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Oh, this country. We are so screwed up, it's hilarious.

Hobbit 18!

Jan. 22nd, 2013 12:28 am
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I enjoyed 'The Hobbit' but this SNL parody pretty much sums up my feelings about WTF IS GONNA HAPPEN THAT WILL FILL TWO MORE MOVIES!

My favorite quote? "There is no one in this realm named TODD!"

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Rowan Atkinson is always awesome. Thank you to [ profile] ragdoll for posting about the ceremonies so I could just google the parts relevant to my interests.

(I'm avoiding the clip of Macca singing "Hey Jude" as I heard it was really painful...)
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I <3 Kristen

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I thought of this when my twitter feed was going crazy with people live-tweeting the game. No hard feelings, sports fans. ;-)
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"Weird Al" Yankovic concert TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!

For those of you on my tumblr, I apologize for the geek spam...posting vids all day... I don't, it's tumblr, that's what it is FOR!!!!!!!!

This will be the *counts on fingers* 4th? time I have seen Al live, so excited to be going and even more excited to have my friends along who have NEVER seen him. I hope they are as amused by it all as I am.

I took the day off since I usually work 1-9 on Wednesday but a random meeting came up that I have to go to in Annapolis at 1pm...*looks at clock* HOLY CRAP IT'S NOON ALREADY?? I NEED TO SHOWER!

Also planning on going to RenFest on Sunday - the last day, I know, should be WILD! Anyone else going to be there?
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Who's got two thumbs and will be pre-ordering this CD for her collection?


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Waiting for the damn pest control guys to show up at the apartment. Got that fun cryptic note in the door that they would be here today "between 9am-3pm" which wouldn't be an issue if the damn note didn't also say that my pets would DIE if I left them in the apartment. It's 10:30 now, I called the office and asked if they had any freakin' clue when they might stop by. Of course they don't. But then she didn't seem too concerned about my pets, she just said to lock them in the bedroom and it would probably be fine.

UGH! I just want to talk to one of the pest guys and ask what exactly they are going to do because I'm pretty sure the note they left in the door was just a form letter kind of thing.

ANYWAY, keeping myself amused. Had talked to [ profile] andy_wolverton the other day about his storytimes and he said he was planning on doing a pirate-themed storytime...and my brain immediately went to the ONE song he COULD NOT DO at storytime. Which I of course then had to Google to find so I could share, and as luck would have it, I found a video from PAX East 2011! Can you find [ profile] maybedeadcat & me? (actually, we were a LOT closer than this guy).

This will kill 11 minutes for me...
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  In the opening sequence of An Idiot Abroad, Ricky Gervais says that the show is really just the "most expensive practical joke" that he has ever done.  The joke is at the expense of his friend, Karl Pilkington.  With his cohort, Stephen Merchant, Ricky manages to convince Karl that the British cable channel SKY1 wants to pay to send Karl to the Seven Wonders of the World.  Because Karl is not the brightest bulb in the bunch (he is sort of the Jason Mewes to Ricky's Kevin Smith, though I don't think Karl partakes of illegal substances - he's just naturally this way), he believes them and sets out to places around the globe. As soon as he leaves, Ricky and Stephen plot random detours for his trips, forcing him to experience the culture of each area, sometimes in pretty extreme ways.

It was just dumb luck that I was introduced to this trio just a few weeks before this program began to air in the US.  My friend had rented The Ricky Gervais Show, an HBO program that takes the BBC podcasts between these three men and animates them, creating a whole new level of hilarity and awkwardness.  We watched several episodes and then I began to listen to some of the other podcasts, listening to them discuss everything from the merits of being British to if you could switch out somebodies brain to a different body.  Then I stumbled upon a commercials for An Idiot Abroad airing in the U.S. on The Science Channel. 

The thing that makes the show so watchable is that Karl doesn't have a mean bone in his body (He is bombarded in India by people celebrating a holy day, covering him in paint, and while he gets distressed, he is never cruel to the people on the street).  Also, he truly believes that he can do anything (when Stephen arranges a Kung-Fu lesson for Karl, he is concerned that he has never done Kung Fu and therefore does not know his own power).  To top it off, he seems unable to compute anything that did not happen within his lifetime.  He looks at a photo of the ancient Pyramids and his first reaction is to talk about how his neighbors would feel about something like that in their yard ("Tear it down!" "It's like a giant pylon!"). 

It's a really hard show to describe to someone who has not experienced this trio before.  Ricky and Stephen are not really mean to Karl, but they do bait him, asking him questions on subjects he knows nothing about.  But then again, Karl is the one who keeps talking.  But just look at Ricky's face in the advertisement there -- Karl makes Ricky Gervais crack up.  There's something great about hearing someone as funny as Ricky laughing so hard at something "deep" Karl has said.  

If you've got Science Channel (check your On Demand, even though I don't get the channel in my lineup, I'm able to get the episodes On Demand), check it out.  Karl has moments of cluelessness and deep conetemplation, but both of them will make you giggle.

What more can you do but shake your head and say "Oh, Karl!"   

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Always good to start off Wednesday with a laugh.

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Daniel Tosh suggests some changes to daylight savings time. NOT SAFE FOR WORK! Or anyone who is easily offended.

Oh yeah, and don't forget to set your clocks forward an hour tomorrow.
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Interview outtakes with Elmo and Ricky Gervais.

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