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Imzy is shutting down June 23

It's not a big surprise, but I feel like there were so many missteps take here and so much that could have been done to create a stronger community of nicer people.

Oh well. So long, Imzy. We hardly knew ye.
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Imzy just launched a "follow" feature for people. I feel bad for them, if they had done this a few weeks ago, before the big LJ fallout, they might have been able to snag more people from LJ. Ah well.

I might go poke around the site again now that this feature exists though. I really don't know the last time I logged on!
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You make lemonade! No wait, I mean, you stylishly cram the pictures into one large poster frame:

Eventually I will buy 3 11x14 frames but for now, this will work! @starwars #disneymovierewards #posters

We will have officially been moved into this house for a year a week from today so I'm getting this whole "OMG WE HAVE DONE NOTHING!" loop in my brain, trying to hang pictures, tidy up the yard, etc. I mean, wtf, how did this bag of clothes sit here for a YEAR and never go to Goodwill? I suck.

Oh, if you are on imzy, I made a little personal blog there. Not sure how much I will use it compared to here, but if you are there, feel free to join/follow:

Also, if you are not on Imzy and still need an invite, I think I have 5 more? Let me know.

And now, to bed! We have friends coming over tomorrow so I should wake up at a decent hour!


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