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I forgot to tell ya'll but WE HAVE A FLOOR AGAIN!

The tile was installed two weekends ago and we love it. Really brightens up the entire kitchen and just really makes it a nice room on it's own rather than just flowing into the living room area. Dishwasher has also been repaired too which is just fantastic. I know it was saving us money in our energy bill BUT I really was tired of dishes piling up on the counter (#firstworldproblems). The deal is whoever makes dinner, the other has to wash dishes and considering how many pots/pans I get dirty that can't go on the dishwasher, the addition of plates/bowls/cups on top of that was making things crazy. So, yes, repair the dishwasher, save my marriage XP

In the world of Impulse Purchases, my spatula designed by Kristen Bell arrived in the mail last week too!

Proceeds went to the No Kid Hungry program so it was for a good cause. Also, I <3 Kristen so much and this is probably the closest I will get to having her autograph so yeah. I'm a dork, it makes me smile. If you didn't see her shenanigans with the senior citizens during Hurricane Irma, I highly suggest browsing her Instagram/Twitter feed for a few minutes.

When we went to Wisconsin this summer, Tim went through the boxes of stuff in his parent's basement for things that he wanted to bring back (this is what happens when you buy an SUV). Anyway, one of the treasures we did find were his Star Wars toys, mainly a few large vehicles. So last night, in a fit of cleaning, I rearranged some of my Star Wars shelf to highlight our vintage collection (I reclaimed my toys from my parent's house last year but hadn't made space for them). I don't have it all out yet, but I got a few things in nice prime spots to hightlight them:

I still have a few figures I'd like to display plus a LARGE collection of micro-machines playsets. #nerdproblems - I am going to either move or maybe even downsize my Yoda collection as I don't really focus on that anymore. My collecting focus for Star Wars now is mostly LADIES.

Last but not least, I finished playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice last night and OMG THE EMOTIONS!

I want to do an in-depth write up later but this game was beautiful and I loved the story, which kept me going even when the game got rough. It was very short, about 12 hours, but it was a smaller gaming company. Tim got me fancy headphones right before I started playing it so I got to have the full experience since it recommends playing with nice headphones that can give you the full range of sounds.

I love Senua. She is right up there with Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: I want an action figure of her for my desk.

...actually, I have that "Make your own Funko Pop" downstairs...maybe I could make myself a little Senua! PROJECTS!!!!!!!

Bedtime now - I am trying to finish the last two books for a conference I'm attending next month. Neither of them are grabbing me as much as the others so it has been a struggle. Plus SO MANY good books are coming out right now and distracting me with their covers and blurbs. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! #librarianproblems
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I feel like someone said they were going to NYCC but now I can't remember who...if you are willing to go on a quest for me, I would be VERY grateful! I just found out there will be an exclusive Faith POP! at the Funko Booth and the Buffy POP set is one of the few I'm trying to be a completist about. I would totally paypal the price+shipping. I just know eBay will be full of greedy people right after the con :\
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I know this wasn't intentional. I know it was not done with malice, I'm sure it was all about market research and which characters they thought would sell the most...


Check out the Parks & Recreation Funko Pop line up

Notice anyone missing? Like Tom...Ann...Donna...

I mean, I know they only do sets of a few people at once (I'm STILL waiting for the rest of the Buffy and Firefly characters!) but to opt to do a Bert Macklin and Little Sebastian POP rather than another main characters feels weird, even more so since they were persons of color and all the Pops are white people (and a horse...a tiny tiny horse...)

I'm not accusing them of doing this on purpose...but wow. And when I think of how many shows actually *get* their second set of figures to fill out the entire cast...I worry that we will never see a little Tom Haverford with Funko POP swagger.
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You make lemonade! No wait, I mean, you stylishly cram the pictures into one large poster frame:

Eventually I will buy 3 11x14 frames but for now, this will work! @starwars #disneymovierewards #posters

We will have officially been moved into this house for a year a week from today so I'm getting this whole "OMG WE HAVE DONE NOTHING!" loop in my brain, trying to hang pictures, tidy up the yard, etc. I mean, wtf, how did this bag of clothes sit here for a YEAR and never go to Goodwill? I suck.

Oh, if you are on imzy, I made a little personal blog there. Not sure how much I will use it compared to here, but if you are there, feel free to join/follow:

Also, if you are not on Imzy and still need an invite, I think I have 5 more? Let me know.

And now, to bed! We have friends coming over tomorrow so I should wake up at a decent hour!

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WHY is the Fallout Shelter game way more addictive on my PC than it was on my iPad???

We both downloaded this game and managed to lose several hours to it this weekend. is kinda nice though, as I can play it while reading LJ, bounce back and forth to collect stuff.

If anyone needs a time sink, this is an easy one!

I also got sucked into Disney Emoji Blitz which is just like any other matching game, except that you earn the emojis for your keyboard. So now I can send people little Mickey Mouses when we are texting. And also a virtual churro.

Tim is still hooked on Alphabear, though I haven't played it in awhile. It is pretty much Boggle with adorable bears.

Someone mentioned the app at our Social Media Committee meeting so, of course, I couldn't resist downloading that. It is addictive sitting and thinking of things I can make lists out of. Apparently it was created by B.J. Novak (he used to write for 'The Office'). Anyway, if you are on there, please friend me!

And thanks to [ profile] pleasant_valley I am now on a search to collect all of the E.T. Funko Pops. I managed to get E.T. from Amazon with a gift card I had saved up, and I think I should be able to pick up Gertie and Elliot from Gamestop later this week. She warned me they were retired and eBay had some ridiculous prices, but I saw the local store had them in stock so I sent a hold request. SOON!

I also had enough points on my Discover card to get a free copy of 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' so I've been playing that a bit too. I love Lara Croft. I just feel like a kid again playing these games, even if they are shiny and new.

Of course, I have to leave it all behind soon. We travel to Wisconsin again this week for Tim's sister's's a short trip, just going there, seeing the wedding, then coming home. As always, I am dreading the politics of that house. But I will just hide with Sylvia and Nicole and sing Weird Al songs to drown out the crazy.

And I have a buffer day when we return so I can play all my games and relax before going back to work!
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15. Post a shelfie

I figured this should probably get it's own post. Though as I take photos, I realize how I don't really own that many books anymore and also I don't really use my bookshelves for books LOL. they are mostly about displays of books, toys, movies etc.. Also, most of my childhood books are still at my parents (don't tell Tim, he is already horrified by the boxes I bring back any time we visit my folks LOL, so many Star Wars toys to bring home with me when he is not looking...)

Anyway, see for yourself - if you dare! The photos are clickable and will take you over to flickr if you want to zoom in and be really nosy. :) I don't mind, I did the same to you!


Hope you all enjoyed my little shelfie tour. :)
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So these got lost in the shuffle of the spring break trip! I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats LOL!

Oh and I also wanted to say, it's been a month or so now since the MEGA FRIENDING of 2016. If we're not clicking, feel free to unfriend me, no worries. I know my flist is very active and I'm having a hard time keeping up. So, yeah, no hard feelings if you want to take my off your list.

ANYWAY! On to the final 3:

29. [ profile] eowyn asked: What's your all-time favourite R and R activity?
Hm, I guess snuggling up on the couch with a good movie and some popcorn, maybe a classic Disney/Pixar or Star Wars, something with a happy ending. (I'm realizing how little I actually R and R haha)

30. [ profile] rogueslayer452 asked: What is the most obscure thing you own?
I have a Yoda backpack that was only made in the UK and my ex bought it for me off of eBay. I love it because it was a very limited run and it's just a damn cool backpack. (I'm trying to find a photo of me wearing him, but it was clearly before I knew how to tag stuff on can kinda see him here) I like him more than the Yoda backpacks that are out now because he is actually *in* a backpack, just like he is on Luke's back, not just Yoda hanging on like a monkey.

And then there is my Buffy academic books, which are pretty obscure because who the heck reads that stuff but us hardcore nerds? :)

31. [ profile] icecoldrain asked: Do you have any tattoos? If you don't, have you ever considered getting one? NOPE! NOPE! I am a wuss. I have commitment issues. There is no way I would get a tattoo because I know I would immediately change my mind about it seconds later. Plus, I'm always afraid the moment I get a tattoo, the thing I tattooed will suddenly go evil. Like, if I did a Joss Whedon thing, Joss would turn into a crazy person and then I'd be stuck with it forever!

The only thing I think I could ever get tattooed on me would be "orangerful" because it's my other name. I've had it since 1999 so I guess I'm sticking with it?
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What a week, talk about hitting the ground running! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much, but I pretty much overbooked myself this week when it came to work and I have been exhausted in the evenings.

That and I'm addicted to Stardew Valley so I've been unwinding by playing that in the evenings before dinner.

BUT I did manage to pick up some Star Wars TFA figures, finally!

Finally found Rey (and couldn't resist grabbing Han and Finn) #starwars #toys #collection

Usually, I am an opener, but I really love the box art for the Rey figure and I haven't been able to bring myself to free her from the packaging. (this is probably my Daisy Ridley girl!crush talking, you can't see it in the picture, but she's in her final movie moments outfit and looking badass. The face sculpt is actually *really good* for a kid's toy too!)

I got my copy of the TFA blu-ray on Tuesday from Amazon. I opted to just keep it easy and pre-ordered from Amazon rather than messing with Target's "exclusives". From my club members, I have heard the packaging left something to be desired and since the extras are just streaming on Disney Movies Anywhere, I'm wondering how long until they just let anyone buy them.

And then the Rogue One trailer dropped yesterday and WOW. I really hadn't been paying much attention to this movie. I was worried that Disney was going to kill my love of the franchise by cranking out movies too quickly, flooding the market like they did with the Marvel stuff. But the trailer just blew me away and now I'm really curious about it!

And now [ profile] jediknightmuse alerted me to the Build-A-Bear Wicket exclusive so I may need to find the closest store and make a trip in the next few weeks.

LOL when I started this point there was going to be some substance but...yeah, my brain is tired and everything is STAR WARS and that's pretty great. :)

(I also impulse purchased The Fugitive with Harrison Ford because when we drove through Chicago, I was talking to Tim about the scene where the cops hear the train on the phone and know he is in Chicago and that's all I know about Chicago and then it was $7 so WHY NOT!)

(oh and I also kinda sorta pre-ordered X-Men: First Class so I can have all the X-Men movies. X-Men, X2, First Class and Days of Future Past. THAT IS ALL THERE IS! Until Apocalypse comes out...which better not suck, these last two were so good)

(Clearly I should delete the Amazon app from my phone...all of these orders were made during the drive back from Wisconsin)

(I'm just abusing parenthesis now...I need to get to bed because I'm visiting a school tomorrow morning for a parent brunch to tell them about all the awesome the library has to offer)

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Spent Saturday cleaning up and then went to my parent's today and got more stuff LOL. I think Tim was horrified when my Mom gave me three bags/boxes of Star Wars toys (which I had asked for because nostalgia)

Reclaimed some of my #toys today, time for a stroll down memory lane. @starwars #starwars #jurassicpark

So I spent about two hours tonight going through one of the bags, wiping off the dust, and them playing with the toys.

Possibly one of my most favorite toys of all time #starwars #rancor @starwars

Possibly my favorite Star Wars toy. My Rancor got a lot of playtime because RotJ was my favorite of the movies when I was a kid (probably because of the super-mega-happy-ending) and I would drag my toy box out and play with my figure while I was watching.

Sidenote: I was digging through my parent's DVDs and found out my brother bought the Special Edition Limited Release of the Original Trilogy that has the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASES on the bonus discs!!!!!!! I totally "borrowed" them because I want to watch RotJ again but I know the one on my blu-ray copy will make me rage (GIVE ME MY YUB NUB DAMMIT! And don't get me started on the awful song added to Jabba's palace...)

Fun with my slo-mo camera mode under the cut )

Only sad thing was opening up my Tie Fighter and seeing that the batteries had exploded in the back (well, they were probably 30 years old LOL). That is the only real damage I have seen so far that I am sad about.

I'll probably post more photos as I go through the bag. There's some Jurassic Park stuff in there too which makes me happy. I HAVE A T-REX! :D
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And for those of you sick of reading my Facebook rants, here are some fun links to images from Toy Fair 2016. HIDE MY WALLET!!!!!!!

Scroll down for the Star Wars Clue and BB-8 Operation games!

SO MANY NEW FUNKOS AAAAAAH! Harry Potter fans BEWARE - there is a LUNA and a SIRIUS! I need to get Flame Princess for my Adventure Time collection.

I'm only on the first Witcher game right now but I have listened/watched Tim play the three and these figures are just as gorgeous as the game characters. I think we will have to get Geralt and Ciri for sure...though I think Tim has a crush on Triss, so maybe I will get him Triss for Christmas (they don't come out until the Fall UUUUUGH!)

In mobile app news: Nintendo is dipping their toes into the world of APPS! Miitomo is coming soon! Pre-register now and we can be friends when it launches yay! (hopefully they won't have a stupid "real name" requirement).
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So now that I have seen Force Awakens (twice!) and loved it, the collecting bug is biting me. I'm going to try to stay as calm as I can, maybe just focus on the main 3, mostly on Rey, but I did like Finn and Poe too...maybe a few BB-8 items (I got my Her Universe pin which was "free" with a purchase on black friday)

Just paid for my first collectible. Disney Movie Rewards has a deal that if you link your account to Fandango, you can get a "free" poster of Rey + the option to get a 3 poster set for 19.77 (I see what they did there).

It said limited quantities and I'm a sucker for limited quantities so I ordered them.

They are a nice size too, 11x17, which should look cool on the wall if I can arrange them right. Don't ask me where though as I have used up a lot of wall space already...maybe the guest bedroom? I dunno.

After going to the mall and movies for 3 days in a row, I managed to catch a bug. I stayed home sick yesterday because I did NOT want to get blamed for spreading a bug around the week of Christmas. Today was my comp day for Friday (since we will be off for Christmas and I would have been off anyway because I work Saturday) so I got to recover the rest of the way. Tomorrow I work 1-9 though and that is going to suuuuuuuuuck. Though the kids do get out of school so I'm hoping we will have some business as families look for things to take on the road with them. Maybe.

Sylvia and I attempted to try jamberry nail things today and we were AWFUL at them. I was doing pretty well with my dominant hand, though the stickers didn't cover my nail right, but once I had to switch, it was all down hill. They look so cool, in theory, but I clearly don't have the skills or patience to put them on. It was like applying decals to a Barbie Dream House only worse because now they are stuck to my hands and look stupid.

Christmas/holiday cards and mix CDs have been delayed until next week as the CDs were delivered to work the day I stayed home sick. Sorry! I'm really happy with the mix though! I had the test copy in the car last week and really liked it, let it cycle through a few times before going back to my book.

I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I wrapped all the presents this afternoon, the tree looks glorious with the piles of gifts underneath. We are going to host Christmas morning at our house with Sylvia and Cynthia since they have hosted the past few years. Tim's already got plans to make pancakes. Should be nice.
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I got my Captain and the crew. Here's hoping that the passengers will be available someday soon to complete the set.

I am keeping my Funko Pop purchases to Whedonverse ONLY! Otherwise I would be broke so fast.

I just did my first bid ever on eBay, trying to get the ONE BtVS figure I don't have - the chase Spike Vampire variant. Probably will pay $30 for him but I need him.

Also had a moment of weakness today and ordered Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask for the 3DS...I don't actually own a 3DS but I'm hoping Sylvia will let me borrow hers on the roadtrip next week LOL. I really want to play the game again and the resale value on Nintendo games is insane because they stop publishing them after a few years (which is really dumb, they are CLASSICS).

And also pop rocks. Because we wanted pop rocks and could not find them in any stores!
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[ profile] twissie and a few others expressed interest in seeing more of my collection and I do love talking about my stuff so here goes:

Starting off with my first fandom and one of my first true rare collectibles (well, it felt rare to little pre-teen me!)

Star Wars Fan Club Micro Machines

Read more... )
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Oh my goodness, I had forgotten how fun it was to collect things and hunt for them and be surprised by them! We decided to browse Hot Topic after the movie on Saturday and Tim spotted a Kaylee Funko Pop figure that was an EXCLUSIVE! SHE HAS A DIRTY FACE! I HAD TO HAVE HER! It was so exciting to find her on the shelf and KNOW she was special and she would be mine!

And it was a BOGO 50% I had to get another figure! And there was little Rarity, waiting to join my collection. :D

(yes, I know I was supposed to post my Into the Woods thoughts but I was speed reading Maus for a book discussion tomorrow night that I am technically *leading* so instead I give you cute photos.)
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I realized that maybe not everyone would look at the profile page for [ profile] re_viewings right away so I created a sticky post with the basic mission statement of the community. I also made another easy-to-share banner to help people spread the word.

I do want the community to be for both old fans and new viewers of the shows, so please encourage your friends, even if they have never seen Gilmore Girls, to sign up if they plan to watch it.

I'm thinking I will also post my tumblr or twitter info and have people message me cool gifs/photosets/meta to link each week.

Annapolis Comic-Con was MUCH quieter this year, I think because it was on a Sunday + Ravens Game + Last day of RenFest + GORGEOUS Fall day outside. I did spoil myself and buy two more Buffy Funko Pops (Angel and Oz) because they were only $10...and then I came home and immediately ordered the rest of the set because Entertainment Earth had a buy 3 get 1 free. I didn't order the Firefly set...yet. I'm very tempted but I'm thinking I may wait and see if Santa brings them and then buy them with any Xmas money. They should still be available then.

I have TWO days off this week - one is comp for working Comic-Con today and the other is a mental health day because I had some personal leave I needed to use up and needed some me time. (Maybe I'll get a head start on Gilmore Girls LOL!)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!
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guy guys GUYS!!!!!!!!! - FUNKO POP has released photos of the Firefly set. OMG I NEED THEM ALL!

Also, OUR FLIGHT LEAVES IN 8 HOURS!!!!!!! Which means we need to be to the airport in 7 HOURS! HOW AM I GOING TO SLEEP?!?!

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Omg he's kind of adorable and creepy all at the same time.


Anyone going to SDCC wanna help me out?
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This made coming into work today totally worth it! Bought myself a birthday present on @entertainmentearth #iCollectatEE #adventuretime

(I need to make an adventure time icon...)

LOOK WHAT ARRIVED TODAY!!!!!! Tracking said Monday but they came today! It made going into work on this gorgeous Saturday all worth it.

Now where to put them...
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Um...I need these. All of them.

Run while you can! It's too late for me!!!!
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Finally found a McDonalds with Adventure Time toys!!!! #finnthehuman #adventuretime #happymeal

I had all but given up hope on finding a McDonald's with Adventure Time toys. My friend and I went to the one by the library TWICE and both times got dud toys (TMNT Skateboards, lame, and Spongebob, not my thing). Then on my way home from the Star Wars club meeting yesterday I decided to stop and get a snack because I was STARVING and hadn't eaten anything since 11am. And lo-and-behold the McDonald's by the mall had a sign up for Adventure Time toys!!!

So now I have a little Finn to love and squeeze.

OH and BONUS, Tim fixed my BIG Finn doll (the batteries were dying and causing him to just say half of a phrase then die. We thought he was defective but it turns out he just needed new batteries).

It's the little things.

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