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I feel like someone said they were going to NYCC but now I can't remember who...if you are willing to go on a quest for me, I would be VERY grateful! I just found out there will be an exclusive Faith POP! at the Funko Booth and the Buffy POP set is one of the few I'm trying to be a completist about. I would totally paypal the price+shipping. I just know eBay will be full of greedy people right after the con :\
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We watched the first episode of the second season of Buffy, 'When She Was Bad' and I have to say, this might be one of my least favorite episodes.

It's not poorly written, it's a Joss episode and you can see him foreshadowing other things for the season and the series here and there.

But I really freakin' hate watching Buffy be so cruel to everyone, so mean.

It did give us the great "Bitca?" line though.

And also the epic scene where Cordelia steps up to tell Buffy she is being an idiot.

But, yeah, I think when people ask me which episodes I dislike, this might be one of them because I don't enjoy watching it, I'm just uncomfortable the entire time, especially during the dance scene.
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I realized that maybe not everyone would look at the profile page for [ profile] re_viewings right away so I created a sticky post with the basic mission statement of the community. I also made another easy-to-share banner to help people spread the word.

I do want the community to be for both old fans and new viewers of the shows, so please encourage your friends, even if they have never seen Gilmore Girls, to sign up if they plan to watch it.

I'm thinking I will also post my tumblr or twitter info and have people message me cool gifs/photosets/meta to link each week.

Annapolis Comic-Con was MUCH quieter this year, I think because it was on a Sunday + Ravens Game + Last day of RenFest + GORGEOUS Fall day outside. I did spoil myself and buy two more Buffy Funko Pops (Angel and Oz) because they were only $10...and then I came home and immediately ordered the rest of the set because Entertainment Earth had a buy 3 get 1 free. I didn't order the Firefly set...yet. I'm very tempted but I'm thinking I may wait and see if Santa brings them and then buy them with any Xmas money. They should still be available then.

I have TWO days off this week - one is comp for working Comic-Con today and the other is a mental health day because I had some personal leave I needed to use up and needed some me time. (Maybe I'll get a head start on Gilmore Girls LOL!)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
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So, it was a quiet night tonight, didn't feel like doing much of anything after [ profile] maybedeadcat went home so I figured I would put in disc 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and start the rewatch!

1.01 Welcome to the Hellmouth

So, yeah, I can't remember the last time I watched this from episode 1. It's been over a year, at least. For those of you that don't know, I didn't start watching BtVS until the season 4 summer reruns. I saw season 1 for the first time on FX when the reruns started up and then my friend bought me the DVD set, which came out around the same time.

So, yeah, pilot episodes are always interesting. You can see the lack of budget when it comes to everyone's hair, make-up, clothes etc.. But I think the story is strong enough that the show survives. You can hear the actors learning to speak like Joss & Co write. There's some really weird "teen speak" that I'm SO glad they drop (the most painful scene is in the locker rooms right before the two random girls find the dead body).

Of the Scoobies, I think Alysson Hannigan is the winner of this episode. Her acting is probably the best thing. Nicholas Brendan and Sarah Michelle Gellar come in second.

Speaking of costumes -- Buffy's skirt is way too short. I don't think we see her in a skirt that short when slaying is eminent again. It's pants during the episodes, then short or dress at the end. I'll have to pay attention and see if I'm making that up or not. Xander is wearing a really ugly combo of a dark blue tank top with a somewhat sheer dress shirt on top. Just no. Willow dresses the way I did in Middle School (I raided my grandma's closet...don't ask).

I find it amusing the one pop culture reference that survives are the Starbucks jokes. 10 years later, everyone knows how small a "one Starbucks town" must be.

I'm glad that Luke is only the villain for a few episodes. His faux scripture quoting gets old fast. I understand it's all about working the metaphor of New Buffy vs. Old World Vamps. But it's a bit over the top to the point of ridiculousness.

Joyce & Buffy are still one of THE BEST mother/daughter relationships ever put on TV. Even in these early episodes, they manage to have a dynamic that is so honest and true.

1.02-1.04 )
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Well, so far so good - managed to write at least 100 word for each day this month. I'm using my poor, neglected Dreamwidth account as my writing journal if you want to take a peak. I'm not doing a whole story, mostly just trying to stretch out my creative writing muscles since I have not used them in so long. Might go back later and expand on them but right now really is just seeing what happens when I try to write. It's good for me :)

Have my Star Wars program at the library on Saturday which I am mostly prepared for. It's hard to prepare for an event when you have no idea how many people will show up. So I have two plans - one for a small group and one for a large group (let them run WILD!) *crosses fingers it goes well*

Going to have lunch with [ profile] faeriesfolly tomorrow :) Excited to see her since she has now moved to the MD. I think we need to get [ profile] lostacanthus, [ profile] faeriesfolly, and [ profile] colls over for a Maryland livejournal rock band meet up at my place :)

I watched a bit of disc 2 of Ken Burns' Prohibition special the other night and had to LOL - when the act was passed, they had doctors prescribing MEDICINAL WHISKEY! I was lol'ing because, seriously, history repeating is always hilarious. Also, I had to laugh that originally it was just hard liquor that was going to be banned, then some dude ninja'd in the part about "anything intoxicating" and everyone was all "OH WTF!" It's not the best Ken Burns special ever, but it's still edu-tainment and it's how I prefer to learn my history - by having Peter Coyote & co. read it to me while I look at photographs and then fall asleep in bed.

Picked up the weekly Buffy viewing again with [ profile] maybedeadcat this week. We're almost done, this week was Season 7's Showtime with OMG BABY!FELICIA DAY! That rainbow matching sweater. WHY? WHY DID THEY DO THAT? Anyway, this season doesn't feel as painful as I remember...maybe it's because I know where it's all heading.

Is anyone watching American Horror Story? One of my co-workers was talking about it today and it sounds...intriguing...if really really fucked up. Curious but also a bit scared to watch the pilot!

I think I burned my tongue the other day on some hot fish & chips...really hurts...probably doesn't help that i keep playing with it...still...OWIE!
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Birthday Girl
Originally uploaded by orangerful
365 Project, Photo 2 - Buffy!

Buffy turned 30 this year, the Slayer and I were both born in the same year. This makes me happy. :)

Tomorrow's goal is to take my camera with me while hanging out with my friends Tim & Alan and to snap a photo of us having fun together.
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Whoops, got a little bit behind on this one, didn't I????

Day 11 - A show that disappointed you
Might as well go with the first one. As [ profile] bittertwee said to me, great love spawns great bitterness. I speak of none other than THE X FILES.

Seriously, I devoted almost every Friday night of my middle school and high school life to this show. It started out so solid: great characters, great stories, actually SCARY television, a huge mystery to solve...and then it just got ridiculous. Our theory is that Chris Carter didn't know how to handle the Internet and instead of embracing the fan speculation, he paniced when he saw people guessing correctly what was probably his plot twist, so he veered into weirder directions. And then they PROMISED that the first movie would be an EPIC series finale...then FOX was all "Why don't you talk to our friends Grant and Jackson CHA-CHING!" and the show dragged on. And I kept watching...up until the infamous butt-genie episode (midget w/ no legs on a squeaky cart hides in people's BUTTS!!!!!!!!) and then I could no longer deny how horrible it was.

Runners up in this category would be Heroes and Lost. Gotta think BEYOND the first season people.

Day 12 - An episode you’ve watched more than 5 times
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, With Feeling. Best Musical Episode of TV ever.
Angel - Smile Time
Firefly - Shindig
Battlestar Galactica - Hand of God
Arrested Development - Top Banana
Season 1 of Scrubs

Day 13 - Favorite childhood show
The only childhood show that actually survived my childhood - The Muppet Show. I can still watch that show and love every minute of it. I used to wake up and watch it before I went to school because some network in Virginia was rerunning the series. I think my mom must have taped them too because I had at least 3 VHS tapes floating around of lots of episodes. Henson humor is the best kind of humor. I wish they would put out the rest of the series on DVD and also get the Jim Henson Hour on DVD too. So much great TV from one man. *tear*

Day 14 - Favorite male character
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Wesley was the Willow of Angel. Of all the characters, he had the biggest developmental arc that lasted all five seasons. And while I was frustrated with his actions sometimes, I never disliked him completely. He managed to evolve from a leather-clad dork falling off his motorcylce to a master of magic. But you could always see that glimmer of the man we met in Season 3 of Buffy - insecure, scared, shy. Especially when Fred was around.
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Day 07 - Least favorite episode of your favorite t.v show

While my least favorite season of BtVS is Season 7, it's more due to the frustrating plot and annoying potentials rather than poor writing. My least favorite episode of BtVS would probably have to be Where the Wild Things Are. Buffy and Riley are having sex the entire episode because they are possessed by horny spirits and it just gets worse from there. No classic lines, no awesome fight scene, not even any little thing for the season arc, just awkward sex scenes and the scoobies fumbling around solo. I don't think I've ever rewatched it since the first traumatizing viewing (and, of course, it was one of the first times my mom decided to watch an episode with me!)

Day 08 - A show everyone should watch

I'd probably say Buffy. It's a very complete series with a satisfying ending and it has a positive message for viewers. Plus, the chicks kick ass. And the boys are pretty. Honestly, it's a win-win situation. It's my favorite show so of course I recommend it.
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Day 06 - Favorite episode of your favorite t.v show

Now that is a tough one...because I love so many! Gosh, I guess if I had to go with would probably be 'Hush'.

Creepy villian-of-the-week, great overall theme of characters not communicating in the real world and then having their actual voices taken away, and lots of humor. Not much more I can say about that awesomeness.

Runners up would be 'Earshot' and 'Once More, With Feeling'
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Day 04 - Your favorite show ever

Oh, like you even had to ask!

Yeah, I resisted it. I had seen the movie and wasn't impressed. And it was on WB. How could it possibly appeal to me?

But for those of you that don't know the tale, I had just broke up with my long-term relationship with X-Files. Very bad break-up. I mean, we still haven't spoken since (well, I saw 'I Want to Believe' but spent most of the movie LOL'ing at it's horribleness). And my friend Becky, also a former X-Phile, told me that Buffy was different - Buffy was better. I scoffed, but she managed to get her hands on VHS copies of the Season 2 Buffy/Angel arc (those VHS boxed sets were WEIRD, just random episodes from the season, huge chunks of info missing if that was all you saw!) and I believe she also managed to get a copy of 'Hush' from a friend. Whoa. I fell, and I fell HARD!

And now, Buffy is my all time favorite show. Yeah, Season 7 was rough, but in the end, both series finales (5 and 7) worked, and Joss stayed true to his mission statement to create a powerful female character (and not just a hokey Girl Power model).

And, like the Beatles, Buffy changed my life. I have made so many friends because of this show. I know I met many of you because I started posting Buffy icons around LJ.

So, yeah. Buffy and I, it's true love, it's meant to be. We've had a few fights, but in the end, it all worked out. We'll be together forever.
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Real post coming soon - it's actually written on my to-do list for this week! Until then, here is my new Faith Electric Tiki maquette. She is WAY smaller than Buffy and Willow. Once I have them standing near each other, I'll take a photo for scale but it's kind of weird. She is much closer in size to the Little Frakkin' Starbuck and Cylon.

She's still awesome though. :)
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Whoops, missed a few days again! It's been a little insane here with the shopping, the snow, and just the anticip..................ation of the holidays.

I was working on a project today and realized I am woe-fully low on images of my family, especially recent images. My New Year's Resolution is to take more photos with friends, family, and myself in them. I have this bad habit of taking picture of things and time goes by so fast...heck, my brother changes his hair like every two weeks so pictures of him feel immediately outdated. Def. going to start carrying around my camera and using my iPhone camera more.

ANYHOO - meme under the cut (because I'm in a photo-y mood)

snow makes me blog )
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(it's the same as the 30 days of December meme going around except I added a 31st because clearly the original creator doesn't know the "30 days has september, april, june, and november" rhyme which clearly dates that "all the rest [which includes December] have 31")

And since I just found it today, I'll type up the first 3 here:

Day 01 Your Favorite Song
Day 02 Your Favorite Movie
Day 03 Your Favorite television

Day 04 Your favorite book
Day 05 your favorite quote
Day 06 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 07 a photo that makes you happy
Day 08 a photo that makes you angry/sad
Day 09 a photo you took
Day 10 a photo of you taken over ten years ago
Day 11 a photo of you taken recently
Day 12 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 13 a fictional book
Day 14 a non-fictional book
Day 15 a fanfic
Day 16 a song that makes you cry (or nearly)
Day 17 an art piece (painting, drawing, sculpture, etc)
Day 18 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 19 a talent of yours
Day 20 a hobby of yours
Day 21 a recipe
Day 22 a website
Day 23 a YouTube video
Day 24 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 25 your day, in great detail
Day 26 your week, in great detail
Day 27 your month, in great detail
Day 28 this year, in great detail
Day 29 Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30 whatever tickles your fancy
Day 31 your plans to ring in the new year

Day 1-3 under here )
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Downloaded Abbey Road for Beatles Rock Band today. OMG SO FUN! I played through the big B-side medley on expert vocals and survived. Even got 5 stars! Can't wait to do it with a full band (hopefully next weekend at the Halloween shindig).

I also managed to score 5 gold stars on expert vocals for Paperback Writer and I Am the Walrus. Not too shabby.

And then we had dinner and AD passed out so I decided I better be quiet for a bit.

Going through all the [ profile] whedon20in20 posts now to see everyone's icon sets since I finally finished mine (you can see my set at [ profile] orangerfulboxes). I'm always afraid to look at the sets before I complete because I don't want to feel intimidated or swayed by what others have created. Lots of people had similar ideas to mine and if I had seen their icons before I made my set, I probably would have sat here worrying they weren't good enough. All in all, it's not my best 20 ever. I rushed a few near the end to get done on time. But there are a few stand-outs that I'm happy with. (and yes, I did sign-up for round 3 even though I was also going to try to do NaNoWriMo...I am crazed).

Having sort of a weird time with work. I don't want to complain on here because I know a few people on my flist are just trying to find jobs right now and I feel like I should stfu about things like. But URGH sometimes I get very frustrated by the way things are, especially when I've seen them run so much smoother elsewhere. There, that's it, that's all I will say. Oh, and that I didn't get my MASTER'S degree to work at Blockbuster...okay done now.

Man, I really want to re-watch Buffy. Is there a buffy re-watch comm? I mean, I could just watch my dvds on my own, but it would be nice to babble with people about it. Though I completely failed at the bsg re-watch...but Buffy is far less depressing.

I only have one more episode of Supernatural to watch and I will be all caught up! So far, not blown away by this season but still enjoying it. "Fallen Idols" was a great episode. Was happy to see the return of a few other characters too. Though my earlier rant about Bobby still stands.

Has anyone read Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind? I know it is the basis for Legend of the Seeker and I am really enjoying that show (after I catch up on SPN, I will catch up on that...thank you Netflix Instant View!). I don't usually read full-on fantasy (I like fantastical elements but usually get bored during all the world building chapters) but I was thinking maybe I could get myself to read this because of the tv tie-in. Is it any good?
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Went to the DCSWCC meeting and got my copy of Dollhouse from Jeff. The lenticular letter inside is pretty cool and ridiculous at the same time. I've got #142.

If you click through to the rest of the photos, you'll see the Adam Baldwin autograph up close, my Buffy Season 8 Gelaskin on my iPhone (so sexy) and lots of other random swag that I took from the free table that was brought back from SDCC.

I really want to go next year! Jeff said he reserved his hotel in December, January at the latest. So I think Dragon*Con will be the test and if I survive that, and feel like I can take it to the next level of crazy, I'll try go get passes to Comic Con 2010.

Oh, [ profile] faeriesfolly - I snagged some True Blood handouts (go to my flickr page and you will see). I think I can scan the one postcard to create a Tru Blood label for some SOBE bottles so we can haz props!
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Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

The red tank-top is an exclusive (though they have not said for what store). Both will come with Faith's knife and a stake.

Not sure if I would want the red or white top. I mean, I think Faith actually wears the white top more in the show...I guess the real decider will be if "exclusive" translates into more $$$$. I'd be willing to pay a little bit extra for her but not too much beyond what she is likely to cost (Buffy was $99, I assume Faith will be @ the same).

Luckily, she should be a ways off before she comes out. I don't even think Glory or Dark Willow have hit the streets. (*checks Entertainment Earth* nope).

I'd really like him to do a Giles. I hope this line keeps going for awhile so that he can do the entire main cast. I want all the Scoobies in cartoon form!

Time for some strawberry daquiris made from these beauties picked earlier today!
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When you see this, post another Buffy quote in your LJ. Let's see how long this can go on.

"To read makes our speaking English good." -- Xander, I Robot, You Jane
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Buffy's box art
Originally uploaded by orangerful
So...I'm sort of in love with my new Electric Tiki End of Days Tooned-Up Buffy statue...I was only going to take, like, 3 pictures and it just got out of control. She's so cool! Totally worth the wait. :D
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Huzzah! I just got an email from Entertainment Earth saying that my Electric Tiki Buffy statue has FINALLY shipped (I pre-ordered this item in SEPTEMBER - it was supposed to be out in December...)

YAY! Soon she will join Tooned-Up Willow in my cabinet and it will be the awesome! Then I just have to wait patiently for Faith....

In other news, Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street - do kids even get this?

Also, I might need to get a second Master's BEATLES-OLOGY! (Nah, I think I'll hold out for the all-Whedon Master's...clearly I just need to hold out for another 40 years...)
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So, you know those Hallmark cards that play music when you open them?

Apparently, they make Buffy ones! [ profile] heiland_coo gave me a Buffy Birthday Card today and when you open it, it plays the them!!! It is very cool. :D

She also gave me 1600 XBox Points! Now to pick out which Rock Band songs I need. Right now I'm trying to decide between:

All The Small Things - Blink 182
Buddy Holly - Weezer
Truth Hits Everybody - The Police (or maybe the whole punk 02 can I go wrong with Clash and Ramones?)
Message in a Bottle - The Police (supposed to be out March 11...)
Roam - B-52s

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