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(Don't worry, [ profile] hermionesparkle took the end of the year holidays into account for the schedule, plus if you post this in your LJ, you get a bonus skip)

Sign ups are open!

Come and play with us!
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**waves** Hi new friends!!

Okay, I feel like life is settling back to normal after the trip. There is still a small pile of laundry on the floor that will get done Sunday, but I found some time tonight to sit and read LJ so that was nice.

Tomorrow we are going to RenFest! We missed it last year because of the buying a house/getting married. Believe me, I was very upset! But we are sneaking it in tomorrow, the final weekend. I just want my TURKEY LEG! And maybe a bee sting (hard cider + mead = yum! You don't worry about what time it is when you're in medieval England!)

BIGGEST NEWS OF THE DAY - DONALD GLOVER WILL BE LANDO! I went from having no interest in the Han Solo prequel movie to being totally invested.

Things that everyone already saw but I'm just now seeing - GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 TEASER! I'm feeling good about this, mostly because it is the same team as the first movie and that feels right. No change in director or anything like that. And I like that the trailer is just about the group, not trying to show me a million new villains or subplots etc. The first movie was such a pleasant surprise.

I've never been into makeup, but I see there is a #nomakeup movement going on right now. One of my favorite artists just posted on her blog about how to make your own natural face powder. Seems legit. I'm actually kinda tempted to try it.

Round 87 sign ups are open for [ profile] character20n20 and I'm trying to brainstorm who I want to focus on this time. Last time I did Rey. Almost feel like I should do a TV show character so I have more images to choose from...anyway, I have some time to ponder.

Anyway, going to bed now because gotta get up early for RenFest - the actually had big issues with the car line last weekend (people were stuck for hours in traffic) so we're going to try to get their right when it opens.

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Entries for this round of [ profile] wc20in20 -- my movie was The Emperor's New Groove!


whole set under cut )
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Round sign ups have started! Come play with us @ [ profile] lims_movie
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Come join in the fun! Doing something a bit different this time - less about the screencaps, more about random themes. Should be a challenge but a fun challenge!

Buffy LIMS sign up
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Wow, I haven't done one of these challenges in a long time! I know they are not as fancy or pretty as some of the other icons, but I'm happy with this set. And I love Daisy Ridley's face. I still have a few more to make for myself, but these are the entries for the challenge:

Lots of Rey! )
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11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
I'm not sure I've ever been involved in a book fandom...though I do fangirl over a lot of books, it is usually just me telling people at the library why they should pick up that book to read LOL.
But if I had to go by random stuff around my house and on my shelves, I would have to say 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. I have several editions of the books, I have the t-shirt, etc. :)

12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
A few years back, I decided to pick up 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry. I had been forced to read this book in 6th grade and I didn't like it at all. But I wanted to go back because so many people referred to it as a modern classic and talked about how it was near and dear to their hearts.

So, I checked it out and I fell in love with it (12 year old me was far too self-involved to understand the message, plus I always failed at reading assigned books).

ANYWAY, I was carrying it around with me to read everywhere I went and I had to stop at Chik-Fil-A for lunch on my way to a meeting. I was reading the book while eating my sandwich and one of the employees walked by. He did a double take at the cover, stopped and said "OMG THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK!! IT IS SO GOOD!" and I told him I was enjoyed it and we had this nice little moment of "the power of books" and I will always remember it. <3

13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
I think Schmendrick the Magician and I would get along well LOL. We both try our best to be good friends, even if we don't always do it perfectly.

14: Favorite item of book merch
'Hitchhiker's Guide' t-shirt my Mom bought me a few years ago.
I also have a Mockingjay pin that I bought BEFORE IT WAS COOL #hipsterlibrarian. Seriously, Hot Topic was selling those things before the movie was even a thing.
Also, I have a copy of 'The Last Unicorn' that Peter Beagle autographed, then wrote a few pages of the Schmendrick story in, and this his publisher did a Unicorn doodle in the inside flap. (too bad they had a falling out recently, sorta taints the whole thing but oh well).

In non-meme news, today was our big kick off event at the library for Summer Reading! It was insanely hot outside and inside but we had fun. I'm sure we had at least 200 kids. I was in charge of the bowling station (this year's theme is sports so we had a little carnival games set up in our meeting room). The kids seem to really like it, many of them played over and over. And I had LOTS of smiling faces greet me, recognizing me from the school visits I did last week. Always nice to see them and I'm always impressed that they remember me.

I kinda want to sign up for this round of [ profile] character20n20 but I'm not sure who I want to icon. Maybe I could do Rey...I need some TFA icons. OR I could do Han Solo and then I'd have 4 movies to pull from, though there are lots of other movies I love that I could pick from...thoughts?

And now I will end the post with a photo of my E.T. shelf - drunk E.T. has joined the crew!
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I haven't done a LIMS (Last Icon Maker Standing) challenge in forever and the awesome [ profile] hermionesparkle is starting up a Buffy LIMS round up for May!

Come and play!
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Well, they didn't say couldn't...but it's not exactly recommended that you try to knock out 20 icons for an icontest the night they are due. But I did. Actually pretty happy with most of them.

I miss my Seeker. I wish someone would pick it up for a third season, but time is getting away and soon I'm sure it will be beyond saving...

AD wasn't feeling up to snuff so he went to bed early so I'm putting off True Blood until tomorrow or Tuesday.

BUT I did use my Amazon Video-On-Demand credit and downloaded the first two episodes of the new Doctor Who. I haven't watched any of the previous years, but I've heard so many good things about this new season and new, I'm a huge fan of Coupling and Moffat is now writing for the Doctor...I think I'll watch the first episode after I post this.

Mrs. Smith and I went to see Mrs. Warren's Profession at the Shakespeare Theatre in DC today. Odd play. Not one of George Bernard Shaw's best works, not as many one-line zingers to quote afterwards and it kind of just...ends. But the actors did the best with what they had.

Looking forward to the Free-For-All in August. Hoping to take [ profile] andy_wolverton and his wife with us to see the play and get them some culture. ;-) They are restaging their production of Twelfth Night from last season, which was awesome. Anyone can go, you just have to stand in line for tickets on the day of the program (or know someone who is a subscriber that can hook you up).

Okay, gonna watch this Doctor Who fellow and then go to bed. This weekend went by way too fast!
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Just stumbled (okay, [ profile] faeriesfolly lured me in with her pics of of Whedon Women) upon [ profile] fandom365days and I'm tempted to sign up...but I can't decide on which fandom I want to claim...I have so so many. And it's got to be something that I can make 100 icons out of and have enough stuff to choose from to create on a daily basis...

Hm...wonder if I could find enough pics of Felicia Day...maybe I could do scifi/fantasy llllllllllladies? Like, Leia, Kahlan, Arwen, if I could handle that...should be plenty of caps lying around out there...

or maybe I could do video games...

Sometimes choice is a bad thing! Anyone have any suggestions?
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For those of you that don't watch my icon journal, [ profile] orangerfulboxes, I just posted a set of icons for [ profile] whedon20in20 and a set for [ profile] lots20in20.


find the rest here


find the rest here

Oh, and if you're interested in playing along next round, the sign-ups for [ profile] whedon20in20 #7 are up! :-)
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Downloaded Abbey Road for Beatles Rock Band today. OMG SO FUN! I played through the big B-side medley on expert vocals and survived. Even got 5 stars! Can't wait to do it with a full band (hopefully next weekend at the Halloween shindig).

I also managed to score 5 gold stars on expert vocals for Paperback Writer and I Am the Walrus. Not too shabby.

And then we had dinner and AD passed out so I decided I better be quiet for a bit.

Going through all the [ profile] whedon20in20 posts now to see everyone's icon sets since I finally finished mine (you can see my set at [ profile] orangerfulboxes). I'm always afraid to look at the sets before I complete because I don't want to feel intimidated or swayed by what others have created. Lots of people had similar ideas to mine and if I had seen their icons before I made my set, I probably would have sat here worrying they weren't good enough. All in all, it's not my best 20 ever. I rushed a few near the end to get done on time. But there are a few stand-outs that I'm happy with. (and yes, I did sign-up for round 3 even though I was also going to try to do NaNoWriMo...I am crazed).

Having sort of a weird time with work. I don't want to complain on here because I know a few people on my flist are just trying to find jobs right now and I feel like I should stfu about things like. But URGH sometimes I get very frustrated by the way things are, especially when I've seen them run so much smoother elsewhere. There, that's it, that's all I will say. Oh, and that I didn't get my MASTER'S degree to work at Blockbuster...okay done now.

Man, I really want to re-watch Buffy. Is there a buffy re-watch comm? I mean, I could just watch my dvds on my own, but it would be nice to babble with people about it. Though I completely failed at the bsg re-watch...but Buffy is far less depressing.

I only have one more episode of Supernatural to watch and I will be all caught up! So far, not blown away by this season but still enjoying it. "Fallen Idols" was a great episode. Was happy to see the return of a few other characters too. Though my earlier rant about Bobby still stands.

Has anyone read Wizard's First Rule by Terry Goodkind? I know it is the basis for Legend of the Seeker and I am really enjoying that show (after I catch up on SPN, I will catch up on that...thank you Netflix Instant View!). I don't usually read full-on fantasy (I like fantastical elements but usually get bored during all the world building chapters) but I was thinking maybe I could get myself to read this because of the tv tie-in. Is it any good?
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Very full weekend. Saw King Lear at the Shakespeare Theatre in D.C. starring Stacy Keach as Lear, but the entire cast was fantastic. Apparently it was originally done in Chicago by the guy who runs the D.C. theater loved the production so much that he had them put it on here. They set the play in a Yugoslavia-type country and it worked really well. Very disturbing and depressing, as King Lear should be. After that, AD's mom came over to our place and stayed the night. AD made yummy fish and chips. AND BONUS profita rolls (or however you spell that...let me just say - pastry + ice cream + chocolate sauce = happiness)

Today we showed off our blu-ray player to AD's brother, Al. He was impressed. Sony should send us some commission because he's sold. After that we went over to the mall for lunch and ended up seeing "The Hangover" (short review: so wrong, so right. Longer review later).

Now we're home and waiting for it to be True Blood time. This week is short because of the July 4th holiday. I also have next Monday off, because of furlough days. I'm excited for the 4-day weekend but also sorta bummed about the no pay thing. I'm going to be a good girl and hold off on my iPhone purchase until August (yeah, I'm not even going to pretend to shop around anymore, just need to ask my mom if its okay to slip $30 into the current family talk plan we have).

OMFG - I GOT FIRST PLACE, BEST CROP, and MOD'S CHOICE @ [ profile] karastillness - clearly I was in the zone for that last week. Too bad I have nothing for [ profile] truebloodrumble. I could try to throw something together quick, just to get the points, but I'm not feeling the caps or the requirements this week.
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curse you, [ profile] faeriesfolly!!! Why did I have to click through and sign up for [ profile] truebloodrumble? Because you KNEW I would look at their user info page and what did I see?

[ profile] btvsats_rumble!

How could I not sign up for a Buffy AND Angel rumble contest? But when I was adding that to my Friend's List, what else did I spy?

[ profile] tv_rumble!


Luckily, they are not all doing Challenge sign-ups at the same time, so its not so bad. But I think I'm gonna ditch a few of the other random icontest comms I have on my LJ otherwise my flist is going to be ALL icon challenges!

Today was busy, work was nuts due to SRP and then I drove down and hung out with my parents from 2-10. My dad loved his PS3. It was funny because before we did gifts he was talking about buying a blu-ray drive for his computer and debating whether it was worth it to get a cheap one or just buy a stand alone the PS3 was perfect for him. We watched the first 30 minutes of The Fifth Element on blu-ray (which I realized I had never seen from the beginning...always started watching after Leela ended up at Corbin's apartment). It looked very pretty on his 1080p tv. Here's hoping he can handle watching movies and playing games when I'm not around!

So now I am going to pass out. zzzzzzzzzz.
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Remember last week when I twittered (tweeted? whatev) about what Disney character I most resembled so I could make my entry for [ profile] disney_rumble? Well, I was looking for caps today. At first, I wanted to do a Tinkerbell icon, but she's actually not in Peter Pan as much as you would think (at least from the merchandising) so I ended up not using her for my final icon. But I had to share this cap which I was soooo tempted to use, mostly because of the "oh, I most identify with this character" part of the challenge:

my mind, it lives in the gutter... )
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Quick, before they put you to work! (Oh, and I found another site with more screencaps, and a few of the publicity stills too, so they are better quality).

Big Band Theory caps for [ profile] faeriesfolly

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You know you want to! Come on, it will be fun! The world needs more Firefly icons!
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Okay, so last week, [ profile] lostacanthus and her friend had an icon battle on their icon journal, [ profile] emotiveunstable. I thought this was a pretty cool idea, but I want to try something a little different.

Taking the idea of Bobby Flay's Throwdown and Iron Chef (look, we watch a lot of food network here!!), I want to play with as many of my friends as possible and have the non-icon makers play a big part in the game too!

Here's the idea - icon makers on my flist meet here in Kitchen Photoshop Stadium, ready to challenge each other to a battle of wits. All of the non-iconmakers act as the Chairman, and you reveal to us the secret ingredient!!!! You find an image that you've always wanted as an icon, or perhaps a texture you saw once and thought it would be cool, or maybe a lyric or quote that you want for your collection... - you decide! Then, my brave icon makers and I will take the challenge and try to make the best icon we can! Then you, gentle readers, get to rate the icons and choose the winner of each battle!

And since we're among friends, we can be a bit fast and loose with due dates and such. :) I know a lot of my flisters are in school, or work a lot, or have limited internet access (and WoW raiding commitments) so I'd take it into consideration.

And because everyone loves a poll - here's some radio buttons for you to click on:

[Poll #1078823]
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Okay, my new Sims are going on vacation tomorrow! I was going to have them go today, but I wussed out. I made a girl/girl couple, both with the family aspiration so I can just adopt kids when they want them haha. I booked a vacation for the end of the week, but now it is bedtime so I must stop playing!

I did buy them a new house from the Bon Voyage package. It was a tiny, one room place meant to be a vacation home. Well, I went and spruced it up (with the help of a cheat code) and gave it a second story. So now they have this cute little house, and a newly adopted daughter!

But enough about Sims - I just got an email from the Buffy Sing-along list and it looks like it will be returning in November! They are holding open casting calls, I guess for people to host the karaoke and such. If I were braver, I would totally send in a video. I know that musical backwards and forwards. But I'd have to be pretty drunk courageous to record myself and send it in with the hopes of singing and dancing in front of an audience. (I could totally be Anya though...)

I really want to start entering icontests again. I was going strong for awhile and then just *boop* I stopped. I found a BSG one, now that I'm all caught up on the series, but I'm so bad with "concept" contests because there are no screencaps for me to save and remind myself I was going to enter! I had joined [ profile] btvs_epicontest, but I'm just not fond of the caps they pick each week and can't get motivated. Bah humbug!

We're having a little Ice Cream social at work tomorrow (it's the anniversary of the invention of the Ice Cream cone this month!). So I best get to bed so I can wake up early, do my Buffy work out, then go eat ice cream for lunch!
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100 icons of Kristen Bell completed for [ profile] 10x10variated!!!

Please do not alter.
Please credit.
Comments are love.
No hotlinking!!

it's 100 it might take a moment to load! )

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