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Just posting these links because they look interesting and I want to read them later but I feel like some of you might be interested in them too.

Transcript of New Orleans' Mayor Landrieus address on Confederate Monuments

Beleaguered tenants of Kushnerville
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And for those of you sick of reading my Facebook rants, here are some fun links to images from Toy Fair 2016. HIDE MY WALLET!!!!!!!

Scroll down for the Star Wars Clue and BB-8 Operation games!

SO MANY NEW FUNKOS AAAAAAH! Harry Potter fans BEWARE - there is a LUNA and a SIRIUS! I need to get Flame Princess for my Adventure Time collection.

I'm only on the first Witcher game right now but I have listened/watched Tim play the three and these figures are just as gorgeous as the game characters. I think we will have to get Geralt and Ciri for sure...though I think Tim has a crush on Triss, so maybe I will get him Triss for Christmas (they don't come out until the Fall UUUUUGH!)

In mobile app news: Nintendo is dipping their toes into the world of APPS! Miitomo is coming soon! Pre-register now and we can be friends when it launches yay! (hopefully they won't have a stupid "real name" requirement).
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ALL THE NOPES GO TO THIS: Reboot of 'Labyrinth' in the works.

ALL THE WTFS GO TO THIS: Gillian Anderson offered less money for X-Files reunion series.

This song is stuck in my head, I can't stop watching it...I think it is the pretty that is Oscar Isaac and the ridiculous faces that Adam Driver has to make when he sings the noises:

Speaking of Adam Driver, Star Wars + SNL is a good mix:

and I can't remember if I posted this one so I am doing it again because it makes me laugh EVERY. DAMN. TIME. (I totally know collector's like this. I love them but...they can be such nerds LOL)

and now, to shovel snow so I can feel less guilty about playing Fallout the rest of the day...
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I've got the bare-bones structure of [ profile] re_viewings put together, hoping to put the finishing touches on this week. If anyone wants to make me a few promotional banners, I wouldn't stop you. :)

I've never actually modded a community before so this should be quite an experience!

Anyway, feel free to click through and poke around. Typed in a brief synopsis of what I plan to do in the profile but I plan to add a sticky post too. I haven't really figured out an official schedule. Do you think asking people to watch two episodes a week is too much?

But now it's midnight and I work tomorrow so no more playing in photoshop tonight!! (but boy was it fun! It has been a long time!!)


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Since we were just discussing Pixar films on [ profile] unnecessary_'s LJ the other day, I felt I should share this aweomse list:

50 Best Pixar Easter Eggs

There are a LOT of Cars references in there, guess because it's easy to slip a car inot a scene.

I would stay and gush about how much I love Pixar but I gotta run some errands before I go to work and then pick up my co-worker on the way, so I can't be late because that would make her late.

Plus there is dramam which I might share because it is both OMG and WHAAA?

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It was a CRAZY busy day today at work. Started off rough with a bit of a *ahem* misunderstanding between a co-worker and I, then got crazy when I realized I never told our scheduler that my program was moved from 6 to 5:30, so I didn't have any time to eat my "dinner" before I set up. Luckily, two other library peeps came to my rescue - which was good because we had frakkin' 34 people show up for the Guitar Hero event. It was quite the showdown. The top two scorers were just points away from each other.

Anyway, so my brain is too fried for NaNo-ing right now...instead, I'll show you what other people have written today:

- Wil Wheaton made me squee when he revealed his hidden involvment in the latest Star Trek movie. I'll have to listen closely to see if I can hear him (oh wait, we'll buy it on blu-ray, the sound will be GLORIOUS!)

- I'm sure you've seen this already, but I gotta jump up and down about it again - Think Geek has their Tauntaun backpack up for pre-order! Not sure if I should buy it now or ask "Santa" (i.e. my parents) to buy it for me as my Christmas present...

- Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. make me smile. (thank you [ profile] hermionesparkle for posting a link to this). I've only every really watched her on Buffy, but this interview in People magazine made me tear-up a bit. Her and Freddie are so OTP.

- Sesame Street has been on TV for FORTY YEARS! And, as usual, watching the highlight real for Season 40 makes me want to set up my DVR. Make sure you stick around for Ricky Gervais torturing Elmo...

- Speaking of Sesame, you can vote for your favorite clip from the 80s. This is really hard! There are so many great ones!!!!
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Huzzah! I just got an email from Entertainment Earth saying that my Electric Tiki Buffy statue has FINALLY shipped (I pre-ordered this item in SEPTEMBER - it was supposed to be out in December...)

YAY! Soon she will join Tooned-Up Willow in my cabinet and it will be the awesome! Then I just have to wait patiently for Faith....

In other news, Patrick Stewart on Sesame Street - do kids even get this?

Also, I might need to get a second Master's BEATLES-OLOGY! (Nah, I think I'll hold out for the all-Whedon Master's...clearly I just need to hold out for another 40 years...)
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Find this and many other amusing montages here: Fanboy Supercuts

I enjoyed the montage of every "Dude" in Big Lebowski. I need to click around and see what other gems are hidden on this site.
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This site looks pretty cool. ANIMOTO - it takes your photos and music and creates a music video. I might have to play with it this weekend. I'm thinking I'll upload some of my Rock Band photos and see how that turns out. Very neat idea.

That's all really. I can't believe it is only Tuesday, this week is already TOO LONG. At least it is my Friday off...and I have a Readers Advisory training (Raring to Go - lulz at the librarian humor) on Thursday afternoon which should make the day go by fast.
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Katherine Heigl says 'Knocked Up' was "a little sexist"

Um...I think [ profile] bittertwee and I already covered this back when the movie first came out. Where were you Slate? HUH!? 'Knocked Up' was a fun movie, but upon repeat viewings, it turns into a very serious examination of what is wrong with so many relationships and the portrayal of relationships in the media today.

I also found this article interesting in light of the post/conversation I had with [ profile] jellibean yesterday over some "Just Wait" abstinence commercials. The trend right now is the image that males are irresponsible so women should be super responsible so then women are labeled as nagging naggers that nag all the time but we've been told that if we don't men will just do whatever they want and leave us behind with babies.

Dunno, it's crazy stuff, and far too serious to think about around Christmas! Still...
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For those of you with questions about 'His Dark Materials' and the rumors that swirl around it's ending, Scott Westerfeld just did a fantastic post on his blog breaking it all down. Semi-spoilers for the end of the series, but if you're truly curious about what happens to the "god" at the end of HDM, this will hopefully clear up some questions (not all, you should still read the books and interpret them for yourselves!)

I really want to read the books again. Or, I guess read them for the first time since I've only experienced them as audiobooks. The first time through you're just so caught up in the story that there's hardly time to think about the metaphors/images/parallels/agendas/etc. Especially since it ended completely differently than what I ever expected.
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Anthony Bourdain rips into Food Network - laughs ensue

I think I've read bits of this before, but reading the whole thing after watching so much Food Network over the summer, it is even funnier.

Except for the Mario Batali part! What is going on there? So, that is what 'Next Iron Chef' is really about!

Also, I am TOTALLY going to make a Bobby Flay icon that says "Not Mr. Cuddlesworth"
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[ profile] gypsyjr alerted me this lovely website of Bruce Campbell facts! (Vin Diesel and Chuck Norris were not available for comment because Bruce ATE THEM!) It's why the refresh button was invented!

[ profile] cj_rss linked to this hilarious "V for Vendetta in 15 minutes" entry. It's long but it's worth the read, had me giggling alot. SPOILERY! Do not read this unless you've seen the movie! I mean it! You won't get the jokes unless you've seen it anyhow....

[ profile] toothlesshag tries to figure out where the crew of the USS Enterprise goes when they hear that "gotta go gotta go gotta go right now" song....and what the holodeck is really for...and who the heck cleans up all their mess?

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