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So, AD & I went to the Shore Leave Convention this weekend. It's a tiny little Con held in Hunt Valley, MD. We had never been before, but this year they had both Katee Sackhoff AND Edward James Olmos on the guest list, so we HAD to make the trip! It's about a 40 minute drive from our apartment and the doors opened at 9am, so we got up pretty early for a Saturday and rolled up there. We managed to meet up with [ profile] destertale and a few other friends when we got there so we had some help getting the lay of the land.

We signed up to get photos with Katee. While waiting for our photo op time, we wandered the hall. I had dressed in my BSG outfit (the top I picked up at Dragon*Con, the dog tags AD got my for Christmas, and the pants from Kohls that I've yet to replace). AD decided that I needed to get a sidearm and holster. So we found a vendor with some pretty good prop replicas and I snagged a BSG gun before the shoot (no pun intended).

It was so worth it:

total fangirl moment )

We got to hear both EJO and Katee talk. EJO was very serious at times. I swear every other thing he mentioned was the "most something-or-other in the United States". He did make a great comment about the fans, and how having the Internet to interact with fans took the show to a whole new level because the writers/directors/actors could SEE what we were all thinking about the show and it inspired them. Katee was adorable. I just wanted to snuggle her and her cuteness. She is SO TINY! I had no idea. She talked about her tomboy childhood and how she pretty much needs to have a gun in every role she plays. LOL. We got both of their autographs for the BSG Wall Of Fame in our apartment, then we went back and got our photo-op photos signed for free.

Long day but fun. We also snagged a photo of Jeffery "Michael Weston" Donovan because he looked hot, and I grabbed a photo of Kahlan and Cara from Legend of the Seeker just in case some day I run into them! Plus, they both looked hot and there was a 3 for $15 deal. AD also bought the BSG "Last Supper" photo because it's awesome. And I got a "Sunnydale High School" sticker for the back of my car, which I've wanted for awhile.

And now the full schedule for Comic-Con has been posted. It's going to be a WILD weekend. Just 9 more days now...
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Day 19 - Best t.v show cast

The crew of the Battlestar Galactica. The actors on that show acted the frak out of EVERY SINGLE SCENE! So many moments of joy, sadness, excitement...and it always felt so natural. They felt like a team, a family.

Runners up would be:
The crew of Firefly
Team Angel
Buffy and the Scoobies
(wow am I a broken Whedon-fangirl record or what?)

Day 20 - Favorite kiss

Even though I don't watch 'The Office' anymore, the dynamics of Jim & Pam in the first 3 seasons was what kept me watching. She was engaged, and Jim was in love with her from the moment he saw her. We knew, we thought she probably new, and in this episode, when he walked up to her and pulled her into his arms after the office's still a beautiful moment.

Runner's Up:
AD's vote ---> Luke & Lorelai's first kiss
Laura Roslin and Adama's kiss "The Oath"

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Day 09 - Best scene ever

We'll take a break from Buffy (who has many best.scene.ever moments) and bring you a scene from my favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica. Season 1 - Hand of God.

Spoilers if you haven't seen this episode yet )
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I went to check on flights for PAX East and decided I might want to start pricing flights for San Diego since I'm going to Comic Con next year. I was SHOCKED to find out that ALL of the 4-Day passes for SDCC 2010 are sold out already! Thank goodness I bought mine right when the preview night passes were gone. Madness. Now I have to check the page to find out when hotel rooms go on sale because that is going to be the tricky part!

I pre-ordered "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" for Adrian and Amazon gave me a $20 credit towards my next video game I ordered Sims 3: World Adventures yesterday. But with the $20 credit, it was only $15...and you KNOW I refuse to pay for shipping when it comes to I bought the new John Mayer CD, which bumped it up to $26 - just enough for free shipping - I didn't want to, I HAD TO! hehe. So now I get to watch the mailbox next week and wait for them to arrive.

Plus, it all evens out because I got this little note in my email today:

Thank you for ordering from Entertainment Earth. We have been notified by the manufacturer that we will not be receiving any additional shipments of Battlestar Galactica Series 4 Action Figure Set, (Item DC26124AA), because they have discontinued production of this item at this point in time. The item has been removed from your order.

NOOOO! That was the Roslin pack! It appears that Diamond Select has killed the entire line. So sad! I really wanted to have the entire crew. No word on the Leoben/Starbuck set but I'm not going to hold my breath.

I need to start working on the track list for my 2009 mix cd. It was a good year for music, at least in my world. I'll do the post about it later on this month, but I'm putting it off because that will mean it is Christmas time! I keep thinking about it because all the stores around here have Christmas stuff up and it is FREAKIN ME OUT!

Speaking of my mix, Jamie Cullum's new CD is out...IN THE UK! No fair. I want it now. I guess I will just watch this video over and over until March:

Oh, and in case you live under a rock like I do, SNL did a 'Twilight' parody and OMG it's actually FUNNY! I knew they had it in them.

Okay, I'm going to bed...even though I have off tomorrow...I'm really tired today. Had a cavity filled in at the dentist this morning and then had to work until 8pm...zzzzzzz
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So, if you're a fan of Battlestar Galactica, you know that the Cylons were created by man, they evolved, they rebelled, and then they came back and attempted to wipe out the human race.  At the start of each episode of Season 1 and Season 2, viewers are reminded of this fact and are assured that the Cylcons have a plan. 

Unfortunately, The Plan movie does little to shed light on the story you probably wanted to know more about - the final five and their origins.  Instead, what we get is the story of the Brothers Cavill, intercut with a collection of clips from various episodes from those early seasons. 

I felt like this was a big opportunity wasted.  What could have been a chance to delve deeper into the final five and their characters before the attack on Earth, is just a clip show.  First I was annoyed by the amount of clips in the show, then I quickly found myself LONGING for them because they were the only time anything actually happened.  And for the last half the show, I kept thinking "wow, I'd rather be rewatching these episodes rather than this mess".

There were glimmers of other ideas, of little things that could have made for a more interesting story, but since they seem determined to only show us moments that could be tied into clips from other episodes, we never got to find out more about the Cylons.  We were just stuck with Cavill. 

And, like the Caprica straight-to-dvd episode, the "un-aired footage" from The Plan will mostly consist of naked people.  Ellen Tigh drinks in a bar where the waitresses are topless, and we have a VERY random scene in the co-ed bathroom on board BSG with lots of man butt and side boob. 

For me, what makes the early seasons of BSG so great is their metaphor to what was going on in our society at the time.  The terrorist attacks, the fear, choosing sides etc..  This special takes the mystery out of so many of those moments and confuses things. 

I'm so happy we rented this and did not pay for it.  Like the Star Wars prequels or the 7th Harry Potter book, I had a better idea for what this special could have been, and seeing what they ended up creating leaves me very disappointed.  I will not be buying this on DVD for our collection because it does nothing for the story or the mythos of BSG. 

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spoilery rants under here )
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Went to the DCSWCC meeting and got my copy of Dollhouse from Jeff. The lenticular letter inside is pretty cool and ridiculous at the same time. I've got #142.

If you click through to the rest of the photos, you'll see the Adam Baldwin autograph up close, my Buffy Season 8 Gelaskin on my iPhone (so sexy) and lots of other random swag that I took from the free table that was brought back from SDCC.

I really want to go next year! Jeff said he reserved his hotel in December, January at the latest. So I think Dragon*Con will be the test and if I survive that, and feel like I can take it to the next level of crazy, I'll try go get passes to Comic Con 2010.

Oh, [ profile] faeriesfolly - I snagged some True Blood handouts (go to my flickr page and you will see). I think I can scan the one postcard to create a Tru Blood label for some SOBE bottles so we can haz props!
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Ack! They are making a Boomer and Athena action figure set! Guess I need to pre-order those. It says they are schedule for an October release, but knowing Diamond that means April 2010 so I've got plenty of time.

I'm a bit giddy right now as [ profile] faeriesfolly and I have been plotting going to Dragon*Con together all night. I so hope it works out. I haven't been to a convention since Celebration III and that was all Star Wars. Dragon*Con would be like...the rest of my fandoms all in one place! Plus, road trip! So cross your fingers that our supervisors are feeling generous tomorrow.

Picked up the set of 4 Star Trek glasses today from Burger King. I didn't realize they were actually made out of glass! Gotta be gentle with them. And, of course, the frakkers put them in pretty cardboard boxes so I have to save those...I need a bigger closet.

heehee, trying not to jinx the d*con...i will stop spazzing...until it is official. :D
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Okay, going to try to post my thoughts on the finale now...mostly because I want to read what everyone else posted! Not quite a super-mega-happy ending but a lot more upbeat than I had expected!

spoilers duh )
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I'm not even gonna open my f-list right now, or even Firefox for that matter....

I just spent a full hour and a half crying on and off, I'm exhausted, my brain is fried.

I will say, It was everything it was supposed to be, everything it needed to be. It fullfilled the mission of the show.

Never have I seen a series finale that kept me guessing as much as this one, my mouth hung open for a good portion of those 2 hours.

goodebye battlestar galactica...I miss you already.
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BSG Last Day Meme

On this big finale day, let's celebrate BSG. If you see this on your f-list:
- quote the show
- and/or post a cap of one of your favorite scenes:

Adama: What do you hear?
Starbuck: Nothin' but the rain.
Adama: Grab your gun and bring the cat in.
Starbuck: Aye, Aye, sir.

---- Miniseries (In that little introduction, you understand their entire relationship...)

Image under the cut:

more of a moment really )
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I'm breaking my own rule and eating lunch at my desk. I usually don't do this because I don't want to accidently work on my half-hour off! haha. So I hide downstairs with a book and read. But today I have to be back on the desk at 1:30 and I didn't want to spend all that time walking around. So I'm sitting here, eating my sandwich and reading my flist.

So, tonight is the night. The grand finale, the end of Battlestar Galactica. I keep half-forgetting. Like, it's in there but it's not real yet. It probably won't sink in until halfway through the show...I just have no clue how it will all play out, especially now that Moore debunked the one plot point I thought I had totally figured out. Plus, Moore & Co. don't seem like one for cheesy goodbyes, so I'm not sure if we'll have a moment of Starbuck and Adama ("Nothing but the Rain") or other little things like that. It might all be Serious Business.

I've somehow managed to avoid all the spoilers that have begun to float around. Honestly, I'm surprised something hasn't been leaked yet, considering how long it has been since this episode was shot.

I think the end of Battlestar will be rough, but it won't be like the end of Angel. When Angel ended, I wasn't just upset about the show, but about the fact that it was cancelled and that, at the time, there was nothing else on TV that spoke to me the way Angel did. So, it wasn't just saying goodbye to the characters, it was saying goodbye to a group of writers that were on my wavelength. Its a bit of a consolation that Joss has another show starting right now as BSG comes to a close, plus Caprica is on the horizon (along with "The Plan" movie). At least I have another "friend" to turn to, someone else that will write shows that are both fun to watch but subversive in their own way.

And it's supposed to be the best.dollhouse.evar tonight as well. Echo will have to wait until Sunday though, BSG gets top priority.

Now I must go back to the desk! Hopefully I got all the Cheetos dust off my face!


Mar. 16th, 2009 10:46 pm
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RDM debunks something in the podcast. Not really a spoiler, more a "yeah, that's not gonna happen so I'll just tell you now".

BSG spoilers...or maybe they are anti-spoilers )
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So, I don't really feel like I should say too much about this week's episode of Battlestar Galactica, the first hour of the 3-hour series finale entitled "Daybreak".

I mean, really that was all it was. It would be like watching the first hour of Lord of the Rings or Watchmen and typing up a review. You can feel that so much of this hour was setting up pieces of the final puzzle, laying them out on the table but not showing you exactly where they fit...

Oh whatever, I'm still gonna type up my initial reactions!

spoilers, duh! )

Guh, that episode went by WAY to fast...and next week will be the end. I know that I will be, as Tricia Helfer said, a "bawling mess" as soon as the credits roll next Friday. I tend to survive until the very end, then have a nervous breakdown. (if Buffy, Angel, and Gilmore Girls are anything to go by).
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Snagged both of the TV Guide covers while we were at Giant. So pretty. I've seen icons and wallpapers from the photoshoot floating around but I haven't seen anyone actually share the caps themselves. They just keep linking to the YouTube video and I don't know how to cap the video. Anyone know where I can find a set of caps? (I have a small pile of Katee picks courtesy of [ profile] katee_stillness and [ profile] teamspank).

Time to play some more Resident Evil 5.

BSG ReFrak

Mar. 13th, 2009 09:27 pm
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Make new friends and watch BSG all over again.
Re-watching starts March 22nd.

click above
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46 icons from BSG 4.17 - Someone to Watch Over Me (spoilers and lots of Starbuck!)


the rest here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes
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So, I was preusing the items up for auction this week even though I can't afford any of it, and it got me thinking about how sort of...well...normal everything on BSG looks. Yeah, so the corners are cut off of their papers and books and photos, but otherwise, a shot glass is a shot glass.

I dunno, maybe it's because I read all those books on special effects/props when I was a kid, but while I love the show, looking through the bits that are being sold, very little grabs me. Apart from things like Six's iconic Red Dress (and other big items that sold for thousands of dollars, check out the catalog for these items), the outfits from the show are very normal bits of clothing. Just cargo pants and wifeCylon-beaters. Their shipboard communication devices are phones, for crying out loud! Not fancy phones from the future (say that ten times fast) but more 1970s clunkers. The chairs from Colonial One could be from Laz E Boy. (Last week's auction had Starbuck's sunglasses and revealed they were just Ralph Lauren Polo shades - nothing extra added to them).

And while things like the pins and the badges are really cool, why not just make a ton of them and sell them in the online store? [ profile] jellibean sent me a BSG Patch, and it looks perfect and didn't have cost the $200 that the Pegasus Patch is going for now.

My favorite has to be the Pyramid ball, which is just a soccer ball that has been spray-painted black and then had a red stripe painted around it.

My favorite items are the character sketches but they are so far out of my price range... it is ridiculous.

BUT ANYWAY - my point is that this show, one of my favorite television shows of all time, set in space, is really one of the most normal shows I've seen. Heck, Buffy had weirder things to auction off when it ended. But I think that is why Battlestar works - we can buy into the reality because it's not all flashing lights and scanning devices. If you ignore the fact that they are in a space ship, the rest of the show is so...normal. Screwed up people leading screwed up lives...IN SPACE!

I know, not really a revelation. It's just been on my mind ever since the auctions started.

If I had a million dollars, I'd totally buy myself some props. Even something as ridiculous as a cubit note. But as it is, I'm just going to blog about how surreal it all is and make myself feel better...

...though starbuck's name plate would be pretty sweet to own...
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In the order that they aired, my favorite BSG episodes (no spoilers):

Flesh & Bone (1.08) - Starbuck and Leoben, together for the first time.

The Hand of God (1.11) - I have a thing for Starbuck in her dress blues. The tension in the final moments of this episode is hard to deny, even upon multiple viewings I find myself on the edge of my seat.

Kobol's Last Gleaming (1.12 & 1.13) - so many story threads in one show, yet it all works out. All the pieces falling into place.

The Final Cut (2.08) - APOLLO TOWEL SCENE Framed by Deanna's expose on the crew of Battlestar, it's just a different episode that gave us a chance to get to know some of the side characters, like Hot Dog.

The Captain's Hand (2.18) - Another tense episode with tons of plot lines flying left and right. Plus, the end of the painful Pegasus arc.

Lay Your Burdens Down (2.19 & 2.20) - Best. Season Finale. Ever. Seriously, it's hard to beat that ending...though they somehow manage to top it in s3.

Unfinished Business (3.09 - Director's Cut) - I really prefer the director's cut now. Like the LotR cuts, the extra scenes change the story and the characters just enough...Dee's conversation with Lee on the Raptor ride back to BSG, for example.

Crossroads (3.20) - enough ZOMG!s to go around.

Blood on the Scales (4.16) - After creating a jenga tower of stories and situations in the previous few episodes, the writers just YANK a piece out and watch the tower topple down.

Someone to Watch Over Me (4.19) - Starbuck-centric episode, but with a surprise twist in another plot line that left me yelling at the screen when the credits popped up because it's just not fair that I have to wait another week to find out what happens next!!!!

So - what are your favorites???
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I think that Someone to Watch Over Me is going on my list of favorite episodes of BSG. First, it was Kara-centric, always a plus for me. Also, it managed to catch me off guard in several ways. And you gotta love the soundtrack.

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