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holy guacamole 35 toddlers in the 9:30 program! OMG I AM SO SWEATY AND GROSS AND IT IS ONLY 10:15! And I have a second program at 10:30. Chugging coffee now to try to get my energy back up. They were such a rowdy bunch, last week they were so chill and today it is all RUN AROUND THE LIBRARIAN!

**breathes in**

**breathes out**

So how is everyone else's Thursday going?

We finally started watching Ash vs. Evil Dead and I LOVE IT. It is just so ridiculous and over the top. We've only got two episodes left in the first season and I really feel like it is true to the Evil Dead series in tone. Plus, Bruce Campbell, how I hearts him. I was telling Tim the other day that somewhere in my box o' random crap (everyone has one of those right?) there is a PRINT OUT (nerd alert!) of Bruce Campbell's website, back when it was so rare for actors to have their own official sites, let alone ones that they ran themselves. I need to find that...

Okay, time to knock back the last of this coffee and head down to the room for round 2.
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This Thanksgiving, you can really have your friends and family for dinner with this cookbook. #hannibal #fannibal #bookface

btw this is the new Feeding Hannibal cookbook! The library purchased it (I swear, I don't think I requested it!)! It is GORGEOUS! Glossy pages, full color photos from the show AND of the food. I want it for my collection even though I am pretty sure I am not a high enough level cook to attempt half of the things in the book. But it is SO SHINY!

I've been trying to get back to normal, though it is hard to do with all the headlines swirling around. But, gotta move forward, right? Can't sit and cry about how it is all unfair (it is) and we have to overthrow the Electoral College (we can't, they have submitted changes to Congress 700 times and it has never been approved). So, instead, I'm just gonna hunker down and prepare to be there for those in need and fight for things I believe in.

I've also been playing A LOT of Stardew Valley because that is a perfect little world where I go out and farm and live with my wife Leah and milk the goats and sometimes fight and/or grow slimes of my own. Farms Sims are oddly calming.

Pumpkin donut time! (I am a sucker for a BOGO Free deal at the grocery store when it concerns baked goods of any king so we now how donuts and bagels).

And I'm just realizing I forgot my cream cheese at work. DAMMIT!
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Well, you would be right! Poor meme got buried but I was reminded today because a few of you are keeping it alive!

[ profile] brunettepet asked to see my favorite piece of art in the house and [ profile] imagine_peace asked for a framed picture. So here are a few to pick from:

Read more... )
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[ profile] meathiel asked for some of my favorite jewelry:

photos under the cut )

[ profile] a_phoenixdragon asked about my favorite place to hang out at home, which was a toss up between the TV or the computer room LOL. I went with my computer because why not!

my literal desktop )
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[ profile] phenomenal asked for a picture of my favorite book.

I stole this copy from my parents when I found it on the downstairs bookshelf in middle school. My Mom told me I would like it. I LOVED IT!

picture of a well loved book )
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I've seen this going around and I want to play too!

Ask me to take a picture of any aspect of my life that you're interested in - it can be anything from the house I live in to my favorite shoes. Leave your choice here as a comment, and I will reciprocate by taking the pictures and posting them as an LJ entry. Ask for as many as you want!
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[ profile] tigtogiba34 reminded me that I still had not posted a picture of the new car! I went out in the heat today (ugh it's still in the 90s here in Maryland!! WHY! WHERE IS FALL?!?!?) and put on a couple stickers and my license plate holder I bought years ago, so now she is geeked out, as she should be:

Put some @thinkgeek additions on the new @subaru_usa - now she feels more like MY Starship #starwars #car

I still need a dashboard buddy though. Tim keeps saying there is no where to put anything on the dashboard which is not true, I will find something and MAKE IT FIT.

I may add a few more stickers later...was thinking about putting Han and Chewie on the other side window. But, you know, Tim might want to put something on there too (HAHAHHAHAHA yeah right).

I also want to get the Star Wars sunshade too. I should be getting a merchandise credit from ThinkGeek soon so I'm thinking that will be what I use it for. Of course, by then it might not be hitting 104 degrees in the sun but who knows! I don't like parking in the shade at work because the trees have acorns and they drop them and I must protect my baby!!!
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You make lemonade! No wait, I mean, you stylishly cram the pictures into one large poster frame:

Eventually I will buy 3 11x14 frames but for now, this will work! @starwars #disneymovierewards #posters

We will have officially been moved into this house for a year a week from today so I'm getting this whole "OMG WE HAVE DONE NOTHING!" loop in my brain, trying to hang pictures, tidy up the yard, etc. I mean, wtf, how did this bag of clothes sit here for a YEAR and never go to Goodwill? I suck.

Oh, if you are on imzy, I made a little personal blog there. Not sure how much I will use it compared to here, but if you are there, feel free to join/follow:

Also, if you are not on Imzy and still need an invite, I think I have 5 more? Let me know.

And now, to bed! We have friends coming over tomorrow so I should wake up at a decent hour!

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15. Post a shelfie

I figured this should probably get it's own post. Though as I take photos, I realize how I don't really own that many books anymore and also I don't really use my bookshelves for books LOL. they are mostly about displays of books, toys, movies etc.. Also, most of my childhood books are still at my parents (don't tell Tim, he is already horrified by the boxes I bring back any time we visit my folks LOL, so many Star Wars toys to bring home with me when he is not looking...)

Anyway, see for yourself - if you dare! The photos are clickable and will take you over to flickr if you want to zoom in and be really nosy. :) I don't mind, I did the same to you!


Hope you all enjoyed my little shelfie tour. :)

Ooga chaka

Mar. 28th, 2016 09:15 am
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iPod is hooked up! The road trip can begin!  #ipod #music #roadtrip

On the road, heading to Wisconsin, rocking out. Sylvia is DJing now so it's all Panic at the Disco at the moment, but we had to kick off the trip with the guardians mix!
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Spent Saturday cleaning up and then went to my parent's today and got more stuff LOL. I think Tim was horrified when my Mom gave me three bags/boxes of Star Wars toys (which I had asked for because nostalgia)

Reclaimed some of my #toys today, time for a stroll down memory lane. @starwars #starwars #jurassicpark

So I spent about two hours tonight going through one of the bags, wiping off the dust, and them playing with the toys.

Possibly one of my most favorite toys of all time #starwars #rancor @starwars

Possibly my favorite Star Wars toy. My Rancor got a lot of playtime because RotJ was my favorite of the movies when I was a kid (probably because of the super-mega-happy-ending) and I would drag my toy box out and play with my figure while I was watching.

Sidenote: I was digging through my parent's DVDs and found out my brother bought the Special Edition Limited Release of the Original Trilogy that has the ORIGINAL THEATRICAL RELEASES on the bonus discs!!!!!!! I totally "borrowed" them because I want to watch RotJ again but I know the one on my blu-ray copy will make me rage (GIVE ME MY YUB NUB DAMMIT! And don't get me started on the awful song added to Jabba's palace...)

Fun with my slo-mo camera mode under the cut )

Only sad thing was opening up my Tie Fighter and seeing that the batteries had exploded in the back (well, they were probably 30 years old LOL). That is the only real damage I have seen so far that I am sad about.

I'll probably post more photos as I go through the bag. There's some Jurassic Park stuff in there too which makes me happy. I HAVE A T-REX! :D
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December 9th: The day's weather. [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi

Had a little fun with this one. :) I love that the Star Wars app also provides the weather:


Also, wtf, it's 50 degrees in DECEMBER. Feels wrong this close to Christmas.

...but I'm sure I'll be bitching about the cold next week LOL. Cold really doesn't show up in Maryland until January/February. That's when the surprise!snow shows up.

I feel like I haven't had time to read my flist in forever. Trying to keep up with work and the Christmas shopping...still have NO IDEA what to get my brother, beyond the first book in The Witcher series. But I feel like I want to get him one more thing and I'm just blanking. He tends to buy everything when it comes out (well, games at least) and otherwise he is a mystery to me what he does in his free time.

Anybody have a suggestion for a 26 year old guy who likes to be stylish but not hipster? Likes a tasty whiskey but will also drink that god-awful Natty Bo' crap? He's still a geek at heart, plays video games and knows his Star Wars trivia...**sigh** I'll figure something out.

Day 8

Dec. 8th, 2015 11:06 pm
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December 8th: Your most favorite food! [ profile] thistle_chaser

This is another tough question but I think I'm going to have to go with sushi. I don't know why, but I crave it constantly! (I tried to use this excuse as a reason to go get some but, alas, the holiday shopping is crimping by restaurant take-out style this month)


I do love a good medium rare steak about opposites!

...this whole photo meme has made me realize how unorganized my Flickr page has become since using Instagram! Apparently my tags were not important correctly and there are 2000 pictures in need of my attention. :(
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[ profile] koyaaniisqatsi just posted this and it sounds like fun!

Ask Me Anything PHOTO edition! Tell me what you want to see pictures of from my life for the month of December! I don't mind holiday themed requests (though I probably won't dig out the Christmas decorations until the second week of December because that is how I roll)

December 1st: something that made you smile today. [ profile] 1_rhiannon_1
December 2nd: Top 5 favorite YA books of all time [ profile] bookishgeek
December 3rd: My 4 legged children (Instagram, Darnice)
December 4th: Favorite toys (Facebook, Laurel)
December 5th: Posters/pictures on your wall [ profile] rogueslayer452
December 6th: your movie collection [ profile] ragnarok_08
December 7th: Your favorite winter drink! [ profile] kaaelyn
December 8th: Your most favorite food! [ profile] thistle_chaser
December 9th: The day's weather. [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi
December 10th: your husband intereacting with one or both of your cats. [ profile] ekaterin24
December 11th: Three trinkets you hold very dear. [ profile] verdande_mi
December 12th: your gaming set up [ profile] marshmallow
December 13th: House tour! [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi
December 14th: Your computer/laptop [ profile] xfirefly9x
December 15th: Favorite snack foods (Instagram, Darnice)
December 16th: any stuffed animals you may have [ profile] jtggodqos
December 17th: First meal of the day! [ profile] eowyn
December 18th: pic of you and your mom (doesn't have to be recent!) [ profile] faeriesfolly
December 19th: your kitchen [ profile] marshmallow
December 20th: your oldest friend [ profile] phenomenal
December 21st: Your bathroom cabinet. [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi
December 22nd:
December 23rd: You favorite Christmas ornament? [ profile] blizzardskies
December 24th: photo of your tree/presents [ profile] kael1030
December 25th: any awesome pictures with Santa? [ profile] faeriesfolly
December 26th: What's inside your fridge? [ profile] koyaaniisqatsi
December 27th: your book collection [ profile] jtggodqos
December 28th: Share something you still have from your childhood. [ profile] verdande_mi
December 29th: Baby pics! (Instagram, Darnice)
December 30th: Your view from the bedroom window [ profile] eowyn
December 31st: favourite alcohol drink! [ profile] penderies
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Finally watched the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel and I was...underwhelmed. I don't think 90 minute was necessary, or at least they didn't make good use of their time because I did spend a good portion of the episode wondering how much longer until it was over. This already feels a lot like Asylum to me; too much going on, not enough focus on plot, too much focus on being "edgy" (and by edgy I mean disgusting)

I had seen this article while browsing online but had not read it, but as soon as I saw the episode, I knew exactly which scene the writer was going to talk about. After the Hannibal-like murder scene, the audience was warned that something awful would happen and to have this creature raping someone with a silver unicorn horn dildo...I just...that's not horror to me. That's just being disgusting.

I'll give it a few more episodes. I feel like maybe I should just skip every other episode...except Wes Bentley is so nice to look at...maybe I'll just watch until something bad happens to him.

Also finished Broadchurch Season 2 and OMG WHAT A SHOW!!!!! I doubted they could even do a second season but it blew me away. I can't decide if I want a Season 3 or not...I'm worried they will eventually take it all too far. Plus, I sort of want everyone to get on with their lives now.

Caught up on iZombie tonight, which is off to an okay start.
I am SO glad that Liv is not hiding her zombie-ness anymore. Though I am still annoyed that the show still seems to be about her eating brains and acting weird. Major's storyline (well, him taking the Utopia) makes me think of Reilly in Season 5 of Buffy...which doesn't bode well for Major.

Apparently, tomorrow the new Star Wars trailer is going to air during the football game. My geeky Star Wars friends are already complaining about having to watch some random game LOL. Alas, I'll wait until it is up on YouTube...or maybe I will avoid it and stay totally spoiler free. (Like that is possible, the poster came out today and it was on in my Facebook feed about 10 times, sheesh!)

And for those of you that don't watch TV, here is my magical wedding band that glows in the DARK! I know you are impressed!

Wedding ring super powers activated! #wedding #etsy
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Just finished this, loved it. Go watch it now. #cartoons #overthegardenwall #hulu

Have you guys seen this??

I can't even find the words to express how much I loved this beautiful miniseries. I miss Wert, Greg, and [insert frog's name during your favorite episode here] already. I loved the story, I loved the characters, the animation was so great and the voice acting top-notch.

Honestly, I don't want to say anymore beyond this because I want you to experience it. I watched it because friends had given it good reviews, I knew nothing about it. I'm so glad I went into it that way.

I hope they make more shows like this. I don't want a sequel or anything, I'm really happy with it being done. But I want more shows with this same kind of spirit, a very classic story with modern sensibilities. A tale we've heard before, yet it is somehow timeless and at the same time brand new...


May. 6th, 2015 09:26 pm
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I am pretty sure everyone can identify with this quote!

I am pretty sure everyone can identify with this quote! #comics #books
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^^^see what I did there?

I spent my ModCloth gift certificate from my birthday! :D I'm usually awful at spending gift cards so I made it a goal to spend this one ASAP! Plus, they had a coupon day!

Here is one of my new pretty things!

My shoes are cuter than yours #shoes #modcloth #lastofthebirthdaymoney

My shoes are cuter than yours #shoes #modcloth #lastofthebirthdaymoney

And now it is time to start closing up the library!
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Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It has been quite a week, bit of a blur.

Because of ice/cold we had a delayed opening on Monday at work so that day was screwy. Tuesday was a scare of ice in the evening and I was perturbed at how our upper management handled it (but saying at 2pm they were not going to close, even though the week before they told us how staff safety is important). I was very angry as I slid out of the parking lot at 5pm knowing my friends were stuck there until 9pm as the freezing rain pelted my car.

BUT the bright side is that my awesome coworkers did my birthday party on Tuesday! We do birthday buddies and you are supposed to request a cake and ice cream flavor but I learned long ago that the world is full of MANY cake flavors, so I always just put "YES!" or "delicious" next to the cake option and hope for the best. This year was not a disappointment as my buddy made a tasty chocolate cherry cake. OMG SO GOOD! She used a recipe from Cake Mix Doctor and said you just don't use any liquids, just chocolate cake mix, an egg and cherry pie filling. And then make real chocolate frosting by melting chocolate chips. I won't lie, I had two pieces haha. Plus, she found the most awesome card for me:

Read more... )
Anyway, good times. I feel like I've had my quota of snow days now so I'm ready for spring. And I'm about to lose an hour of sleep to daylight savings, blah. Tim is working tomorrow 1-5pm which means I have the apartment to myself hehe. Oh what to do what to commentary, binge watch another series, play Sims, plays life is so hard LOL.

I leave you with the birthday card my parent's got me because it is very relevant:

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