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Oh, hi 2011. No, don't get up, you're looking a bit rough around the edges, just one single day left for you and then it's all over. So please, don't over exert yourself.

You've been an interesting year. So many ups and downs, though I really only posted ups on here. I'm sorry I wasn't more honest with you, 2011. I really just wanted to forget my past this year and embrace a new me and I think I might have gone a little bit overboard with the embracing. I know my bank account is still swooning from the trips to Boston, London, Maine, Bermuda, and Georgia, along with other random concerts and such. It was worth it, though, don't get me wrong, lots of memories that I will have forever! But I think I need to be a bit more selective next year when it comes to spending huge wads of cash. Try to start paying attention to my bills now that I'm on my own.

I'm not really big on resolutions but I do have a few things I really want to do next year. 2012, I'm talking to you now. I know you're waiting in the wings to jump in and take over, but let's just get some things straight. I want 2012 to be a good and honest year. You're gonna be honest with me, right 2012? Let's not keep any secrets from each other or our friends. New rule - if you don't feel comfortable blogging about it or tweeting it, then you probably shouldn't do it. Seems good yeah?

Other than that, my goals are to continue to see my parents at least once a month. The visits did me good. And I'm going to add in to that a monthly dinner with my brother, who I would really like to get to know better and that's hard to do when you're sitting around the dinner table with the family and want to talk about life stuff.

That's it. Figured I would keep it simple - be more honest and reconnect with my brother.

Think you can handle that 2012? 2011 wasn't quite up for the challenge, but I like the look of you.
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note to self - when singing 'Old MacDonald Had a Farm', the bird-like creature that you have a puppet of is in fact a Chicken and not a Rooster. And the Chicken just says "cluck cluck" Because "cock-a-doodle" doesn't quite work out the way you want it to in the end.

Seriously, just sing the verse and you'll see why I almost died of embarassment today during storytime.

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Went to my new dentist today and had my check up and such. Looks like one of my fillings fell out so I have to go back and get that replaced - yipee. She also said that my lower wisdom teeth have not come in yet because there's no room for them and gave me a referral to an oral surgeon. Yikes! She showed me the x-rays though, and she's right, the teeth are coming in sideways and no good will come of them. It made me sad.

But I cheered up again, because I ran into Target and got a shiny new Blue clone trooper AND a Superman Figure & Cup set! Yay! My new superman will come to work with me and sit on my desk for moral support.

UUuuuuuh, not a whole let else happenin' here. As many of you have pointed out, it's mad crazy hot here on the east coast of the US. I took [ profile] jimithingy's car into work today. I am planning on taking my car over to the shop tomorrow just to see what it would cost to recharge the AC (if that's all it is). Mini plans are being pushed back until they have a rebate or sale or something.

I signed up for a gmail account. Everyone's always talking about how great it is, and my hotmail has been invaded by strange porn spam recently and it's driving me crazy! So I figured, what the heck! My friends had invites, why not give it a whirl.

I need to buy shorts. That's my mission for this weekend - get shorts! and new sandals that don't smell like feet. Because my grandparents house in Maine has no AC so I will want shorts. And so will the mosquitos.
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So, I won $10 today at work! It's because I got a "Bravo" last month for helping with some Summer Reading Club stuff and they drew my name out of a hat and voila, $10! I've already spent it on star wars stuff though (I should be getting a Yoda tie and comics this weekend).

Want to waste gobs of time? Looks like lots of Colbert Report "The Word" segments have been uploaded to YouTube....yes, I could lose a whole day. This one on Wikipedia cracks me up though.

tomorrow is [ profile] zaubervz's birthday. Yowza, the kids like 17! and 40 feet tall! He says we will go out for sushi for his birthday dinner. Should be fun. :) I love chillin' with my bro.

Zach Braff has an official MySpace now...I want to add him to my friends list but I know that logging into that evil thing will crash my internetz. Ah well, I just want everyone to know, that if I asked Zach Braff to be my friend - he would say yes!

and now, I am really really really tired. If the library is going to be hot and stuffy tomorrow, I am not looking forward to that adventure. Makes for a long day.
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okay, so that was fun. I'll admit it.

MINI & me )
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So, I finally took that first step.

After years of obsessing over the Mini Cooper from afar. After having pictures of Mini Coopers stuck to my walls next to Buffy and Star Wars images. After *squee*-ing every time one passed us on the road.

I've scheduled a test drive.

I'm gonna see if they are as much fun on the inside as they look from the outside.

See, the thing is, I've never purchased anything that cost as much as a car. I've never been in debt. I pay off my credit card bills in full as soon as they arrive. I someone managed to avoid having any student loans (I need to thank my parents for that one). And I live in an apartment, so I've never had to make house payments or anything like that. So the very thought of taking that first step, of even pondering the purchase of a car, it's very scary.

But I think my poor baby is getting near her end. My '92 escort is chugging along. Her AC is not working, not that it really has been 100% for awhile. The brakes are sketchy, to say the least. She kinda smells weird, ever since that night in Richmond when she got flooded. She vibrates...a lot. Oh yeah, and I put a huge dent in the right door a few years back when pulling into a garage. If you go to one of those "Car Value" sites and enter my info in - she's only worth about $300...maybe.

And I figure, if I'm going to purchase a new car, a car that will probably be with me for a large portion of the rest of my adult life, I should get something I think is pretty darn cool.

I'm trying to stay calm. I don't want to show up at the dealer with "SOLD!" written on my forhead. And I'm not going to commit to anything. It's just to see if I can deal with being inside a Mini.

So, Wednesday, after work, I'm going to head over to the dealership which is *right* down the road from the library, and see what happens.
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Well, today walked a fine line between disaster and good time. We were all set to go down to Virginia for the Rockwell Church concert. As a bonus, we were going to get peking duck at Duck Chang's, as part of [ profile] jimithingy's (somewhat belated) birthday dinner.

So we're heading out to the car and I'm getting ready to grab my connecting cable from my car so we can plug my minidisc recorder into the soundboard when [ profile] jimithingy's car decides to do...well nothing. Well, it made a horrible horrible noise but it refused to actually start. This was not good. While his AC wasn't working 100%, it still worked, while my car's air conditioner hasnt' worked all summer.

things start to heat up... )
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Time for me to deliberate over what kind of haircut I should get.

I want something new, fun, and summery. Something that requires little to no styling time or ability. My face is somewhat round, so I need a style that doesn't make it seem any rounder. I like a little bit of bangs but not too much (and definately not that straight across cut that they tried on Anne Hathaway). Currently my hair is season 4 Willow length, maybe a teensy bit shorter.

Here's what I'm pondering so far:

A shorter version of Sarah Chalke's haircut from Season 3 of Scrubs (yes we just watched this episode tonight? your point?). The only problem I forsee with this is how it will look when it grows out.

Or I could try the semi-flip again, this time armed with a picture of Reese Witherspoon from 'Sweet Home Alabama' (except I'd ask for some bangs...I need bangs, I have a lot of forhead.)

Pretty much - I need layers because my hair is pretty darn thin. If I just get it cut straight then it lies flat and looks very blech, especially since I have no styling skills. So link me to pics that sounds like they might be what I'm looking for. I'm hoping to get it cut this weekend or early next week if possible.
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I didn't feel like leaving the apartment yesterday so I amused myself by re-arranging the bulletin board above my head and hanging up some new posters. And because I'm a huge dork, I took pictures to show you all! See how many fandoms you can spot!

Oh, and I also took pics of my new desk layout now that I snagged [ profile] jimithingy's old monitor and speakers. I'm pretty happy with the whole layout.

pics of my desk area under the cut )
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so, [ profile] jimithingy went to pick up sushi for lunch yesterday from Tokyo Sushi. Usually we go there together or with a group. Anyway, the story goes that he got there to pick up the sushi, and the restaurant owner, a little japanese lady, asked him where his sister was.

He quickly corrected here, "you mean my girlfriend?"

and apparently she just cracked up.

[ profile] jimithingy is actually a year older than me, but you probably wouldn't guess it by looking at him. My hypothesis? She thinks I'm some sort of cradle robber!
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[ profile] jimithingy survived another birthday :) It was saturday, so he had lots of presents and then I took him out for dinner. We made a slight detour after dinner to CompUSA and he picked out a new monitor for his computer. It is very very pretty. He gave me his old monitor, which is better than the one I had before (which was starting to die anyway) but now I have monitor envy. I mean, he's got a bunch more space, on his desk and on the screen!

To make it worse, they are on sale this week too...must...resist...another...purchase.

Anyhoo, then Saturday night [ profile] beckanon popped in and she hung out with us all day sunday and a good chunk of today (I just dropped her at Amtrak around 4:30). That as a lot of fun. She had never seen the magnificence that is our apartment. All the random toys and dvds. I think we scared her a little bit. (we will find out when she posts something abou ther trip...any minute now). I attempted to get her hooked on the WoWz too. We shall see if she tries it again. Might have to email her the free trial so she can play with her undead warlock Schwa some more.

Now we've switched out the monitors...and my star wars toys won't all fit on top of this one, it's too angled in the back so the little "space creator" i had perched o my old monitor just slides right off. :( So now I have to find a new home for my galactic heroes!
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I changed the banner and color of my livejournal, it's very very very blue. haha. But I like it. I wanted happy smiling faces to greet me, so I picked some of my favorite girls looking cute and voila! Plus an Oscar Wilde quote that just about sums up my attitude towards life and it's all good.

whatcha think?

Oh, also, I finally cracked and downloaded Trillian, which means I'm simultaneously logged into AIM, MSN, and Yahoo messenger! crazy huh?
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Every time we've found the little note in our door saying the water might be turned off tomorrow or the next day, it's usually turned off the next day. But I always get up early on the morrow to take a shower and then find out that I really didn't have to.

So, yesterday, we found a note on the door saying "Water will be turned off Thursday and or Friday from 8am - 5pm". I saw the Friday bit, and decided "it will happen friday".


I woke up this morning at 10am, and there was no water. Thank goodness [ profile] jimithingy bought some water at Giant. Still, dumping Deer Park water on your head is not the best way to get clean. But I did, and I survived.

and now I'm debating taking a shower before I go to bed in case the water is off tomorrow too.
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Today I touched a book from 1730. It's cover was made of velvet, though after that many years, it hardly looked or felt like velvet anymore.

Enoch Pratt is a cool library, but I have no desire to ever work there. Perhaps live there, but not work there. haha. There's almost too much information. Plus, I like being a generalist (getting to answer all the questions and not just some). I could see myself getting burnt out if I was stuck in a department where i only got one kind of question all day long. But the central branch is really neat. Especially the very old books. We got to go down into the stacks, which look like a set from Indiana Jones or something. It smelled really good. hahah. If you like the smell of old books, that is. I took a nice deep breath.

this has been an incredibly long week. And there are still 2 days left! Thank goodness Friday morning I have 4 hours to do work in the backroom! I'm sure my inbox at work is piled high with random bits of paper.

Still no word on Mario DDR - [ profile] jimithingy checked again and was given the same "hm..we're supposed to get it soon" response. But Gamestop's site changed again, now it says "ships in 24 hours". So I don't know what's going on! [ profile] jimithingy is hoping that it means they got them at their main office and have actually started shipping them out now....*crosses fingers*
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I love Tues and Thurs - I get to sleep in until 11am because I don't have to be at work until 12:30, it's great.

Except that, I don't get out of work until 9pm...which means I come home, eat dinner and then it's almost bedtime.

Like right now, I should be in bed because I have to be at work at 8:45am...approx 7 hours from now.


In other news - [ profile] jimithingy & I went ahead and signed on for another year here in the apartment. Rent only went up by $30, which isn't so bad. We just can't find anyplace better than this complex! It's the darn washer/dryer in unit. That really spoiled us.

and THANK YOU to [ profile] moonfall! I got the buffy book today, it has a good home and will be loved here. It's already making friends with the other books. :D
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okay, maybe not my soul...but definately my free time. It's like a vortex and if i have any free time that comes near it, it sucks it up, spits it out, and then has Montezuma destroy it! I HATE MONTEZUMA! I was all set yesterday and the bastard shows up and declares war on me! Stole my main city!

He's going to die tonight. I SWEAR IT!

I'm going to recruit [ profile] jimithingy and see if he will help me on my mission.

In other news - I just got my mom to spend an embarassing amount at Kohls for me. I had no spring clothes left, so she offered to take me shopping. [ profile] zaubervz came too but most of it was my fault. Let me just say - you get a $10 gift of Kohls Kash for every $50 you spend....and my mom left with a $90 gift certificate.....*blushes*

This is what happens when you only go shopping twice a year. I should be all set for awhile though!

okay, I'm off to rule the world!
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I actually cut my finger on a jello pudding container today. Slid my hand around to find the little pull tab and managed to slice into my finger with the foil top. *headdesk* Yes, I have a pudding related injury.

I am beyond tired, I don't know where my energy is. If you see it, please toss it in a box and mail it back to me. because i'm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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I made a new layout with a banner that is pretty much a mini-version of the wallpaper I made the other day. Switched back to good ol' component layout too.

thank you [ profile] jimithingy for putting up with all my CSS questions - I am such a n00bcakes when it comes to coding except for very basic html, so your patience was appreciated. *hugs*

I'm not 100% sure I like the coloring I went with for the entry boxes but it's getting late and I need to get to bed. Back to the branch tomorrow, and after two days of being elsewhere, I'm interested to see whats piled up on my desk! Plus, I'm back to my 7:30 wakeup call.

Off to read more 'Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader' which is surprisingly fun!
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Had some more LATI training today, this time at the West County branch - a pleasant 20 minute drive from my apartment. First half of the training was very interesting - it was all about web searching, search engines, metafilters and other ways of finding stuff online. I pretty much default to google at all times, so it was nice to hear about Yahoo, Ask, and a few other search engines that are out there.

The second half of the program was on blogging. And I might not be an expert on blogging, but as far as blogging basics go, I'm pretty much there. But part of the exercise of the day was to set up a blog on Blogger. So now you'll get another google hit when you type in "orangerful".

I think that makes 5 blogs for me - livejournal, xanga, MySpace,, and now Blogger. *headdesk*

I think I've posted once to the starwars blog, I was going to make it a collecting blog, but i'm too lazy to log into Hyperspace and post haha. I should start posting there so I can be cool like [ profile] snarkel. MySpace is annoying so I don't post there. Xanga is me tricking co-workers to come to my livejournal. And Blogger....what shall I do with you???

I want to change my livejournal layout again...I think I want to use the natalie header i made, or perhaps make a jewel staite header that mimics my new to do what to DO!

OH! Also, during LATI, I went ahead and set up a feed for my friends website - [ profile] brownbookloft. She's a librarian and reviews books on a pretty regular basis, so if you need some readers advisory, she can help you out. Her blog is pretty nice too, she's set up on typepad. If you want to peruse the actual site, it's
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both [ profile] dstntp1lgr1m and [ profile] spitefairy have talked RPGs at me this week, and it made me wonder - when the heck is Zelda: Twilght Princess coming out!!!! Haven't we waited long enough Nintendo! I want to ride on the horsey and kill the evil minions! says September. I hope they are telling the truth. *crosses fingers*

Played an insane amount of WoW yesterday - Inara is now a level 58! Almost everyone in our [ profile] kneuroticknight guild signed on for a little bit. I think they've remedied most of our servers issues - at least, I didn't have any trouble signing on last night. *shrug*

the first round for challenge 2 of [ profile] actress_lims is up. It's an all Natalie Portman challenge. She's making a weird face in the picture and her hair is very odd. I've cropped it the way I to figure out what kind of textures or pretties I want to add.

Monday and Tuesday I have LATI at West County! Hopefully I'll be able to say hello to all my buddies at that branch. [ profile] blu_harvest, I finished volume 3 of Alias last night. I really like this series! Vol 3 might be my favorite so far....mebbe. I started 4 this morning! Good stuff. Now to see if I can find Bendis' Daredevil run...

Speaking of good stuff, I randomly picked up my 'Strangers in Paradise' book yesteday while flying between Menethil and the Plaguelands. Got sucked right back into the story in about 3 seconds. I need to buy Vol 2 of that. I forgot about Francine and Katchoo and David. Oh, and Freddie, but he's a jerk so it's okay to forget him haha. OMG I just found the site to put the link there and it says there are only 10 more issues left in the series. Wow. I got some reading to do.

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