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Imzy is shutting down June 23

It's not a big surprise, but I feel like there were so many missteps take here and so much that could have been done to create a stronger community of nicer people.

Oh well. So long, Imzy. We hardly knew ye.
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Imzy just launched a "follow" feature for people. I feel bad for them, if they had done this a few weeks ago, before the big LJ fallout, they might have been able to snag more people from LJ. Ah well.

I might go poke around the site again now that this feature exists though. I really don't know the last time I logged on!
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For all my book quote nerd out there, check out this amazing site someone made:

Literary Clock

It has a book quote for EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!

I've had the tab open for the last hour and I keep checking it and it's like OOOH NEW QUOTE!
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Tim just sent me this article from TIME about "How Trolls are Ruining the Internet". I don't feel like there is anything too new here but it was a good read.

Though I do have to say that we need to give these weirdos a better word rather than "conservative" and "alt-right". People who respond to any kind of criticism with racial slurs and death threats need an equally upsetting name. And some of them are "liberals" and "alt-left" too, and they can be just as bad. So let's just get one word that lumps them all together and maybe they will start to realize how they are NOT part of normal society, and no political party needs to feel ashamed for them. Just be ashamed because they exist and disown them all.

The coolest thing was about a new online community created by former Reddit employees. Imzy is meant to be an online community that stays positive, where discussions are actually discussions, not just one sided attacks. And no one is going to build communities on the site around hating other people.

Anyway, I signed up to see if I could get a beta code. I was trying to think if I had any communities I could lead, but I don't think I'm online enough, so I'm not going to apply for that.

There was a lot of excitement these past two days, but I will post about that later. Right now, I need to get myself together :)
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UGH so apparently I may have panicked and posted that last link without doing enough digging (I blame Tim as he is the one that sent it to me and, as a fellow librarian, I trusted that he checked his sources! NOPE!)

[ profile] helloautumn linked me to this Snopes post which says this has not been covered by any major news sources and the "source" of the information is a bit sketchy.

BUT she also pointed out that we should all change our passwords every 4 months for safety anyway so if you did change your password, at least know that you are that much more secure than you were yesterday.

Sorry about that!
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273 million passwords stolen from Google, Microsoft and Yahoo

Just to be safe, I would recommend that you update your passwords if you have a Google, Microsoft or Yahoo account. Better that then to tempt fate!

Now, if you will excuse me, I need to figure out some insanely clever password and then enter it on every single device I own. :-|

top 25 LOL

Feb. 9th, 2016 12:50 pm
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Apparently my entry about friends cuts just made the "top 25 livejournal entries" right now because you all are so chatty!

Seems kind of hilarious that a post about how to cut friends from livejournal is now featured as a popular post!
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[ profile] rhoda_rants and other Fannibals -- DID YOU SEE THIS AWESOME TUMBLR POST?!?!?

I cannot wait for that show to come back. 2015 is going to be quite a year of TV.

In other news, the apartment building next to ours caught on fire today...ugh. Electrical fire too, so BONUS! Our wires could burst into flames at any time! Just another reason to add "GET A HOUSE" to my 2015 to-do list.

Also, the tree has been decorated! Huzzah! It is actually beginning to look and feel like Christmas!

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So, apparently the Lake Superior State University has been issuing Questing Unicorn Licenses since 1984! Why wasn't I notified until now?


Print out your license

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I was looking at TimeHop, which usually just makes me depressed because a year ago I was doing the same stuff as I am today BUT today had a cool find - my website for my college radio show!

I should really download it and save it before UMBC decides to wipe their servers. Oh the memories! Way before spotify or pandora, WMBC was streaming music and I was there! Found lots of cool music that way and it eventually lead to an internship at a local station in Annapolis WRNR, which lead to a part time job that totally sucked but eventually lead me back to the library in a round about way.

I should recreate my playlists on Spotify...if only to amuse myself.

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Also, people complain about the NSA watching there every move but ever since I bought something on ModCloth EVERY SINGLE SITE I go to has an ad for ModCloth with images of the items I had been browsing.

Also, I did get my first order from ModCloth. Sadly, the shoes I really wanted didn't fit but it was probably a good thing because they were crazy expensive...super cute but so pricey. UK sizing is confusing for US feet. They are out of my size now so I will get a full refund. I did get an adorable skirt and some other shoes though. hehe. I just love the whole retro look of the shoes and dresses. There are a lot of sandals I want on there. I tried to browse Kohls today to convince myself I should get things elsewhere but those sandals were LAME. I maybe go back later this month (next credit card cycle) and browse again...maybe.
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oh LJ - why did it have to be blue?

Seriously, what is it with social sites and BLUE? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr - they are all BLUE!

Now all I can think of that scene from Fight Club...

Been a busy week, but mostly allergies have been kicking my butt. And I'm a total wuss because I've only acquired allergies in the past couple years so I'm just not used to them and want to just stay in bed all day until they are over.

After my book drought in April, I've managed to read 3 books already in May! One YA, one Children's and two graphics but STILL! It feels so good to read. I hate when I lose my reading groove, it's frustrating!

OH and I sold some stuff on ebay this weekend, someone paid $72 for some star wars figures of mine. SUPERTHRILLED! This will definitely help with some of my impulse purchases this month (ModCloth is a DANGEROUS site).

Hung out with Mathew last night and we watched Mahou Sentai Magiranger which was strangely enjoyable. My little brother was the right age for the first wave of Power Rangers so I was familiar with the look of this series, but for some reason I enjoyed it more in Japanese? Plus this one has a cheesy Harry Potter side to it to the point of being like "Somebody gonna get SUED"

After that Tim started randomly scrolling through Crunchy Roll and we watched the first episode of The World is Still Beautiful which was very pretty if a bit odd. Then Mathew suggested JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but wanted us to start with Part 2 because he didn't care for Part 1. It wasn't really my style though. Didn't really care for the art and the violence was a bit too much. And the editing was weird. OH! And we watched the first few minutes of World's Greatest First Love which made Mathew blush. It's totally yaoi, made me think of [ profile] ekaterin24

After Mathew left, we watched the first two episode of Attack on Titan (Tim had watched it with Mathew on a previous Anime Day when I wasn't around). I really enjoyed the first two episodes! Thinking that might be one we go back to regularly.
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Ooooh this question gets my librarian sense tingling! Should we and can we archive The Internet? And (for me) the next question is how to we organize it so that people can FIND things within that archive.

My mind boggles just thinking about it! Hope I can fall asleep without visions of dead geocities page haunting me the rest of the night.
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Famous Movie Quotes as charts -- I'm thinking this would be a fun guessing game to have out before our movie viewings at the library. I know I was amused LOL.

My livejournal paid account is about to run out and I'm debating whether I should re-up it again. I honestly don't remember what the difference is between the paid and free. I guess my layout will be all jacked up. I did let my user pics expire because I didn't really need 100+ userpics LOL. I do like my pretty layout though and if I keep using LJ as much as I have been this past month, it would be worth it to not have to look at ads...thoughts?

I tried to get my website up and running again last night. I switched from GoDaddy to Lithium Hosting and signed up for the 30 Day trial. Right now it just has the old index page up with some slight tweaking. It's ugly LOL. I had thought about letting that go to but everyone urged me not to lose my URL. So my plan is to make a true homepage that links to all my blogs and social media stuff. I know I had tons of icons on GoDaddy but that meant I had to buy a lot of space to store them all and since LJ has gotten very quiet (and Flickr now gives you a free terabyte of space) I figured paying for that was unnecessary on the off chance I get back into the photoshop habit.

I need to find my notebook that has all my notes from the HTML/CSS class I took years ago. I mean, obviously that won't help me build a pretty website but if I build it all by myself, I will have that bit of satisfaction. :D
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Neil Gaiman posted on his blog that he is going on a six month "sabattical" from Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. He will just be posting to his website blog, using it as a way to warm up for his daily writing. [ profile] bittertwee said that going "off the grid" is the new trend right now.

I know that we've all been talking about how hard it is to keep everything straight and how all these different social sites make us feel scattered, but we never stop and think about how much *time* having this many websites to manage takes up. Checking LJ, Wordpress, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook -- that's a whole evening.

So I think I'm going to take a cue from Mr. Gaiman and just focus on writing in one spot, and I think that spot will be here. This feels like the place where there is actual SOCIAL networking going on. So my not-a-resolution for 2014 is to start blogging/journaling here more regularly. Being honest and open, and not just when it comes to talking about fandom stuff.

There are all of these "social media" sites but we are all so busy talking at each other we never really discuss anything. Another of my not-a-resolution for this year will be to email my two closest friends at least once a month and try to establish a better, more constant relationship. I need to stop just popping in and out of their lives when I happen to be traveling to where they live. I have put reminders in my Google calendar, here's hoping I can think of things to say!

And,yes, we have a 4 hour opening delay this morning, w00t! I put off having to wake up at 7am for another few days. Monday will definitely be a Monday!
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So, GoDaddy finally stopped hosting still own the domain but obviously my images are not there. Trying to decide what to do with the domain now...I signed up for an account with and was thinking I might just set up a little orangerful hub there that just links to ALL THE THINGS. But, really, since I don't make icons or graphics that much anymore, probably no point in paying $80/year for hosting. Especially since sites like Flickr now give you a free Terabyte so if I ever felt like making something again, it would be easy enough to post it there. My other option, I guess, would be to get a paid Wordpress and link it there as well.

Decisions decisions.

I think I will decide to drink this tea and then take a shower.

It's Saturday, that's about as important as my decisions can get. :-P
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I let my GoDaddy account expire today. Honestly, I wanted to swtich web services as soon as that terrible Super Bowl commercials aired by since I had already paid them, I just turned off auto-renew instead. After tomorrow will be no more.

I'm trying to decide if I care. I really liked having my own website, even if I hardly every did anything with it. It started out as a place to store and organize all of the livejournal icons I was making on a regular basis back at the height of LJ's popularity. I've toyed with the idea of making it into an online resume or a personal hub of all my social networks but I can't decide if anyone would care besides me...and maybe my mom LOL.

[ profile] duncatra posted on her Wordpress blog about the end of Google Reader which lead to a discussion about using Livejournal as an RSS reader. Livejournal used to be my ONLY site. If it wasn't on here, if it didn't have an RSS feed I could have sent to my friends page, I didn't see it.

Then all the mainstream social sites started to take over. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr...being a social media addict, I had to try them all and now I check them daily. Unliked Livejournal, they require a lot less of me. You read a sentence, look at a picture, click "Like" and move on. Honestly, I want more interaction, I want conversations and I can't seem to get those on these sites (I've pondered creating a more "bloggy" tumblr but I don't find it as readable). I started up THREE Wordpress blogs in an attempt to keep myself motivated to write and I get some "Likes" over there and occasional comments but nothing substantial.

I guess I keep thinking that having a website helps me bring all these things to one place, even if the only person that goes to that one place is me (and, like I said, maybe my mom). Plus, it's just cool to have your own domain...isn't it? Is that cool anymore? LOL.

Right now I'm looking at 1&1, Wix, and Squarespace. I think 1&1 is the least expensive...though maybe I should see if I do anything with the free part first before I upgrade with an official domain.

Do you guys have your own websites? Do you feel as scattered as me?
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article on Facebook and Tumblr

Thing I found most intriguing? This quote:

Part of Tumblr’s success is no doubt due to that fact that it’s a place
where you can cultivate two or more identities, whereas on Facebook you’re
stuck with just one: the real you. "It’s a site where you can find people
that are like you and you can feel less alone,"

Pretty much what we've all been doing on Livejournal for AGES now. :) But
everything old is new again. I wonder if this will be the pattern of the
Internet and social media from now on, the rise and fall for the desire to
separate your online identity from your real one.

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