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So, Tim upgraded his computer and gave me his old hard drive (which was newer than mine by a LOT). I'd been having issues with my Windows 10 install (because I didn't want to delete Photoshop magically appeared on my computer 10 years ago) and we wanted to do a clean install. I remembered to back up almost everything...

...except my fonts! Whoops!

Not a huge deal, but I was working on icons and the list is so small now. And boring!

So, if you have any favorite fonts, please tell me them!!! I started browsing and grabbed a few but that is a time sink for later. I thought I'd just ask the pros first. :)
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Entries for this round of [ profile] wc20in20 -- my movie was The Emperor's New Groove!


whole set under cut )
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Wow, I haven't done one of these challenges in a long time! I know they are not as fancy or pretty as some of the other icons, but I'm happy with this set. And I love Daisy Ridley's face. I still have a few more to make for myself, but these are the entries for the challenge:

Lots of Rey! )
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Well, having a heck of a time finding some decent screencaps of the newest Star Wars trailer. Lots of people doing analysis and using a shot here a shot there, but no uploads of every single second like the old days.

Anyway, I made a few new icons because I figured I was going to need a Star Wars VII icon as the rest of the year goes on. The one I am using for this post is my cautiously optimistic droid self, peeking carefully into the fandom world, trying to avoid spoilers LOL.

I also made one of each of the main cast though I was having a heck of a time finding the image! I had just seen it earlier this week and when I Googled for it, no luck! GAH!

If anyone wants them, you are welcome to use them. I have the psd files too so if you want texted added, I can do that too. I was having text block, as usual. (and if anyone stumbles upon a decent screencap gallery, let me know! Gah, I need to make icons again...should join a contest or something to inspire me)

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[ profile] mfirefly10 just did this meme and now I'm sitting here, trying to figure out what i want to do with myself the rest of the night now that [ profile] maybedeadcat has gone this should kill 20 minutes...

ah icon memes...damn I need to make some new icons! )


Oct. 31st, 2011 10:45 pm
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OMG I made ICONS! It's been ages (well, since August, but still...AGES!)! Need to go collect some random screencaps and play with them, get inspired. I've got a few things saved but not much was hitting at me tonight. I had ideas for quote icons while at work today but forgot to write them down. D'oh!

[EDIT: was looking through icon folders and found yet another stash of Paramore icons I made but I guess never posted? Uploaded those to the entry as well...hopefully they are not repeats!)

Joined [ profile] landofart, which is what started this all. I am working on icon bases for a challenge going on now and saw some caps I wanted to play with. Need to make a cool signature banner so I can be all hip like [ profile] faeriesfolly and [ profile] hermionesparkle when I comment in the challenges. Want to do the recasting challenge but need to sit down and get inspired for that

Disc 2 and 3 of the Ken Burns Prohibition mini-series came in for me today. The first part was really interesting. I love learning history through Ken Burns specials. He could do a special on the invention of crackers and I would be all glued to the set. Also got the Walking Dead Companion book from the library which looks pretty cool.

Not much of a Halloween for me, except at work today I had my cat ears on and drew whiskers. Heather had on a little witch hat, which was adorable. The evening crowd seemed to get into it more but they did have all afternoon to get ready! Actually had some kids knock on the door to get candy which is the first time that has EVER HAPPENED since I lived in an apartment. But they were just teens so I didn't feel too bad...not even good costumes. I did watch the Halloween episode of Community which was funny, but not as good as Season 1. I think the Dean/Devil stole the episode for me.

Okay, going to attempt to read a bit before I pass out. I've got SO MANY BOOKS I want to read right now. Only being able to read one at any given moment is tough. I finally got around to finishing Darth Paper Strikes Back at lunch today. I'll leave you with my GoodReads review:

Darth Paper Strikes Back (Origami Yoda #2)Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fun story, though I was worried that the increase in Star Wars inside jokes might turn off some readers. Also, Harvey got pretty mean with his comments and I'm not sure the little twist at the end of the book did anything to redeem him. Cute, but not as good as the first one.

View all my reviews
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Been meaning to change my LJ Header for awhile - R.I.P. Legend of the Seeker, you were a fun two years of TV but we must say goodbye.

Hopefully, the show in my current banner will have better luck! Check it out! [ profile] orangerful (totally ripped off inspired by [ profile] faeriesfolly style for wallpapers and banners cuz she is awesome).

If you're like "WTF?", it was inspired by this scene from Community:

Actually, watching that clip probably doesn't clear anything up for you. Just know that Alison Brie improvised that, and she is made of awesome. And I think I might have a crush on Donald Glover...

I also posted 9 little Easy A icons to [ profile] orangerfulboxes here

and in the category of "not surprised", my Dollhouse season 2 blu-rays I pre-ordered at COMIC CON have still not arrived. Way to go FOX. I'm really craving some Whedon commentary too....

As [ profile] lostacanthus suggested, I played ME2 with my camera next to me yesterday. Made it a bit hard to focus on the mission at hand (Kasumi's Stolen Memories) but I got some photos of Shepard in her new fancy dress outfit that she was given for the mission. RAWR.

Commander Griddie Shepard

I've got a few more pics so I can try to make icons. :D

and it's 11pm. I have my last storytime of 2010 tomorrow so I should get some sleep so I'm perky and ready to go for the little ones.
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For those of you that don't watch my icon journal, [ profile] orangerfulboxes, I just posted a set of icons for [ profile] whedon20in20 and a set for [ profile] lots20in20.


find the rest here


find the rest here

Oh, and if you're interested in playing along next round, the sign-ups for [ profile] whedon20in20 #7 are up! :-)
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And I only knew the two AFI songs from the radio, but WOW do they put on a show. Might have to put their CD into rotation (I've had it floating on iTunes since I needed 'Girl Not Grey' for Rock Band). The band before that, Dead Before Sunrise, was okay - a bit too screamy/angry for my tastes.

It was the ULALUME Festival and MTV is supposed to air it on October 30th. I doubt you'll be able to see me & AD because we were off to the left in row Y, but whatever, it was still awesome. Merriweather is a great venue. My only issue with it is the curfew. Concerts have to end by 11pm. I could have listened to Paramore play for another 30 minutes. They did all their hits, a few tracks from the new album, and at least two from their first CD. I jumped up and down and had a good time. Felt really good after the frustrating week I had.

AH, I need to get to bed because I work tomorrow, but I'm so hyper!!!!!

Tomorrow night is the polar opposite, we'll be seeing Five For Fighting at Jammin Java, a small coffee house in Vienna, VA. Gonna have to dash home from work and dash down there to get good seats, but I'm looking forward to that too. I saw him play when I worked at the radio station in Annapolis, and he knew what he was doing.

Anyhoo, to bed with me! But for you, I have icons!


TEASER! Icon 003 TEASER! Icon 006 TEASER! Icon 010

The rest of the set is here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes
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ICON MEME (which I'm pretty sure I've done before but I'm doing again so there!)

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Oh man, going back to work tomorrow is going to be ROUGH! Waking up at 7am after sleeping in for 4 days...I think I'll be making coffee...maybe 2 cups.

Never did order the Dollhouse Blu-Rays. I went back to the site and it looks like it is up. Tried one more time and the screen just went blank after I hit "order". I did notice it now has a huge "DO NOT REFRESH" warning across the top AND tax is now added. I went back to the page an hour later and noticed that the number of sets available actually went UP. So something is still very wrong with that page. I might check in the AM before I go to work...

We finally watched Virtuality, the tv-special-that-might-be-a-pilot thing that FOX ran a month ago. Interesting premise. I felt the direction/writing was solid - lots of "show don't tell" moments that I was impressed with for a TV show (let's face it, most FOX shows assume the worst about us and spell everything out). And looking at the Wiki page, I see that FOX is not picking it up so...yeah. Ah well. Reminded me a lot of Sphere by Michael Crichton, just with space instead of the ocean. And there was no way it was gonna last the 10 years the pilot mentioned. Would have made a good miniseries though.

I need to re-do my journal layout/banner. Kristen is pretty, but she's been up there awhile. I was thinking of putting the Star Trek boys up there...different kind of eye candy...I'm going to be making more Star Trek icons for [ profile] faeriesfolly latest icon t'rodown challenge. Maybe I'll find a good image to pu there...

Speaking of, I made Bioshock icons!!! You know you want to see them. CLICK HERE for some little sister goodness. :D


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So I finally uploaded the Star Trek icons I have been working on for the past...oh, 3 weeks? I hadn't realized I had reach 40 total! Now that Sims 3 has me distracted from photoshop, figured I better get these out there before the movie is out of theaters (or better screencaps surface and I have to start all over! LOL!). Minor spoilers if you haven't seen the movie.

EDIT: Yes, I'm an idiot that can't do math after 10pm, I only had 40 icons, not 80 - DUH!


Check the rest out here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes
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[ profile] faeriesfolly and I completed another icon challenge. This time it was 10 icons from 1 source. I had a picture of Duffy:

1. 2. 3.

Check out the complete post HERE @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes

And check out [ profile] faeriesfolly 10 Batgirl icons HERE @ [ profile] petitemerci
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Just posted a whole bunch of random icons (Firefly, BSG, Buffy, Star Trek) here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes.

[ profile] faeriesfolly and I need to do another icon throwdown - anyone have any requests? As long as there are images/caps available, we can do a tv show, movie, actor, video game - whatev!

Okay, back to the video games. I think I hurt myself playing punch-out so I'm going to return to Wolverine for a bit...just kicked Gambt's butt so need to find out who's next.
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[ profile] faeriesfolly posted her half of the Big Bang Theory orange-fairy T'rodown here @ her icon blog [ profile] petitemerci

Go look! So cute!

Also, stay tuned for a poll! You know you love polls!

(stop snickers, I said POLLS not POLES! *eyeroll*)
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see the full set here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes

And the other half of the set will be posted shortly to [ profile] petitemerci
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Someone posted really cute pictures of Emma Watson over at [ profile] hires_hotties and I am loving one picture in particular. So much so that I made an icon, a banner, and a desktop.

Want to see?


the rest are here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes
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[ profile] faeriesfolly and I teamed up to create some Dr Horrible icons! You can see her set here @ [ profile] petitemerci


You can see my set here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes
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46 icons from BSG 4.17 - Someone to Watch Over Me (spoilers and lots of Starbuck!)


the rest here @ [ profile] orangerfulboxes

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