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For those of you that don't watch my icon journal, [ profile] orangerfulboxes, I just posted a set of icons for [ profile] whedon20in20 and a set for [ profile] lots20in20.


find the rest here


find the rest here

Oh, and if you're interested in playing along next round, the sign-ups for [ profile] whedon20in20 #7 are up! :-)
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Well, I meant to do stuff today, I really did. We had our Staff In-Service day at the library, and since there is no real money to do much of anything, they pretty much just did some little speeches and sent us on our way at 12:30.

But instead of doing anything productive when I got home, I opted to play a few hours of Lego Batman (which I had not played as much as I thought I had) and then we took a break for dinner, and then I got sucked into Sims 3.

My Sims 3 game has a glitch though - I had a really large family and I split them up and switched "active households" to the older sister and her little brother (they moved out because mom had the fertility bonus and was popping out twins and it got too crazy). Anyway, ever since we moved out of the house, the brother hasn't retained any of his traits. He's a teenager and should have about 5 traits, but he just has the two he started with as a child. I decided he was "special". He wants to be a rock star, so I'm just going with that right now. Also found out that his girlfriend is always tired because when she grew up into a teen, her parents never bothered to buy her or her brother a bed - they still have the crib. Hm, bug or major oversite?

FOX annouced that they will air all 13 episodes of Dollhouse this season! Yay! I doubt it will get renewed but at least that means Joss can write a bit of an ending (he commented in an interview that he would try to provide some closure...we can all connect the dots to Epitaph 1).

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I haven't been as enamored with Dollhouse as I have been with his other shows. Granted, it's still better than most of what is on TV, but for a Joss show, it is falling short. Whedon shows evolve each episode and characters change and learn from their mistakes. But, because of what the Dollhouse is, our main characters are not learning - or, at least, not very quickly. We've had 15 episodes of build up now, waiting for Echo to finally break free. I feel like it should have happened already. I still look forward to the show every week, but it's not like Buffy, Angel, or Firefly where you can feel the over-all vision. I feel like Dollhouse is still struggling to find it's goal and after 15 episodes, we should be on more solid ground. Joss should have known this would be it, FOX clearly renewed the show because it was afraid we would torch the studio if they didn't give it a second season. But they've done their duty, they can't say they didn't try, and the vibe I am getting from what I've read makes me think there is a very very tiny slim chance that they would consider picking it up again for any more episodes.

Also, it is cold here. It's like Mother Nature looked at her watch this morning, still groggy from sleeping in after such a nice day on Sunday, and she was like "OMG WTF OCTOBER! COLDNESS!" and it was sooooooo chilly today. A bit chillier than necessary I say, I think she over-reacted. Save that cold for Halloween, so Superman can wear his cape AND coat.

And on that note, I'm going to bed!
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Typed up my thoughts in real-time as I watched tonight's episode of "Dollhouse" - guest starring Michael Hogan!

I'd give this episode a 4.5 out of 5 stars, a very good follow-up to the strong season premiere (too bad it was the third episode to air)


dollhouse s2 e3 Belle Chose )
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Went to the DCSWCC meeting and got my copy of Dollhouse from Jeff. The lenticular letter inside is pretty cool and ridiculous at the same time. I've got #142.

If you click through to the rest of the photos, you'll see the Adam Baldwin autograph up close, my Buffy Season 8 Gelaskin on my iPhone (so sexy) and lots of other random swag that I took from the free table that was brought back from SDCC.

I really want to go next year! Jeff said he reserved his hotel in December, January at the latest. So I think Dragon*Con will be the test and if I survive that, and feel like I can take it to the next level of crazy, I'll try go get passes to Comic Con 2010.

Oh, [ profile] faeriesfolly - I snagged some True Blood handouts (go to my flickr page and you will see). I think I can scan the one postcard to create a Tru Blood label for some SOBE bottles so we can haz props!
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Last night's Dr Horrible party went very well! We packed my apartment with people and had a great time singing along with the movie. Here are a few pics of us being ridiculous.

I totally ganked the instructions from the Paley Center event, so a million thanks to The Uncool Kids for thinking up all the song activities. If anyone wants a copy, let me know, I still have the Word file saved on my computer.

EDIT: [ profile] chesire_c posted her photos on Flickr. They are much better than mine plus she sat on the other side of the room, so its a completely different angle on the wacky-ness.

EDIT2: Oh what the heck, I'll just upload the file right now, snag if you want it:
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Buffy's box art
Originally uploaded by orangerful
So...I'm sort of in love with my new Electric Tiki End of Days Tooned-Up Buffy statue...I was only going to take, like, 3 pictures and it just got out of control. She's so cool! Totally worth the wait. :D
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FINALLY was able to watch Dr Horrible when I got home. They apparently had to find a few extra servers. I am highly amused. Can't wait to see the rest!

The Spore Creature Creator is a bit overwhelming. I don't even know where to start. It's almost too much control! I feel like I need to sketch out creature designs before I even turn on the game. THE PRESSURE! Here is my first creation and his little offspring. AD said it looked weird.

AD was unimpressed with the Nintendo press conference so I have not watched it yet. I can't decide if I care enough to watch Sony's conference. Nothing for me there, though I think they have a God of War III trailer out.

Okay, when did it get to be Wednesday? Honestly, Monday and Tuesday go by so fast!!! Still no call from Harford Co, though my co-worker said libraries are notoriously slow when it comes to calling applicants, since they have to find people for an interview panel, pick dates that work for everyone and so on. So I won't start panicing just yet.
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Joss posts to Whedonesque about the WGA strike, twice!! Nothing like a bit of snark to bring things into perspective.

Happier news - Joss talks about the upcoming Firefly/Serenity comic miniseries. It's pre-Serenity events so EVERYONE should be alive and happy. :)
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SmartPop Books are my crack. Seriously, I'm a librarian, I do not need to buy these books. I could just make the library buy them, check them out, then return them. But I really do love all the Smart Pop books I have. Because even if I don't agree with every essay inside them, they make great talking pieces.

I was playing around in LibraryThing/Shelfari and discovered a few new titles coming out that I had to add to my Amazon wishlist --

The Psychology of Harry Potter -- written before book 7 was released, but does it really matter? There's a preview up, if you want to peruse the chapter titles and read the introduction. (Also, if you have not read 'Mapping the World of Harry Potter', you should pick it up. I really enjoyed it!)

Neptune Noir -- I knew this one was out, but I'm trying to hold out until Xmas for it. Veronica Mars books are so few (in fact...this is it!) so I must have it!

House Unauthorized -- for some reason, not listed on the Smart Pop site, though it's up on Amazon for pre-order. Mmmm, so much to pick apart in House, you know this will be fun! I hope there's a chapter on snark!

Serenity Found -- a "sequel" to 'Finding Serenity', the first Firefly Smart Pop book, written before the movie was released. Joss writes the preface! I must have it!

Batman Unauthorized -- 'Man from Krypton' was a whole lot of fun to read, so I'm excited about what the authors have chosen to say about the Dark Knight. This isn't supposed to come out until next year (to coincide with the movie release) but I'll put it on my wish list now.

Psychology of Joss Whedon -- It's about Joss. It's non-fiction. I have to have it!!!

Existential Joss Whedon -- Okay, not a Smart Pop, but again with the MUST HAVE! This is the only thing I'm really hardcore about collecting, Pop culture studies of Joss and his works. I just love it all.
orangerful: (Default) has a nice quick interview with Joss.

This part answers your question, [ profile] solanpolarn :

And what about Ripper — is that going to hit BBC America?
It's BBC [right now], in England. It's still being worked out. The character is still part of the Buffy franchise that Fox owns. We want to make sure that everybody gets respected. And everything is contingent on the script. I have an outline, but I don't have a script yet.

Looks like you will get 'Ripper' first! Or at least, simultaneously. ;)

Also in Buffy fandom news - here's a preview for the Buffy Omnibus volume 2. I think this will be going on my xmas list.
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In my last post, I said that Nathan Fillion had posted to his MySpace blog, and [ profile] vertigozooropa and [ profile] shinetastic cried because they do not have MySpace accounts and cannot see the blog (I also think [ profile] vertigozooropa inferred that I have STDs and genital fungus...but we'll let that slide).

Anyhoo, I shall take pity and repost his blurb here...and under the cut you can find some of his older posts too! (dear god MySpace sucks, I cannot even TELL you how many times my browser has crashed in the 5 minutes I've been trying to log into the gorram guys OWE me!)

Drive, Drive, and Drive.

Whatis good in life? I think Conan said it best when he said, "To work ahard day, come home to relax with friends and family, and see some coolTV- ya know? Something with cars, mystery, action, and some greatcharacters where one guy SEEMS a-ok and then turns out to be a bankrobber/getaway driver or sumpin'."
I'm real pleased with the showand can't say what it means to read you guys'es comments about how youcompletely dig the same parts I do. That Melanie Lynski kills me!Anyway, I had a bunch of the cast over Sunday for the big show and wewere all really psyched. Especially me, because I get to drive thecoolest car, obviously.
I know what you are saying. "What do I donow, Nathan?" Well, I'm glad you asked. I heard there was a blackout inthe northeastern states. If this is true, it's probably prudent, nay,necessary- that we somehow rub their faces in it and let them know whatthey missed. We have the power of the interweb. It is up to us to abuseit. Think of it: Drive infiltrates computers everywhere. And everyonehas a computer except most grandmas, which doesn't matter because ourdata shows that we have 83% of grandmas without computers.
Thanks for the support. Spread the Drive word and the Drive love. And buckle up (I'm contractually obligated to say that).

cell phones & sparta under here )
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Yep - it's true, this summer Universal will release a 2-disc Special Edition DVD of 'Serenity'! With even more goodies and a cast commentary! *is giddy*

Joss posted silliness on Whedonesque read for a giggle )
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so much for the 'Essence of Buffy' statues - they're going to be about $125 a piece! YIPES! Too rich for my blood.

And let me just say TGIF - (or TGIWF since it's now past midnight). This week was sooo long. I am just happy that there will be no alarm to go off tomorrow. I'm just gonna pass out now and wake up whenever the mood strikes me.

[ profile] dstntp1lgr1m and [ profile] _____saveferris did a pop in tonight, we watched the second episode of 'Angel' (and I found out my disc is scratched :( ). Just a quick short visit, it was fun. Though it left me wanting more 'Angel' so I made some Stouffer's Swedish Meatballs and put on 'Parting Gifts' so I could see silly Wezzles. Then [ profile] jimithingy put on his DVD of 'Clerks II' and...well, how could I not watch that!

I gotta go to bed now. I just noticed I spelled Swedish "s-w-e-e-t-i-s-h" and had to fix it before I hit "post entry". You know I'm tired...
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Package came in the mail today! I got my Serenity ornament and free Darla Figure!

I'm impressed with the Serenity ornament - it's actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I don't know why I was thinking it would be matchbox car size. It sits a little crooked on the stand, so it's just like she's flying over my desk. I'm not going to get the Reaver variant. That one is just icky.

And now I have (thanks to [ profile] beckanon) all of the regular Darla figures. [ profile] beckanon had hooked me up with dollar bin Vamp Darla and Welcome to the Hellmouth Darla and my freebie today was Angel season 2 Darla. I think I have all the figures on List A of the Buffy Collector club now. I hope they change it up before I order again! I'm still trying to decide whether I should get Fred's bunny Feigenbaum. I always talk myself out of it but then [ profile] spitefairy posts with this Feigenbaum icon and Fred looks so adorable that I think "oooh I want one!"

you know, I was excited about the Willow/Kennedy/Kendra figures (okay, not really Kennedy) but this picture makes them look like crap. The deluxe figures legs just looks odd. And Kendra looks horrid!!! I don't mind some articulation but that's just too much, they stop looking like figures and more like tinker toys.
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Ooh yay, someone posted the Diamond Select Toys pics from Toy Fair which means BUFFY STUFF!

Rumors are flying that the Oz/Wood/Dru line has been cancelled, but they have the figures (and the constructed Judge) on display. Maybe they've changed their mind? Or maybe they are going to mix it up a bit and release them in a different wave. I think the Oz sculpts look really good.

Yet another wave of Willows is in the line-up, but at least they are new costumes! Finally, a Halloween Willow! (though her torso seems a bit long and skinny in the wrong parts, but oh well). Kendra also get a figure as does *barf* Kennedy.

And then there's this....which I'm not really sure what that's all about. Someone on [ profile] whedonesque said that they are a new series, with less articulation in the figures but they come with extra body parts instead to create scenes. Not sure about it. These are clearly still in the basic stages. It could be really cool or sorta dumb. I'd prefer just to have different playsets with spots for my current figures but oh well. I heard the Library Playset didn't sell as well as they hoped so that probably put them off those.

Seems to be a statue line coming out too. Not really interested in these, they will probably be quite big and expensive. They sure do look cool though.

I'm still on the fence about Mr Gordo and Feigenbaum. The bunny is adorable though. I'm pretty sure that's now what Mr Gordo looked like for the 30 seconds he was on screen. But he is sorta mooshed into a box. *sigh* I should ask for a Time & Space Toys giftcard for my birthday so I can buy them all!!!
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[ profile] faeriesfolly posted some sweet, simple, and awesome icons on her icon journal [ profile] petitemerci and it made me think - why am I stressing over text when the image can say it all!!! So thank you dearie for inspiring me! I made a handful of simple icons from the TONS of pictures on my poor D drive.

Under the cut we have some Kristen Bell, Star Wars, Firefly, Buffy, Last Unicorn, and even one Strangers in Paradise & Sandman...

check it out! )
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Buffyverse Trivia Contest in D.C.!

I really want to go. I doubt I'd win, but I'd have a lot of fun. :) As long as it's all TV show related, I'd be fine.

EDIT: well, I just emailed in my participation form. It's a Saturday I work, so I'll have to run down there after that, but it will be worth it. [ profile] dstntp1lgr1m says he'll come along with me and give it a try. Maybe I should study up...whats the most random buffy question you can think of and I'll see if I know the answer...

Also in Joss-related news - Diamond Select Toys has announced some new 'Serenity' merch, the "River Triumphant" statue. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to pass, the base of dead reavers is really a turn off. I wonder if that's detachable...
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for your viewing pleasure - 'Done theImpossible' a documentary hosted by Adam Baldwin ("Jayne") about thefans' journey watching Firefly and the birth of 'Serenity' with faninterviews (and the term "fan" includes people like you and me, Joss,the cast, and crew.)

Anyway, since the creators knew this would end up as a torrentanyway, they've released it online for FREE download and you can watchthe whole thing. I'm watching it now and really enjoying it.

Here's the main site -

Here's where the torrent is -

wow, it's makin' me all teary eyed.
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AH! Why hasn't someone invented the transporter yet? I need to be beamed to San Diego IMMEDIATELY!

Joss will be at Comic Con on Saturday!

*sigh* Some day....some day he'll be close enough for me to meet him. Really, all I want to do is hug him and say thank you.

Also, falling under the "If I Had a Million Dollars" heading - more props from 'Serenity' went on sale. I have to say, the framed bank notes are pretty darn cool. Oh if I had the cash to blow, I would blow it. At least on one piece. Just to have it.

Seriously though, Joss needs to get his booty over to this coast.

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