me with an album or mixtape. When I got my own car, I kept mixes on hand for driving around (thanks Napster).

I just can't stand most stuff that gets radio airplay and then the songs that I like they play so much that everyone hates them. For example, I really like Paramore and Ed Sheeran but since Tim listens to radio all the time, he hates their singles.

This also leaves a gap in my pop culture knowledge but nothing I'm upset about. I know the good stuff. ;-)
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6: Public library or personal library?
This one is probably obvious LOL. I've always gone to the library since I was a teen, mostly because I liked to research my current pop culture obsessions and the only way I could get all the books was through the library. I very rarely buy a book, usually if I buy it I have already read it and just want a copy to lend to friends OR it is a collectible book in some way.

The years where I didn't go to the library regularly I didn't read very much. Now I have stacks of books on my desk all the time! Plus, since they are free, I'm more adventurous in picking up different types of books. I would be so broke if I bought every book I had on hold at the library.

7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
The binding? I mean, without that, it's just a stack of papers! Just kidding! (though that question is phrased oddly). I'd probably say the characters and their arcs. I like books where the characters change and grow in some way...which is probably why I prefer children's and teen's fiction. As I always say, in most "adult" fiction, the characters start out miserable and end up miserable.

8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?
I'm listening to 'Watership Down' because it was never on my radar until a few years ago...I think when it popped up on LOST as one of the books that Sawyer was reading. And then the BBC/Netflix announced a miniseries sometime next year with a fantastic cast.

I think I read a review of 'Of Better Blood' in 'School Library Journal' while looking for new books to booktalk. With everything going on in our country right now, a historical fiction novel for teens about the eugenics moment in the 1920s felt very...relevant.

Oh and all my Star Wars friends will be happy to know that 'Bloodline' finally arrived on my desk!!! I'm only 30 pages in and already SO MANY FEELS!

9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
orangerful? Or maybe I'd just use my first and middle name. Or perhaps just go with "Sam" instead of "Samantha" to keep the sexist readers guessing!

10: Do you listen to music when you read?
NOPE! If there are any other sounds, I will be distracted. Music is the worst because my brain will start singing along. Even if there are no words, my brain will try to connect the music to an image or movie so, again, distracted! This is why I mostly read in bed or when I have lunch alone.
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Oh my goodness, I think almost every single number has been called so I've got like 40 different questions to answer about BOOKS! LOL! I will break this down into sets of at least 5 otherwise I will be blogging it forever. :P

I guess I'll include links to GoodReads in case anyone decides to add a few to their own to-read list!

1. Currently Reading
Of Better Blood by Susan Moger (bedtime book)
Watership Down by Richard Adams (audiobook in the car)
Black Panther by Christopher Priest (lunchtime book)

2. Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible. No character names or title.
The girls were together again, happy and laughing, even if they hadn't managed to earn very many badges that day.

3: First book that had a major influence on you
Very hard to pick, but I'm going to go with Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. It's one of the few books I have a clear memory of reading for fun, enjoying, and making me want to go back for more.

4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first? Ford Prefect. :)

5: Favorite series and why
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Or, if we're going to go with comics, Y: The Last Man. Or if we do children/teen books, I think I might go with Gregor the Overlander. It takes a lot to get me to read an entire series and these three are ones that I not only read, but would re-read if I had the time! They stuck with me!
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So these got lost in the shuffle of the spring break trip! I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats LOL!

Oh and I also wanted to say, it's been a month or so now since the MEGA FRIENDING of 2016. If we're not clicking, feel free to unfriend me, no worries. I know my flist is very active and I'm having a hard time keeping up. So, yeah, no hard feelings if you want to take my off your list.

ANYWAY! On to the final 3:

29. [ profile] eowyn asked: What's your all-time favourite R and R activity?
Hm, I guess snuggling up on the couch with a good movie and some popcorn, maybe a classic Disney/Pixar or Star Wars, something with a happy ending. (I'm realizing how little I actually R and R haha)

30. [ profile] rogueslayer452 asked: What is the most obscure thing you own?
I have a Yoda backpack that was only made in the UK and my ex bought it for me off of eBay. I love it because it was a very limited run and it's just a damn cool backpack. (I'm trying to find a photo of me wearing him, but it was clearly before I knew how to tag stuff on can kinda see him here) I like him more than the Yoda backpacks that are out now because he is actually *in* a backpack, just like he is on Luke's back, not just Yoda hanging on like a monkey.

And then there is my Buffy academic books, which are pretty obscure because who the heck reads that stuff but us hardcore nerds? :)

31. [ profile] icecoldrain asked: Do you have any tattoos? If you don't, have you ever considered getting one? NOPE! NOPE! I am a wuss. I have commitment issues. There is no way I would get a tattoo because I know I would immediately change my mind about it seconds later. Plus, I'm always afraid the moment I get a tattoo, the thing I tattooed will suddenly go evil. Like, if I did a Joss Whedon thing, Joss would turn into a crazy person and then I'd be stuck with it forever!

The only thing I think I could ever get tattooed on me would be "orangerful" because it's my other name. I've had it since 1999 so I guess I'm sticking with it?
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We went hiking today. I actually felt pretty good when I woke up. I'm in the super-fun drainage portion of this cold so my nose was running and I kept hacking up yellow gunk BUT I FEEL NORMALISH!

Anyway, we hiked for most of the afternoon in beautiful Rocks Park (clever name...there are rocks there). Saw a lovely waterfall and a really cool rock formation that was apparently featured in 'Tuck Everlasting' for anyone who has seen that.

Only bad part is that I appear to be very sunburnt on my face. *FAIL*

anyway, on to some questions! Going to do a few ahead since we are driving to Wisconsin on Monday and I won't be able to post (well, I could post via my phone but we all know how fun THAT app is!)

25. [ profile] stydia asked: What book would you like to see turned into a movie/television show?
I'm still waiting on my Y: The Last Man tv series! I know it has been optioned a few times now, but nothing has come of it. Right now, FX has it "in development" but there are no details. It would need to be a series though, there is FAR too much story to cram into a movie. It would be hilarious if they could do 'Transmetropolitan' as a TV show but I'm not sure they can legally show that stuff on tv...then again, there is a Preacher show that is supposed to come out later this year and that comic was banned (and not because of the weird scene where that guys has sex with an armadillo...).

26. [ profile] rachg82 asked: What would you consider to be your spirit animal?
If I had to go with an actual animal I'd probably go with a dog (and now all I can think of is the Parks & Rec episode where they pick spirit dogs for everyone). I had an Australian Sheep Dog when I was a kid (well she was part that and something else, mutts 4 life). She was the best dog, so sweet and loving and fun. I think Australian sheep dog would be my spirit animal.

27. [ profile] verdande_mi Favourite fandom-memory/happening?
All of my adventures at Dragon*Con, but especially getting to meet and hang out with [ profile] faeriesfolly and [ profile] jellibean for the first time after being LJ friends for so many years. And meeting up as the wild party that is D*C made it even more fun.

Other than that would be the time I met Joss Whedon, but I've blogged about that adventure a few times now because it makes me happy every time I think about it. :)

28. [ profile] kaitydid33087 asked: If you could meet anyone, real or fictional, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Well, as I mentioned above, I met Joss so I'm good. :) I guess the next person on my list would be Steven Spielberg. I'd love to sit at a table with him and listen to him talk about film and directing and storytelling. I feel like he has a good grasp on where he came from and where he is going as a filmmaker.

Wait, no, Oscar Isaac. I want to sit and drool next to him. He so pretty.

(yes, I went from lofty fangirl to horny fangirl in the middle of writing that response, I blame the fact that I had tumblr open in the browser behind my LJ editor)

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First, THANK YOU EVERYONE for the get well wishes. I'm getting there. I did come home early yesterday and crash and then slept in again today. Not sure if I will work the whole 1-9 tonight, but I have purchased some HALLS lozenges which I think will help keep my breathing.

Just realized I'll probably need to do a chunk of these for the last week because of being out of town. I plan on bringing my iPad but typing on that thing is not the most fun. Though I do have a keyboard for it...maybe I should just look for the charger. :P

22.[ profile] blizzardskies asked: Have you been to any online meet-ups/gatherings?
I used to be a member of some Star Wars forums and there was a local group that tried to meet up a few times. They were okay, but not super organized. BUT having tried this group, I was desperate for a Star Wars club and when I stumbled upon the DCSWCC at the library one day, I joined immediately. They had a website, but I found them because they were using our meeting room space. :)

I also took part in the True Blood costume group at my first Dragon*Con, along with [ profile] faeriesfolly. We dressed as Merlotte's waitresses. I didn't march in the parade but I did meet up for the group photo op with Charlaine Harris (which is funny because I've never actually read a single Sookie Stackhouse book LOL)

23. [ profile] rogueslayer452 asked: What song/artist has been on repeat for this month?
Usually I listen to music while I drive, but right now I've got an audiobook in the car to try to "reread" the book I'm doing for a discussion next month. I do listen to music while making dinner though and for some strange reason I have been on a classics kick. I had one day of Simon & Garfunkel (it was because I needed to pull out spices and I saw the sage and rosemary and then Scarborough Faire would not get out of my head!!!) and then the other night I wanted something bouncy and fun and ended up putting on Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys.

I've been trying to find some new music on Spotify but have been a little hit/miss with most of their suggestions so I've been skipping all over, no one new has made the cut this month! I'm a rough critic!

24. [ profile] kaitydid33087 asked: What's your favorite food?
Oh so many things, I do love food. And there is just so much of it to try. I love sushi, especially salmon. I could just eat salmon sushi all day om nom nom.
I like a nice med-rare steak fresh off the grill with a big loaded baked potato.
I have a fondness for veal marsala but it has to be GOOD restaurant for me to consider ordering. I've learned that lesson the hard way.
Chimichangas are so delicious too, I love Mexican food. I mean, how can meat and cheese be a bad combo?

Hm, perhaps I need to eat some lunch before I head out to work LOL. All this talk of food...
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#20 [ profile] dontjudgeme asked: What fictional animal would you want as your own pet if you could? Like...specific fictional: "Garfield" would fit here but just "unicorn" would not.
I'd say Buckbeak but there were far too many safety issues with that pet and I don't need the Malfoys sueing me! :P
Right now, because this is where my mind is, I would say Dogmeat from Fallout 4. He was a good companion, never judges you, goes and kills badguys for you and also brings me stuff. Also he is IMMORTAL!

I kept thinking of other creatures but they weren't really "pets". Like Falcor from Neverending Story. Or Jake from Adventure Time. Or R2-D2...they are companions more than pets.

#21 [ profile] phenomenal asked: What do you do in your free time?
Well, if judging by today is anything to go by, nothing. But I was home sick with some kind of sinus thing so you can't blame me!

Freetime usually is spent goofing around online, watching tv or movies, and playing video games.

Oh and reading, though that is usually only at my work lunch break and before bedtime.

When the weather is nice, we do tend to plan weekend hikes or at least nice walks around the park. And if I can get the time off, I like to go on trips and other adventures that tend to leave me less rested than most other people's vacations LOL.
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[ profile] rogueslayer452 asked: In your opinion, which show (past or present) do you think was completely overhyped by the media (note: not horrible, but just overexposed)? What show do you think was completely overlooked?
The Walking Dead.

Happy Endings. This show cracked me UP almost every time, was far too clever for it's own good. It could have been so much more but the network didn't really give it a chance. I think some of this was because it wasn't streaming on Hulu or there was an odd delay or something. I remember trying to watch it on the network app while getting lunch before a meeting and just having an awful time streaming it.

[ profile] dontjudgeme asked: You've been tasked with creating a fandom-related theme park. You get to choose the fandom, the location of the park, and the first 2 attractions. What are they?
I want to say Star Wars but Disney is already got that covered for me. I'm not sure a Buffy theme park would work LOL, it's kinda like Hunger Games, we'll all end up dead at the end!

OH How about a Doctor Who theme park? It could be fun and educational, travel to different time periods and explore, just like The Doctor and companion.

The main attraction would be a ride in the TARDIS! Marvel at how it is bigger on the inside! Feel it get wibbly-wobbley as you trave through space and time!

The second feel like this would be a good daring escape. Escape from Pompeii! wait, I think that is an actual ride at Busch about escape from the weeping angels? It will be a ride on rails that takes you through the underground lair where the angel Bob and his group are awaiting you. Don't BLINK! (seriously, don't, the cart will inch closer any time you blink)

[ profile] night_owl_9 asked: What subjects were your favorite in school? Your least favorite?
Wow, you know what, I don't really remember? I enjoyed most of my classes in school. I know the class I had the worst time in was Geometry in 10th grade. That just did not click with me at all. And the last semester of Chemistry was rough. Otherwise, I had a good time. My very favorite semester was when my English and History/Social Studies classes actually lined up and were covering the same time period (yes, imagine that, reading Great Gatsby while studing the 1920s! And reading Grapes of Wrath while learning about the Great Depression, crazy!)

[ profile] dontjudgeme asked: What are different ways that you categorize yourself? (i.e. sister, daughter, INFJ, star wars lover)
My profile on almost all of my social sites now reads "librarian. blogger. gamer. geek. girl." which probably sums me up the best.

I geek out about a lot of things, though Star Wars and Joss Whedon would probably be at the top. My facebook used to list my religion as Whedonist LOL (Whedon fans never had a cool nickname as far as I know...).

Oh, I like this quite from Mike Myers, which is "I am a site specific extrovert". I can be a total spaz but I choose my moments wisely. I'm definitely more extroverted than I was as a kid, but I think that just comes with being more comfortable in my own skin.
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[ profile] xfirefly9x asked: What is your favourite word(s)?

perfunctory - used to describe something that is done without energy or enthusiasm because of habit or because it is expected.

(Found this word when reading 'Hitchhiker's Guide' and I've always loved the sound of it...wish I could use it more often)

shenanigans - a devious trick used especially for an underhand purpose

(We say this at work a lot, usually "NO SHENANIGANS!" when we talk about what the evening shift will hold. It's fun to say)

and also "frak"
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[ profile] qwentoozla asked: What books and/or movies have you reread/rewatched most?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (my all time favorite)
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Both of these I fell in love with during middle school, when I had more time to read for fun but wasn't quite into exploring books yet, so I just read them over and over.

Movies would probably be:
Star Wars trilogy (but probably RotJ the most of those)
Lord of the Rings trilogy (FotR the most)
Indiana Jones trilogy (ToD the most)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (probably the most recent rewatch)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin - the movies that saved Disney in the 90s so they were on a loop during my childhood

[ profile] dontjudgeme said: Tell me about one of your favorite people (that you actually know, not a distant person that you know of).

The older I get and the more I work in the public library and interact with other parents and families, the more I appreciate my Mom and how awesome she is. While nobodies childhood is perfect, my negative memories of the past are very small and pretty fleeting. She and my Dad did a fantastic job of making sure I would have everything I needed as a kid and into adulthood. She's always encouraged me to be myself, have fun, explore, create and just live life to the fullest. And while I may have been sheltered from some of the darker parts of life, I never felt completely naive. She never censored me from books or movies, but she did gentley guide me. She had enough faith and trust in me to let me decide what was appropriate. For better or for worse, she let me make my own decisions and my own mistakes, but she never held it against me either.

And she's still pretty great. I mean, she just gave me all my Star Wars toys, which they have been storing for over 10 years since I moved out! And she crocheted that Ewok scarf for me and then bought me an R2-D2 purse for my birthday. She is a geek and raised a geek.

Cliche but true. :)

And now I must go shower! This whole daylight savings thing has thrown off my whole morning! I was late for things before I went to bed last night. :-\
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[ profile] eowyn asked: What 3 CDs would you take to an isolated island with you? They're the only CDs you can listen to for the next 10 years.

GAH this one is tricky...

Beatles - Hard Day's Night. It's my favorite album, the only one that is all Lennon/McCartney. I feel like if I was trapped on an island, I'd need a Beatles fix every now and then.

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back soundtrack - if I can't have the movie with me, the soundtrack will do. ESB has all the great themes - the imperial march, yoda's theme, han and leia's theme...if I can't watch the movie, I can watch it in my mind! Plus, sometimes you want just music, no words.

Bastille - All This Bad Blood (is this cheating? It's a 2-disc album...) I have listened to this album SO MANY TIMES since I bought it and I love it. This was the hardest one to pick because it is new to my collection but I think I'd want something new. But I really love the sound of this band. Plus, i have an image of me burning stuff and dancing around to 'Things We Lost in the Fire' as part of a very cathartic experience after getting stranded.

And I'm going to go to bed now and probably wake up at 3am and think "NO WHAT AS I THINKING, NOT THOSE CDS!"
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[ profile] a_phoenixdragon asked: If you could choose to be anything, anyone - who/what would you be?

Despite the state of the world right now, I think I would like to remain human LOL.

I've always thought working in the creative arts in some way would be fun, but I was never brave enough to go into it. That fear of rejection and such. But if I had a way to magically wish myself into a successful career as a performer, that might be fun for a bit. :) I'd love to try it out, putting on a rock concert for people or being on stage.
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[ profile] verdande_mi asked: Do you have an reoccuring dreams?

It's been awhile since I had it, but I used to have a dream where my teeth would fall out. It was never to the point of being a nightmare (even though it sounds like one) but in the dream they would just come out and I would sorta view the whole thing like the guy in 'The Fly' when his parts start to fall off LOL.

If I'm having a rough time, a theme that comes over is still being with my ex or that my ex shows up on my front doorstep and for some reason, in my dream, I feel obligated to let him stay. I find these dreams are usually triggered by general stress.

I still have a few dates left !!! New friends **waves** feel free to ask me anything!
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[ profile] spaciireth asked: What countries have you visited/want to visit?

  • United States (obviously, since I live here, but I am counting it because I have visited several places around the country!)

  • Italy (well...I was like 3 so I don't remember it at all, but I was there dammit! NAVY BRAT FTW!)

  • England (I went to London and Liverpool with brief stops in Mildenhall because our flight was through the military)

  • Australia (with the People to People Student program when I was 17)

  • Canada (brief hop across the border for Niagra Falls and my family went to a casino but I was too young and had to sit outside with my grandma)

  • Bermuda (because friends went there and invited us)

I cannot wait to add more to this list! I have my passport ready to go. I want to get Tim and Sylvia set up with passports over the next few years so we can all go on adventures together.

[ profile] 1_rhiannon_1 asked: What has made you smile today?

We went to Skyzone for Sylvia's birthday party and I really wanted to give it a try, so I bought myself a pass and spent about 30 minutes jumping around like a dufus. It was insane but really fun.

#Skyzone is pretty much a bouncy house for adults.  #birthday #exhausted #fun

To top it all off, I had my brand new R2D2 purse that my parents gave me for my birthday yesterday and the girl at the counter liked it and asked me about it and even took photos of it.

And in about 30 minutes we are going to get sushi! SMILES ALL AROUND!!!!!!
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[ profile] icecoldrain asked: If you could go anywhere in the world in the past, present, or future, where would you go? Why?

This is a tough question! I think people tend to romantacize the past and I can't think of any historical events I might want to witness that probably wouldn't end up letting me down in the end (I always think of that scene in Timeline by Michael Crichton when the businessman is trying to charge people to travel back in time and see events and they show him Washington crossing the Delaware and, of course, he's not poised on the end of the boat like the famous painting, but hunkered down and keeping warm...anyway, I digress)

So if I had the ability to transport myself anywhere, I'd like to visit Australia or Japan right now. If I could travel back in time...maybe a fly on the wall during the filming of ESB or RotJ...maybe at ILM during Jurassic Park or something like that. Or maybe Henson studios during the hayday of The Muppet Show. They all seem like good people LOL.

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Oh what the heck! I figure I have lots of new people and I haven't done one of these in awhile so why not? I'm taking questions for the month of March. It is my birthday month after all, so I can spend it talking about myself and not feeling narcissistic lol.

What do you want to know about me? Bring it on! Fluff to tough, I'll take all the questions!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world in the past, present, or future, where would you go? Why? [ profile] icecoldrain
2. If you could go back in time and change one event in your life, what would it be and what would you do differently? How do you think it'll affect things in the present? [ profile] rogueslayer452
3. how you ended up in your current job/career, and your favorite and least favorite things about it [ profile] hamsterwoman
4. What countries have you visited/want to visit? [ profile] spaciireth
5. What has made you smile today? [ profile] 1_rhiannon_1
6. Do you have any recurring dreams? [ profile] verdande_mi
7. if you could choose to be anything, anyone - who/what would you be? [ profile] a_phoenixdragon
8. Plan your DREAM VACATION (no limitations, just that you have to spend 2 weeks on it). [ profile] dontjudgeme
9. What dating/relationship advice would you give to your unmarried/unattached friends? [ profile] dontjudgeme
10. What fandom do you think should get a revival? [ profile] rogueslayer452
11. What 3 CDs would you take to an isolated island with you? They're the only CDs you can listen to for the next 10 years. [ profile] eowyn
12. What books and/or movies have you reread/rewatched most? [ profile] qwentoozla
13. Tell me about one of your favorite people (that you actually know, not a distant person that you know of). [ profile] dontjudgeme
14. What is your favourite word/s? [ profile] xfirefly9x
15. What are you most proud of about yourself? [ profile] ragnarok_08
16. In your opinion, which show (past or present) do you think was completely overhyped by the media (note: not horrible, but just overexposed)? What show do you think was completely overlooked? [ profile] rogueslayer452
17. You've been tasked with creating a fandom-related theme park. You get to choose the fandom, the location of the park, and the first 2 attractions. What are they? [ profile] dontjudgeme
18. What subjects were your favorite in school? Your least favorite? [ profile] night_owl_9
19. What are different ways that you categorize yourself? (i.e. sister, daughter, INFJ, star wars lover) [ profile] dontjudgeme
20. What fictional animal would you want as your own pet if you could? Like...specific fictional: "Garfield" would fit here but just "unicorn" would not. [ profile] dontjudgeme
21. What do you do in your free time? [ profile] phenomenal
22. Have you been to any online meet-ups/gatherings? [ profile] blizzardskies
23. What song/artist has been on repeat for this month? [ profile] rogueslayer452
24. What's your favorite food? [ profile] kaitydid33087
25. What book would you like to see turned into a movie/television show? [ profile] stydia
26. What would you consider to be your spirit animal? [ profile] rachg82
27. Favourite fandom-memrory/happening? [ profile] verdande_mi
28. If you could meet anyone, real or fictional, living or dead, who would it be and why? [ profile] kaitydid33087
29. What's your all-time favourite R and R activity? [ profile] eowyn
30. What is the most obscure thing you own? [ profile] rogueslayer452
31. Do you have any tattoos? If you don't, have you ever considered getting one? [ profile] icecoldrain
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Comment with "I wanna play!" and you will be assigned a number between 15-50 of facts for you to share. I was given "32" by [ profile] goes nothing!

1. I'm left handed...when I write. Otherwise I use my right hand. This caused a LOT of confusion for me when they had the left-handed scissors for art class and I would take them and then proceed to try to use them with my right hand.

2. Obviously, I was never very good at remembering which was my right and left. I'm directionally challenged to this day, because attempting to look at maps of our area while house hunting leaves me confused about where the hell everything is in relation to everything else.

3. I have a very faint scar on my cheek. My mom thinks I was trying to shave and cut it with my dad's razor. She's not really sure as she only found me after the fact.

4. I've lived in Maryland for 26 years but I do not identify as a "Marylander". I'm a Navy Brat so I am from nowhere.

5. I love The Beatles. They are my go-to band for emergencies.

find out more! )
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16 April: What's for lunch?!? [ profile] faeriesfolly
I had every intention of taking a photo of my lunch on Thursday. I ordered Jimmy Johns but in a total blonde moment, I set the delivery time for 5pm instead of 4pm (my Linner break...I work 12:30-9 on Thursdays so I just have a late breakfast and late lunch and dinner when I get home). Anyway, I called JJ and they brought my order over sooner. But in the madness I forgot to snap a photo.

ANYWAY, my favorite think to order from Jimmy Johns is the Club Lulu and then I add cheese and cucumbers, pluse extra mayo. OM NOM NOM I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

17 April: What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got? [ profile] blizzardskies
A PONY! No wait, that wasn't it...honestly I was a very lucky kid and pretty happy with my things. I guess if anything I wanted a gameboy and never got one. Though I did eventually buy a DS and I never play it so...good call mom and dad, I probably wouldn't have played with my Gameboy either!
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Haven't done this in awhile, thought you all might like a chance to ask me some questions or make requests of me.

Comment to this post with questions/topics for one of the following dates and I'll answer them starting on April 1st.

01 April: Do you have a favourite quote/passage from a book? [ profile] verdande_mi
02 April: Where would you NOT go back to for a vacation/visit? [ profile] blizzardskies
03 April: Favorite/least favorite video game characters? [ profile] faeriesfolly
04 April: What made you feel happy today? [ profile] coco_waters
05 April:
06 April: Who needs to shut up? [ profile] blizzardskies
07 April:
08 April: Zoo Lover's Day, what is your favorite animal to see in the zoo? [ profile] blizzardskies
09 April: If you could have dinner with one (living) person who would it be? [ profile] mountingsnow
10 April: Do you believe in ghosts? [ profile] coco_waters
11 April: Do you have a tattoo? Do you want a tattoo? [ profile] blizzardskies
12 April:
13 April: What’s your favourite treat/snack? [ profile] coco_waters
14 April:
15 April:
16 April: What's for lunch?!? [ profile] faeriesfolly
17 April: What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got? [ profile] blizzardskies
18 April:
19 April:
20 April: What is your vice/weakness? [ profile] blizzardskies
21 April:
22 April:
23 April:
24 April: talk about your book collection? [ profile] luckweaver
25 April: What’s the worst book you’ve read? [ profile] coco_waters
26 April:
27 April:
28 April:
29 April: Who is your favorite Star Wars character? [ profile] blizzardskies
30 April: Show us your best silly face. [ profile] faeriesfolly

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