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Well, you would be right! Poor meme got buried but I was reminded today because a few of you are keeping it alive!

[ profile] brunettepet asked to see my favorite piece of art in the house and [ profile] imagine_peace asked for a framed picture. So here are a few to pick from:

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[ profile] meathiel asked for some of my favorite jewelry:

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[ profile] a_phoenixdragon asked about my favorite place to hang out at home, which was a toss up between the TV or the computer room LOL. I went with my computer because why not!

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[ profile] phenomenal asked for a picture of my favorite book.

I stole this copy from my parents when I found it on the downstairs bookshelf in middle school. My Mom told me I would like it. I LOVED IT!

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I've seen this going around and I want to play too!

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask for as many as you want!
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1. Did you know your spouse?
NOPE! He would have been in California and also he is 5 years older than so that would have been CREEPY!

2. Did you car pool to school?
Senior year I rode with my friend Katie a few mornings. She had this really OLD conversion van. But since I had lots of after school stuff, my Mom usually had to pick me up.

3. What kind of car did you have?
None, I didn't bother getting my license until after I graduated. First year of college I got my Dad's 1992 Ford Escort and I drove that until it died in the library parking lot in 2006.

4. What kind of car do you have now?
For a few more months, I have a 2006 Mini Cooper. We're looking at new cars now though...that's for another post...

5. It's Saturday night...where were you?
Probably at home catching up on the X-Files episode I missed because we had marching band on Friday night (actually, this was only an issue for the first half of high school, then they moved it to Sundays).

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18: Favorite booktuber(s) -- er, i don't watch any.

19: Book that you call your child. -- ?????? Oddly enough, as someone who gets oddly emotionally attached to pop culture all the time, I've never had a "book baby". I tend to stumble upon them and they are full grown by them so I can't look at them like a parent, just fan. :)

20: A character you like but you really, really shouldn't.
I am drawing a big ol' blank here LOL. How sad is that? I think of lots of protagonists that I like, but nobody that I "shouldn't" like.

21: Do you loan your books?
Sort of? I work at a library so usually I can just refer people there, but I do have a few books that I have purchased specifically to lend to my parents. When I was a teen, I loaned my books out all the time because I saw those people all the time! I guess I would lend a book to my coworkers now, though usually the library has it so no need!
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So apparently, my pattern is that I read LJ on the weekends, catch up by Monday, then get too busy to read the rest of the week, leaving me drowning in posts on the weekend!

I blame some of these on the library and Summer Reading Club so I can't sneak a peek during the day LOL. Yes, I am bring forced to work at work all day! OH THE HUMANITY! (love my job!)

Anyway, I just went back some 300 entries on LJ and I think I am caught up now. YOWZA you guys were chatty (though there was some kind of LJ glitch that loaded a TON of [ profile] fragbert's posts from early June that I had never seen before and they were all on my flist...)

We're having a cookout today. Tomorrow is July 4th but we figured people may have plans with family, so we're doing a friends cookout, just a small group. Originally it was just 2 people, but then Tim extended an invite to Mathew and I mentioned our friend Zac and we have two other "maybes" so who knows, might be a mini-shindig! Though only the original two are committed for the full evening hehe. Shenanigans may ensue.

THAT BOOK MEME #17 What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?

I'm fine with them as long as they are GOOD LOL. Honestly, sometimes I think the movie has an opportunity to improve upon the books, if done right.

One of my secret wishes is for Harry Potter to be redone, maybe 30 years from now, and done as a mini-series, with more detail, maybe fixing some of the more obvious issues...kinda like they did with LotR.

More often than not, the movies butcher the books but what can ya do? I'm a big believer in reading the book first. There are only 3 movies I can think of that are better than the books (Jaws, Whip It, and Me & Earl & the Dying Girl) (The last two are good books, the visuals of a movie just make the stories better...the jaws book is AWFUL!!!!!!!!)

And if it wasn't for Jurassic Park being made into a movie, I never would have become a Michael Crichton fan!

How about you guys? Any movie/tv adaptations that you LOVE just as much/more than the book? Any that you would like to see wiped from cinema history?
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16: Rant about anything book related

Two trends that I cannot stand right now in publishing:
1. Making books into comic books. Just to cash in. GUESS WHAT - Percy Jackson sold FINE in book form! They made a movie out of it! We don't need THE EXACT SAME STORY told in comic book form. I mean, if it was like the WARRIORS series where the comics were separate stories, I could deal with it, but just taking books and making them comics, with no real style, just an obvious cash-in, blah.

2. "Young Reader Editions" that are the same damn size as the adult book. Look, if you're in middle/high school and want to read 'Unbroken', just read 'Unbroken'. If you're interested in Malala, read her autobiography, not the "sanitized" version that is the "young reader's edition". Either your kid is ready for this, interested in this, or they are not.

The ABSOLUTE WORST is when they make a young reader's edition, a picture book edition and then a comic book. (okay that last one hasn't happened yet, but give it time!)

Anyone else have any book/publishing trends that are pet peeves at the moment?
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15. Post a shelfie

I figured this should probably get it's own post. Though as I take photos, I realize how I don't really own that many books anymore and also I don't really use my bookshelves for books LOL. they are mostly about displays of books, toys, movies etc.. Also, most of my childhood books are still at my parents (don't tell Tim, he is already horrified by the boxes I bring back any time we visit my folks LOL, so many Star Wars toys to bring home with me when he is not looking...)

Anyway, see for yourself - if you dare! The photos are clickable and will take you over to flickr if you want to zoom in and be really nosy. :) I don't mind, I did the same to you!


Hope you all enjoyed my little shelfie tour. :)
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11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
I'm not sure I've ever been involved in a book fandom...though I do fangirl over a lot of books, it is usually just me telling people at the library why they should pick up that book to read LOL.
But if I had to go by random stuff around my house and on my shelves, I would have to say 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. I have several editions of the books, I have the t-shirt, etc. :)

12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
A few years back, I decided to pick up 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry. I had been forced to read this book in 6th grade and I didn't like it at all. But I wanted to go back because so many people referred to it as a modern classic and talked about how it was near and dear to their hearts.

So, I checked it out and I fell in love with it (12 year old me was far too self-involved to understand the message, plus I always failed at reading assigned books).

ANYWAY, I was carrying it around with me to read everywhere I went and I had to stop at Chik-Fil-A for lunch on my way to a meeting. I was reading the book while eating my sandwich and one of the employees walked by. He did a double take at the cover, stopped and said "OMG THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK!! IT IS SO GOOD!" and I told him I was enjoyed it and we had this nice little moment of "the power of books" and I will always remember it. <3

13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
I think Schmendrick the Magician and I would get along well LOL. We both try our best to be good friends, even if we don't always do it perfectly.

14: Favorite item of book merch
'Hitchhiker's Guide' t-shirt my Mom bought me a few years ago.
I also have a Mockingjay pin that I bought BEFORE IT WAS COOL #hipsterlibrarian. Seriously, Hot Topic was selling those things before the movie was even a thing.
Also, I have a copy of 'The Last Unicorn' that Peter Beagle autographed, then wrote a few pages of the Schmendrick story in, and this his publisher did a Unicorn doodle in the inside flap. (too bad they had a falling out recently, sorta taints the whole thing but oh well).

In non-meme news, today was our big kick off event at the library for Summer Reading! It was insanely hot outside and inside but we had fun. I'm sure we had at least 200 kids. I was in charge of the bowling station (this year's theme is sports so we had a little carnival games set up in our meeting room). The kids seem to really like it, many of them played over and over. And I had LOTS of smiling faces greet me, recognizing me from the school visits I did last week. Always nice to see them and I'm always impressed that they remember me.

I kinda want to sign up for this round of [ profile] character20n20 but I'm not sure who I want to icon. Maybe I could do Rey...I need some TFA icons. OR I could do Han Solo and then I'd have 4 movies to pull from, though there are lots of other movies I love that I could pick from...thoughts?

And now I will end the post with a photo of my E.T. shelf - drunk E.T. has joined the crew!
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6: Public library or personal library?
This one is probably obvious LOL. I've always gone to the library since I was a teen, mostly because I liked to research my current pop culture obsessions and the only way I could get all the books was through the library. I very rarely buy a book, usually if I buy it I have already read it and just want a copy to lend to friends OR it is a collectible book in some way.

The years where I didn't go to the library regularly I didn't read very much. Now I have stacks of books on my desk all the time! Plus, since they are free, I'm more adventurous in picking up different types of books. I would be so broke if I bought every book I had on hold at the library.

7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
The binding? I mean, without that, it's just a stack of papers! Just kidding! (though that question is phrased oddly). I'd probably say the characters and their arcs. I like books where the characters change and grow in some way...which is probably why I prefer children's and teen's fiction. As I always say, in most "adult" fiction, the characters start out miserable and end up miserable.

8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?
I'm listening to 'Watership Down' because it was never on my radar until a few years ago...I think when it popped up on LOST as one of the books that Sawyer was reading. And then the BBC/Netflix announced a miniseries sometime next year with a fantastic cast.

I think I read a review of 'Of Better Blood' in 'School Library Journal' while looking for new books to booktalk. With everything going on in our country right now, a historical fiction novel for teens about the eugenics moment in the 1920s felt very...relevant.

Oh and all my Star Wars friends will be happy to know that 'Bloodline' finally arrived on my desk!!! I'm only 30 pages in and already SO MANY FEELS!

9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
orangerful? Or maybe I'd just use my first and middle name. Or perhaps just go with "Sam" instead of "Samantha" to keep the sexist readers guessing!

10: Do you listen to music when you read?
NOPE! If there are any other sounds, I will be distracted. Music is the worst because my brain will start singing along. Even if there are no words, my brain will try to connect the music to an image or movie so, again, distracted! This is why I mostly read in bed or when I have lunch alone.
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Oh my goodness, I think almost every single number has been called so I've got like 40 different questions to answer about BOOKS! LOL! I will break this down into sets of at least 5 otherwise I will be blogging it forever. :P

I guess I'll include links to GoodReads in case anyone decides to add a few to their own to-read list!

1. Currently Reading
Of Better Blood by Susan Moger (bedtime book)
Watership Down by Richard Adams (audiobook in the car)
Black Panther by Christopher Priest (lunchtime book)

2. Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible. No character names or title.
The girls were together again, happy and laughing, even if they hadn't managed to earn very many badges that day.

3: First book that had a major influence on you
Very hard to pick, but I'm going to go with Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton. It's one of the few books I have a clear memory of reading for fun, enjoying, and making me want to go back for more.

4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first? Ford Prefect. :)

5: Favorite series and why
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series. Or, if we're going to go with comics, Y: The Last Man. Or if we do children/teen books, I think I might go with Gregor the Overlander. It takes a lot to get me to read an entire series and these three are ones that I not only read, but would re-read if I had the time! They stuck with me!

book meme!

Jun. 12th, 2016 12:38 pm
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snagged from [ profile] verdande_mi who borrowed it from [ profile] ellipsisms

1: Currently Reading
2: Describe the last scene you read in as few words as possible. No character names or title.
3: First book that had a major influence on you
4: Quick, you're in desperate need of a fake name. What character name do you think of first?
5: Favorite series and why
6: Public library or personal library?
7: What is the most important part of a book, in your opinion?
8: Why are you reading the book you're currently reading?
9: If you were to publish a book what (besides your real name) would you use for your author name?
10: Do you listen to music when you read? 
11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
14: Favorite item of book merch
15: Post a shelfie.
16: Rant about anything book related
17: What do you think about movie/tv adaptations?
18: Favorite booktuber(s)
19: Book that you call your child.
20: A character you like but you really, really shouldn't.
21: Do you loan your books?
22: A movie or tv show you wish would have been a book
23: Did your family or friends influence you to read when you were younger?
24: First book(s) you remember being obsessed with
25: A book that you think about and you cringe because of how terrible it was
26: Do you read from recommendations or whatever book catches your eye?
27: How/where do you purchase your books?
28: An ending you wish you could change
29: Favorite female protagonist.
30: One book everyone should read
31: Do you day dream about your favorite books? If so, share one fantasy you have about them.
32: OTP or NoTP?
33: Cute and fluffy or dramatic and deadly?
34: Scariest book you ever read
35: What do you think of Ebooks
36: Unpopular opinions
37: A book you are scared is not going to be all you hoped it would be
38: What qualities do you find annoying in a character?
39: Favorite villain
40: Has there ever been a book you wish you could un-read?
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So these got lost in the shuffle of the spring break trip! I know you've all been waiting on the edge of your seats LOL!

Oh and I also wanted to say, it's been a month or so now since the MEGA FRIENDING of 2016. If we're not clicking, feel free to unfriend me, no worries. I know my flist is very active and I'm having a hard time keeping up. So, yeah, no hard feelings if you want to take my off your list.

ANYWAY! On to the final 3:

29. [ profile] eowyn asked: What's your all-time favourite R and R activity?
Hm, I guess snuggling up on the couch with a good movie and some popcorn, maybe a classic Disney/Pixar or Star Wars, something with a happy ending. (I'm realizing how little I actually R and R haha)

30. [ profile] rogueslayer452 asked: What is the most obscure thing you own?
I have a Yoda backpack that was only made in the UK and my ex bought it for me off of eBay. I love it because it was a very limited run and it's just a damn cool backpack. (I'm trying to find a photo of me wearing him, but it was clearly before I knew how to tag stuff on can kinda see him here) I like him more than the Yoda backpacks that are out now because he is actually *in* a backpack, just like he is on Luke's back, not just Yoda hanging on like a monkey.

And then there is my Buffy academic books, which are pretty obscure because who the heck reads that stuff but us hardcore nerds? :)

31. [ profile] icecoldrain asked: Do you have any tattoos? If you don't, have you ever considered getting one? NOPE! NOPE! I am a wuss. I have commitment issues. There is no way I would get a tattoo because I know I would immediately change my mind about it seconds later. Plus, I'm always afraid the moment I get a tattoo, the thing I tattooed will suddenly go evil. Like, if I did a Joss Whedon thing, Joss would turn into a crazy person and then I'd be stuck with it forever!

The only thing I think I could ever get tattooed on me would be "orangerful" because it's my other name. I've had it since 1999 so I guess I'm sticking with it?
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spring fling friending frenzy!

Because, why not? (though I feel like I just friended everyone left on LJ last week!!!!!!)
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[ profile] teragramm has started a new kind fo friending meme. Check out her "Circling the Wagons" post and, if you want to, join in the fun! You'll meet some new folks without having to go through the trouble of filling out a little form or reading through hundreds of comments.
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[ profile] icecoldrain asked: If you could go anywhere in the world in the past, present, or future, where would you go? Why?

This is a tough question! I think people tend to romantacize the past and I can't think of any historical events I might want to witness that probably wouldn't end up letting me down in the end (I always think of that scene in Timeline by Michael Crichton when the businessman is trying to charge people to travel back in time and see events and they show him Washington crossing the Delaware and, of course, he's not poised on the end of the boat like the famous painting, but hunkered down and keeping warm...anyway, I digress)

So if I had the ability to transport myself anywhere, I'd like to visit Australia or Japan right now. If I could travel back in time...maybe a fly on the wall during the filming of ESB or RotJ...maybe at ILM during Jurassic Park or something like that. Or maybe Henson studios during the hayday of The Muppet Show. They all seem like good people LOL.

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Oh what the heck! I figure I have lots of new people and I haven't done one of these in awhile so why not? I'm taking questions for the month of March. It is my birthday month after all, so I can spend it talking about myself and not feeling narcissistic lol.

What do you want to know about me? Bring it on! Fluff to tough, I'll take all the questions!

1. If you could go anywhere in the world in the past, present, or future, where would you go? Why? [ profile] icecoldrain
2. If you could go back in time and change one event in your life, what would it be and what would you do differently? How do you think it'll affect things in the present? [ profile] rogueslayer452
3. how you ended up in your current job/career, and your favorite and least favorite things about it [ profile] hamsterwoman
4. What countries have you visited/want to visit? [ profile] spaciireth
5. What has made you smile today? [ profile] 1_rhiannon_1
6. Do you have any recurring dreams? [ profile] verdande_mi
7. if you could choose to be anything, anyone - who/what would you be? [ profile] a_phoenixdragon
8. Plan your DREAM VACATION (no limitations, just that you have to spend 2 weeks on it). [ profile] dontjudgeme
9. What dating/relationship advice would you give to your unmarried/unattached friends? [ profile] dontjudgeme
10. What fandom do you think should get a revival? [ profile] rogueslayer452
11. What 3 CDs would you take to an isolated island with you? They're the only CDs you can listen to for the next 10 years. [ profile] eowyn
12. What books and/or movies have you reread/rewatched most? [ profile] qwentoozla
13. Tell me about one of your favorite people (that you actually know, not a distant person that you know of). [ profile] dontjudgeme
14. What is your favourite word/s? [ profile] xfirefly9x
15. What are you most proud of about yourself? [ profile] ragnarok_08
16. In your opinion, which show (past or present) do you think was completely overhyped by the media (note: not horrible, but just overexposed)? What show do you think was completely overlooked? [ profile] rogueslayer452
17. You've been tasked with creating a fandom-related theme park. You get to choose the fandom, the location of the park, and the first 2 attractions. What are they? [ profile] dontjudgeme
18. What subjects were your favorite in school? Your least favorite? [ profile] night_owl_9
19. What are different ways that you categorize yourself? (i.e. sister, daughter, INFJ, star wars lover) [ profile] dontjudgeme
20. What fictional animal would you want as your own pet if you could? Like...specific fictional: "Garfield" would fit here but just "unicorn" would not. [ profile] dontjudgeme
21. What do you do in your free time? [ profile] phenomenal
22. Have you been to any online meet-ups/gatherings? [ profile] blizzardskies
23. What song/artist has been on repeat for this month? [ profile] rogueslayer452
24. What's your favorite food? [ profile] kaitydid33087
25. What book would you like to see turned into a movie/television show? [ profile] stydia
26. What would you consider to be your spirit animal? [ profile] rachg82
27. Favourite fandom-memrory/happening? [ profile] verdande_mi
28. If you could meet anyone, real or fictional, living or dead, who would it be and why? [ profile] kaitydid33087
29. What's your all-time favourite R and R activity? [ profile] eowyn
30. What is the most obscure thing you own? [ profile] rogueslayer452
31. Do you have any tattoos? If you don't, have you ever considered getting one? [ profile] icecoldrain
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In case you hadn't seen this, there's a friending meme going around!

There are former LJers who would like to return, but their friends lists have been deserted.
Let's all welcome them back with open arms and show them that LJ is very much alive!
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December 9th: The day's weather. [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi

Had a little fun with this one. :) I love that the Star Wars app also provides the weather:


Also, wtf, it's 50 degrees in DECEMBER. Feels wrong this close to Christmas.

...but I'm sure I'll be bitching about the cold next week LOL. Cold really doesn't show up in Maryland until January/February. That's when the surprise!snow shows up.

I feel like I haven't had time to read my flist in forever. Trying to keep up with work and the Christmas shopping...still have NO IDEA what to get my brother, beyond the first book in The Witcher series. But I feel like I want to get him one more thing and I'm just blanking. He tends to buy everything when it comes out (well, games at least) and otherwise he is a mystery to me what he does in his free time.

Anybody have a suggestion for a 26 year old guy who likes to be stylish but not hipster? Likes a tasty whiskey but will also drink that god-awful Natty Bo' crap? He's still a geek at heart, plays video games and knows his Star Wars trivia...**sigh** I'll figure something out.

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