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Okay, collective brain, I've got one for you. The theme for our Summer Reading program this year is "Dig Into Reading". I went on Pinterest and I'm seeing a lot of bugs and worms and just sorta meh stuff. Usually we do a big craft for the staff to get involved so I'm trying to think of what we can do...I'm leaning towards something archeology themed...

We also do a week long kick-off where we have crafts out and activities for the kids to do. The usual age range is preschool up to 5th grade (yeah, quite a range!). Anyone here have any suggestions for crafts or decorations?

Right now I just want to put up a big picture of Indiana Jones...
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Again with the too much fun
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So, the Harry Potter program last night was a success! Everyone got into it! [ profile] heiland_coo and I went all out with our costumes, some brought graduation robes and ties, others just got a swatch of colored hairspray in their hair. Either way, we had fun and the kids were amused!

We had two volunteers outside with the Sorting hat (that I borrowed from Crofton). They kids reached into the hat and pulled out a house name, which was then shouted and cheered by my two volunteers. They got a house badge and went inside the library.

Inside the meeting room, we had lots of different crafts - you could get your face painted, make a snitch, make a broom out of a pencil, decorate Quidditch goggles, build your Hogwarts satchel, make an Owl out of a paper plate and then build a Howler for him to deliver. We had an Herbology lesson in the back with mandrakes and a Defense Against the Dark Arts Pop Quiz matching game on the chalk board.

Out in the branch, we had a scavenger hunt and a 30 question trivia challenge.

Everything went so very very well! Lots of adorable moments (the kids doing the scavenger hunt made my day when I saw them clumped together, reading the clues out loud and then scuttering off to the next clue).

[ profile] heiland_coo's husband was there with his camera and I know he took more pictures and I'm hoping she will share them with me! It was such a good time and I'm hoping we can do another Harry Potter themed program next year!

Click on the picture to see a few more shots of my pink hair, the library, and the kids.
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wow, this week went by FAST! I swear it was only monday a minute ago. It's probably speeding by because I have a programming assignment due on March 6th - I have to write up a storytime program and then present a book and a fingerplay in front of about 30 other librarians. That should be nervewracking fun!

Just finished 'sex and the slayer' and I LOVED it! I might not have agreed with everything that was said, but it brought up lots of interesting points. And it was nice to see the guys picked at too, since most of the time the writers just focus on Buffy or Willow or Faith when they talk about the characters. I think she touched upon every main and a few minor characters in this book. Good stuff.

I started book 2 of 'Ex Machina' yesterday too. I just really love this series. I hope I can get away with ordering it for the library system. It's the tamest of all the graphic novels I've read and enjoyed. I want to order 'Y' but there's that dominatrix

I'm getting nit-picky about new comics that come in to our branch. For some reason, we just got two Spiderman books and both have been put under Children's Fiction, and as far as I can tell, they are just comic book TPBs. So, are they really J-Fiction (which means anywhere from 3rd-6th grade) or should they be Y or adult. Perhaps they think they will circulate more in J Fiction. I dunno. I did send the 'batman begins' comic back yesterday with a request to change it to Y or Adult since the movie was PG-13...seems like a novelizations, graphic or not, should at least by YA.

btw - I posted two reviews this week at [ profile] novel_graphics; one of WE3 and another of Blankets. (I checked out issue one of 'Planetary' and also a swamp thing collection yesterday so hopefully I'll post something about them soon)

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3 of the graphic novels I ordered came in today -

Grant Morrison's WE3

Brian K Vaughan's Ex-Machina v2

Warren Ellis' run of Hellblazer

also checked out 3 cds
Paul McCartney the russia album
Maroon 5 acoustic 1.22.03
Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos While the Music Lasts

bringing me to a grand total of 24 items currently checked out. I need to learn to read faster! haha. Doesn't help that the two books I'm currently in the middle of are both not library books (sex and the slayer and alias) and I keep playing Lumines instead of reading 'slave day' by Rob (veronica mars) thomas.

oh well, that's why the library gods gave us renewals.
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I forgot my claddagh/buffy ring today. I haven't done that in ages, but I was so tired and out of it this morning, I stumbled out of the apartment, running a bit late, and didn't realize until I got to work that I wasn't wearing it. I have this nervous/thinking habit of twirling it on my finger and sliding it off and on. And right now there is nothing on my hand, so I keep reaching for it to play with it and it's not there. :(

It's Presidents Day, and all of the government offices and public schools are closed. So everyone assumes we're closed, but we are not. So it's pretty slow right now.

I'm in a new music kind of mood. I just checked out a few more CDs from the library and on Friday I had a moment of weakness and did a random CD purchase. I don't usually do that anymore because I've been dissappointed to many times with lame albums plus I can usually get stuff from the library and preview it before I buy. But I felt like having a new CD, so I bought the new Corrs album which is actually their take on some traditional irish tunes, which should be cool. I like their sound but most of their latest stuff has been too bubble gum for me. We listened to the album once on Friday but it was while [ profile] blu_harvest was over so I wasn't listening too closely and I didn't have very much of a weekend, since I worked both Sat and Sun and then we had the whole dinner thing. Probably why I am so tired.

Does anyone know who Jesse Harris is? I just found his CD in the collection and the name sounds very very familiar...

okay back to work!

EDIT: I lied, [ profile] faeriesfolly posted a little quiz so I took it

it's painless )
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I tried to type this once and it's got CRAZY here at the library. Everyone is in checking out DVDs and books because last night the forecast was "OMG HEAVY SNOW RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!"

and, right now, the most we've had is a bit of a drizzle of rain. still swears that we will have some sort of snow tonight. Last night the predictions ranged from 1-16 inches of snow. I wish I could be so vague in the job that I do.

It's pathetic. Especially after the weathermen got my hopes up of a day off last night. I shouldn't have stayed up playing Lumines until 3am. I jinxed myself.

In other news - my birthday is exactly 3 weeks away as all the books that have been checked out today are due March 4th.

I think this might be my new favorite icon...

okay, back to work!
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Yesterday, I was spoiled yet again. Went to the mall while we were out, because one of the members of the DCSWCC reminded me that the Illyria figure was out and I had seen her before christmas but felt silly buying her. So I ran back into Suncoast to get her. And as a bonus, they had the Buffy Halloween PaLz set for 75% off! So I snagged that too. Because they are so darn cute. (though whoever made the jacket for Xander was a doofus, as I can't get it on he's staying in Army costume for now).

These purchases spawned a re-arranging of my desk. Moved all my Yodas around, bumped the other PalZ set down next to the middle shelf and put Illyria next to Spike...I'll post photos of that later.

Then we went and saw [ profile] jimithingy's brother and got our christmas presents (hey, better late than never!). [ profile] jimithingy got a cat calendar and 40-year old virgin. I got a new DDR game, plus, addressed to both of us, was a copy of Karaoke Revolution Party for PS2, which part of me really wants to try, and the other part wants to go hide the game. hehe. We have to buy a microphone before we can even try it out though. (though I think the game should come with a case of some sort of alcohol...)

We also found out that there are a few gifts in limbo. Apparently, [ profile] jimithingy wishlisted 'Batman Begins: Deluxe Edition' and that turned out to be a Best Buy exclusive. So Amazon ran out of items to fill the order and decided not to send it until it had a copy...along with about 5 other things that he had asked for.

ack, library is closing, must go!
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Why is it every time I try to show a patron how great out databases are, I always come up with nothing? Seriously, it's all find until I turn the screen around and try to show them how to use the databases from home. Then suddenly it's "0 search results" or 100 results but they actually have nothing to do with the term I typed it (like, why did "wireless phones" give me an entry on Puerto Rico? Shouldn't the first thing I get be like a history??) *headdesk* I swear sir, I'm not a moron! Come back!

I did a good chunk of my xmas cards today; mostly for relatives that just get mini-updates of what we've been up to. I've got version 1.0 of my mix cd in my car stereo, seeing if I like the song order. I'm happy I did because I'm not sure if I made the right choice for song

I think the family that lives above us might have a kid on college. Someone has been blasting loud music starting around 10:30am, and this just started last week. This happened last year too, right around the holidays. I'm wondering if they are just home for break or something.

I'm at work now, so I should probably know...working ;)

this keyboard is sticky....
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Okay, remember how I posted that little voting entry a few weeks back asking everyone which fandom I should icon? Well, Buffy got the most votes along with 100 icons. So I was sitting here at the desk, clicking through the 100 icon communities, seeing what themes they all had, and I stumbled into [ profile] whedon100...and...well...I just made a claim to do 100 icons from the 'Earshot' episode of BtVS! Eep! But I figured if I did it, I would have made a commitment and that would make me follow thru a bit more.

So, my job has been officially announced now, the fax came thru to all the branches this morning. Everyone has had only nice things to say to me. I'm really excited and looking forward to this new adventure in librarian land (OMG! I get to open my Giles figures now!!!) but I'm sorta bummed about not being at Crofton or West County or my other favorite branches with my buddies. I just figure I get to crash everyone's holiday parties, right?

In other news, we're actually going to be in town for New Years so [ profile] simontrueheart and I are in the plotting stages of a mega-shindig of some sorts. Perhaps even on the level of hootenany, though it's too soon to tell. I'm thinking of some sort of trivia showdown, maybe with SceneIt or one of the trivial pursuit games and prizes! Then, I would show offcase all of our christmas presents, which will probably be mostly DVDs and video games. Ooooh, if I get one of the giant star wars lego sets, maybe we can all work together to make one!

Or, I could finally dig out my plans for a Buffy party and follow thru with that. Or maybe even a Jossverse party, allowing showings of Angel and Firefly. I had very elaborate plans, with special games and themed drinks (like, instead of a "Bloody Mary" we'd drink "William the Bloodys" and I'd carve the celery stalks into spikes/stakes, get it?) and such. And Buffy bingo! It wouldn't require any actual knowledge of the shows, I'd just make some bingo boards and we'd go from there.

OR, this one would be a bit rougher, OR we could do a best of 2005 party, and watch some of the movies that came out this year that were really good. Or even TV shows. Except the TV shows would be harder to get on DVD. Maybe we could do an "in memoriam" of TV shows and watch 'Arrested Development'...and then we could watch 'Serenity' cuz that's definately one of the best films of 2005...okay, never mind, that party would be far too out of control....I need to stick to tv shows so that we have time to mingle.

the only food we had left in the fridge was the making for lemon chicken....i love me some lemon chicken so 9pm could not come sooner. [ profile] jimithingy has to tape 'House' for me so keep those spoilers under a cut as I'll probably just watch a Veronica Mars with dinner instead of waiting for 10pm to happen....mmmmmm lemon chicken...
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One more hour then I'm done with work and then we get to start the drive up to New Jersey. This drive usually takes approx 2-2 1/2 hours. But traffic today will be horrendous, not matter what time we leave. I just looked at one of the traffic sites and 895 is already slow, as is a huge chunk of 95. Oh man. It's gonna be a long night.

Just looked at too and saw that LOST is actually new! D'oh! Since when do they premiere an episode on a day before a holiday? hm.

[ profile] blu_harvest and [ profile] simontrueheart already beat me to the "thankful for my friends" post...but I shall be posting my very own over the weekend. I'm not sure what the state of the internetness is at [ profile] jimithingy's parents house, but most likely I will post something while I'm there. The smell of roasting turkey and yummy pies always makes me nostalgic and lovey-dovey, so just be prepared hehe.

Library has been slow, as expected with the whole holiday thing. I've been cutting out little booties and mittens from colored paper for some storytime project in the works.

Oh! I was at West County last night and one of the librarians from the Kung Fu Hustle party actually remembered to call me "Sammo"! Yes, it shall be my new nickname! I must update my user info!

btw - that movie is crazy. [ profile] blu_harvest was right, it did melt my face. If you're feeling a bit adventurous and on the looney side, rent 'Kung Fu Hustle'. And bring a friend. You really need someone you know to see it with you so you can share the inside jokes later.

okay, back to cuttin' booties! Everyone have a Happy (United States) Thanksgiving!
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I can't believe this! Freakin' Xbox360, came out YESTERDAY and people are actually ready and willing to pay at least twice as much as it's worth??? WTF! There is actually a listing on there for over $2500! Granted, that includes a games bundle, but that is still way more than they actually paid...if this person paid for it at all!!! And they have 10! TEN of these systems.

This is one of the things that infuriates me about ebay - these people who put something this new up at that inflated a price and the people stupid enough to pay for it, mostly because I suspect the sellers have to be employees of retail stores. Which also makes it appear that stores are selling out of the items, when in fact, their employees are just raiding the stash before it goes on sale then turning right around and selling them for so much more. I just....grrrr. And if it didn't make me feel dirty, I'd want to do this too, but I couldn't because I'd just feel horrible.

okay, I got soap in my eye while I was in the shower today...not really soap, some sort of moisturizing stuff for my hair since I got it dyed, and my eyes still hurt. They feel all puffy and burn a little. It feels better if I close them but I can't really sit here at the desk and close me eyes hehe.
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Okay, I'm really bored and the library has been really slow today...and I still have 5 hours to go. I need some entertainment here people.

Give me anything. A funny childhood memory about that time you thought "frisk" was a dirty word. That time you accidentally told your parents the truth about something you were hiding when they infact just wanted to know if you had brushed your teeth. How cool am I? How does one define "cool"? ("she's hot, she's cool, she's all temperature buffy")

Maybe something about pirates and ninjas and the war that has raged since the dawn of time.

Weapons to be determined later: Caveman vs. Astronaut; who would win? Explain.


Also - I finally posted to [ profile] novel_graphics. I just did it here at the desk, so it's short, sweet, to the point and only had the basic spell check used on it. But I think I like the format. I'm sorta using the ESRB rating system that they use for video games. I think it works. Friend it to amuse me. I promise to keep the long winded portion under lj cuts.
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My brother is adorable so very very cool

I wish he'd post those pics to LJ though, I freakin' HATE MySpace sooooo much.

[ profile] zaubervz, if you're reading this - GET A FREAKIN' SHUTTERBOOK or FLICKR ACCOUNT!

Okay, like, half the librarians in this branch have MySpace accounts now, it's ridiculous. And, of course, I'm friending all of them. But I truly hate MySpace. Why can't they all get LJ accounts. LJ is so much prettier. No ads or pop-ups. it's free and pretty. And I hate logging into it while I'm at work cuz they have Internet Explorer and it doesn't block pop ups like Firefox. Ugh.

HARRY POTTER IN 6 HOURS!!!!!!! w00t!

EDIT: okay, you have to have MySpace to see those pics - but don't worry, I did teh evil hotlink below so you can see them without signing up.

so you don't have to sign up for evil myspace to see what I'm talking about )
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Oh man, I'm trying to be good and not read any of the GoF reviews coming out now. From the sound of it, most of them have been pretty positive, but I don't want to get any ideas into my head. Or be spoiled for any nice touches the scriptwriters or director might have added. Nope nope, must stay spoiler free. Thursday is so close! I can do it!

Had my interview. I think it went alright. Had a few brainfarts where I probably could have said more but didn't. Ugh. Interviews are not cool. They need sorting hats that you can just put on your heads and it puts you in the best job right then and there, this whole waiting a week to find out...ugh.

And now, I want to speak to the Veronica Mars fans. I'm only up to episode 4 of season 1, but I have some questions/issues I want to address.

cuz I know you're not all VM fans )

I took tomorrow off, so yay. We'll probably do something fun and exciting like grocery shopping! Oh yes, my life is so crazy! haha. Can you believe that thanksgiving is next week!? United States thanksgiving that is (since [ profile] vertigozooropa was kind enough to point out that Canada has a different date for theirs...btw Dan, it should be called 'US thanksgiving' since we're technically all part of America :P)

okay, I'm gonna take my break now!

EDIT: forgot to mention - I made another pretty, yet insanely simple wallpaper, this time with SMG/Buffy
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well...4 hour shift here...on the children's isn't even really out you can's very....very.....quiet......

My interview for a full-time position is tomorrow! I don't feel nervous yet. I've done this enough now I guess. I just need to remember to sell my talents. So, tomorrow, around 2pm, everyone cross their fingers for me. Then cross your fingers about an hour later that Burger King has new star wars toys in (because after a stressful interview I will need those little guys to cheer me up!)

Hm...what shall I muse about while I'm down here. I watched 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' the other night. I was in the mood for a popcorn movie. Something I could crunch and just enjoy. I have to say, I think that movie might be perfect. Sure, it's not "great art" or anything like that, but its' just fun. And it ages very well. You can tell that everyone is having a good time in that movie, especially Sean Connery! haha. And I remembered every single word.

And talk about distinct childhood memories, I remember when I saw it in the theater with my parents, it was one of my first "opening weekend" movies that we all did together. And I remember when Donovan shoots Indy's dad...oh I broke down in tears! I was only 8 years old and that was shocking to me! I was sure he wasn't going to make it!

The Indy films hold a special place in my heart, probably very close to the spot Star Wars occupies. So many childhood memories. I was scared to death of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' and refused to watch it for many years because of the freaky skeleton ghosts at the end. But for some odd reason, a guy getting his heart ripped out didn't bother me, so I used to watch 'Temple of Doom' all the time. I even have a cassette tape of me attempting to retell the story - stopping right in the middle and telling a joke from the first 5 minutes that I forgot to mention.

Lordy lordy, me and my fisher price cassette player/recorder. I loved that thing. I used to carry it with me everywhere and record my adventures. I couldn't have been more than 6 or 7, but I know I was at a playground with my friend Kelly and we were climbing up the twisty slide. One of us would stand up top with the recorder, giving a play-by-play of the other's progress, which would end with them sliding back down the slide usually squealing all the way.

I wonder what happened to Kelly. Of course, we were only 7 years old, it's hard to say whether we would have stayed friends beyond that. Same with my best buddy in 6th grade, Tara Kurtz (at least I remember her last name!) We were inseperable for about a year...then her dad was transferred. I think we managed to do one bit of correspondance, but this was in the pre-internet days so no quick and easy email. I imagine it's easier to stay in touch now.

well, that was all over the place, wasn't it? Killed about 15 minutes of slow desk time too. I need to be amused here people. Tell me about your Indiana Jones memories, or if not Indy, another film that holds that special place in your heart that you can still watch today. Have you managed to stay in touch with childhood friends or are all of your current friends people that you've met in the last 5 years?

And what the hell am I going to watch tonight now that FOX has pulled both Arrested Development and Kitchen Confidential!!??

p.s. [ profile] iconifer made some amusing star wars icons *points to her current one* you should check them out if you want a giggle!
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For my Maryland area peeps - Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers will be playing the 8x10 Club on Tuesday Dec 6th! Who wants to come with us?

I'm working a short 4 hour shift tonight at Crofton. It's VERY cold in here. Tomorrow I'm at West County, and unless things have changed, it will be very hot in there. Temperatures in the library are crazy!! And I never dress appropriatly as I'm never sure what will be appropriate! Oh well, only 30 minutes left!

I was going to make a bunch of graphic novel related icons yesterday, but right in the middle of my scanning spree, I crashed photoshop and lost all my scans. That deflated that effort. But I'm going to give it a try again this weekend! I just checked out Sandman : Endless Nights because it is so very scannable. Also want to make a few batgirl and runaways also. Unfortunately, I wasn't paying attention and I returned all the Transmets I had, so I might just have to go cap hunting for those.

watched another episode Farscape today...I think that's episode 7...didn't like it as much as the two before it. But then again, ERIN/CRICHTON OMG OTP! hehe. I've only seen 7 episodes and you just know it's true. Crichton's head is shaped weird though and it freaks me out. I like Erin though. She reminds me of Ani Difranco. Farscape is far more sci-fi than I usually get. I'm not big on shows with lots of made up words and giant plastic aliens. But I'm liking this one.

Have I said this before? I think it's Star Trek: The Next Generation nostalgia that's making me watch this show. TNG was THE show for my family back in the day. I remember every saturday we'd order pizza and gather in front of the TV. and TNG was on for quite a few years. We never really had a show like that again. Not that we all watched at least. Farscape is tapping into my hard-core geek that I had abandoned after TNG ended.

Speaking of inner geek, I had a song from Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame stuck in my head this morning so I popped my disney mix cd in the the player while I was driving over here. I miss Disney...where did they go? They just make total crap now it seems. Alan Mencken, where have you gone with your fabulous music! Why don't they just dig out the ol' grimms fairy tale books and start setting them to music again! *sigh* I feel a disney kick coming on. Might have to make some Disney icons too.

Oooooh! 8:45! Time to start chasing people out of the library!
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So, remember how I said I was going to hold out until xmas to get the Revenge of the Sith DVD? Well, I sent [ profile] jimithingy over to Wal-Mart to see if they had any of the new figures that are coming out, and I was greeted with this image in my email about 2 hours ago.

it's his lack of willpower that makes him sexy. We blame [ profile] marmistheman for posting about it yesterday. He just sounded like he was having so much fun watching it! But it's totally fine as I was hoping he'd give in to the dark side and buy it for us. hehe. Now I get to watch the movie tonight with dinner!! And have SCREENCAPS for graphics that don't suck!

Been at the library today, the ol' 1-9 shift. It's been steady so far. They are doing a Series of Unfortunate Events program tonight, so the kids should be showing up for that soon. One of the librarians I worked with back when I was a page is helping with the show, so I have to get downstairs to say hello before she leaves!

Runaways finally came in for me yesterday. What a great little comic. I read the entire first book last night, it was so hard to put down. The author, Brian K. Vaughan, is a huge Joss fan, and you can tell by his writing style. The kids talk just like Buffy and co. The premise is that these teens, who have always assumed their parents were evil, find out that their parents actually are super villians! I checked out book 2 already, so I'm going to dive into that tonight!

The DVD cover for Serenity has been least, the current cover. There's already a petition online to change it. It's pretty bad but I'm not gonna throw a fit over it. haha. Universal has given us this much, I'm not gonna whine. Just gimme my gorram DVD!

[ profile] jellibean used "gorram" in her post today - it made me happy. See, I'm not the only one! it's come to a screeching hault here at the library. So who wants to tell me a story? Tell me something! ANYTHING!
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First things first - for my fellow Joss fans, the letter that was included in the UK Angel : The Complete Series boxed set. I adore that man's sense of humor.

The WoW servers were down last night, it was very sad. We were looking forward to adventuring with [ profile] simontrueheart and running into [ profile] destertale in her horde form. But instead, we ended up playing Tales of Symphonia. Well, "playing" is a loose term there, as it took us about 30 minutes to figure out how the heck to get the controls to work. Then after that I was getting sleepy so I didn't last too much longer. But it was fun once we got the hang of it.

We finished watching House of Flying Daggers last night. That was very pretty. The story is very simple and sort of...well, you pretty much know whats going to happen as soon as you get the basic plot. But it really isn't about the story, it's about the presentation. It's about people jumping on top of trees and flying around and dodging insane amounts of bamboo shoots.

Speaking of bamboo, if you're looking for an amusing read, let me reccomend Kitchen Confidential. I'm halfway thru it now and it's just so amusing. It's about the seedy underbelly of the culinary world. Anthony Bourdain is (as Beth warned me) a total elitist and kind of a jerk, BUT he is also a very good writer.

Episode III came out on DVD today and I'm not sure it the Burger King by us has started the new toy promotions. Someone on the collector board said their BK started today but I didn't think it was actually scheduled until next week. I also got my hands on the Clone Battlepack but I'm torn about whether or not I should take them out of the box. I'm an opener by nature but they look so damn cool in the box! what to do what to DO!

Uuuuuuh, I think I had something else to say...OH! Bill alerted me to the next craze in online comics - or maybe not, but it's HIGHLY amusing: Dr. MrNinja.

Also - because it is slow at work and I'm a comments whore - a commenting meme!!! Participation is mandatory! Except that it's not. But it would make these last few hours go by faster. So pretty please?

btw - this was totally gakked from [ profile] gypsyjr

because you're probably bored or avoiding doing work too )
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I'm planning on spending my halloween relaxing at home (since I work until 5) and possibly wearing kitty cat ears around the apartment just to amuse myself. Probably round off the whole night with some trick or treating in Stormwind.

I'm at the library right now, with my halloween bracelet and rings on. My cat ears are downstairs in my bag, but I paniced when I didn't see anyone else dressed up. But now that I'm out on the floor, one of the other librarians is all decked out in cat gear, so I'll have to put mine on after lunch.

*sigh* I miss halloween in a neighborhood. I miss the little kid trick or treaters. They were always fun. Last time I handed out candy, I had my halloween mix going in the background, playing twilight zone and psycho and things like that. I even tossed in Buffy and Angel for good measure, cuz, you know, they can be scary! It's always fun to see who people dressed up as.

halloween memories )
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Halloween is right around the corner and we have nothing planned. Rufus Wainwright is playing in downtown DC that night, but I'm a bit scared to go into downtown DC on halloween, and even more frightened of Rufus fans who dress up haha. I mean, Rufus wears an ascot on a normal day, lord knows what will happen on halloween! ;)

btw, if you need a cheap costume and have a color printer, has has got you covered

Scheduled my interview for the library position today. November 15th. I'm a little upset because the branch that I wanted to work at has already had it's position filled with a transfer. So I'm sorta dealing with leftovers. One of the leftovers is only 15 minutes away though! So that would be nice. I've never been there, so I need to go over and intoduce myself. There's also a Job-Share, but I don't think you get benefits with a Job-Share and that's my big goal so my parents can stop fussing about that. Plus it would be nice to have a steady paycheck instead of the "wait, how many hours did I work last week?" check. hehe. So far, I haven't really had any money issues, but I would like to buy a new car and stuff like that, so it would be nice to have a number to start with when figuring out my budget.

Okay - fun time! [ profile] sideflip tagged me, and it's relatively slow on the desk...soooo

too much info about me )

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