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Comic Con at the library went really well! Our numbers were down from last year but not by that much and I think it was more to do with the weather/day than any fault on our part. Made some notes about what I'd tweak for next year but we just keep getting better each year, in my opinion. Here's hoping year 3 is just as much fun!

I was super busy though, so I didn't get to snap many photos. Hoping the library will post more but here's a smattering for your amusement:

Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled

Good times were had! And afterwards, beer was had because OMG YOU TRY HERDING 50 COSPLAYERS INTO PARADE FORMATION WHEN YOU DON'T HAVE A MICROPHONE!
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How do we tell the director/producers of iZombie that Major should keep his facial hair? Because WOW! I'm usually no into beards and such but this hipster beard and glasses combo definitely does it for me.

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I debated watching the Comic-Con reel, as I was worried about spoilers, but they played it all very close to the chest. Lots of little snippets of new moments, but mostly it is about how they are making the movie the way that the original films were made - lots of practical effects, costumes, and actual on location filming.

I'm not going to lie, I started crying by the end. I feel like they are trying to so very hard to make the movie we wanted back in 1999. You can tell that they are fans of the classics and they want to use this movie to try to recreate that feeling of adventure and wonder. I really hope they succeed.

And reading this blurb about the original cast and Harrison being so positive on the film. I'm taking that as a good sign too.

Yeah, I'm going to see this at midnight, opening day. No doubt. Just need to remember to request off work because I am going to be worthless the next day. Actually, may even be worthless the day of but at least work will help time go by LOL.
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This may be the best thing to come out of Comic-Con this weekend. :-) I might actually pay to watch it LOL. <3 <3 <3
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Omg he's kind of adorable and creepy all at the same time.


Anyone going to SDCC wanna help me out?
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Do you have a Netflix streaming account?

Go find the movie "Drew: The Man Behind the Poster". It's a documentary about artist Drew Struzan, the man who drew many of the iconic Star Wars and Indiana Jones posters, along with the first two Harry Potter posters.

If you have the time, you can watch the movie and enjoy the inspirational story.

If you don't have time, fast forward (what is the digital term??) to about an hour and twenty seven minutes in (I think you should see George Lucas talking to Drew at this point about a Darth Maul painting).

ANYWAY right after that, they cut to a sign of Comic-Con and you see a bunch of fans wandering around.


YES! Back in 2010 when I went to Comic-Con, I was standing by the Drew Struzan autograph table, trying to figure out when I could get the book signed and these guys came up to me and said they were doing a documentary on Drew Struzan and would I like to answer a few questions. Of COURSE I said yes, I LOVE Struzan's work. So I fangirled for a bit, concentrating as hard as I could so I didn't sound like a total dufus (which means I speak clearly but tend to make FACES). And then I sort of forgot about it because, hey, that was 2010 and who knows how many people think they are going to make documentaries while at Comic-Con.

But it turns out these guys did! And they used footage of me not once but TWICE at the end. AW YEAH!!!!!!!

Thank goodness for my geeky guys in the Star Wars Collecting Club. I had no idea this was even out yet and then I went to the meeting on Sunday and they told me about it. :)

Con envy

Jul. 10th, 2013 12:10 pm
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Here it comes...Convention season is about to hit full swing and I don't have a single one on my calendar.

I mean, I've been to SDCC, I *know* it's a crazy insane wilderness where half the stuff you see covered online are things that you, as a normal person, would never be able to gain access to anyway. But still...once those tweets and blog posts start showing up, I'm going to be like "OH I WANT TO BE THERE"

Or at least somewhere like it.

Not going to Dragon*Con this year either. I'm hoping that we can make that an every-other-year event. The only person I'm really sad I won't get to meet is Amy Acker but I'm crossing my fingers that, like most of the guests, she has so much fun she comes back for more D*C in the future.

I might try to go to Baltimore Comic-Con or Shore Leave but those Cons are so tiny and I tend to go to these things to meet the celebrities and hear them talk and neither of them have anyone I'm rabid over right now. But still, it might make a fun outting on a Saturday.
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I've posted this before but it's still important to mention...

once, I completely freaked out while taking to Joss Whedon, so he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and then took a photo with me.


You can read about the epic day here.
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I've posted this before but it's still important to mention...

once, I completely freaked out while talking to Joss Whedon, so he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and then took a photo with me.


You can read about the epic day here.
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First bit of awesome coming out of Comic-Con today -- Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrive Universal Remote. Oh yeah, I'd buy that! Wonder how ridiculous the price will be...I don't really care though. I MUST HAVE IT! Seriously, between this and the Kinect, I will not be living in a Sci-Fi universe in my home! Waving my arms, talking to the screen. GEEK!JOY!

Speaking of Geek!Joy, I haven't read any Star Wars comic books since probably the 1990s, but this announcement that Brian Wood (DMZ, Local) is going to do a run makes me go HM?????? I may have to check in to these. OMG!

This is just making me more excited for Dragon*Con. I think I might attempt to throw together a Leela outfit since [ profile] maybedeadcat sorta has a basic Fry outfit. (I'm probably spelling those names wrong...I'm very new to Futurama). I'd love to have a Dr. Girlfriend outfit, I've watched more Venture Bros. than Futurama, but I doubt I can throw hers together from a single trip to Kohls.

Just saw this AWESOME Rainbow Dash hoodie on ThinkGeek. She's not my favorite but...OMFG IT HAS WINGS!!!!!!

Was on hold with my cable company so I could get my promotional rate renewed and the message kept saying "Please hold the line". "Hold the line?" Isn't that what they say in military shows when the enemy army is attacking? I kept having these weird flashes of Band of Brothers type guys yelling "HOLD THE LINE!"

okay, I need to eat something before I go to work. We've got the magician summer show today (I so want to ask him if he does tricks or ILLUSIONS!) which means it will be hella crazy with kids when I get there. Going to need food in my belly if I'm going to face the crowds.
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Dammit, I've been to SDCC, I know how insane it is and how you spend more time standing in line to see a 45 minute panel than you do in the panel (and you have to choose between seeing one panel over 4 others because of the standing in line-ness) but all these damn tweets and tumblr posts are getting me excited for SDCC again!

I think I just have Con fever...wish it was closer to September. DRAGON*CON IS THE BEST CON EVAR!

Finished up Season 3 of Venture Bros. tonight. Only one season left. NO IDEA what the heck is going to happen. But I never do with that show, it's the most randomest of shows.

Been listening to Overexposed, the new Maroon 5 CD, while driving to work. It's okay, but Hands All Over was better and it's not as good as the first two. I swear, two of the songs sound EXACTLY the same and they are BACK TO BACK! "Lady Killer" and "Fortune Teller" - how did they not hear this????? Also, Adam Levine sounds like Lady Gaga in "Tickets". It def. is the most poppy album ever, and I understand what they meant by that now. I think "Man Who Never Lied", "Lucky Strike" and "Beautiful Goodbye" are my favorites from the album.

I was also thinking how silly "Payphone" is for even existing. I mean, ARE there any payphones anymore??? Shouldn't it be called "cellphone" and instead of the "change" wasted it should be like "minutes" or "data" or something. I dunno, I was just amused by that because every time I see a payphone now I feel like I've found some exotic animal and I want to take a photo to document it's existence.

You know what album really surprised me? The new John Mayer CD. I really liked it a lot. Of course, I barely listened to Battle Studies because...well, it was terrible. I feel like Born and Raised, while not his best, sounds more like the John Mayer I used to drive 4 hours to see (okay, that was sort of a mistake...I didn't realize how far away Pittsburgh was...who knew Pennsylvania was so fucking WIDE!???) But the guitar sounds good, John's vocals are strong, and the songs are clearly personal but not personalized to the ponit of being difficult to identify with (which was my issue with Battle Studies, it felt too specific, like an airing of grievances set to music).

Wow, this turned in to a music post, huh? I bought the Kimbra CD on a whim but really have not given it the attention it deserves. I really like her voice, but I tend to only listen to "Settle Down" then I start doing something else and then the album is over. I will make a point to listen to that one in the car next. Captive audience.'s already midnight and I wanted to get a few rounds of Jetpack Joyride in before bedtime. (seriously, that game is addictive fun. It is my current "one. more. turn." game. AND IT'S FREE!)
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omg it's only 73 more days until Dragon*Con! So close and yet so far away.

I have to say, conventions are amazing things. I've never been to a work-related convention because the idea just boggles my mind, but fandom related conventions are love.

As a fan of so many cult shows, even major cults like Buffy or Star Wars, it's not easy to know when you can bring up your fandoms and not get a weird look. I wear my geekiness with pride on a daily basis, but the days are few and far between when some one acknowledges their presence (like today, I had a young man ask me if there was a new Star Wars book out because he saw all my pins on my badge...and one of our teen volunteers complimented me on my Greendale Community College lanyard)

Conventions are different. They are gatherings of people who are like me - people who love one (or more) silly things so much and they want to express that love and talk about it with like-minded individuals. It doesn't matter who you are standing in line with, chances are they know at least a few Monty Python lines, will get a LOL CATS reference, and might even be able to sing along with you to a Weird Al song.

It's funny, you'd think that going to a convention would make someone feel less special because instead of being the odd geek out, they are one of many. But it is just not the case because of the wide range of people you meet at these events. I swear, no two people experience the same convention. It doesn't matter if it is D*C or SDCC - there is so much going on.

So, if you've ever said to yourself "I should go to such and such a Con someday" make that someday now. They are just so much fun. They are even more fun with friends but I explored a lot of SDCC and my first PAX totally solo and I had a wonderful time mingling with people from all over. I love the way that pop culture can bring so many people together. <3

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Fray costume Protecting people from the undead

Went with [ profile] andy_wolverton to the Balitmore Comic Con yesterday. It's a little con, pretty much 100% comics fandom but a fun way to spend the day -- and a great place to test run a costume!

I actually wasn't planning on going as Fray because my hairspray estimated delivery date was for this coming Tuesday, but the USPS surprised me and got the box to my desk on Friday! So I came home and did a test spray one one spot of my hair just to see and it took pretty well. So I hastily (perhaps too hastily?) started slashing at my purple tank top to make it look more like Fray's outfit and put the finishing touches on my slayer scythe. When I woke up, I tied my hair back in a ponytail, threw a towel over my shoulders and held a washcloth over my face, then attempted to spray my hair black. Then I tried to stick the purple hair extensions in there and voila - Fray!

(It will be SO much easier to do when I've got [ profile] faeriesfolly and [ profile] maybedeadcat there to find the spots I missed (like the entire back of my head UNDER the ponytail...whoops!)

Considering this is my first costume that didn't just come out of a box, I was really happy with how it turned out and even happier with the response from people at the Con! I mean, people ACTUALLY ASKED TO TAKE PICTURES WITH ME! So crazy, I mean, WOW! The scythe got so many comments, even one from a guy at a booth who said he used to work for Palisades and helped with the official prop replica version. :-D

My favorite moment of the day was stumbling upon Laura Lee Gulledge, an artist from NYC who just published a graphic novel for young adults that I happened to read a few weeks before and LOVED! She was so nice! And she recognized my outfit and asked to take a picture with me!!! And, only a moment afterwards, a lady tapped me on the shoulder wearing her Sunnydale High t-shirt and asked to take a picture with me!!!!

(I went back to Laura Lee's booth and bought an original piece of art by her. This has me thinking that [ profile] jackieocean needs to start going to Cons and setting up a table because her art is just as amazing and I think more people need to see it! Maybe we shoudl kidnap her for next year's Dragon*Con...)

I was very good and set a monetary limit on the day since I know I will be spending oodles of $$$ at Dragon*Con in a couple weeks. But I could not resist a Super Girl glass! And, of course, I went and fangirled at Jo Chen because I just ADORE her art style. I had her sign my Buffy hardcover season 1 collection, and I will probably take it with me to D*C and get Georges Jeanty to sign it as well.

So - things I need/have to tweak before Dragon*Con:
- small hoop earrings [ profile] simontrueheart said he would let me borrow a pair
- purple/black lipstick
- purple nail polish
- modify my tank top so the shirt is higher up and the sides not so baggy and figure out a way to keep the hole I cut in the front from falling open and showing a bit more than I ever would want to!
- see if [ profile] faeriesfolly would be willing to draw the hazmat tattoo on my arm that I just noticed Fray has!!!
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So, I pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic today.

Yeah, I know, you're just SHOCKED!

I actually had no intention of pre-ordering it until [ profile] maybedeadcat pointed out three things:
1) you get bonus stuff for pre-ordering
2) they are going to grant "early access" to pre-orders
3) they aren't actually going to charge my card until the thing ships (and there still is no official release date)

So I caved. I'm all registerd and now I just get to sit and wait. This is the Star Wars geek's version of the Pottermore madness, I think. No idea what number I am for pre-orders but considering it went live at like 9am this morning and I gave them my money around 10:45, hopefully I'm in the first 1000.

Then [ profile] jellibean sent me a link to the awesome Star Wars Limited Edition Droid Xbox. How freakin' cool is that??? It's almost $500 and I own everything there except for the Star Wars game...but it is so pretty.

We almost got to 100 degrees today in Maryland. I've had a headache ALL DAY, right over my right eyeball. I actually woke up in the middle of the night and my sinus felt totally clogged and the headache was there. Popped some ibprofeun and fell back to sleep. This has never happened to me before, but I'm blaming the constant heat A/C situation mixed with poor air quality. And it's supposed to be like this all weekend -- DO NOT WANT!

[ profile] simontrueheart tried to get me to play AION, a very very pretty MMO, but all it did was make me want to play WoW again. I'm thinking of activating my account for a month...I know [ profile] maybedeadcat bought the starter set on Amazon on sale awhile back and has been waiting to try it out...

Watching the Comic-Con coverage roll in via Twitter, Tumblr, and Livejournal. The only thing that makes me sad I'm not there is the fact that Matt Smith is there. But that is about it. It was so insane last year. I'd only go again if I was going with a group of friends. Dragon*Con is just so much more fun, I really like that atmosphere. OH and I did manage to snag some light khaki 100% cotton cargo pants yesterday so I just need to buy some orange fabric dye and I will have part of my Fray costume done, huzzah!

Ugh, okay, my head is still hurting, going to go lie down for a bit. Work tomorrow but then it's MOVIE NIGHT with my boys and Perri and THAT I WILL NOT MISS!!!!!!!!! Plus, I want a gyro for dinner from the mall across from their place...
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Joss posted on Whedonesque about being misquoted by the New York Times. They asked him and JJ about 3D stuff - oddly enough, I was with JJ that it feels like a fad. Joss was more excited about it, saying he would love to use it, when appropriate. He mentioned that Cabin in the Woods would not be in 3D and said that would be the crux of it's marketing - IF YOU ONLY SEE ONE MOVIE IN 2D!!!! WATCH AS THINGS MOVE ACROSS THE SCREEN!!!!!!

No mention of a girl freaking out during the Dollhouse autograph session ;-) If I was on Whedonesque, I would totally post a link to my photo in the comments.

My friend Jeff posted some of his pictures from SDCC. He was better at taking photos of the booths and stuff.

And my friend [ profile] andy_wolverton gave me a check for the Comic-Con goodies I brought back for him and now I can't find it!!!! BLURGH! I remember him handing it to me...and I put it...somewhere...*sigh* Now I'm worried it's in a library book that I returned or something. I'll keep searching though.
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*phew* so, it's been over a week now since my Comic-Con adventure and I'm finally posting the last part.

Sunday was a short day, a lot more chill. No real big events for me. My brilliant idea that morning was to try to wear my Adidas sandal, which had started to break while I was in the airport leaving for SDCC. I thought maybe I could get away with wearing it for one day. Soon as I walked into the Convention Center, it snapped the rest of the way (the little piece between my toes, the flip in the flip-flop, so to speak, broke). I attempted to hold it all together with sheer willpower but that didn't work, so I used the next best thing - packing tape! I found the FedEx booth and asked for a large piece of tape and just attached the shoe to my foot for the rest of the day. Honestly, I just didn't feel like going all the way back to get my other sandals!

I went by the Her Universe booth and got a photo with Ashley since I forgot to do that the first time around. I went to the Dark Horse booth and got my Buffy Season 8 #1 autographed by Scott Owens and Jo Chen. I picked up a hardcover copy of Walking Dead and Invincible and had them signed by Robert Kirkman. I found Terry Moore's booth had got him to sign my copy of 'Echo'. I snagged a limited edition "battle damage" Arkham Asylum Batman. Got some random Toy Story figures from the Mattell booth and a Vlad Todd bag (which I actually just gave away at the library as a SRC prize).

I spent most of my time wandering around and actually taking a moment to look at all the goodies the different companies had brought to show off, especially Hasbro's Star Wars toys. But the Ghostbusters line from Mattell looks really cool too. Eventually I just started using my camera as a shopping list, snapping photos of anything I wanted to search for in stores. Sideshow had the Electric Tiki Spike on display. He looks awesome. I picked up the Doctor Who Comic Con figure and a regular Doctor Who figure (which I opened immediately). All the Amy Ponds were sold out though :( I'm tempted to order a case of figures just to get her.
On the way out, I noticed the CBS booth was running clips from Craig Ferguson, which I thought was odd. Then I walked around to the front of the booth and there was Geoff Peterson (Craig's Robot Skeleton sidekick!). I got way too excited about Geoff and then I saw you could get a picture taken with him if you asked him a question, so I got in line. Another girl appeared behind me, sort of looking around. She said "Is this line to get free stuff?" and me and the woman in front of me said "No, this is the line to meet Geoff Peterson!" - the girl looked at us like we were nuts and then moved on. I asked Geoff about how he keeps his slim figure and he mentioned that being dead really helped. It was wacky. But I got a photo with him and then a photo of Geoff and Craig "autographed" by Geoff.

So, yeah, Sunday was very low-key. The Convention Center shut down at 5pm, and we were so exhausted, heading back to the hotel and attempting to shove everything we had purchased into our bags seemed like a big enough activity. I tossed out some of the non-essential swag and my broken sandals and did manage to get everything into my suitcase and carry-on (only later did I find out that Southwest allows 2 free bags...should have just brought my second suitcase!!!)

I flew home Monday afternoon and it was a smooth, straight flight with no stops. Got in around 9pm and home by 9:45. And passed out by 10:30 and slept until 11am.

And now it all feels like this weird dream. It was an amazing weekend. Not sure if I could do it again. Not sure if I would want to, since Joss was really the biggest goal of the trip. But I know I will cherish the memories of that random weekend.
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Ack, I need to type up the rest of my Comic-Con adventures! Karen asked me about it at work today and I had so many "uuuuuh" moments I began to panic. And in the immortal words of Henry Jones Sr. - I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to remember!

Or, in this case, I blogged about it. :-)

I forgot part of Friday's story - while I was leaving the hotel to meet up with the group for dinner that night, I walked past the elevators and saw two people that seemed oddly familiar. A skinny girl with beautiful dark hair and a sort of scruffy dude with his hat pulled down. As I got closer, my brain finally figured it out - it was Maurissa Tancharoen and Zack Whedon! HOLY FRAK! I totally spazzed, waving like crazy as they went to the elevator. I wasn't sure what I was allowed to do so I just sorta went "OMG YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOU GUYS! SO MUCH LOVE!" and did weird hand gestures then spazzed my way back out to the street. As I walked up the road to the restaurant, my normal brain caught up to my fangirl brain. I pulled out my iPhone and tweeted: "@MoTancharoen sorry for fingerling [oh iPhone, stop HELPING ME! That should have said "Fangirling" embarassing] at you guys by the elevators! But seriously - <3!!!!"

After dinner, walking back to the hotel, I checked Twitter again, and there was a reply from Maurissa: @orangerful next time we shall high five. My little fangirl (fingerl?) heart was all aflutter.

SATURDAY - an epic tale of epicness.

So, before going to SDCC, I had many things on my to-do list for Saturday. The Chuck panel, the MTV Games (Rock Band) panel...but after surviving my first two days, I realized that I would have to prioritize. And I decided that above all I NEEDED to get the Community cast autographs. I B-lined it for the network booth (sidenote: one of the most disturbing things about Comic-Con was realizing that EVERYTHING we watch it owned by about 3 corporations. I think I knew this all along, but actually seeing it on the floor - with Big Bang Theory and Dexter stuck to the SAME BOOTH - it was just unnerving). I got to the booth and asked the man standing there if they were handing out tickets for the Community cast signing. He heaved a heavy sigh and said "no", as though he could sense the chaos that would arise because of this. I asked him if they were starting a line. He said no, they couldn't do that because they would be in the way since the booth was in the center of the floor. The signing was scheduled for noon, he told me to come back at 11:30. I refrained from rolling my eyes back at him (because the people who wanted to get the Chuck cast autographs for a signing at noon were already queuing up at the WB/NBC/CW/WE RULE YOU booth.

So, I decided I would circle like a vulture until noon. I looked at my notes and saw that Drew Struzan would be signing around 11am at AA19. I walked over to Artists' Alley and found table AA19 and noticed that Struzan's name was not stuck to the front of it. Well, it was only 9:30, perhaps I was too early. So I meandered through the exhibit hall, checking out the merchants fine goods and services. Circled back to AA19 around 10:15...nothing....10:30...nope...finally, I saw a woman walking around with the same postcard as me, looking for the area. She approached one of the volunteers and asked them. Eventually he said "OH - that's upstairs in the Autograph Area". I decided I would make a break for it, but by the time I got to the REAL AA19, the line was HUGE. And there was no way I was going to miss the Community autographs. Sorry Drew - nice book though!

Back down to the land of booths, back to the SONY booth. There was no line but there was an odd cluster. The someone helping the SONY rep pulled out a stack of Community posters and people began to push forward. The Rep said "NO!" and yanked the posters back under the table. I asked if there was a line forming and was told again that, no they can't start a line yet, it's too early. But, he said sort of gesturing, there are people around. I walked over to the "gathering" nearby and asked if this was the not-a-line for Community. They said yes and we all stood around talking. Eventually the SONY Security guy came by and told us all to form a line against the booth and they brought out tape to mark off where we should be. It took a few minutes but we managed to smoosh down into single file. This was about 11:15. The security guy guarded the line, only letting in people that he remembered telling to walk away earlier in the day. Around 11:30, Chevy Chase came out from the back and waved to the crowd. EVERYONE Near the booth started snapping photos. Even more began to wait to see who would come out next. This, of course, was clogging up the entire exhibit hall floor so soon security was there, trying to make everyone move after they snapped their one photo. Those of us in line smooshed even more into the booth.

FINALLY around 11:45, the ENTIRE cast came out to cheers. They handed everyone in line posters, which feature the cover of the 'Community' DVD boxed set and we all got to meet the cast very quickly as they scribbled their names on their character's faces. Joel was very nice, I told him I LOVED the show. Chevy was in character, being cluesless. It took me a moment to catch on, but I played around with him once I did (He asked what "that thing on my wrist" was. I had my camera strapped there. I told him it was a "digital camera" and that it was used to steal his soul). Danny Pudi was next, I told him Community was the ONLY show I watched in real-time. He gave me a high-five and Joel yelled out "OUR ONE LIVE VIEWER!!!". I told Donald Glover that, for me, Community was on the same level as Arrested Development and he said that was a real compliment because he loves that show. Yvette is exactly like her character, you just want to hug her because she's so sweet. And Alison even signs her name with a little heart. I think I might have told her I loved her....but ANYWAY!!!!!!!! I HAVE A POSTER WITH ALL THEIR AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!!!

I was so happy with my catch of the day, but I had to STAY FOCUSED! I was on a very tight schedule! Next up, the Guild cast signing. Felicia had tweeted that they would be at the booth fro 11-1 before their 2pm panel. First, I walked in completely the wrong direction because I was admiring my poster of autographs. Then I turned myself around and found The Guild booth. EVERYONE was there! A sign said "$20/3 items. I went through my folder and pulled out my 'Date my Avatar' photo I had Felicia sign at Dragon*Con, Season 3 DVD slip sleeve, and #1 of The Guild comic. I made my way to the front of the line, chatting with two very nice Guild fans in front of me. When it was my turn, I handed their handler the $20 and he gave me another photo. I told him I already had 3 items and he smiled at me and said "Rules are only made for people who follow them" and he slipped the extra photo into my to-be-signed pile (and this photo is now [ profile] destertale's birthday present!). The whole cast was all smiles. Sandeep said he would be going to Dragon*Con this year - so be ready [ profile] jellibean! Felicia complimented my necklace (I had on my pink necklace that Jason Palmer's wife sold to me at Dragon*Con). I got a picture with the whole group too because when the heck would this happen again???

wall of text but it ends on a very high note - plus $5 off Community DVD! )
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Right so after learning from my mistakes from Day 1, I was sure to fill up my water bottle and shove some snack bars into my backpack before heading into the madness.

I opted not to fight my way into the Big Bang Theory panel because that would have meant sitting in the same room for about 5 hours and I just didn't want to lose the whole day. Friday is "Star Wars Day" at Comic-Con, and even though I didn't have anything Star Wars related on my agenda, I showed my fangirl pride and put on my brand new Her Universe shirt. OMG SO COMFY! And, of course, I pulled out my Yoda backpack. And since I wasn't rushing off to get in line for anything, I went down to the breakfast buffet and had something to eat. The waitress was very nice since I was all on my own (well, unless you count Yoda). I noticed a guy sitting behind me, also on his own and he looked really familiar. After I was done eating, I got a better glance at him and realized it was one of [ profile] andy_wolverton's favorite authors, China Mieville. So random.

I went to the exhibit hall to hit up some of the freebies and exclusives I wanted before the full-on crazy hit. I snagged the Star Wars pin from Hallmark, a Dark Horse bag (which I tossed my water bottle into so I could have easy access to it). I hit up the NECA booth and got the SDCC exclusive figure - a Bioshock 2 figure (spoilery figure too...ah well, that's what I get for not beating that game). Also pre-ordered Dollhouse Season 2 on blu-ray so I could get the limited edition poster (which turned out to be NOT so limited I found out later on...but whatever, that's FOX for ya!). I checked the raffle board at Dark Horse but my number was not up for getting Joss' autograph that afternoon. So I asked for a ticket for Saturday's Dollhouse signing. I wandered through the books and authors area and saw Mr Mieville again, this time on his phone so I didn't bother him for an autograph. As I wandered through the booths, I overheard a young man talking with someone behind the desk, asking if they needed him for anything. I glanced over and saw a stack of Eragon books on the table and realized this kid was Christopher Paolini. I walked over and said "Excuse me, I'm a librarian and I have TONS of boys asking me when the next book in your series is coming out and I can't find anything on it - just tell me, are you even writing another one??" He laughed and said to tell all the kids he says "hi" and that he IS writing another one and this dragon will be GREEN! Oooh, spoilers?

It was at this point that I looked at my watch and figured I better get my butt upstairs in line for The Walking Dead panel. It wasn't supposed to start until 11:30 and I had an hour to spare - turns out that wasn't enough. I got up there, stood in the insanely long line, only to be THE person they cut the line off in front of. So depressing. I could see everyone else in the room having a good time, and the rest of us were sitting outside. I stood there for about 10 minutes but once they ran the trailer for the series, I gave up. I decided that I better just go stand in line for the Joss Whedon Experience panel at 3pm. This was at noon. The line for Ballroom 20 was insane (I didn't realize that AFTER Joss was the True Blood panel...damn fangbangers were taking up my space!). I waited and waited, inching forward for 3 hours. Suddenly, it was 3pm and I was not inside. I was really upset, what a waste of time. But they kept letting people in during the talk and eventually around 3:20, I was in the Ballroom watching Joss talk.

It was mostly a Q&A session. But it reminded me of why I love Joss. There were no "Get a Life!" moments here because Joss loves his shows and any questions people put to him (and I think most Whedonverse fans are pretty smart) he gave a very respectful answer. Here are some of the quotes I jotted down:

you know you want to keep reading about the fun I had? )

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