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1. Did you know your spouse?
NOPE! He would have been in California and also he is 5 years older than so that would have been CREEPY!

2. Did you car pool to school?
Senior year I rode with my friend Katie a few mornings. She had this really OLD conversion van. But since I had lots of after school stuff, my Mom usually had to pick me up.

3. What kind of car did you have?
None, I didn't bother getting my license until after I graduated. First year of college I got my Dad's 1992 Ford Escort and I drove that until it died in the library parking lot in 2006.

4. What kind of car do you have now?
For a few more months, I have a 2006 Mini Cooper. We're looking at new cars now though...that's for another post...

5. It's Saturday night...where were you?
Probably at home catching up on the X-Files episode I missed because we had marching band on Friday night (actually, this was only an issue for the first half of high school, then they moved it to Sundays).

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Spent Saturday cleaning up and then went to my parent's today and got more stuff LOL. I think Tim was horrified when my Mom gave me three bags/boxes of Star Wars toys (which I had asked for because nostalgia)

Reclaimed some of my #toys today, time for a stroll down memory lane. @starwars #starwars #jurassicpark

So I spent about two hours tonight going through one of the bags, wiping off the dust, and them playing with the toys.

Possibly one of my most favorite toys of all time #starwars #rancor @starwars

Possibly my favorite Star Wars toy. My Rancor got a lot of playtime because RotJ was my favorite of the movies when I was a kid (probably because of the super-mega-happy-ending) and I would drag my toy box out and play with my figure while I was watching.

Sidenote: I was digging through my parent's DVDs and found out my brother bought the Special Edition Limited Release of the Original Trilogy that has the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASES on the bonus discs!!!!!!! I totally "borrowed" them because I want to watch RotJ again but I know the one on my blu-ray copy will make me rage (GIVE ME MY YUB NUB DAMMIT! And don't get me started on the awful song added to Jabba's palace...)

Fun with my slo-mo camera mode under the cut )

Only sad thing was opening up my Tie Fighter and seeing that the batteries had exploded in the back (well, they were probably 30 years old LOL). That is the only real damage I have seen so far that I am sad about.

I'll probably post more photos as I go through the bag. There's some Jurassic Park stuff in there too which makes me happy. I HAVE A T-REX! :D
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Just wanted to link these two blog posts about Rey because they made me both cry tears of rage and joy at the same time.

Rey is not a role model for little girls (spoilers ahead) EDIT: this article title is misleading, click through and read it, it's not what you think)

Rey from 'Force Awakens' is NOT a Mary Sue!

I have some other thoughts to post as well, mostly reflections on my reaction to Rey and Finn, both things that I wish I didn't have to react to. But I should probably not type those up while on the desk at work because it will require me to think a lot LOL.

On the lighter side of things, I typed up an incredibly long post about standing in line for 'Star Wars', how this was the last time I would probably do that just because the "art" of waiting in line has gone away.
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OMG!! Day of the Tentacle was one of my FAVORITE games on the PC. It was a classic Lucasarts adventure game - meaning you couldn't die, it was all about a wacky story with wacky puzzles. And now Double Fine is remastering it for release next year!!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!

Did anyone else play DotT?

Also, the awesome [ profile] stydia made this adorable blinkie for me and I keep forgetting to use him so I am going to add him to all my posts until Halloween. :)

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I've been a fan of Monty Python since I was a kid. We used to watch the show as a family on Saturday nights on public television. I watched Holy Grail over and over and made my friends watch it too (how my parents didn't get into trouble, I don't know).

Last year, the surviving Pythons did a live show, broadcast to theaters around the world. I didn't go but I noticed a few weeks ago that the library had the DVD so I put a hold on it. I thought it would be fun to watch and laugh at the classic Python bits.

But instead of laughing, I found myself feeling very uncomfortable.

I began to realize that I have an area of Python that I really love - usually bits that are on the more intellectual or weird side. The philosopher's soccer game. The penguin on the television set. Spanish Inquisition. BICYCLE REPAIRMAN! In other words, the earliest years of Monty Python. I think I only watched the first 3 seasons then would trail off.

But the live show was full of jokes from all the Python bits, bits that haven't aged as well. Most of them made fun of gay or transgender people. Or, at least, the crux of the joke was being gay.

Also, as far as musical numbers go, the Lumberjack Song is the only Python song I've ever really liked, with Always Look on the Bright Side of Life on my radar but not a favorite. Of course, Lumberjack is also problematic for the same reason - the joke is that he is a transvestite.

When I was 12, this was comedy gold. I thought it was hilarious. At 34, I found myself unable to laugh at it anymore. There was something unfunny about these old men performing these bits. I think I could probably watch the original sketches on DVD and find them amusing, but seeing it done today, knowing it was 2014 and they were still doing these jokes...I couldn't finish the show. I turned it off, I didn't want my memories of these bits sullied.

Have I lost my sense of humor? Was it ever funny? I guess I can just paraphrase the Pope when he was talking to Michaelangelo - I may not know comedy, but I know what I like.
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A big-money, high-stakes TV game show becomes the subject of scandal when a Washington investigator uncovers corruption behind-the-scenes - implicating both the current and former champs.

I saw Quiz Show when it was first released on VHS back in 1995 and I instantly fell in love with it. I'm not sure why - I was 14, why would a movie about a quiz show scandal in the 1950s resonate with me? There was no murder, no mayhem, no car chases, no lightsabers yet it held my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat, leaving a lasting impression as a film I enjoyed.

A few weeks ago, I wanted to show it to a friend. I hadn't seen it in a long time, maybe since the 90s, but I still remembered it just being good. We sat down to watch it and for a moment I was worried it might be awful, that maybe I was the only person who remembered it because I was a teen when I saw it and glossed over any problems with the movie. Luckily, I was wrong.

The movie is still perfect and still scarily relevant. It deals with issues of racism, ethics, rich vs poor, the American Dream, television, politics, and the definition of entertainment. It's about money, self destruction, our idea of justice and the reality of our justice system. It is about the invasion of technology and how it changes our culture. It's about growing up and trying to earn the respect of your peers and the temptation to do whatever it takes to become famous.

Robert Redford directed this movie and he FILLED the cast with amazing actors, down to the random guy in the background. Every single actor in this movie is amazing. Rob Morrow as Richard Goodwin hits it out of the park as the Jewish lawyer from Washington D.C. who manages to straddle the two worlds that John Turturro's Herb Stempel and Ralph Fiennes' Charles Van Doren inhabit. He understands the prejudices that Stempel faces as a Jewish man from Queens and he longs for a life like Van Doren's where being over-educated is respected rather than suspected.

These three men carry the weight of the movie on their shoulders, but then you have the rest of the supporting cast. Mira Sorvino plays Goodwin's wife who spends most of her time trying to help him see both sides when he gets caught up in one of them. Hank Azaria and David Paymer play the two tv executives behind the fixed show "Twenty One" and they both manage to make these men into real people and not just caricatures of the fast-talking jerks they could have been. Paul Scofield as Mark Van Doren, the father of Charles, elevates the film with what little screen time he has, breaking your heart as he tries to support a son who just wants to get out from under his shadow. And Johann Carlo as Herbert Stempel's wife, who loves her husband and her family, no matter how crazy they make her. And even the tiny role of the owner of Geritol, the sponsor of "Twenty One" is played by Martin Scorsese who gives a fantastic performance.

If you've never seen Quiz Show I highly recommend picking it up ASAP. Heck, if you saw it back when it was initially released, pick it up again. You'll be amazed by how little has changed.
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Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show later this year.

This hit my right in the feels. Stewart started in 1999, the year I graduated high school and started college. I had been a fan of the show with Craig Kilborn and was leary of this new guy taking over. Especially since he seemed to be some comedian from lots of stoner movies. But it didn't take long for me to become a fan. This was the year I really started getting into the news. I stayed up every night to watch. Jon was there to explain hanging chads to me, he was there for me after 9/11. He has always made the harsh realities of the world, of politics, of the scary amount of ignorance out there something to laugh at and then think about.

I am going to miss him so much. I can't imagine who they will get to replace him, if they get anyone. Big shoes to fill. He always felt like a voice of reason in chaos. Someone who knew the news had become entertainment but didn't try to pretend he was anything but...yet at the same time gave more thoughtful commentary on the world than any "real" news program.

And he actually read the damn books that people wrote before the guests were on his show so he could have an intelligent discussion.

End of an era indeed.
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[ profile] twissie and a few others expressed interest in seeing more of my collection and I do love talking about my stuff so here goes:

Starting off with my first fandom and one of my first true rare collectibles (well, it felt rare to little pre-teen me!)

Star Wars Fan Club Micro Machines

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I don't usually do Throwback Thursday posts but this idea was in my head AND it happened to be Thursday ya go:

I was driving around the other day listening to the radio (which I don't usually do, I usually have my iPod plugged in because ever since I worked in radio for a year and I can't really stand listening to it...but I was nice and lent my iPod to Tim for his 12 hour drive to Wisconsin) and this song came on.

And as soon as I heard the opening strums of the guitar, I was hit by a wave of memories.

Peal Jam and Nirvana were super big when I was in middle school. I wasn't into them at all. My musical tastes were still mostly focused on Disney soundtracks and whatever my Mom was listening to at the time (so, ya know, Phil Collins and Sting). Hearing the term "grunge", I assumed that the music would be loud and screamy and not my thing. So I kind of avoided them somehow.

But there was this really nice kid in my class, his name was Alec Miller. He *loved* these bands. He sensed my resistance and after we sat and discussed music for awhile (yeah, I'm sorta shocked that we were able to have an intelligent discussion about what we liked and disliked in music when we were only 13...). Anyway, Alec was a good listener and he returned the next week with a mix tape of hand-picked Pearl Jam songs that he thought I would like. Betterman was on that tape, I think it might have been the first song actually.

It's weird how the mind works because this song triggered this memory which lead to another memory of Alec, a memory that changed my young adult life. I can't really remember all the details, all I know is that Alec was being bullied by some other kids in the school. I think they decided that since he wore grunge style clothes, he was some kind of punk. One day, it escalated to the point where they flat out told him they were going to beat him up that day. I have a memory of Alec being a total wreck, his eyes bloodshot from crying and we convinced him to tell a teacher, that the thing you were supposed to do was tell and adult and they would fix it.

Unfortunately, the adults had the same biases based on Alec's look - he told them he had been threatened and they said nothing would happen and told him to go to class.

And then he got jumped by three guys on his way to class.

I'm not even sure I ever saw him after that. His mother yanked him out of our school and transferred him to another school. But I remember that day as the day I realized that you can just trust people in authority to do the right thing. If those teachers had taken him seriously, it could have been avoided.

So these are the things that go through my head when any of the low-key Pearl Jam songs come on the radio...

Do you have any songs with powerful memories attached to them? Write your own post or share in the comments!
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It has come to my attention (thanks to [ profile] duncatra) that today is the 15th anniversary of the release of The Phantom Menace.

I guess that is right. That means it's been 15 years since I graduated high school. Freaky.

Though, for me, the movie premiere was only a small part of the experience. Most of my TPM memories are from a week before, on May 11, when my friends and I camped out for midnight premiere tickets for Baltimore's historic Senator Theater. The Senator is an old movie house with one BIG screen, THX certified sound and only 800 seats. If you wanted to see the midnight show, you had to set up camp.

We were 180th in line, this was not our main view. We were actually on the front lawn of a dentist's office. No one really seemed to care though. I think a movie with this sort of following only comes around every few years so I'm sure they hadn't had crazy teenagers sleeping on the sidewalk before. My parents let me skip school for the occasion (which, me being a total straight laced nerd was a BIG deal). This was MY senior skip day. And night. And then a little bit of day again.

This was all pre-WiFi and Smartphone, mind you. I had my cell phone for emergencies but that was all I used it for. We had to use the bathroom in the bar across the street and after that closed the gas station at the corner. The local news paid us a visit, I remember being elated to see footage of us all sitting around playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit on the TV (I had told me mom we might be on the news and she managed to tape the 3 minutes segment for me).

I have to say, this has to be one of my favorite fandom memories. Being outside with all these other fellow Star Wars fans. In the morning we sent out search parties for food and the bagel shop down the road was smart enough to show up and hand out their menus so that was where we all went.

I don't know if anyone camps out for movie tickets anymore. I know I haven't done it since Revenge of the Sith. Now that you can order online, it takes some of the magic away. Though I can't think of a movie I would need to see at midnight. I will see the next wave of Star Wars movies in the theater, but I doubt I will be excited enough to want to camp out.

Anyway, a week went by and we were back at the theater at midnight for the movie. I clearly remember the guy in front of us had Star Wars tattoos all over him and he had just had Darth Maul added to the collection. And I remember thinking after the movie was over "oh...that sucks for him." I remember trying to make myself love the movie but knowing deep down that it had missed the mark. It was a confusing time. I just kept hoping that the next movie would make it all better.

What about you? Did you see Phantom Menace at midnight or on opening day? Do you remember your reaction?

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I was looking at TimeHop, which usually just makes me depressed because a year ago I was doing the same stuff as I am today BUT today had a cool find - my website for my college radio show!

I should really download it and save it before UMBC decides to wipe their servers. Oh the memories! Way before spotify or pandora, WMBC was streaming music and I was there! Found lots of cool music that way and it eventually lead to an internship at a local station in Annapolis WRNR, which lead to a part time job that totally sucked but eventually lead me back to the library in a round about way.

I should recreate my playlists on Spotify...if only to amuse myself.

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So, the only thing I did Star Wars related today was post a few photos on Instagram of my Star Wars toys. Honestly, I know those movies so well, I can just close my eyes and watch them in my head LOL.

Star Wars has long been a part of the Definition of Me. I watched the movies non-stop when I was a kid. I have fond memories of putting in the VHS of Return of the Jedi, sitting through the entire Jabba's Palace sequence, then after the gang escaped Tattooine, running into my toy room to grab my box of Star Wars figures and dragging them out to play with in front of the TV while the "boring" parts of the movie went on (oh you know what I mean, all the talking bits and the sad bits). I think my favorite toy was probably the Rancor because his mouth opened and closed, rawr rawr rawr. Usually I would spend a lot of time setting up all the figures, then the shuttle would land on Endor and I would be back into movie watching.

As I got older, Star Wars was always there but it floated into the background until the early 90s. I signed up for the Lucasfilm Fan Club. I think this was actually a result of Young Indiana Jones Chronicles merchandise that I picked up at a school book fair. Getting that magazine reminded me how much I loved those movies and sent me into obsession mode. My middle school folders and notebooks were COVERED in Star Wars doodles. I know my blue folder for social studies had the ENTIRE main cast list written out on the front. And around this same time the Timothy Zahn novels were published and I was sucked back into the universe.

I've never been too deep into the online fandom but I do attend meetings with the DCSWCC, a awesome group of folks that love the movies, for better or for worse. I may not watch the movies every year, but when someone asks me to name my favorite thing, Star Wars will always been on that list.

For me Star Wars is like that teddy bear you've had since you were born. You don't remember who gave it to you. You may know because you have been told, but otherwise it has always been a part of your life. And when times get tough or you're feeling a little out of it, just holding it close gives you a calm feeling. Rewatching Star Wars just makes me happy. The original trilogy is so closely linked to everything in my life, I just feel at home in front of the TV watching Luke, Han, and Leia run around fighting baddies.

So tonight I raise a glass to the original trilogy, the classic movies that started this whole crazy franchise. You made me the geek girl I am today, and for that, I say thank you.

You scruffy looking nerfherder.

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LOL I swear, I should only take questions for every OTHER day. Yesterday I had my Star Wars club meeting, then we went for a run, and then we had dinner and watched Bob's Burgers...and then I fought with HBO Go for an hour and got mad and found a way to watch Game of Thrones elsewhere. Good stuff, but damn HBO better have it's act together next week. Silly them, how could they not expect EVERYONE to log in??


[ profile] rogueslayer452 asked Would you consider yourself a patient person? How are you in social confrontations (debates/arguments/people yelling at you/etc.)? Are you better with online conversations/debates than in real life? -- Patience is not one of my best virtues. I can wait for things, but I'm never happy about it LOL. I am not really good at planning ahead and such so I think that is part of it. I want things to happen now. I can't stand political red tape etc. Just make it so!

Social confrontations are a weird thing for me. I have debates with friends all the time about fandom and such. I think I'm okay, sometimes I look for a discussion topic and no one wants to discuss LOL. I do find that, under pressure, I am pretty good at stepping up. Like, I don't *want* to confront the drunk guy in the library or the crazy man yelling, but I will if I have to, I will step up. I don't enjoy it, but I can do it.

[ profile] thekaiserchief asked Do you have a favorite memory from a particular period of your life? -- I have lots of memories! I guess most recently I have been thinking a lot about the trip to Liverpool with my family when I was 18 and my brother, I guess 11? It was a lot of fun, sort of a dream come true, and I remember we just enjoyed spending the day wandering around the town and going on the tour. I have some cute photos of my brother and I. We were flipping through the scrapbook when he visited for my birthday party. I think 18 is a pretty crazy time, that big step from teenager to a true young adult. I was still pretty clueless, but I was having fun haha. I am so grateful for all the experiences my parents gave me, especially letting me visit such a "sacred" place, even though we had to take the train from London.
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We're going to see Muppets Most Wanted tomorrow and I am far more excited than someone my age should be. I love the Muppets. ADORE them.

For many people, when you say Muppets, they think of Sesame Street, and rightly so - that show has been on the air for 45 years. But the Muppets I adore are from The Muppet Show. And even though they have been toned down a bit since becoming a Disney property I still love them to bits.

The Muppet Show was just ending it's initial TV run when I was born but I some how managed to catch a lot of the shows as reruns. Some tv station in Virginia must have run them every morning and I (or more likely my Mom) set up the VCR and taped them every day, on SLP, so I had a huge collection of Muppet Shows that I watched over and over and over. It gave me an appreciation for all different kinds of music (guest stars ranged from Opera Singer Beverly Sills to 70s pop singer Leo Sayer to brilliant comedienne Gilda Radner), a twisted sense of humor (torturing Beaker is so wrong yet so right) and how a show can work on so many different levels. The Muppet Show was truly a family show, with something that everyone could appreciate.

I know Jim Henson and Company, and in particular The Muppets, shaped the way I view the world. Over the next week or so I'm going to do little appreciation posts to highlight The Muppets, Jim Henson, and the Henson Company because they can never have enough.

3 songs, then it's your turn! )

I could go on but I think that's enough from me for tonight -- but what about you? What are some of your favorite Muppet Music Moments?
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Earlier this season, Casey Jones joined the cast of the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon on Nickelodeon. Up until now, he's mostly been cramping Donatello's style, flirting with April and being generally charming but he had not officially met the turtles or joined the team. But in the episode I watched today (it aired Feb 2 but Hulu Plus just got it!) we finally get to meet the Casey Jones we know and love:

Casey Jones

where i ramble about Casey Jones then and now )

Seriously, you may think this is just a kids show since it airs on Sunday mornings on Nickelodeon, but it really captures the spirit of the turtles, and while kids will enjoy it, it's smart enough for adult fans to watch. Lots of action, humor, and, especially in this episode, I felt the fight sequences were really well choreographed! If you've ever been a Ninja Turtles fan, check it out.
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This week has been a bit crazy and I feel so out of sync!! Just realized I missed two questions from the list and I think I will answer them now :)

Would you rather be the best player on a horrible team or the worst player on a great team?
Hm...that is a really tough question, mostly because I am not a sports person so the idea of me playing on a team is just hilarious. Being the best player on a horrible team only works if the team is only horrible when they play and not to each other. If, off the field, we are having fun together, but on the field it's kind of a mess, well I suppose that would be okay. Then again, being on a great team and getting all the attention would be great, but if you're the worst player, fans can be pretty mean and I'm thinking the rest of the team wouldn't be so thrilled to have you around on non-game days.

Clearly, I am working this out right now because I really wasn't sure which I would prefer but, in the end, I guess it's best player on the worst team. Because somehow we would make our own fun.

Who was your first crush?

who can stop at just one? )
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Saw The Princess Bride this afternoon. I think my family discovered this movie on HBO back in the late 80s as I have a vague memory of a BETA tape with a hand-written "Princess Bride" sticker on the side of it, so this was my first time seeing it on the big screen. I went with Mathew, Tim, and Tim's daughter Sylvia. I had shown the movie to Sylvia probably about a year ago (I feel it is my mission to show her all the 80s classics because she should be familiar with them since 1) she watches Psych and Shawn quotes them ALL THE TIME and 2) she hangs out with me and I quote them ALL THE TIME) but she didn't realize it was that movie until she saw the trailer in the theater.

It's still good. It is just a FUN movie, through and through. Yeah, these are not Oscar award winning performances or effects or anything but it's just 100% FUN.

Oh, and did I mention quotable? My mom will refer to a love interest in a movie as the character's "to blave" and who can resist saying "mae-widge" any time a wedding scene appears? It's inconceivable! And you know you're among fellow geeks when you can start Inigo's rhyming game and have someone else in the room do Fezzik's lines.

And, like Last Unicorn, I feel like the story manages to find this happy balance of all the fairy tale stories you love as a child with the snark and cynicism of adulthood. We are both the Grandson, hanging on every word, wanting to know how the story will end, and the Grandfather, knowing how it must all end, how it might not be fair but that doesn't mean it can't be a happy ending. And that we all enjoy "kissing books" every now and then.

Sylvia said she really liked it. She got an extra kick out of it because Cary Elwes has guest starred on Psych several times now and his character on their is very Wesley like (dread pirate, international jewel thief...same thing). I think I might need to get a copy of the book for her as a birthday present this year...
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Tonight we watched a documentary called "Viking Apocalypse" on Netflix, then Japanese Folktakes on Crunchyroll, which lead to a discussion on folk vs fairy tales vs fables, which lead to us looking up the animated intro to Grimm's Fairy Tales cartoon from the late 80s, which lead to watching a bunch of "best of 80s" cartoon montages which made Tim nostalgic so he showed me some videos from his favorite games as a kid which then led to watching a top 15 video game intros video...

Then it was time to get ready for bed so we put on random adventure time clips when we brushed our teeth.

Yes, this is my life and it is awesome! ;-)

Ugh wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Also why does xfinity only have 4 random episodes of Adventure Time on demand???

Short weeks are the hardest lol, I only work 2 more days and I'm already like "meh let me sleep"

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My library's Facebook page posted a link to this blog entry and it has generated a LOT of comments, ranging from picture books to novels. Then Dunc went and posted about Flowers in the Attic this morning. So now I'm sitting here thinking of what books from my past have stuck with me, for better or for worse.

The first title that popped into my head was Where the Red Fern Grows. When I was in elementary school, our sixth grade teacher was the coolest person. Everyone hoped to have Mr. Gwynn as their teacher. And we all knew that his favorite book of all time was Where the Red Fern Grows and that it would be our assigned reading that year. In my 12-year old mind, I would read the book and love it and Mr. G would think I was so mature. Or something. Then the assignment happened...and I started the book...and the little suburban girl who had always owned a dog and a cat that she treated very sweetly was like WTF IS THIS SHIT?!?! (Only not because I didn't really swear as much when I was 12). While I know this book probably represents how people trained their hunting dogs back in the day, to me it was like reading a chronicle of animal abuse. I don't even think I made it to the end of the book. I went from admiring my teacher to being upset with him and not really respecting anything he said after that.

Of course, this was the start of being assigned traumatizing books. Bridge to Terabithia wasn't far behind. I don't think I finished that one either after someone spoiled me that it was a super depressing ending. Some people like those kinds of stories, I know, but it was not for me.

Soon, this was what reading became to me - books that were upsetting. I think for most of middle school, I pretty much stopped reading books. (Eventually, I stumbled upon Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but that will have to be another post.)

Suffice it to say, after these two titles, I stopped trusting my teachers' recommendations and I honestly can't remember how many assigned books I read cover to cover. Probably not until Senior year of high school...sad but true.

How about you? What is the first book the comes to mind when someone says "traumatizing childhood reading"?

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