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Taking a moment and stepping back to think about how many amazing people I know. From BFFs to coworkers to online friends, you guys make every new year one to look forward to. Wishing you all the best in 2017!

Stay safe tonight everyone! See you in 2017!
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Hey f-listers!

The turkey is in the oven (though I think I might have miscalculated how much time it would take to cook seeing as it needs to reach 161 degrees and it was already at 140 at noon...). It's a beautiful day in Maryland - 50 degrees and clear skies! Lovely day to celebrate all the things I'm thankful for in this crazy world.

I'm thankful for my family - from my parents and my brother to my new family with Tim and Sylvia. And my "found family" of friends scattered across the state and the country who I always miss a little bit more this time of year.

I'm thankful for Livejournal and this safe space where I can come and babble about whatever I want and there are people here who get me. I really cherish all the friendships I have made over the years and I'm always glad when I meet new people online and we click.

I know I am a very lucky person. I have more than many and I feel like my life is on the right track. I am very thankful for that.

Anyway, THANK YOU for reading and talking with me and I look forward to more online discussions!

And for those of you that want something amusing to watch, check out the new OK Go video. It took 4.2 seconds to shoot most of it and then they slow it down and it is amazing to watch. You can read the blog post about how they did it and it makes sense as to why they released it the week of Thanksgiving -- it's about slowing down and appreciating the little moments in life, something I think a lot of us forget to do, especially around the holidays when things feel so hectic.


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Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I'm trying to think POSITIVE for a bit because it is far too easy to slide dooooown with everything swirling around right now.

So, fun stuff! I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year! Hopefully I will NOT melt my new oven thermometer (because this one is actually MADE to go in the oven!) but even if I do, I have two more back up ones because everyone got me one for Christmas last year after seeing my melted one on Instagram.

We were bad this weekend and bought ourselves an early Christmas present. We'd been eyeing up new TVs for awhile and they dropped down the pricing to "black friday prices" on Saturday and it was in stock so...we now have a Samsung 65" UHD smart tv. IT IS EPIC! I tested it out with Force Awakens and Rey was freakin' life size.

It is that time of year again - LORD OF THE RINGS REWATCH TIME! It is going to be BEAUTIFUL on the new TV and on blu-ray. I also ordered wire covers so I can attempt to set up the rear speakers. I love surround sound and I miss it and now that we pretty much have a movie theater downstairs, it needs to happen.

FYI - Sting has a daughter and she sounds JUST LIKE HER DAD. I'm listening to the full album now and I can't decide if it is weirding me out too much to enjoy it. I do like her sound though.

Oh, we watched Star Trek Beyond tonight. DVD from the library so not as pretty as it could be, but the Xbox tried its best to upscale it. (so spoiled). Anyway, that movie lost points with me for wasting Idris Elba. I mean, WTF, it was right up there with X-Men wasting Oscar Isaac. Two beautiful men that are amazing actors and you cover them in blue paint and have them just grunt for most of the film? Blah. The movie itself was alright, better than Into Darkness (but that movie made me fly into a nerd!rage). Good way to veg out on a cold Monday night.

Only working tomorrow and then we are off Wednesday and Thursday for the holiday. I'm off on Friday because I work Saturday. 3 days in a row. So awesome. Especially with the new Gilmore Girls appear on Netflix on Friday morning. I know what Sylvia and I will be doing while Tim is at work!
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So now that I have seen Force Awakens (twice!) and loved it, the collecting bug is biting me. I'm going to try to stay as calm as I can, maybe just focus on the main 3, mostly on Rey, but I did like Finn and Poe too...maybe a few BB-8 items (I got my Her Universe pin which was "free" with a purchase on black friday)

Just paid for my first collectible. Disney Movie Rewards has a deal that if you link your account to Fandango, you can get a "free" poster of Rey + the option to get a 3 poster set for 19.77 (I see what they did there).

It said limited quantities and I'm a sucker for limited quantities so I ordered them.

They are a nice size too, 11x17, which should look cool on the wall if I can arrange them right. Don't ask me where though as I have used up a lot of wall space already...maybe the guest bedroom? I dunno.

After going to the mall and movies for 3 days in a row, I managed to catch a bug. I stayed home sick yesterday because I did NOT want to get blamed for spreading a bug around the week of Christmas. Today was my comp day for Friday (since we will be off for Christmas and I would have been off anyway because I work Saturday) so I got to recover the rest of the way. Tomorrow I work 1-9 though and that is going to suuuuuuuuuck. Though the kids do get out of school so I'm hoping we will have some business as families look for things to take on the road with them. Maybe.

Sylvia and I attempted to try jamberry nail things today and we were AWFUL at them. I was doing pretty well with my dominant hand, though the stickers didn't cover my nail right, but once I had to switch, it was all down hill. They look so cool, in theory, but I clearly don't have the skills or patience to put them on. It was like applying decals to a Barbie Dream House only worse because now they are stuck to my hands and look stupid.

Christmas/holiday cards and mix CDs have been delayed until next week as the CDs were delivered to work the day I stayed home sick. Sorry! I'm really happy with the mix though! I had the test copy in the car last week and really liked it, let it cycle through a few times before going back to my book.

I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I wrapped all the presents this afternoon, the tree looks glorious with the piles of gifts underneath. We are going to host Christmas morning at our house with Sylvia and Cynthia since they have hosted the past few years. Tim's already got plans to make pancakes. Should be nice.
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Couldn't resist opening my present from Andy today (he texted me when he opened mine) and it was pretty much the perfect combo gift:

Best gift combo ever?  #hannibal @nbchannibal thank you @awolverton !!!

I laughed so much. A meat thermometer and a tv show about a cannibal.

I needed/wanted both of these things, but getting them in the same gift just added a whole new level.
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Hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow! <3

I am so thanksful to have so many awesome friends, online and offline.

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We watched "The Bells of Fraggle Rock" yesterday as part of my Christmas viewing marathon and I think...I think it may be the best non-denominational holiday winter special of all time.

I'm not sure if everyone can watch it or not, but Hulu has it highlighted on their front page today so it may be free to view.

It really gets to the core of what holidays are for. Of what any festival is for. The celebrations that are meant to lift us up when the world is at its coldest. To keep us active and around friends when the days are shortest. That tradition has a purpose, though it might not be a measurable or tangible one. It's about faith, but not in one specific god, but just faith in life, in the world, in your friends, in your family.

And that you should always bring your mittens.

I don't think this episode gets enough credit or attention. Seriously, if you have 20 minutes tonight, watch it.
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[ profile] rhoda_rants and other Fannibals -- DID YOU SEE THIS AWESOME TUMBLR POST?!?!?

I cannot wait for that show to come back. 2015 is going to be quite a year of TV.

In other news, the apartment building next to ours caught on fire today...ugh. Electrical fire too, so BONUS! Our wires could burst into flames at any time! Just another reason to add "GET A HOUSE" to my 2015 to-do list.

Also, the tree has been decorated! Huzzah! It is actually beginning to look and feel like Christmas!

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I went through all our Hardy Boys books today as part of the start of our EPIC SHIFT. This book cover cracked me up so I had to share. It's totally groovy, yeah?

Also got my first Christmas card of the season, thank you [ profile] jacobnorman!!!!

I am making progress on my annual mix, should have it done by next week (I tend to have a few beta versions where the song order isn't quite right...). The goal is to have it finished by no later than next week so I can mail them all out on my Friday off. We shall see if this happens. (in other words, if you still want a card/mix, you can still request one)

I also need to figure out what I am doing for a card as the last few years I've made my own in photoshop and it was a lot of fun but OMG TIME! I do not haz it! That last week of November, the buffer week between Thanksgiving and December...we didn't get it this year and it was rough!

My friend [ profile] bittertwee is coming down from Boston this weekend to see a concert and I'm hoping to meet up with her on Saturday night for dinner and be nice if I had my card and CD For her then to avoid shipping...ah well.

I am **this close** to being done with the gift shopping. Just a couple people I need to pick things up for and I have vague ideas but nothing solid yet. Also waiting for my mom to confirm or deny some questions I had about my brother's gift options.

Been a LONG week! Library has been slow because everyone is Christmas shopping but we are quietly freaking out because there is a renovations project starting in January and we are attempting to warn every single person who comes into the branch. Which we know is just a fraction of our usual crowd.

Tomorrow is PAYDAY! HUZZAH! I spent it all on presents already but oh well! FRIDAY!!!!!!!
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If you have any local not-chain places near you, you might want to see if they are celebrating this VERY important date! If not, Dunkin' Donuts is giving away a free donut with any beverage purchase so you know where I will be stopping on my way to work tomorrow morning. :)

You're welcome. <3
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My Mom is awesome.

She never censored me from reading or watching things I was interested in.
She always encourages me.
She let me make my own choices, even if they were stupid ones.
She has always been there for me, even after the stupid choices, to comfort me or let me vent.
She never made me feel bad about the mistakes, just supported me and helped me keep going.
She has always been a great listener.

She is awesome. I've seen so many Moms now, working in a public library, and I am so happy that I have the Mom that I have. She is perfect for me. She made me into a strong woman who knows how to think things through and get things done.

And also how to be a giant geek and fangirl. :)

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all of the awesome Moms out there!
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Real post later but first I have to fangirl!flail because I posted a picture on my Instagram of my Her Universe pins on my lanyard and OMG Her Universe liked AND commented on my photo!

Instagram Lanyard

enchanted excited
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We had weather this morning, it snowed pretty hard for several hours. But, in the end, the ground was too warm for it to really pile up, at least here in central Maryland. They shut down the schools and the library, so we were home today with Sylvia, relaxing. I slept as much as I could because yay sleep! Then we just sorta hung out, watched TV and other randomness.

We did get a tree, which on Saturday will magically become a Christmas Tree, but right now it's just a tree trying to stretch out it's limbs again after leaning on a Lowes shelf for however long. We got a smaller tree than last year because the apartment is on the 4th floor so...yeah we didn't want to carry anything too big up the stairs and then down again in a few weeks. So I will have to pick and choose my ornaments wisely.

Biggest bummer was that today was supposed to be our party at work! Plus, I had two mini-meetings scheduled so now it will be a bit of a shuffle to get them back on the calendar quickly.

Hopefully the party is on for tomorrow. I am bringing my fruits and cheese so **crosses fingers**

We watched Muppet Family Christmas tonight, which I feel might need it's own very special blog post soon. It still makes me laugh after all these years. Tim asked me why it wasn't out on blu-ray and I pointed out that now all those characters are owned by different companies and corporations. It makes me sad. Though I guess if we give Disney enough time, they will own everything I ever loved.
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I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D HUGS to my long time online buddies and HUGS to my newest friends! You are all great fun to have around and really brighten up my day with your posts and comments!

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I LOVE YOU GUYS! :D HUGS to my long time online buddies and HUGS to my newest friends! You are all great fun to have around and really brighten up my day with your posts and comments!

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So, I added all my Christmas music back into the iTunes mix. It's a lot of pop/rock stars covering relatively well-known tunes. I have a few childhood favorites (like my John Denver & the Muppets) floating around in there too.

I think one of the most awkward/uncomfortable "winter" songs has to be 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'. The ability to listen to that song and not be creeped out is very dependant on how the singers (especially the male singer) handles it. Too smarmy and it gets creepy...if the male singer is a lot older, it can get weird.

Right now, I think my two favorite versions are Lady Antebellum (maybe because the idea of the song really isn't that different from the Looking for a Good Time) and now the version from Holidays Rule, which is sung by Rufus Wainwright and Sharon Van Etten. (FYI the new version of the YouTube site no longer has the "old embed code" so I guess that's it for embedding to LJ). I like how Rufus and Sharon sound like they are already pretty wasted, I have this image of the two of them leaning on each other, barely able to walk. Plus, we all know that Rufus is in no way trying to get in her pants because he is Rufus. Instead, you figure neither of them can really go anywhere and they need to just pass out on the floor and sleep it off LOL.

Why the heck is Joni Mitchell's song 'River' included on EVERY SINGLE CHRISTMAS CD? It's not a Christmas song at all, she just *happens* to say the word "Christmas". /pet peeve

I <3 Bird and the Bee's cover of Carol of the Bells

OH I got my Christmas tree today yay!!!!! WOW it is so much easier to do when you have a friend with a truck! (THANK YOU [ profile] caroljen!!!!!!). And [ profile] maybedeadcat got to be all manly and use a hammer and a screwdriver to try to chip off the knots that the dude at the store totally missed. Took a bit of work but he finally made it fit in the tree stand, yay! <3

Alright, bedtime! TGIF!!!!!!!!
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Christmas loot 2012

Another whirlwind holiday, Christmas come and gone already. Wow. This month just flew by. Taking a road trip in the middle of December really hurries it along. Now I just wish I had taken leave for the least week too...I don't want to go to work tomorrow!!!

Anyway, got very spoiled this year, as usual:

[ profile] andy_wolverton got me a copy of Habibi by Craig Thompson which you will hear so much more about when I do my "best reads in 2011" post this week. The short version - OMG THIS BOOK IS GORGEOUS AND THE STORY IS EPIC - JUST BEAUTIFUL!

[ profile] maybedeadcat got me an AWESOME new Rock Band guitar, which I was desperately in need of. But not only is it a RB guitar, it's one of the Fender replica guitars so it looks like a real guitar, has some heft to it, and something tells me, can withstand the ROCK a bit more than those plastic ones that came with the game.

My brother got me a cute little clutch purse and BONUS he made me a mix CD!!! Can't wait to hear what bands he has put on there. Our tastes in music overlap in certain places and he already played me some songs last night that I was like "WHO IS THIS??!?!"

My parents really came through with things I had asked for and several surprises
- Star Wars Blu-Ray boxed set
- Muppets OPI nail polish collection
- Agloves (gloves that work on a iPhone screen so I don't have to expose my digits to the cold to text while I am out and about)
- Audio-Technica noise cancelling headphones (my mom let me try her's awhile ago, so comfy and they do cancel out excess noise)
- Soda Stream home soda maker (I can make my own fizzy water and so much more)
- Lightsaber chopsticks, yoda style
- Star Wars ice-trays (R2 and Han in Carbonite...testing them out now)
- Wind-up Dalek
- Sonic Screwdriver keychain/flashlight
- Gift cards to Dunkin Donuts, Chipotle and Panera Bread
- Kinect Sports 1 & 2 and Dance Central 2 (still in-transit, should have them this week!)

Yep, another awesome Christmas. Had a great time with my family yesterday, talked so much my throat was raw this morning LOL! Watched the new Doctor Who together and ate a lot of food. Seriously, from 12-9, all I did was eat. Entire thing of bean dip? Gone. Carrots? Heck yes. Olives? OF COURSE! And now I have left overs in the fridge which I'm seriously thinking of attacking soon. And when I say "soon" I mean right now!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
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The goal for Christmas Eve (well, all day of December 24th) is to have SO MUCH stimulation that I stay up far too late and therefore sleep in the next morning.  Yes, even though I know that my lack of chimney means Santa will not stop by while I'm snoozing, I still will wake up early, excited for the holiday.  So I need to stay up super late so I don't wake up too early to go over to my parent's here is the viewing list for the evening with my favorite Christmas movies and tv shows. I am, of course, open to suggestions in case I forgot something.  God bless Netflix and Hulu!  I can stream shows late into the night...

yes my tv will be on ALL DAY )

Love Actually

Bad Santa

Christmas Story

Muppet Family Christmas, John Denver & the Muppets: A Christmas Together, Muppet Christmas Carol, Muppet's Letters to Santa

TV Shows:

30 Rock - S02:E09 Ludachristmas, S03:E06 Christmas Special, S04:E08 Secret Santa, S05:E10 Christmas Attack Zone

Community - S01:E12 Comparative Religion, S02:E11 Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas

Arrested Development - S01:E08 In God We Trust, S02:E06 Afternoon Delight

Doctor Who - S06:E00 A Christmas Carol

Blackadder - A Christmas Carol

Vicar of Dibley - S01:E8 The Christmas Lunch Incident

Venture Bros. - S01 A Very Venture Christmas


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So, I'm not going to do any of the end-of-year memes this time around. It was an odd year with a lot of ups and the obvious huge down. But I"m looking forward to 2011. I've already got a slew of new adventures lined up (Improv class, PAX East, Dragon*Con, cruise to Bermuda) so lots to look forward too, plus my awesome friends.

When I look back on 2010, the negative is very obvious, so I'm just going to focus on the positive stuff like this:


and my amazing trip to Vegas with my BFF, [ profile] heiland_coo:

Time for LOVE!

more Happy!2010 pictures )

Happy New Year's to everyone! Hope your night is safe and fun, no matter how you spend it, I hope that 2011 treats you well. You are an amazing bunch, I adore my friends list and look forward to reading it every day when I get home from work, even if I don't always have time to leave comments.


See ya next year. :)

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