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So, I'm about halfway through Hillybilly Elegy by J.D. Vance which is all about issues in rural America and the culture that exists there. It became a bestseller after Trump was elected president because it was implied that these were the people that voted for him so everyone is reading the book in the hopes of making sense of it all.

I saw this article in the Washington Post about rural Americans and disabilities and unemployment and it echoed a lot of the issues that Vance talks about in his book. And it all just blows my mind and I struggle to find any way we can all understand each other. This culture, the entire way the families function, it just is so alien to how I grew up, how I was raised, the values instilled in me.

And, the irony being that you could read about some of these situations they go through - the broken homes, the scraping by etc. and if you saw it out of context, you might think it has to do with inner city living and "minority" groups. And this is probably what makes the divide worse because most of us fight for equality for different groups, trying to figure out how to fix a broken system, but these rural poor white groups end up getting ignored because, technically, they are part of the majority?

I dunno, it is all so hard to even grasp because that world is just so alien to me having grown up in middle class suburbs. And I'm sure that is a huge part of America's problem right now because there is no way to have a dialogue that makes any sense because the culture of both sides is so different.

I had to return the book without finishing it, I'm back on the waitlist (only 100 people ahead of me blurgh!) but I wonder what each person is getting out of this story. Living in Maryland probably gives a unique perspective too since it has a large transient population due to military and government contractor jobs, but at the same time there are people who have always been here. And Virginia and Pennsylvania aren't that far, so I'm sure people who grew up in that society have migrated across the states to start anew like Vance did.

Has anyone read the book? Thoughts? feelings? reactions? Obviously his life story isn't the ONLY story of someone growing up there, but the news coverage of the unemployment issues and opiod crisis are making it seem like perhaps his story is more average than we would ever want to believe.
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I try to not get too political here, but this is something near and dear to me. Public media needs support from YOU right now. Email your Congress-person with this handy form to let them know that access to public media is important for all Americans, not just ones that pay for cable or live in certain areas.

Takes just a moment -
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I've seen everyone post the Kate McKinnon singing bit and Chappelle's monologue, but I hadn't seen this one.

TOO REAL! It's funny and depressing at the same time.
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Very interesting read from the Harvard Business Review - What So Many People Don't Get about the U.S. Working Class?

Biggest issue is they forgot to say WHITE working class right upfront but otherwise, I found this fascinating and a way to try to understand what was going on in their minds. I don't agree with their decision to support Trump, but the first steps to fixing any problem is understanding both sides, right?

And, of course, these are not the only people that voted for Trump, but this is the group getting the bulk of the blame.

Decent comments too! I mean, some people are just angry, but others have good points about the article, other issues, and where they disagree but still relatively civil!

I've added a safety pin to my work lanyard as a silent protest and a nod to anyone who feels unsafe in these times.
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Video and full text of his speech are here.

I am going to miss him so much. His eloquence and his voice and his sense of humor.

Reading his speech makes me feel sad and hopeful at the same time. There were so many things said during the campaign to just win votes, things that Trump and the Republicans can't really do, at least not as quickly as they claim. At least the full on apocalypse won't start for at least 6 months, right?

Everyone at work is very quiet. It is a rainy day in Maryland and you can feel the gloom hanging over us. I can't say that I'm not scared; I feel like the kind of people that support Trump probably don't value the public library and the services we offer. Because we help everyone and want to give everyone access to information. I think they would call us socialists.

But anyway, wanted to share. Clearly I am having a hard time focusing on actual work today. And I'm here until 9pm, so I will probably continue to spam you with random thoughts as the day goes on.

i'm sorry

Nov. 9th, 2016 11:16 am
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I am so sorry. I cast my vote, I tried to believe that good would triumph over ignorance.

That seems foolish of me now.

I just hope the America I know and I love is still here after four years.
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Reading through my flist and seeing all your responses to the EU leaving vote...I am sorry and scared for the UK and the world. I feel like this and the fact that Trump has gotten so far are all parts of a bigger problem and I don't know how we are going to solve it.

I am, of course, insanely ignorant of the issue beyond what John Oliver can tell me. I know there is a lot going on beyond that video, two sides with many different kinds of people fighting over many different things, but the entire collection of issues are being boiled down to this one single vote.

I hope that there are some frustrated people out there who also have dreams of working in politics who will take this vote and learn from it and hopefully become better leaders than what we have today. Can that be the rainbow? The silver lining?

I hope so.

Anyway, massive *HUGS* to all of my friends in the UK.

*sigh* I just want all the rumors about Trump dropping out to be confirmed...though I'm worried all the articles talking about it will just egg him on. :(

Oh well, I am going to escape into a land of loud pop music and enjoy a night of Weezer/Panic at the Disco.

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