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I've posted this before but it's still important to mention...

once, I completely freaked out while taking to Joss Whedon, so he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and then took a photo with me.


You can read about the epic day here.
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I've posted this before but it's still important to mention...

once, I completely freaked out while talking to Joss Whedon, so he kissed me on the cheek, gave me a hug and then took a photo with me.


You can read about the epic day here.
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"The two things that matter the most to me in the work I do: emotional resonance and rocket launchers. I think 'Party of Five' - brilliant show, and often made me cry uncontrollably - suffered ultimately, I think, from a lack of rocket launchers, which, obviously 'Innocence' doesn't have a problem with"

-- Joss Whedon, from the audio commentary for Season 2 episode "Innocence"
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Joss posted on Whedonesque about being misquoted by the New York Times. They asked him and JJ about 3D stuff - oddly enough, I was with JJ that it feels like a fad. Joss was more excited about it, saying he would love to use it, when appropriate. He mentioned that Cabin in the Woods would not be in 3D and said that would be the crux of it's marketing - IF YOU ONLY SEE ONE MOVIE IN 2D!!!! WATCH AS THINGS MOVE ACROSS THE SCREEN!!!!!!

No mention of a girl freaking out during the Dollhouse autograph session ;-) If I was on Whedonesque, I would totally post a link to my photo in the comments.

My friend Jeff posted some of his pictures from SDCC. He was better at taking photos of the booths and stuff.

And my friend [ profile] andy_wolverton gave me a check for the Comic-Con goodies I brought back for him and now I can't find it!!!! BLURGH! I remember him handing it to me...and I put it...somewhere...*sigh* Now I'm worried it's in a library book that I returned or something. I'll keep searching though.
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Ack, I need to type up the rest of my Comic-Con adventures! Karen asked me about it at work today and I had so many "uuuuuh" moments I began to panic. And in the immortal words of Henry Jones Sr. - I wrote it down so I wouldn't have to remember!

Or, in this case, I blogged about it. :-)

I forgot part of Friday's story - while I was leaving the hotel to meet up with the group for dinner that night, I walked past the elevators and saw two people that seemed oddly familiar. A skinny girl with beautiful dark hair and a sort of scruffy dude with his hat pulled down. As I got closer, my brain finally figured it out - it was Maurissa Tancharoen and Zack Whedon! HOLY FRAK! I totally spazzed, waving like crazy as they went to the elevator. I wasn't sure what I was allowed to do so I just sorta went "OMG YOU GUYS! I LOVE YOU GUYS! SO MUCH LOVE!" and did weird hand gestures then spazzed my way back out to the street. As I walked up the road to the restaurant, my normal brain caught up to my fangirl brain. I pulled out my iPhone and tweeted: "@MoTancharoen sorry for fingerling [oh iPhone, stop HELPING ME! That should have said "Fangirling" embarassing] at you guys by the elevators! But seriously - <3!!!!"

After dinner, walking back to the hotel, I checked Twitter again, and there was a reply from Maurissa: @orangerful next time we shall high five. My little fangirl (fingerl?) heart was all aflutter.

SATURDAY - an epic tale of epicness.

So, before going to SDCC, I had many things on my to-do list for Saturday. The Chuck panel, the MTV Games (Rock Band) panel...but after surviving my first two days, I realized that I would have to prioritize. And I decided that above all I NEEDED to get the Community cast autographs. I B-lined it for the network booth (sidenote: one of the most disturbing things about Comic-Con was realizing that EVERYTHING we watch it owned by about 3 corporations. I think I knew this all along, but actually seeing it on the floor - with Big Bang Theory and Dexter stuck to the SAME BOOTH - it was just unnerving). I got to the booth and asked the man standing there if they were handing out tickets for the Community cast signing. He heaved a heavy sigh and said "no", as though he could sense the chaos that would arise because of this. I asked him if they were starting a line. He said no, they couldn't do that because they would be in the way since the booth was in the center of the floor. The signing was scheduled for noon, he told me to come back at 11:30. I refrained from rolling my eyes back at him (because the people who wanted to get the Chuck cast autographs for a signing at noon were already queuing up at the WB/NBC/CW/WE RULE YOU booth.

So, I decided I would circle like a vulture until noon. I looked at my notes and saw that Drew Struzan would be signing around 11am at AA19. I walked over to Artists' Alley and found table AA19 and noticed that Struzan's name was not stuck to the front of it. Well, it was only 9:30, perhaps I was too early. So I meandered through the exhibit hall, checking out the merchants fine goods and services. Circled back to AA19 around 10:15...nothing....10:30...nope...finally, I saw a woman walking around with the same postcard as me, looking for the area. She approached one of the volunteers and asked them. Eventually he said "OH - that's upstairs in the Autograph Area". I decided I would make a break for it, but by the time I got to the REAL AA19, the line was HUGE. And there was no way I was going to miss the Community autographs. Sorry Drew - nice book though!

Back down to the land of booths, back to the SONY booth. There was no line but there was an odd cluster. The someone helping the SONY rep pulled out a stack of Community posters and people began to push forward. The Rep said "NO!" and yanked the posters back under the table. I asked if there was a line forming and was told again that, no they can't start a line yet, it's too early. But, he said sort of gesturing, there are people around. I walked over to the "gathering" nearby and asked if this was the not-a-line for Community. They said yes and we all stood around talking. Eventually the SONY Security guy came by and told us all to form a line against the booth and they brought out tape to mark off where we should be. It took a few minutes but we managed to smoosh down into single file. This was about 11:15. The security guy guarded the line, only letting in people that he remembered telling to walk away earlier in the day. Around 11:30, Chevy Chase came out from the back and waved to the crowd. EVERYONE Near the booth started snapping photos. Even more began to wait to see who would come out next. This, of course, was clogging up the entire exhibit hall floor so soon security was there, trying to make everyone move after they snapped their one photo. Those of us in line smooshed even more into the booth.

FINALLY around 11:45, the ENTIRE cast came out to cheers. They handed everyone in line posters, which feature the cover of the 'Community' DVD boxed set and we all got to meet the cast very quickly as they scribbled their names on their character's faces. Joel was very nice, I told him I LOVED the show. Chevy was in character, being cluesless. It took me a moment to catch on, but I played around with him once I did (He asked what "that thing on my wrist" was. I had my camera strapped there. I told him it was a "digital camera" and that it was used to steal his soul). Danny Pudi was next, I told him Community was the ONLY show I watched in real-time. He gave me a high-five and Joel yelled out "OUR ONE LIVE VIEWER!!!". I told Donald Glover that, for me, Community was on the same level as Arrested Development and he said that was a real compliment because he loves that show. Yvette is exactly like her character, you just want to hug her because she's so sweet. And Alison even signs her name with a little heart. I think I might have told her I loved her....but ANYWAY!!!!!!!! I HAVE A POSTER WITH ALL THEIR AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!!!

I was so happy with my catch of the day, but I had to STAY FOCUSED! I was on a very tight schedule! Next up, the Guild cast signing. Felicia had tweeted that they would be at the booth fro 11-1 before their 2pm panel. First, I walked in completely the wrong direction because I was admiring my poster of autographs. Then I turned myself around and found The Guild booth. EVERYONE was there! A sign said "$20/3 items. I went through my folder and pulled out my 'Date my Avatar' photo I had Felicia sign at Dragon*Con, Season 3 DVD slip sleeve, and #1 of The Guild comic. I made my way to the front of the line, chatting with two very nice Guild fans in front of me. When it was my turn, I handed their handler the $20 and he gave me another photo. I told him I already had 3 items and he smiled at me and said "Rules are only made for people who follow them" and he slipped the extra photo into my to-be-signed pile (and this photo is now [ profile] destertale's birthday present!). The whole cast was all smiles. Sandeep said he would be going to Dragon*Con this year - so be ready [ profile] jellibean! Felicia complimented my necklace (I had on my pink necklace that Jason Palmer's wife sold to me at Dragon*Con). I got a picture with the whole group too because when the heck would this happen again???

wall of text but it ends on a very high note - plus $5 off Community DVD! )
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So...I'm back. Trying to figure out where to start. I guess I'll just fill in any blanks that I left while mini-blogging over my phone (seriously, I can only type so much with a touch screen).

Thursday we woke up bright and early. Both Jeff & I wanted to see the Tron Legacy panel, so we got in line around 7:30 am to wait for the doors to open around 9. See, they don't empty out the rooms after each panel at Comic-Con, so if there is a big even sometime during the day, the room will most likely fill up that morning and just never empty out. Tron was probably one of the bigger events in Hall H that day.

But before Tron was Megamind, the computer-animated cartoon starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, and Brad Pitt. 3D glasses were handed out as we walked into Hall H, so we all got to see the trailer and a clip in 3D before the cast came on stage. In classic Ferrell style, Will stumbled onto the stage wearing his Megamind outfit - complete with blue face paint. He also had a box of donuts and some juice - "oh, I didn't expect there to be this many of you...sharing might be hard". Tina Fey also came on stage with snacks and explained that they were from 7-Eleven and she did use her own money, so if everyone in the room could give her 1/1000 of a cent, she would really appreciate it. Jonah just came on stage like a normal person haha. Then the guy leading the panel teased that there was one more member of the cast - you could hear the crowd gasp with anticipation - then they brought out the cardboard cut-out of Brad Pitt and explained that he couldn't make it. Har-har-har. It was a fun panel, though I have a bad feeling that they sorta gave away the entire movie in the trailer. But if it has enough humor, it still might be worth watching.

Then came the Tron Legacy panel and the 3D glasses were on again for an extended clip from the movie featuring a creepy CGI Jeff Bridges. The cast, director, and creator of Tron came out on stage and the panel was led by Patton Oswalt. I think he was my favorite panel leader because he had this great mix of fanboy and snark in all his discussions. For example, any time a clip from a movie was shown, they warned audience members that no recording was allowed and volunteers were patrolling to look for cameras. When they began to queue up the Tron footage, Oswalt quipped "And you know there is no better way to show how much you honor and respect all of the hard work these people have put into this movie than by posting a shaky, out of focus video on YouTube." Tron was filmed with the latest 3D tech, so I'm actually interested in seeing it in 3D.

Details of SDCC Day 1 from Sam's POV )
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So, apparently it's not as easy as getting in line to meet & get an autograph from Joss. Because of the number of people that would want autographs AND the amount of time allotted...they do a raffle.

Talk about leaving it up to fate. I can get in line in the hopes of getting a ticket and with LUCK the number on that ticket might be one of the very few picked to meet Joss Whedon.

You know I will try. Question is - do I feel lucky?

Sadly, the answer to that question is usually "no". But maybe this time...
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Thursday July 22
3:30-4:30 Entertainment Weekly: The Visionaries— A discussion with geek gods J. J. Abrams (Star Trek) and Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) on the future of pop culture. EW presents an in-depth conversation with these two creative geniuses about how technology, gaming, and global culture are reshaping how we tell and consume stories on television, film and the web. Plus: Is the superhero movie waning, or is it on the cusp of reinvention? And what do they think the pop culture universe will look like a decade from now? Moderated by Jeff "Doc" Jensen. Hall H


If I can get into this panel, I will be in the SAME ROOM AS JOSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG

*deep breaths*



This probably means I will spend all of Thursday camped out in Hall H but I DON'T CARE!!!! JOSS!!!! If you think I embarassed myself when I met Felicia Day, well you ain't seen nothing yet! (oh wait...)
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We watched this episode with dinner tonight. No matter how many times I see it, this bit will never cease to make me crack up - mostly because I <3 Joss Whedon and Ron Moore for spoofing themselves. "Boo-hoo, being a Cylon is soooo hard." Mostly posting it here so I can find it easily and watch it over and over when I need something me make me laugh...

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Went to the DCSWCC meeting and got my copy of Dollhouse from Jeff. The lenticular letter inside is pretty cool and ridiculous at the same time. I've got #142.

If you click through to the rest of the photos, you'll see the Adam Baldwin autograph up close, my Buffy Season 8 Gelaskin on my iPhone (so sexy) and lots of other random swag that I took from the free table that was brought back from SDCC.

I really want to go next year! Jeff said he reserved his hotel in December, January at the latest. So I think Dragon*Con will be the test and if I survive that, and feel like I can take it to the next level of crazy, I'll try go get passes to Comic Con 2010.

Oh, [ profile] faeriesfolly - I snagged some True Blood handouts (go to my flickr page and you will see). I think I can scan the one postcard to create a Tru Blood label for some SOBE bottles so we can haz props!
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Quick thoughts on last week's episode of "Dollhouse"

spoilers, duh! )
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iTunes put up Joss Whedon's Playlist today and I was looking over the tracks, just curious to what (if any) songs I knew. I was familiar with most of the tracks but my favorite comment had to be about Liz Phair's song "H.W.C":

"Just so jaunty and delightful, you can't help but sing it at home, in your car, in the super-market, at your kid's pre-school...why is everyone staring at me? Damn you, Liz Phair! But this album is ridiculously under-rated. And I prefer to hear pop songs about sex from women old enough to be any good at it."

Lulz. That song is hilarious and it gets stuck in your head and then you have to try all your might NOT to sing it. Or tell anyone the title because they will inevitably ask "What's that stand for?" and then you'll just have to run away.

Also, that was the first Liz Phair album I ever bought and I love it too. They [the hardcore fans] tried to make me feel guilty because it was so pop-y and they said it she was selling out but I think she was just having a good time. I now own WhiteChocolateSpaceEgg and Exile in Guyville (though I'm not sure I've actually listened to it) but this one will always be my first full length Liz Phair experience.

Also, random useless bit of info: Pete Yorn plays drums on that track.
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Not only that, but it stars Doogie Howser, Captain Reynolds, and one of the potential Slayers/WoW nerds from the Guild series!

Oh happy day!

Here is Joss' post on the subject.

Okay, gonna work on my final exam now...
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Joss posts yet again about the WGA.

He mentions a plot to have some sort of fan rallies all over the country. No official word yet, but I'm definitely going to watch this space. I want to show my support. (And it's probably more fun to strike when it isn't your job on the line.)
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Joss posts to Whedonesque about the WGA strike, twice!! Nothing like a bit of snark to bring things into perspective.

Happier news - Joss talks about the upcoming Firefly/Serenity comic miniseries. It's pre-Serenity events so EVERYONE should be alive and happy. :)
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He's making a new show called "Dollhouse" starring none other than her hotness, Miss Eliza Dushku! It will be on FOX (yuck!) but they have signed on for a 7 episode deal already, which means when it is cancelled, the "complete series" set will be really cheap!

No wait, what I mean is, FOX is trying to show some good will and get us all exicted nice and early so when they crush our souls, then we will just die.

AH! No, stay positive! Joss! TV! 2008! YAY!

Writers strike might slow things down though.


In the "I Love my Fandom" category - since the announcement this afternoon, the unmade tv show already has a fansite, myspace, facebook, and livejournal group up and running (and yes, I've joined all of them). It's a beautiful thing.
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oh [ profile] dstntp1lgr1m - did you know the trailer for 'Alien vs Predator Requiem' is out?

That's the first age restricted trailer I've seen before. And I understand why! They show all the gore from the movie. Nasty. I think I'll pass on that one. It's pretty over the top gore, at least. Still, make sure you're not eating something when you watch it.

In other online video news - Joss Whedon had a 30 second part on 'Robot Chicken' last night. It's not until the end of the credits, so just keep fast forwarding until you're there. The BSG sketch was amusing, but the rest of it was sort of "meh". Still, the Joss part made me giggle.
orangerful: (Default) has a nice quick interview with Joss.

This part answers your question, [ profile] solanpolarn :

And what about Ripper — is that going to hit BBC America?
It's BBC [right now], in England. It's still being worked out. The character is still part of the Buffy franchise that Fox owns. We want to make sure that everybody gets respected. And everything is contingent on the script. I have an outline, but I don't have a script yet.

Looks like you will get 'Ripper' first! Or at least, simultaneously. ;)

Also in Buffy fandom news - here's a preview for the Buffy Omnibus volume 2. I think this will be going on my xmas list.
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Joss answered some questions for MySpace comics. The video is odd, as it appears he might have just recorded the whole thing himself on a home video camera (really bad sound).

BUT he did say at least one really cool thing --

"Fray is not over".


I'm also very happy that I had read all the comics that Joss mentioned he had read (Walking Dead, Fun Home, and "anything by Warren Ellis").

I also had a dream last night that I ran into Joss and asked him if he would take me out to dinner some day, and he said sure. So I'm taking that as a SIGN! (I believe the auctions have gone over the $5000 mark now).

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