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13 Reasons Why Promo Image by Netflix

Warning: spoilers for the entire series and also lots of trigger-y topics, though I'm not going to go into detail

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If you're looking to add to your TBR pile, this year's Nebula Award nominees are up. There are even a few novellas/short stories you can access online. I just pulled all the young adult book nominees to flip through.

Also, Netflix is going to air the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 starting April 14!!!!!!! I don't know why this fell off my radar, but what a pleasant surprise to find this while clicking around the web today. I could use some good laughs!

We had 35 babies at the program this morning and I am just spent...debating taking some sick leave and just going home and crashing...maybe I'll try to get to lunch break at least...blah
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Better than I expected...spoilerly thoughts under the cut...mostly the things I as nit picky about...

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So long Stars Hollow. It was nice visiting you again.
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I finished watching Hannibal Season 3 with commentary. Now I just have to hope that we get a season 4 someday. I mean, Community got their #sixseasons, is four too much to ask??

In the commentary, Bryan Fuller talks about how Siouxsie Sioux wrote Love Crime specifically for the finale. So I had music on the brain when I went to bed...

...little did I know this would lead me to dreaming about HANNIBAL: THE MUSICAL! Starring me as Will Graham. And...

...wait for it...

I sang Anything For You to Hannibal at the end.

Yes, thank you. I am insane.

In other, non-Fannibal news, we started watching Stranger Things on Netflix. We're only two episodes in but I am enjoying it. It's like someone put all your favorite 80's movies into a blender. And I'm kinda fine with that - I think I prefer it to the reboot. There are SO MANY homages. So far I've seen 'Jaws', 'E.T.' (SO MANY E.T.), 'Poltergeist' -- plus the classic trope of the "broken home", the mother trying to get by without the father.

We also discovered Better Off Ted and we've almost binge watched the whole thing. We actually started watching Stranger Things to slow us down because we realized we have less than 10 episodes left of Ted. Another brilliant show totally advertised WRONG. So sad I missed it the first time around.

I finished my audiobook so I got to listen to music on my way to work today. My iPod was behaving very well, shuffling lots of good sing-along songs for me. Here's a sample for you - happy listening!

Guster - Satellite

MIKA - Emily

Travis - Writing to Reach You

Whitlams - Fondness Makes the Heart Grow Absent
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We watched the first episode of Daredevil tonight. I liked it a lot. Tim was unimpressed but he has never been into the superhero genre anyway. He did say he would go see Avengers: Age of Ultron with me though.

The last episode of Justified is on now...won't be able to watch it until tomorrow. I have no freaking idea how this is all gonna end. I did put copies of Elmore Leonard's book Raylan on display at work today as a nod to all the fans in the library lol.

Speaking of library stuff, I had a visit with a 5th grade class on Monday, told them about homework help and other fun stuff the library had available to them. That very same afternoon, one of the students came into the library to check out some of the materials I talked about! Always makes me feel SO good to see results that quickly.

We did watch Game of Thrones on Sunday. As usual, lots of stuff being set up, not sure what the hell is going to happen next, sighed heavily when the credits began to roll. Orphan Black is back this weekend, OMG, another show where 45 minutes goes by way to fast!!

Downloaded the free game from Xbox this month, Child of Light. It's not at all what I expected but I am really enjoying it so far. VERY pretty and more challenging than I thought!

Also, HI NEW FRIENDS! :D I am usually more coherent but I am tired today. Haven't gone to bed at a decent hour all week after sleeping in for a week because of the Wisconsin trip.

Time to play Hammerwatch with Tim and Casey! :D Our weekly game nights are back on, huzzah!

I will leave you with a rare picture of a wild Sam...

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Who else has been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt? I'm only 3 episodes in and it's okay. My friend told me to keep watching, that it gets better. I am amused by the random backstory for Mrs. Vorhees. But I've yet to really laugh out loud.

I won't give up on Tina Fey though! And it's only 13 episodes so I can watch them and judge later.

Also, I sorta love the theme song even though it was specifically made to sound like a viral really gets stuck in your brain.
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I was browsing Netflix yesterday, just sort of looking for something to put on in the background while I did a gathering quest in Final Fantasy, and I stumbled upon this:

How could I resist Daniel Radcliffe AND John Hamm??? Not knowing anything about it except that these two guys were in it, I started it up. I ended up watching all four episodes of the first season (they were only 22 minutes each so it was like watching a movie).

What a little gem of a show. Very quirky, dark felt like a stage play. It had a lot of funny moments but enough serious ones that you had to wonder where it was all leading in the end. It's definitely not for everyone, but I really liked it. Apparently Series 2 aired last year on Sky...not sure WHY it's not out here yet.

There is some gore, obviously, being that he is a doctor in the middle-of-nowhere Russia in 1917. Things get a bit gruesome...but at the same time hilarious.

Anyone else watched this???
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Attention fellow binge watchers and fans of quality TV: Netflix will have ALL the seasons of Gilmore Girls streaming starting October 1st.

I've been meaning to do a rewatch of this show since I convinced a coworker to watch it after she finished Buffy. I borrowed the first few DVDs from her after but felt bad keeping them for so long.

Anyone want to do a rewatch together?

Speaking of binge watching, Tim and I are powering through Parks & Recreation and loving it. Season 1 was just awful (I had attempted to watch that when it first aired) but wow they learned from all of their mistakes and made all the right changes because season 2 is hilarious and I am loving it. Now I understand why people rave about this show so much!

We got The Americans out from the library but didn't really have time this week to watch. Plus it's so dark, it's not really the kind of show we can binge watch. We made it to episode 3 (first ep was so long!!) but it's due back Friday so I don't think we will get through the next 10 episodes by then. Back on the wait list!

Just got the musketeers in as well! might bring that home next week to watch! In the mood for some swash buckling and if didn't even know Capaldi was in it as the cardinal! That should be fun.
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Tonight we watched a documentary called "Viking Apocalypse" on Netflix, then Japanese Folktakes on Crunchyroll, which lead to a discussion on folk vs fairy tales vs fables, which lead to us looking up the animated intro to Grimm's Fairy Tales cartoon from the late 80s, which lead to watching a bunch of "best of 80s" cartoon montages which made Tim nostalgic so he showed me some videos from his favorite games as a kid which then led to watching a top 15 video game intros video...

Then it was time to get ready for bed so we put on random adventure time clips when we brushed our teeth.

Yes, this is my life and it is awesome! ;-)

Ugh wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Also why does xfinity only have 4 random episodes of Adventure Time on demand???

Short weeks are the hardest lol, I only work 2 more days and I'm already like "meh let me sleep"

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So, at first I got really upset when I heard the news about Netflix splitting the streaming and DVD plans apart. I've been a Netflix member for quite some time now so the changes came as a bit of a shock, especially when I saw it would be almost double ($15.98+applicable tax). I just finished telling my friends I couldn't spend $15/month to play World of Warcraft and suddenly that number pops up again!

But after having several people defend the change in price, and someone sending me the Netflix blog link that gave a teensy bit more explanation, I've calmed down. It's not Netflix's fault - the movie studios don't like streaming. Period. Yet, at the same time, they realize it is in demand and that it is keeping Netflix alive so they are being total dicks about the whole thing. So Netflix has to pass it on a little bit. And really, this could have been a lot worse. They could have NOT offered the seperated plans and just have said "Okay, it's $15 now". But they are giving us a choice and the $7.99 plan is actually less than what I was paying so...I'll save a couple bucks.

The reason I over-reacted was because I had to learn about this from tumblr and twitter. I still have not received the email with this information. I checked my spam box and did not see it there. So I was really confused when Mike Nelson (of MST3K) began tweeting about how angry he was at Netflix. And then I went to tumblr and someone had posted a screencap of the letter that was sent to subscribers and I was like "WTF?!?!" and over-reacted.

But, to be honest, the last two DVDs I've rented, I've hung on to for a month before finally forcing myself to watch them. In fact, one of the DVDs I had for so long, when I sent it back, it was streaming! It's sad, I'm too lazy to actually turn on all the equipment required to view a DVD, but I'll turn on my xbox and hit up Netflix, no problem. Or my PC. Or my Wii. Or my iPhone. Yeah, I think streaming wins over DVDs for me. So I'm just going to downgrade to $7.99. There are very few movies I NEED TO SEE RIGHT NOW OMG when they come out on DVD. And since Netflix will still have that "SAVE" feature, I can just move all my movies over to that list and maybe someday they will be streaming. Or the library will have a copy in I can check out.

In the end, I think this is the way things will go -- movies will stream and we will pay to stream them. I hope the unlimited streaming lasts. I think physical discs will become the thing of collectors and movie buffs. If you like a movie enough, you'll buy the blu-ray for the full experience. Having movies only up for streaming for a limited time makes sense to me. It's just like the premiun cable channels, but instead of them running shitty movies over and over, you can PICK which shitty movie you want to watch and when.

So, I guess what I'm saying is, I'm sorry I got mad at you Netflix. You were right, I was wrong. It's just your letter was lost in the mail and I had to find out from a third party, which made me very upset. I hope we can at least still be friends. And, in the long run, you're saving me $2 a month! So, thanks! I'll put that money to good use. Probalby buying a blu-ray of a movie I love. :)

[EDIT: this post was also going to include some musings on social media and PR and the modern age of marketing...but I got too freakin tired and decided to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender on instant view instead so just pretend I said something brilliant here. Thank you and good night]
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So, after hearing several people flail over the goodness that is Avatar:The Last Airbender (I blame [ profile] snarkel for convincing me to finally add it to my Netflix queue) I caved and watched the first episode...and the second...and the third and fourth. I REALLY like it. I'm not a fan of anime, but it's not really anime, is it? It's like this weird mix of anime storytelling conventions but with a very Disneyfied/Western style that appeals to me. I love the sense of humor and the rich story that I can already tell is forming beneath it all. Again, the Netflix/Xbox360 deal really pays off for me. I'm going to watch an episode with breakfast every day. :D

The only anime I've watched multiple times is Princess Mononoke. I tried to watch Spirited Away - tried twice actually - and for some reason it always makes me naseous. I think it's just my poor Western brain trying to handle the Eastern cultural stuff. I think it overloads. Sad but true. I might try Ponyo if it gets good reviews.

Speaking of new fandoms, I watched the first episode of s4 of SPN today. I have a couple questions from the past season though - specifically to do with Ruby's Knife. Because they talks so much in the first few seasons about how demons were possessing bodies and how the person was trapped inside and you should try to save them blah blah blah - but doesn't stabbing them in the throat with a knife effectively kill the demon AND the person dead? They were pretty free wheelin' with the knife by the end of the season and I felt a bit conflicted about how they were no longer conflicted. Whatev, I'm just hoping to be caught up by September.

The Dollhouse Blu-Ray saga seems to be at an end. I placed a new order tonight and quickly called my credit card to say "OMG LET IT GO THRU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!" which they said it did. I got a confirmation e-mail and unless I get some sort of paniced phone call/email from Fox Store tomorrow, I'm going to assume that this story is over until my friend comes back from Comic Con.

Miralce "Mellie" Laurie will be in Baltimore on Saturday at Shore Leave...and I have to work. :( I wonder how many people will ask her about vases...

I found my old Pandora log-in, so I'm reviving that account so I can use the iPhone app, which everyone says is far superior to the app. I spent a good chunk of time tonight bookmarking my favorite artists of the moment.

My rl friends and I need to pick our Harry Potter theater. I can't believe the premiere is next week!!! I have a feeling we'll just end up at Arundel Mills or West Nursery because our favorite midnight theater, The Senator, is no longer a first run theater. So sad. It won't be the same. Still, we have to see it at MIDNIGHT! I don't care what kind of shape I am in on Wednesday, I will be running on Harry Potter fueled adreniline. I wasn't in love with OotP, but HBP is HBP - it is meant to be seen on the big screen!

Alright, time for bed. Gotta read the next chapter in THE STRAIN and see if the vampires show up...though since it is a trilogy, I'm starting to get a bit concerned I might have to wait until 2010 to see some serious vamp action...
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Yay - my Buffy Sing-a-long party supplies arrived today! I am highly amused.

Disney is trying to hop on the Galactic Heroes bandwagon. These figures are cute but not cute enough for me to covet them. (thank goodness!!!)

Time to pick out some Flavia Flavors! AD said he likes the House Blend. I think I'm going to get the French Vanilla. My first order is supposed to come with free Milky Way Swirl mix packages...okay, I just bought a ton of caffeinated beverage creations. That should do me for the rest of time. Or at least a couple months.

Coming soon from Netflix - 3:10 to Yuma, Once, and Eagle Vs Shark!

[ profile] cj_rss posted a link to a BSG s4 preview!!! MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU ARE NOT CAUGHT UP! Seriously, do not watch it if you are even a teensy bit behind. Stop. Don't. I see you! Go rent/download the other 3 frakkin' seasons before you watch this and ruin it all!

The rest of you - OMGOMGOMGOMG!

I'm feeling major BSG withdrawal right now and we just watched 3 episodes the other day. I want to watch more. Might have to pop one in right now...
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Just logged into Netflix to bump up someone good on my queue and what greets my eyes?

"Since you liked 'The World According to Sesame Street' and 'Fraggle Rock - The Complete First Season', we thought you might enjoy:

'Elmo's Potty Time'"

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So, I just went and added 'Stardust' to my Netflix queue since I'm pretty sure I've missed it in theaters. After I added it, the little "other movies you might like" window pops up. It has:
"Serenity" (um, duh, I already rated it 5 out of 5 stars!).
2 versions of Terry Gilliam's 'Brazil' (okay, I get that, weird cult film with sci-fi fantasy elements...)
'Night at the Museum' (it's relatively new, I've rated other Ben Stiller flicks, probably popular all around right now, I'll let it slide).

Mighty Ducks 3.

Exactly how does that work into the mix?

Silly computers!

Is it safe?

Sep. 7th, 2007 06:57 pm
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I finished reading 'Marathon Man' last week and the DVD just arrived from Netflix! I'm really interested to see what the movie is like, though I'm scared to death of the "Is it safe?" scene! My teeth hurt just thinking about it!

I'm about halfway through 'Amber Spyglass' now. Not sure where the hell that is going! spoilers )
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So...Kenneth Branagh has remade 'Sleuth'. I know I've seen the original, but I don't remember it. And I got it mixed up with 'Deathtrap', which also has Michael Caine in it.

I went to Netflix the original 'Sleuth' but it looks like it's out of print :( Hopefully the studio will release it in conjunction with the new version. I'm going to order 'Deathtrap' though. I remember liking that...can't remember why...(besides the fact that Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve are made of awesome).

Anyhoo, put the new 'Sleuth' down on my list of movies I want to see!
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Abby Cadabby Plush!

Also, [ profile] gypsyjr posted a link to the 'Run Fatboy Run' website which has 2 trailers for the film. I hadn't heard anything about it, but the trailers were pretty amusing, and I have faith in Simon Pegg! haha. And to think, I thought I had messed up on Netflix when, instead of getting the 'Aqua Teen Hunger Force' movie, I received the first disc in the 'Black Books' series - which stars Dylan Moran who is going to be in Run Fatboy Run! It's a sign!!!

I want to see 'Superbad'.
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I'll start off by saying I know next to nothing about the Zodiac murders.  I wasn't alive when they happened.  I'm not really into true-crime stories, as they tend to freak me out a bit.  But this movie had received so many positive reviews from critics and friends that I wanted to see it. 

My only complaint about this movie was that I felt it ran a little too long.  It clocks in at 158 minutes, and I think it could have been trimmed down to less than two hours and held on the to tension a bit longer. 

Anyway, I think all of the actors did a wonderful job in this movie.  I was especially impressed by Jake Gyllenhaal, though I don't know why.  I guess because of his stardom, I just assume he won't be any good, then I watch a movie with him and remember that he actually can act.  Mark Ruffalo was really good too.

According to IMDB, the tagline for 'Zodiac' was "There's more than one way to lose your life to a killer".  That about sums it all up.  This movie isn't about the Zodiac killer as much as it's about the men who become obsessed with finding him, exposing him, and/or bringing him to justice. 

orangerful says: Rent it!  But start watching it early because you've got 2 1/2 hours of movie to absorb!

Originally posted on

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[ profile] jimithingy had read this book awhile back, on the reccommendation of a friend. I had meant to read the book...but I am lame. So, last night, I Netflixed the movie version. We were a bit concerned, since there was pretty much no advertising for this film. But after seeing it, I understand why. The full title of the movie, and the book, is "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer". [ profile] jimithingy tells me the movie was very close to the book - lots of sniffing things and then describing them. But, he says, the book had more time to go into the craft of perfume making in the time period. The movie sort of glosses over it all, focusing on Jean-Baptiste's obsession with "preserving scent".

There is no hero in this movie. There is only a villian. And one that is so deeply disturbed that he doesn't really realize what he is doing. It is like some twisted fairy tale, with a "moral" at the end that is just creepy. I can't deny that the film was well done, well acted, well shot, but it wasn't really enjoyable. Not something I'd ever watch again. And I'm sure the story worked better in the realm of printed fiction as opposed to the restraints of what you can do on film (no matter how good John Hurt's voiceover is).

If you've read the book, you might enjoy seeing the movie, if only for the interpretation. I can't really recommend the movie. I suppose there are worse movies that hit the 2 1/2 hour mark. And it wasn't bad or unwatchable. Just not really fun.

(Oh, and for those of you, like me, who have seen Sweeney Todd and assume this will be similar. It's not. Completely different angle. :\ Here I was hoping he would have a chance to sell the perfume!)
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I didn't know much about this documentary when I Netflix'd it. The title intrigued me, so I ordered it. The documentary focuses on the R and NC-17 rating, the mysterious MPAA board, and what the ratings really mean to a studio.

The main gripe with American ratings, it seemed, was how arbitrary they are. Especially when it comes to violence vs. sexual content. Now, some of the scenes they showed in this documentary, I was fine with having an NC-17 rating. BUT when I found out that NC-17 pretty much guarantees your movie will get no advertising and won't run in many parts of the country, I thought that was a bit unfair. Sure, you made a movie that has a bit of sex in it, and sure the MPAA feels the only way to keep children out of the film is to slap it with an NC-17 (Kevin Smith pointed out that no one is ever just given an NC-17, they are always "slapped"), but is it fair that this means no studio will distribute it?

A large portion of the documentary (and my least favorite part) was director Kirby Dick hiring a private investigator and attempting to chase down the MPAA raters. The things they discovered were interesting, but I was more interested in hearing the interviews with filmmakers and finding out what some of their gripes were with the system.

In the end, my brain was buzzing with all kinds of thoughts. Damn those Puritans for making Americans such prudes when it comes to sex! Wait, why do I need to see someone taking it from behind in a movie? What if the filmmaker feels that is important, should they be told to cut it? But why is this board giving out arbitrary ratings and doing it in secret? Why don't parents take care of their damn kids anyway? "R" does not mean it's okay for a child to see a movie, it's mean RESTRICTED. (Yes, you could take a 16 year old to see the movie, but that doesn't mean you should take 8 year old Sally into see "Saw" because your lazy ass couldn't find a babysitter. Suck it up, that's what you get for having children. Your life is revoked.) If you're going to create a ratings system, shouldn't you support ALL of the ratings you've created? Stop making NC-17 a kiss of death! If the filmmaker gets an NC-17, distribute their movie! And what is the deal with violence against women? Even Kevin Smith said he was sick of that shit! Maria Bello pointed out that her film got an NC-17 because during the lovemaking scene, a bit of her public hair was visible, yet the week before she saw one of the 'Scary Movie' films where a woman is stabbed in the breast, her implant pops out and she's bleeding all over and then someone else gets a penis in their ear, and that is rated R! And clearly if you are a woman or you are gay, you are NOT allowed to have sex on screen. Straight guys? Go crazy and look happy while you do it! What is UP with that????

So, it wasn't really a very good documentary. But it was very interesting. And eye opening. Kirby Dick had a mission, which was to expose the MPAA raters, and I really could have cared less, but listening to other filmmakers talk about their problems with the system will make you think twice before judging a film by it's rating. Good conversation piece. Watch it so you can discuss it with others, but it's not really very high quality and it is very one-sided and it doesn't' really offer a solution to the problem.

btw - this film is rated NC-17...for a reason! You get to see all the scenes that caused other movies to receive their NC-17 ratings. Just so you can mentally prepare yourself.

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