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This list isn't that very impressive either but I keep meaning to share what I watched!

My Life as a Zucchini
At just over an hour long, this movie is a perfect little story about a young boy adjusting to life in a group home. I watched it in French with subtitles, even though some big names stepped up to dub the film for the U.S. release after it got such rave reviews overseas.

Beautiful animation done in classic stop-motion style. I love the character designs. I was sad when it was over because I wanted to follow more of Zucchini's story.

Just know that this is not a children's movie even though the main characters are kids. It's not a happy fluffy bunny story, these kids are in the home because they did things or bad things happened to them, so you want to make sure those viewing the film are ready to hear about such things.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Confession: I have not read this book. It wasn't assigned to my class in high school. So I was going into this with only a bare minimum of knowledge - I knew that Scout was the main character and that a court case happened and there was a guy named Boo Radley.

Books into movies are tricky things - I low Scout is the narrator of the book, but I'd say the movie felt like it switched between her, Jem, and Atticus. Even though I haven't read the book, I could feel that things were missing from the world, but at 2 hours not much more could have been added.

I am not sure how I feel about the ending, it felt rushed and maybe the book offers more by way of closure but the movie felt like it just wanted to wrap things up quickly. Plus, the odd issue of Atticus fighting for justice doled out int he courtroom and having the finale be justice happening on the "street"?

Yet again, another "old" movie that is still upsettingley relevant to what is happening in our country today. Why has so little changed.

Nocturnal Animals
I don't even know what to say. That was an emotional experience... Is it just me or is Jake Gyllenhaal really into movies that make you go "WTF!?" when the credits roll? Amy Adams seems to be getting into that too, at least with this and 'Arrival'. I really want to read the book that "inspired" the movie to see what more it has to say about the relationships but this movie was mesmerizing in an really upsetting way. It haunted me the same way Susan was haunted each time she put the book down. Not at all what I was expecting.

More reviews on my Letterboxd!

Have you seen any of these? What were your thoughts! Feel free to link in comments!
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I had been looking forward to this adaptation of Patrick Ness' young adult novel A Monster Calls since it was announced. It just felt like the kind of story that would work well on screen. I was very happy with the results.

Just like the book, this is a visually gorgeous tale (Jim Kay's illustrations reminded me a lot of Stephen Gammel's artwork in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark). It is a coming of age story wrapped in a fairy tale. Conor's mother is very sick and he is dealing with it about as well as you would expect a young boy to deal with it. He buries himself in his artwork and conjures up The Monster, who visits him at night and tells him a story. With each story, Conor begins to peel away the fairy tale world and begins to see that the real world is not so simple. That there are always layers, that acceptance is a part of life and so is great pain.

It is bittersweet and even though I had read the book, I still found myself crying in the end. Everyone did a fabulous job, but Liam Neeson as The Monster was just perfect casting (and according to the extras, he was the one and only choice).

The only flaw in the movie was the casting of Sigourney Weaver since I felt her British accent wasn't so great. But luckily her character doesn't actually talk very much as most of the story rests on Conor's shoulders.

If you have tissues handy, I highly recommend this one.
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This movie was such a surprise because, honestly, I was worried it might just be a boring courtroom drama. But this was well written, well acted, and very well directed. The entire cast was amazing.

Based on a true story, Historian/Writer/Professor Deborah Lipstadt was brought to court by "historian" David Irving for libel back in the late 1990s. She mentioned his Holocaust denial in her book about the issue, saying how he misconstrued the facts to fit this narrative that the Holocaust did not happen. The catch - Irving is British and he charges Lipstadt in the high courts so the burden of proof is left to Lipstadt and her team.

I really wish this movie had not felt so relevant as I watched it this morning, almost twenty years from the start of the lawsuit. These arguments about hate speech vs free speech, about having "alternative facts" and about being in denial about what is right and rang just as true today.

The point of the film, the idea of letting justice and truth and facts speak for themselves, is scary because so many debates about things like the Holocaust and racism and prejudice get very emotional. This is what Lipstadt has to deal with for much of the movie, finding a way to get the emotional release she needs while letting her lawyers navigate the legal system.

I definitely recommend this one.
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Two movies in one week!? What a life! Loved everything about the beautiful #moana ❤❤❤

It's hard to beat that price tag, folks. $4.50 for 7:25 showing! ALL THE TIME. I mean, the theaters are nothing fancy, the screens are big but not HUGE, but still, if you're going for the atmosphere and the immersion, it works well enough. I'll probably still pay the big money for 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' because I won't want to wait. But this was great for 'Moana'.


Deeper thoughts later. Feel free to squee with me in the comments!


Jan. 10th, 2017 11:17 pm
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Finally!!! It's just embarrassing how long it took me, of all people, to see this!

I thought I was going to get kicked out of my Star Wars Club this weekend when I told them I hadn't seen the movie yet LOL. Rectified that tonight.

I have many thoughts. Some good, some not.

Please link your reaction posts in the comments if you can! I can read them now LOL!

Might try to see Moana this weekend, if time allows. Apparently I'm starting 2017 by watching all the movie I *just* missed in 2016 :P
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I'm trying to think POSITIVE for a bit because it is far too easy to slide dooooown with everything swirling around right now.

So, fun stuff! I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year! Hopefully I will NOT melt my new oven thermometer (because this one is actually MADE to go in the oven!) but even if I do, I have two more back up ones because everyone got me one for Christmas last year after seeing my melted one on Instagram.

We were bad this weekend and bought ourselves an early Christmas present. We'd been eyeing up new TVs for awhile and they dropped down the pricing to "black friday prices" on Saturday and it was in stock so...we now have a Samsung 65" UHD smart tv. IT IS EPIC! I tested it out with Force Awakens and Rey was freakin' life size.

It is that time of year again - LORD OF THE RINGS REWATCH TIME! It is going to be BEAUTIFUL on the new TV and on blu-ray. I also ordered wire covers so I can attempt to set up the rear speakers. I love surround sound and I miss it and now that we pretty much have a movie theater downstairs, it needs to happen.

FYI - Sting has a daughter and she sounds JUST LIKE HER DAD. I'm listening to the full album now and I can't decide if it is weirding me out too much to enjoy it. I do like her sound though.

Oh, we watched Star Trek Beyond tonight. DVD from the library so not as pretty as it could be, but the Xbox tried its best to upscale it. (so spoiled). Anyway, that movie lost points with me for wasting Idris Elba. I mean, WTF, it was right up there with X-Men wasting Oscar Isaac. Two beautiful men that are amazing actors and you cover them in blue paint and have them just grunt for most of the film? Blah. The movie itself was alright, better than Into Darkness (but that movie made me fly into a nerd!rage). Good way to veg out on a cold Monday night.

Only working tomorrow and then we are off Wednesday and Thursday for the holiday. I'm off on Friday because I work Saturday. 3 days in a row. So awesome. Especially with the new Gilmore Girls appear on Netflix on Friday morning. I know what Sylvia and I will be doing while Tim is at work!
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I saw Ghostbusters again yesterday at the budget theater down the street (you can't beat $4.50 for a movie ticket these days WOW!)

I still enjoyed it and found myself laughing out loud, looking forward to certain jokes and their delivery. I'm very happy with the movie overall. I really like that it has it's own story, that these characters are their own, not just female versions of the original team. I love how excited they get by science, their sheer joy in moments of discovery. I'm also really glad there was no romance, just Gilbert's hilariously bad flirtation with the always oblivious Kevin.

cut because of spoilery thoughts and nit picks that might distract you if you haven't seen the movie yet )

Anyway, the movie was a lot better than I thought it was going to be and it held up well a second time. I felt like I had something in common with all the Ghostbusters but Holtzmann was my favorite over all. Probably because she was the most unique of the set. She is a mix of Ray and Egon - excited about all the science but also really smart and the creator of all of their toys. And awkward around everyone except for her new family.

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"Tremors" was the Sharknado of its day!

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Should I watch the new trailer? I am already very interested in this movie since seeing the sizzle reel from SDCC and I'm getting to the "spoiler free" point that I hit with Force Awakens. I really enjoyed seeing that and not knowing anything. I watched the main trailer for that move though...

Thoughts? How spoilery is it?

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So, we just finished watching 10 Cloverfield Lane

I think it's going to take me 24 hours to really get my head around the whole thing but here is my initial reaction:

spoilery thoughts )

More coherent thoughts later, maybe. I'll have to dig around and find [ profile] rhoda_rants's post about the movie from last month -- anyone else see it and/or post about it?? linky linky please!
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Bob's Burgers finale was tonight and it had a musical number. <3 I really wish they would just release an album. There were rumors one was on the way in 2014 and then nothing.

And now I was distracted for 15 minutes trying to find out more about the album, ending up on the Bob's Burger twitter page, downloading gifs...sigh, the internet is such a rabbit hole.

I finished watching Season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt which was better than Season 1 but still not perfect. My favorite episodes were the ones with Tina Fey but I love Tina Fey on my TV. And I really liked Titus' arc this season too. This show does work better as a streaming show than a regular TV show though, not sure I would tune in each week but I don't mind just watching them while I'm bumming around.

Also, Kimmy ends up at Universal Studios, Florida in the last episode and OMG I WILL BE THERE SOON! TWO MORE WEEKS! I NEED A VACATION!

We finished Season 3 of The Americans and need to start Season 4. Hopefully FXNOW still has all the episodes. It was quite a cliffhanger but that show is SO DAMN HEAVY I have to take a break for a bit.

This season of Archer is off to a better start than the last two but still missing...something. I just don't find myself laughing out loud as much (though the episode before last was pretty damn hilarious and might be my favorite so far this season, probably because the entire cast was involved).

OH I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. I've been commenting on a lot of people's posts. I'm not a huge Marvel fangirl, but the movie had received such rave reviews I wanted to see it on the big screen plus we had a gift card. cut for spoilers as I ramble... )

Yesterday I watched 'Steve Jobs' with Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, directed by Danny Boyle and the script by Aaron Sorkin. I could not take my eyes off the screen. I seriously thought I would just put it on and maybe hang out, play on my iPad but as soon as it started (I don't even think there were credits, it just starts) I was entranced. Definitely lots of artistic license taken, think of it less as a biopic and more like a play about Steve Jobs that tries to condense his life into 3 big events.

It was REALLY good. Like, I can't decide if I should give it 4 or 5 stars good.

Oh, and of course, Game of Thrones was on last night.
obviously spoilers )

Anyone else watch anything good this weekend? My shows are wrapping up so it will be time to find some "summer shows" soon.
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What a week, talk about hitting the ground running! I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much, but I pretty much overbooked myself this week when it came to work and I have been exhausted in the evenings.

That and I'm addicted to Stardew Valley so I've been unwinding by playing that in the evenings before dinner.

BUT I did manage to pick up some Star Wars TFA figures, finally!

Finally found Rey (and couldn't resist grabbing Han and Finn) #starwars #toys #collection

Usually, I am an opener, but I really love the box art for the Rey figure and I haven't been able to bring myself to free her from the packaging. (this is probably my Daisy Ridley girl!crush talking, you can't see it in the picture, but she's in her final movie moments outfit and looking badass. The face sculpt is actually *really good* for a kid's toy too!)

I got my copy of the TFA blu-ray on Tuesday from Amazon. I opted to just keep it easy and pre-ordered from Amazon rather than messing with Target's "exclusives". From my club members, I have heard the packaging left something to be desired and since the extras are just streaming on Disney Movies Anywhere, I'm wondering how long until they just let anyone buy them.

And then the Rogue One trailer dropped yesterday and WOW. I really hadn't been paying much attention to this movie. I was worried that Disney was going to kill my love of the franchise by cranking out movies too quickly, flooding the market like they did with the Marvel stuff. But the trailer just blew me away and now I'm really curious about it!

And now [ profile] jediknightmuse alerted me to the Build-A-Bear Wicket exclusive so I may need to find the closest store and make a trip in the next few weeks.

LOL when I started this point there was going to be some substance but...yeah, my brain is tired and everything is STAR WARS and that's pretty great. :)

(I also impulse purchased The Fugitive with Harrison Ford because when we drove through Chicago, I was talking to Tim about the scene where the cops hear the train on the phone and know he is in Chicago and that's all I know about Chicago and then it was $7 so WHY NOT!)

(oh and I also kinda sorta pre-ordered X-Men: First Class so I can have all the X-Men movies. X-Men, X2, First Class and Days of Future Past. THAT IS ALL THERE IS! Until Apocalypse comes out...which better not suck, these last two were so good)

(Clearly I should delete the Amazon app from my phone...all of these orders were made during the drive back from Wisconsin)

(I'm just abusing parenthesis now...I need to get to bed because I'm visiting a school tomorrow morning for a parent brunch to tell them about all the awesome the library has to offer)

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Reviews are starting to come out for Batman V Superman and, not surprising anyone, it's is overly serious, no fun, and pretty much typical of what DC has been giving us on the big screen for the past decade.

I'm guessing that this Jimmy Kimmel skit is more enjoyable than the entire film. And I don't even LIKE Jimmy Kimmel!

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Bridge of Spides posterThis movie was exactly what I wanted. I love Steven Spielberg, I love Tom Hanks and sometimes you just want an uplifting story based on a true events (especially when the world feels so messed up right now).

While this is not an action-packed story, the tension makes it very watchable and Hanks is very likable as James Donovan, the lawyer turned negotiator.

It's a great story about standing your ground and doing what is right. As with the best historical movies, the moral still resonates with issues going on today. Lawyer Donovan is asked to defend a captured Soviet spy. Donovan takes this job very seriously, wanting to give the spy his full rights but soon finds out that the court only asked him to do this so it would look like a fair trial. In fact, the judge is appalled when Donovan attempts to actually do his job and brings up issues with the investigation. But Donovan knows that this is about more than just one man, that this trial and the fate of this man could have an impact beyond that moment.

That is all I will say (and believe me, that is only a small part of this 141 minute movie). Like all good Spielberg films, there are touching family moments, laugh out loud lines, and an ending that will leave you feeling satisfied and maybe a little warm and fuzzy.

I'll give this one 4 USA-USSR-GDR-ASAP-BBQ-WTF stars out of 5.

OH, NEW FRIENDS, if any of you are on Letterboxed, feel free to friend me! It's like GoodReads but for movies! And they finally launched their mobile app YAY!!!
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Finally got Bridge of Spies from the library!!! Checking it out to watch this weekend but I'm worried it won't be able to live up to the Jimmy Fallon bit:

DST has thrown off everything, my head has been bothering me for the past two days, sorry for lack of replies/comments!
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Disney announced Indiana Jones 5 for 2019.

There was also a Blade Runner sequel announcement that I either missed or blocked out.

After the awful, painful mess that was Crystal Skull, I had really hoped that Spielberg would just let Indy ride off into the sunset (which was the way Last Crusade ended...and should have been the end of the franchise. You don't ride off into the sunset only to show up again!)

And a Blade Runner sequel? With a 70 year old Harrison Ford? So it will have to be set 30 years from the end of the original...wait, which VERSION of Blade Runner is this a sequel to anyway?? Aren't there like 30 director's cuts?

I mean, who knows, maybe they will surprise me! Maybe I will watch these movies and it will be like 'Force Awakens', capturing the magic of the original films and bringing them to a new generation....

...'Force Awakens' was really an anomaly though. For every 10 reboot/sequel of a classic franchise, we get one good one.
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This is not a movie, though it may look like one from the poster.

This is not a documentary, though it might feel like one every few minutes.

I don't know what this was.

It was interesting, I will give it that. But there was no arc, no real tension. I didn't know anything about Milgrim or his specific experiment but it sounded familiar.

This isn't about "character development" or relationships.

It's just like, here's this guy, he did these things, in fact, let's have him (played by Peter Sarsgaard) tell you all about it in a somewhat random way, staring directly into the camera all of a sudden.

Not what I was expecting. Interesting but I think I might have been happier with just a straight up documentary rather than this odd combination which felt very clunky and meandering at times.

Also, I found Winona Ryder to be distracting. First, I kept staring at her neck because she seems very very thin. But I thought her acting felt forced too. (and some part of my brain always sees her as Lydia Deets, eternally a teenager/young adult and that wasn't working for me either).

I'd give this one 3 please-don't-electrocute-me-I-have-a-condition out of 5 stars.
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I forgot to mention this! I even fangirled a bit when I saw his name on the screen during the final credits because I had no idea - Whedonverse alum Drew Goddard was the writer/executive producer of 'The Martian'! No wonder that movie spoke my language (snark/sarcasm)!

I started the book last night and I am really enjoying it so far. I'm only 30 pages in to the paperback but I really like Mark's voice, really funny. Again, sarcasm. <3
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We just watched 'The Martian' tonight. I really liked it. I snagged a beat up copy of the paperback from the library donations area awhile ago and I think I might start reading it tonight (yes I have a pile of books checked out from the library and now I'm going to read a book with no due date...this is how I roll). I've heard the book is VERY technical, so I'm thinking that having seen the movie will help me skim over and jargony scenes because it all boils down to this one gif:

ANYWAY, I thought the movie was very well done and I think a huge part of that was the stellar casting. EVERYONE in that movie was good. Obviously, Damon was great and he carried the movie but I spotted so many character actors that you see all the time filling in minor roles and it just made it all fantastic.

not actual spoilers, just little things jokes that amused me so if you want to know nothing, don't click )

I give this movie 5 might-be-another-for-my-movie-is-as-good-as-the-book-list out of 5 stars.

Next up we have 'The Experimenter' and then 'Bridge of Spies' (all my library holds came in this week...)
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[ profile] qwentoozla asked: What books and/or movies have you reread/rewatched most?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (my all time favorite)
Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton

Both of these I fell in love with during middle school, when I had more time to read for fun but wasn't quite into exploring books yet, so I just read them over and over.

Movies would probably be:
Star Wars trilogy (but probably RotJ the most of those)
Lord of the Rings trilogy (FotR the most)
Indiana Jones trilogy (ToD the most)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (probably the most recent rewatch)
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Little Mermaid/Beauty and the Beast/Aladdin - the movies that saved Disney in the 90s so they were on a loop during my childhood

[ profile] dontjudgeme said: Tell me about one of your favorite people (that you actually know, not a distant person that you know of).

The older I get and the more I work in the public library and interact with other parents and families, the more I appreciate my Mom and how awesome she is. While nobodies childhood is perfect, my negative memories of the past are very small and pretty fleeting. She and my Dad did a fantastic job of making sure I would have everything I needed as a kid and into adulthood. She's always encouraged me to be myself, have fun, explore, create and just live life to the fullest. And while I may have been sheltered from some of the darker parts of life, I never felt completely naive. She never censored me from books or movies, but she did gentley guide me. She had enough faith and trust in me to let me decide what was appropriate. For better or for worse, she let me make my own decisions and my own mistakes, but she never held it against me either.

And she's still pretty great. I mean, she just gave me all my Star Wars toys, which they have been storing for over 10 years since I moved out! And she crocheted that Ewok scarf for me and then bought me an R2-D2 purse for my birthday. She is a geek and raised a geek.

Cliche but true. :)

And now I must go shower! This whole daylight savings thing has thrown off my whole morning! I was late for things before I went to bed last night. :-\

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