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I made this for dinner last night and it was DELICIOUS!

Greek Chicken Pasta.

It did require some chopping, but really didn't take that long to make and it was so tasty!!!

And even though it is a one skillet meal, I managed to turn the kitchen into a disaster area. I got SKILLZ.

This is why the agreement is that whoever cooks, the other one has to do the dishes BWHAHAHA!

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For those of you in the U.S., Friday, June 3 is national donut day. I know Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme are giving away free donuts. Might want to check any of your favorite local places to see if they have any freebies. Seems to be a pretty widespread event now.

The rest of you, if it's not a thing in your country, you should make it one! :-P
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I was totally unfamiliar with the blog Food Lab but I saw the new book reviewed somewhere and it sounded fascinating. I just got a copy in at the library and it is GORGEOUS! Not only is it full of basic recipes and tips on how to make them, it also includes the SCIENCE behind the cooking, which can help down the road when I want to start experimenting with food and cooking my own way.

I don't really buy cookbooks because I tend to find all my recipes online, but I am thinking this book might need to live at my house.

If you are trying to learn to cook or just improve your cooking skills, you might want to check out this book or the original blog.

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Watch the whole thing. ALL OF IT! I WAS LAUGHING SO HARD OMG!

Day 8

Dec. 8th, 2015 11:06 pm
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December 8th: Your most favorite food! [ profile] thistle_chaser

This is another tough question but I think I'm going to have to go with sushi. I don't know why, but I crave it constantly! (I tried to use this excuse as a reason to go get some but, alas, the holiday shopping is crimping by restaurant take-out style this month)


I do love a good medium rare steak about opposites!

...this whole photo meme has made me realize how unorganized my Flickr page has become since using Instagram! Apparently my tags were not important correctly and there are 2000 pictures in need of my attention. :(
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My boss got me the slow cooker off of our wedding registry (I cannot BELIEVE how amazing an generous everyone has been, I am blown away...or maybe I'm just a cheap selfish bastard and this is normal...but I digress)

ANYWAY! New slow cooker means I need recipes! I can go on Pinterest, of course, but I would love to get some of your favorite slow cooker meals! Please post recipes or give me the link to a website with your favorite soups, meals, and desserts. But mostly meals. I love using the slow cooker for Wednesday nights when we don't get home until 9:30pm.
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16 April: What's for lunch?!? [ profile] faeriesfolly
I had every intention of taking a photo of my lunch on Thursday. I ordered Jimmy Johns but in a total blonde moment, I set the delivery time for 5pm instead of 4pm (my Linner break...I work 12:30-9 on Thursdays so I just have a late breakfast and late lunch and dinner when I get home). Anyway, I called JJ and they brought my order over sooner. But in the madness I forgot to snap a photo.

ANYWAY, my favorite think to order from Jimmy Johns is the Club Lulu and then I add cheese and cucumbers, pluse extra mayo. OM NOM NOM I can't believe I ate the whole thing!

17 April: What is one thing you always wanted as a kid, but never got? [ profile] blizzardskies
A PONY! No wait, that wasn't it...honestly I was a very lucky kid and pretty happy with my things. I guess if anything I wanted a gameboy and never got one. Though I did eventually buy a DS and I never play it so...good call mom and dad, I probably wouldn't have played with my Gameboy either!
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I went full Leslie Knope for my lunch and then I Ron Swanson'd my dinner.

...and we also had the bottle of wine we bought in Sonoma which was soooooooooooo good.

We just started season 4. I had so many feels at the end of season 3.

This is quickly becoming a favorite show. Leslie Knope might actually end up outranking Liz Lemon as my spirit animal.
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I'm trying to catch up on 'Once Upon a Time'. This happens EVERY YEAR it has been on, I swear. I get about halfway through the season, they have their break, and I forget about it's existence. I think it needs to be like Game of Thrones or Doctor Who and just have 12 really solid episodes. I always feel like they start to flail around the middle of the season, trying to find a way to stretch it out to 24 episodes. And so I'm not compelled to keep watching...and then shit goes down the last few episodes and I'm like OMG LOVE IT. Bah, OUaT will be my Thursday morning show once I have my Thursday mornings back!

I've been flipped to Thursday AM all this month do to our Babies program. Babies used to be my least favorite, but I'm actually enjoying it now (maybe because Toddlers are too much for me). I've managed to write out 4 plans for the program and keep rotating them and the parents and babies are awesome. I've got two more left in this month, then I flip to either Toddlers or PreK...can't remember which.

Oh and the blessed release of Early Voting! Our library is an Early Voting location so we can't use the meeting room so no storytimes for 2 weeks!!! You have no idea how happy this makes me and the rest of the storytime team. (This whole thing was launched in March and no one really thought about the reality of how much staff time it would take to do programming 3 times a week for forever...)

Which is why I probably enjoyed this tasty beverage so much last night:

It's the new seasonal cider - Elder Flower. I could really taste the difference. [ profile] bittertwee once told me she felt like drinking Earl Grey tea was like drinking perfume. I think the same could be said for the flavor of this drink. But I love Early Grey. And I love the flower/fruity taste that this cider had. Though I think it might be better as a drink on it's own than with dinner.

om nom nom

May. 14th, 2014 10:07 pm
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I don't usually share pictures of food but this salad was life changing.

Because usually I laugh at the idea of a salad for lunch. I'm SO hungry at 1pm that I stuff myself with pastas and bread and leftover dinners. But I caught [ profile] andy_wolverton eating this on Monday and my mouth started to water and I had to get one for myself.

It's from the Breakfast Shoppe, just a short walk from the library. They call it "Granny Loves Strawberries" and the salad has all of these delicious ingredients:

romaine lettuce hearts
granny smith apples
goat cheese
grilled chicken
+ strawberry vinegrette

It would have never have crossed my mind to combine all of these delicious things into one salad. I'm hoping I can recreate the experience at home because it was SO good and SO filling (this salad lasted me two days).

Do you have any food combinations that sound weird at first but then surprised you to suggest??? I'm struggling to add some new meals to my dinner rotation. I'm a very basic (read: lazy) cook so the easier the better.

(p.s. when did Livejournal add Instagram to the photo button??? What a pleasant surprise!)
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1. Do you snack?
Yeah, a little bit, though it's mostly on weekends when I'm home and left to my own devices. I have a few snacks hidden in my desk at work.

2. Do you prefer sweet or salty snacks?
SALTY!!!!!!! I love chips and popcorn. But I never say no when donut man stops by the library.

3. What one snack can you not resist?
Popcorn - be it microwave, day old movie theater or air-popped. OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!!!!

4. What one snack do you refuse to try?
Wasabi peas. I tried them once, yucko. Not my thing.

5. Do you tend to snack more by yourself or when you are with friends?, I tend to have more snack foods out when I'm entertaining, like chips and stuff. But when I think of actual snacking, that tends to happen when I'm home alone, playing video games or watching movies and just have the munchies.
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Picked about 4 lbs of strawberries today...because I could. Seriously, I will eat them up on my cereal and in smoothies and all over yum yum yum.

First thing I did was make some strawberry shortcake! I asked my mom for the recipe she always made and she told me it was actually my grandmother's recipe, more of a biscuit than a shortcake but sooooooo tasty. So I figured I would share since so many of you have been kind enough to share your recipes with me --

2 cups of Flour
3 teaspoons of baking powder
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 cup of sugar
2/3 cup of milk
1/2 cup of vegetable oil

mix it all together! Spoon it onto a baking sheet (it makes about 6 biscuits) and bake at 400 for @10-15 minutes.

They are the consistensy of a biscuit so they do a good job of soaking up the strawberry juices and whipped cream topping.

Oh, but I failed at making whipped cream. :( I tried to do it by hand but I think I needed my electric beater and I forgot it at home. Ah well, next time! :D
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I was so exhausted yesterday, I didn't drag myself out to get any food from Giant... now there is no food in my apartment, which means I have not eaten a real meal since yesterday afternoon...

...i had a hot dog and an ice cream sandwich last night...

I feel dizzy.

[ profile] maybedeadcat is on his way over, I was going to keep him company while he ran around to get appraisals for the damage done to his car by the Marriott valets at Dragon*Con. I think as soon as we get here, I'm going to need to grab a donut or something or I will freakin' pass out.

It's weird, I still find myself wobbling back and forth like I am still on the cruise ship.

It's freakin 80 degrees outside. It's also OCTOBER! Shouldn't I be in jeans by now??? Just feels wrong, I had mentally prepared myself for hoodie weather at this point but I'm sitting here in shorts and a t-shirt.


Okay, going to go drink some water or something so I don't fall over....
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Okay, I've been mentally planning this post for awhile now and I figured I better write it before we're not even in the same damn MONTH as the trip!!!! I'll try to keep it from getting too long, but I was there a week!


Got to the airport nice and early, went through security with no problems. My friend had warned me that the UK was using Chip & Pin credit cards so in a moment of panic, I went to the currency place and not only got sound pounds but also one of the cards. (In the end, I shouldn't have bothered - London is too much of a tourist town to not take our old magnetic I could never remember the damn PIN!) My flight left with no problems at all. Had a yummy chicken curry dinner on the plane and watched episodes 6 & 7 of 'Game of Thrones' on my iPhone, then passed out for a little while.

At the last minute, I managed to convince Perri, one of my bestest buds, to travel with me. She flew Virgin Atlantic and made it to Heathrow BEFORE me LOL! So she was waiting at the gate when I landed. We headed over to the hostel, Palmer's Lodge. This was my first hostel experience and, let me say, I do not think I'm cut out for hostel vacationing. I like my own space, even if it is just to sleep in. Had a little bit of a shock when we went into the room and found that it was twin-sized bunkbeds. And Perri & I had gotten a TOP bed. You can see how thrilled I am about this in the photo Perri took of me "settling in".

Even though we were running on fumes at this point, we decided we better keep moving so we didn't fall asleep! We wandered back out in to the city and ended up at St. Pancras station. Perri drooled over the Eurostar train for awhile, then we went outside and found an Irish pub for lunch. The food was okay, but the highlight of the meal was the little ol' Irishman sitting next to us. You could tell he was a regular by the amount of *eyeroll* he got from the young waitresses every time he ordered another Guiness. Perri got a Guiness with her meal and he took this as an opportunity to chat with us and tell us about all the great vitamins contained in Guiness beer and how pregnant women should be encouraged to drink it!

We ate our food (Perri got a Shepard's Pie, I went with an Irish burger) and then we realized we were right next to the British Library! We went inside and wandered around. It was being heavily used, lots of floors, though many of them were for special collections and studying so you couldn't just go walking. The "King's Collection" was in the middle of the building. We did manage to wander into the Science Fiction exhibit they had going on, though at this point, we were SO tired, we just sort of walked through and glanced at everything. It was pretty cool though. You forget that mankind has been fantasizing about going to space since before there were even rockets or cars or any technology that could make it seem possible.

At this point, we stumbled back to Palmer's Lodge (after getting ourselfs a week-long Oyster card for the Tube -- which means we bought a subway pass that would last us all week). I think it was only 6 or 7...but we were so tired. Perri was smart and brought along earplugs so we took quick shower (oh god, hostel showers, never again!) and passed OUT! We both woke up around 11pm because people were shuffling in and the bass beat from the bar below was thumping loud enough to penetrate our earplugs. Plus we were REALLY HUNGRY! Unfortunately, there were no places to eat at the lodge, but a little Deli was open down the street, so we walked down and got a yummy sub and a water and I picked up a Cadbury chocolate bar, which hit the spot. So then we passed back out again.

Day 2 and BEYOND! )

Wonderful trip all around. I am so happy that Perri was crazy enough to hop on that plane and join me because a week alone in London would have been a LONG time. I don't know if I would have been brave enough to go to Cardiff by myself too. Definitely going to remember this one for a long time!

If you'd like to see all of my pictures from the trip - the set is on FLICKR here
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Is it just me or does the name of the newest Dunkin Donut flavor sound less like a pastry and more like a sexual maneuver?

Reverse Boston Creme.



(the picture only makes it worse, with the bit of white creme poking out one end of the donut...ew...)
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AD bought lamb for dinner tonight, he's making it right now. And as soon as I saw the package this scene started playing over and over in my head.

Oh Coupling, you may be the best sitcom of all time. It's just possible.

I also convinced AD to watch the first episode of Sherlock while we eat dinner. I hope he likes it.
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Ugh, I got a shake and Chick Fil A (they have the best shakes of any fast food establishment) and I think I drank it too fast...or my stomach was too empty or something. I feel funky. And not in a cool way, more of a fetal position on the couch way.

Which isn't so bad because I still need to watch the Hugh Jackman Oklahmoa I have rented, and its probably best to watch it while [ profile] jimithingy is at class so I am not mocked too heavily for my love of showtunes and hot Australians.
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We went into Baltimore with [ profile] heiland_coo, Joe, and Heather last night to celebrate [ profile] heiland_coo's birthday. She chose the Lebanese Taverna as her dinner spot, which was really good. I'd never had Lebanese food before, and they had a fun "family style" kind of menu where you would pay a flat amount and get a sampler platter. We got the Grill and the Seafood platters. Very VERY yummy, but I ate way too much.

Also, I finally understand why people like hummus, because the hummus there was AMAZING. I've only ever had the stuff that comes in a tupperware at Giant, which doesn't come close to the deliciousness of last night.

I had a specialty drink called "Oasis", which was like a hard lemonade but around the rim of the glass was sumac, which was such a unique flavor - not really salty, sort of bitter and spicy's hard to describe but it tasted like a middle eastern spice.

We didn't get home until 2:30am because we went back to [ profile] heiland_coo's house and talked for about 3 hours about anything and everything (BSG, 80s cartoons, favorite movies, Resident Evil 5, you know, important stuff!) Good times but now I'm just out of it because I slept until 11:30, and I only really got up because I was starving.

Anyhoo, should be some fandom ramblings later as I watched both BSG and Dollhouse. First, LUNCH!

berry good

Jun. 22nd, 2008 04:53 pm
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So, we went out with Amy & Joe this morning to pick some fruits. We now have about 8 pounds of blueberries and probably around 5 pounds of tart cherries. Anyone have any awesome smoothie recipes to suggest?

I think AD is pondering the idea of pie, though not sure if he will go with blueberry or cherry.

Right now, I'm just going to continue eating them by the handful...NOM NOM NOM!
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I have new MINT M&Ms.

They are quite yummy.

They also have a picture of Indiana Jones on them. And the back has an "Arti-Fact" about the Indy movies and M&Ms. My fact is:
"More than 100 tarantulas were used in the opening sequence of Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Milk chocolate was invented more than 100 years ago - in 1876, to be exact."

Tasty and educational!

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