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Well, I've been so caught up in the house stuff and other things, that I have fallen woefully behind on my friends list/reading list/social media. So instead of staying up until 2am trying to skim your posts, I'm just starting from today. Sorry about that. I still haven't found a balance between my new home on DW and keeping up with LJ people who didn't switch over and apparently I've just stopped checking everything because of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Friday we're going to see The Aquabats which is a band I wish I had known about sooner because they are just so geeky and fun. Their TV show is on Netflix now and we binge watched the first season and while we were doing that, they announced a tour so we thought WHY NOT? I mean, Weird Al makes an appearance in their show, they are clearly meant for me.

Also this Friday the contractor is coming out to rip up the wood floor in the kitchen and see if they can dry out everything enough to install new floor soon. We're going to go with porcelain tile. We figured for a room with three water sources, tile was better than wood. And really the only downside to porcelain is if you drop something on it, that thing will break. But I'd rather replace a mug than a floor.

Tim got me hooked on Gwent again. I hadn't played since it was in closed beta, but now it is free to play, open beta. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it but we will see how long that lasts LOL. It's like Hearthstone but a little bit more complicated? I still need to finish the first Witcher game. I really like the story, but it's sooooo clunky because it is soooo old. I could just jump into the second game, but I've got to be close to the end now so why give up?

We finished season 1 of The Expanse but Season 2 isn't on Prime yet and OMG THE CLIFF HANGER!!! I'm hoping one of the nearby libraries gets the set soon so I can request it. Or that Prime gets the second season...but I doubt that will happen until Season 3 starts up :(

I'm about halfway through BBC's Victoria because the library DVD finally had no requests on it so I could keep it for longer than 7 days. I'm enjoying it but I think part of that is my fondness for Rufus Sewell. I do like Jenna Coleman, even if I wasn't a huge Clara fan. She is working for me as Victoria.

OH and I finally watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls and I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Why was I not watching this before??

hmmmm...this makes it sound like I've just been watching a lot of TV instead of reading your posts...not entirely true but I suppose not entirely false either. Sorry about that.

Okay, I should probably sleep now...
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My friend [ profile] andy_wolverton bought Star Trek: The Next Generation on blu-ray a few weeks ago so we are doing a simultaneous rewatch and then discussing at work and online on our Wordpress blogs. I just typed up my first entry, discussing the start of the series and the first four episodes very briefly. Feel free to chime in!

Would anyone want me to post my thoughts here on LJ rather thank a link to Wordpress?
[Poll #2052701]

Going to go show off our shiny new car to my parents now! :D TTFN
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the rehearsal script) will be published on July 31st and cataloging librarians are having fun debating where this book should live (when it eventually gets to a shelf...which might take awhile).

So, gentle readers - what do you think?

The librarian in me is annoyed that it not a prose novel but a script, and feels like it should go into the 800s with the rest of the plays.

Children's Librarian/Youth Librarian in me thinks it would make the browsers life easier if it were on the shelf as a normal book, possibly even fudging the author call number so it lives next to the rest of the series.

The Harry Potter fan in me (which isn't a huge one, my HP fandom is low-key but still) is annoyed that this is not actually written by JK (yeah yeah she "approved" it), is a play, it not really meant for children and is full of emo-Harry and Son and could possibly ruin the entire series and wants to ignore it and therefore wants to hide it in the 800s so no one finds it after the shine wears off in a year.

What do you all think? And I want both sides - I know some of you work in libraries and some of you are normal humans (LOL! NO TRUE YOU ARE MY FRIENDS SO YOU CAN'T BE NORMAL!) but what are your thoughts????????? Where should Harry and his cursed child live?
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The Writer Who Made Me To Love Comics Taught Me To Hate Them

Just finished reading this opinion piece from Polygon about Frank Miller and his history of writing big comics but also how, as the years went on, it became clear he had issues with women, among other things.

I think this is an issue many of us in fandom, especially women and LGBTQ people, deal with all the time. We fall in love with a part fandom as a kid, we adore it and then, as we get older, we start to see the flaws and the cracks. Sometimes, we can shrug it off but other times it really begins to hurt our ability to enjoy those original works and things to come. We keep following the fandom, but in our heart of hearts, we are a little disgusted that we ever liked it in the first place.

I think the fandom I am most forgiving to and I am willing to turn the other cheek is probably the original 'Star Wars'. I think it is because it relies so heavily on the hero myth, I let it get away with things and because it was the "first" movie of it's kind (I'm not so nice to the prequels, enough time had passed for things to be updated.) There will always be the "metal bikini problem", among other things, but in the end I can still watch Star Wars and love it.

But I've definitely started using a keener eye when looking at representation of any kind in my stories now. I haven't revisited too many things from my past to see how they fair, though I do remember starting to show Sylvia 'Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure' and getting turned off when they started to call each other 'fags' anytime they showed affection for each other.

I'm sure I could think of more if I ponder for awhile. What about you guys? Any writers, actors, musicians that you were a big fan of as a kid but then you found out more and became aware that the person behind the stories wasn't all that great?
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Hello new friends!

Crazy thunder storm outside so I'm not turning on my real computer, just browsing LJ on the iPad so I will keep it short cuz typing on here is a bear!

It was hella hot today. Heat index was over 100. Mostly hid inside at work, though our AC was struggling to keep it at 80 in the main part of the library. Pretty sure the blowers in the children's area are not working. Back room was, of course, freezing. Came home and the AC in the apartment had blown a fuse. Working now but ugh it was hot for awhile.

oH! And I ordered chipotle online and they forgot my lettuce and guacamole!! Lettuce is free, but that guacamole was $1 so I was a bit upset about that when I got home. Going to stop there tomorrow and try to talk to a manager.

Just saw everyone's posted about Sherlock series 4! Not surprised it is happening but sorta surprised it probably won't air until late 2015. It's a hit, let's schedule some time now guys! I blame cumberbatch who has appeared in every other movie since 2012!

In other news, I'm doodling to amuse myself. It's pretty fun even if I'm just ok.

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OMG BEATLES' FANS! Check this out, so cool!!! Pop Chart Lab Beatles Song Chart, Volume 1

It's one of the must beautiful infographics I have ever seen! GLORIOUS!

ALSO, if you're not aware, the MST3K/Rifftrax guys are taking over National Geographic channel today and riffing documentaries? I'm hoping some of the clips will pop up online as I don't think we have that channel in our line-up. But it makes me happy to see them getting such a huge gig! Still debating whether or not to see the live Riff of Sharknado...

Cannot wait for the crazy Internet that is April 1st. Please share any cool links you find on your LJ so I can partake in the laughter. I know my first stop will be ThinkGeek as they always have some hilarious products for "sale".

OH OH OH we started True Detective, just finished the second episode. Disturbing, twisted but also a good, dark sense of humor. WTF the south is a creepy place though. I'm glad they are testing out the whole American Horror Story style of series making with these 8 episodes being their own "series" and then coming back next year with a whole new story and set of partners. That's making smart TV right there.

Okay, bedtime now. It was so nice today that we took a walk around Kinder Park, which is a little over 2 miles, and all that fresh air has WIPED. ME. OUT!

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Whoops, holy crap, did you know it's FEBRUARY already??? Yeah, I sorta didn't realize it until I had to go to work today. Here are the two questions that I missed from the weekend:

What is the best thing you have learned from being involved in fandom? What is the worst thing?
Best thing I have learned is that you're not alone - you're never alone. Somewhere out there, in any fandom, is someone with your same take on things, or if not exactly the same, downright similar. You can meet so many amazing people.

Worst thing is that people can be dicks, they can say things just to be upsetting and fandom politics (pulling rank etc.) gets old really fast.

The best book and the worst book that you've ever read.
Wow, this one is hard, mostly because I don't finish books if they are really bad. Best book would probably go think I would say "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. The story, the writing, the feels - it's all very well done and I think the fact that so many people of so many different ages have read this "young adult" book and loved it means I must be a little bit right.

Worst something I was forced to read in school. Like "Cold Sassy Tree" or "House of the Seven Gables". Bleh. I didn't make it through "City of Bones" or "Maximum Ride", two very popular series who had writing styles that made me want to rip them into pieces...but they were library books so I just returned them and then refuse to put them on display. But as they are both massive best-sellers, I don't think I hurt either author in the end.

No question for today! But I still have some empty dates if you have something you want to know about me!
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So, I have totally dropped the ball on both mininano AND the icon community I joined. It's hard to find time to write every day. I suppose I could be writing now but I am not really in a creative writing mood at the moment. But maybe I can make a personal resolution to do one bit of creative writing every month or every week. A week is better for me. Some of my days are so full.

And the icon community I joined just overwhelmed me with all the stuff going on. I had not been a part of one of these big ones before and it might have been a bad idea to come back with that. Perhaps I should have just done a simple, weekly screencap contest.

But now I have Hunger Games screen caps so I can make some Katniss icons. Jennifer Lawrence is growing on me, though it's too bad they didn't make her do the Appalachian accent that Suzanne Collins imagined her with.

Caught up on Walking Dead last night. Since I have read the comics, I knew about the whole barn thing. But I was on the edge with Daryll's story since I don't think he is in the comics at all. Anyway, it's time for them to find Sophia and leave the farm now. I guess next week is the last episode for the year though so I'm sure all the shit will go down in that 40 minutes of TV.

Also caught up on American Horror Story...that last one was hella good, really creepy, but I am also curious about Tate's character and their plan for him. And I LOL'd so hard when Zachary Quinto guest starred. He got scary fast though, he was like a gay Sylar obsessed with granny smith apples!

The library is going to get R-Rated DVDs starting...TODAY! This also means we are going to get some TV shows. I put a hold on Dexter season 3 because that is when my DVR died and I lost all the episodes and stopped watching. Plus I know that is the most epic season of epicness and even though I have been slightly spoiled, I still want to see it. I am also highly amused that they purchased Venture Bros. Seasons 1-4.

OH! And I got my hair cut. :) Still figuring out how to style it though so no pics just yet. :-P

ANYWAY - need to go bathe before work! No one wants help from a stinky librarian!!!!
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Wow, feels like ages since I've been on LJ, but I guess it was just a weekend. A long and crazy weekend haha.

-- I saw Super 8. Liked it well enough though after the initial shine wore off, we poked so many plot holes into that movie it became less enjoyable and more about wanting to see the special features to see J.J. explain his way out of this one. I'll post more extensive thoughts later.

-- I finished up Game of Thrones and freaking LOVED IT!!!!! Seriously, cannot say enough good things about this show and it's awesomeness. I'm really really REALLY hoping the book on CD shows up at the library before I drive to Maine, would be the perfect thing for the car. I want to write a more in-depth post at some point...I'll get around to it.

-- We saw the Lord of the Rings: Extended Editions on the big screen (over the course of three weeks, dear god we're not THAT crazy!). It was so much fun seeing those movies again in a theater. They are made for those screens. I was upset by the chlid that pointed out to me that he wasn't BORN when the first movie came out. Now I know how the guys at the DCSWCC feel when I say I wasn't born when Star Wars came out. (the kid was adorable though, had on his little hobbit cape!!!) I have to say, the film has withstood the test of time so far. I find that the mix of pratical special effects with the computer-generated works really well. I'm wondering if the Star Wars prequels will look half as good as LotR since they are almost ALL CGI. Probably feel like I'm watching a cartoon. LotR blu-rays arrived on Tuesday, but I don't think I'm going to watch them right now. :)

-- Speaking of random purchases (hey, I had THREE Amazon gift cards to use), I finally got Alpocalypse, the latest Weird Al Yankovic album. So far, I have to say, I like it, even if I don't know half the songs he's mocking. Ringtone might be my favorite so far...

-- I FINALLY completed DragonAge II!!!!!!!!!!!! That was my goal last weekend and I achieved it! Yes, my weekend goals are VERY strenuous, as you can tell. I should do a post for this I can post all the [spoilers] that [spoilers].

-- Finished up Buffy Season 6 last night with [ profile] maybedeadcat (it's his first time through the series). I'm a little scared though -- Season 7 is the ONLY season I have not rewatched in its entirity. But I'm hoping that this second time through I will enjoy it more. I know that I hated Season 6 the first time I watched and now I enjoy it (well, if you can enjoy that dark...) We'll start with Lessons next week, I'll let you know.

-- Tomorrow is movie night with [ profile] simontrueheart, [ profile] maybedeadcat, and [ profile] blu_harvest and I GOT TO PICK THE MOVIE! We're going to watch Almost Famous because I found out they had not seen it!!! I know, I just showed it to [ profile] andy_wolverton on our movie night a few months back, but I want to watch it again. This movie came out at just the right time for me, when I was at the height of my music/band fangirl stage. Fell in love with the entire idea of it. PLUS have you watched it recently??? There are so many random people in it who went on to get more than "Almost Famous"...sorry, pun intended.

-- I'm getting hooked on Sims 3 again. [ profile] simontrueheart & I are going to attempt to trade Sims online so we can make the game "multiplayer" in our own way by just populating a map with our home made Sims. I know, complicated stuff!

-- I want to start making icons again. I should just set a night of the week to do that. orangerful's art night. Make myself play in photoshop for a few hours. Just need to get inspired!!!

Okay, I should probably get to bed. Working tomorrow and then movie time so I'll be up late!! Want to make sure I can make it to the end of Almost Famous because I want to play some Rock Band too (because I always want to play Rock's a fact, call me up randomly and ask if I want to play RB with you and I will be like "OH HELL YES" but I get to sing "Still Alive" and you will LIKE IT DAMMIT!!!!)

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Lucasfilm Fan Club
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So, today I did not a whole lot. I went out on a mission to find 'The Incredibles' on blu-ray because I had a $10 off coupon. On the way home, I had a craving for a gyro and stopped to grab one. Then I came back, popped in the blu-ray, ate food...

lemme tell you, the blu-ray is GORGEOUS. The sound was EPIC. Cranked it up to 11 and you could hear every little thing. I <3 Pixar so much.

Anyway, after I was done eating, I dragged out this bag I had brought home from my parents' last time I visited. It was full of random fandom stuff I had kept as a kid, along with some school art projects. So, I sat in front of the TV and tried to figure out what I really need to keep. I snapped photos of stuff I wasn't sure about and did a massive Flickr upload.

I had all the windows open in the apartment and now I just feel WIPED. Seriously, what is IN fresh air? When I breath recycled air all day, I don't have this problem. Gah! It's only 9:30 and I want to lie down.

But on the plus side, I did just activate the Netflix on my Wii so I can do streaming in the bedroom (hm, that sounds kinda dirty...)
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So, I'm sure this has been pointed out elsewhere but I'm going to type it here and pretend it's an original thought:

Anyone ever notice how much Superman and Doctor Who have in common?

Both alien.
Both the last of their kind.
Both hide their true name.
Both have an love and respect for humanity.
Both only help humanity when it can't help itself.
Neither of them wants to hurt or kill anyone (especially humans).

And [ profile] andy_wolverton pointed out that both have fascinations with small booth-shaped boxes (phone booth and police call box).

I was reading the new take on Superman "Earth One" last night and I've been watching Series 4 of Doctor Who, with Doctor and Donna. Most recently I watched "The Doctor's Daughter" and "Midnight" (which, oddly enough, guest starred both King Arthur [from Excalibur] and Merlin [from TV series] - but I digress) and both of these episodes had The Doctor trying to get the humans around him to find peaceful ways to end conflicts. In the "Doctor's Daughter" he gives that little speech at the end about how they should found their civilization around the fact that he wouldn't shoot King Arthur the General. And it seemed like the sort of position Superman would find himself in - with an easy chance to take revenge on someone who hurt him, and he would show mercy instead.

thoughts? Is Doctor Who Britain's response to the American Superman myth? Does The Doctor represent the same things to British viewers as Superman does to American? My Superman knowledge only comes from a smattering of comic books and the movies (and a little bit of Smallville but I take that with a grain of salty Tom Welling goodness).

[ profile] andy_wolverton suggested I turn this into a book, so if anyone knows a publisher willing to pay me to sit around and read Superman comics and watch Doctor Who all day, please leave the contact information here! LOL!

Okay, maybe I should just Google it and see if someone has already written an entire novel on this subject.
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- Civ V is awesome.

- Watched 'Raising Hope' and DVR'd 'Running Wilde', both were far more amusing than I expected. We'll have to see if they make it past the pilot.

- Attempted to watch 'Glee' premiere but realized that show is just not for me. Sorry folks.

- OMG SUZANNE COLLINS BOOKSIGNING TOMORROW!!!!!! I've got my District 12 Tribute shirt in my bag so I can change after work. AAAAAH!


- it smells like farts in here...I think Apollo was eating the new crunchy food and it did not agree with him.

- I have a random job interview on Monday! I put in an application for the AskUsNow! Operations Assistant position, which is part-time and mostly online stuff. I'm hoping I can qualify to telecommute it and get some extra $$$$. But I'm not going to get my hopes too high. At least it gets my name out there though!

- I like the new Maroon 5 album. It sounds like Maroon 5. (Seriously, I'm not going to pretend they are the best band evar or anything, but they know how to write sexy!tunes)

- New Girl!Crush: Emma Stone. I need to see EASY A, like, right now. Hoping I can convince someone to go this weekend maybe.

- Something else was going to go here, but now I've forgotten what it was...... [EDIT: remembered now, Kristen Bell was on Craig Ferguson this week and she was freakin ADORABLE! I still love her, she is my #1 Girl Crush, but Emma Stone is def. in the top ten list now I think]

OKay, I have to go kick Hiawatha's butt. Jerk was picking on my last night.
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I was talking with [ profile] andy_wolverton about this today at work and felt like I should blog about it too...

I was watching Close Encounters last night and there was one little moment that struck me. Couldn't have been on the screen for more than a second or two. It's near the end, when Roy and Jillian are hiding on Devil's Tower. Roy has started his descent into the landing zone, and Jillian is there all alone. The little spaceships are flying around, and suddenly we see the mothership emerge from the clouds. The camera goes to Jillian for a moment and we see her registering this and for the briefest of moments, she folds her hands in front of her face and leans on them for a little bit. A silent prayer to someone to bring back her little boy.

Spielberg is always doing things like this in his movies. My mom liked to point them out to me, and now I'm starting to find them myself as I rewatch these favorites.

Another one that sticks in my mind is the finale of Poltergeist when the mother reaches into the room to try and save her two children. She's been battling the angry ghost in her room, down the hall, and now she's finally made it into the room and all hope seems to be lost as her son's fingers slip out of her reach. Then she puts on her game face and screams "God, help me!" and manages one final reach and grabs the kids.

I don't know why these two moments stick in my mind. I'm not a particularly religious person. Maybe that's why I like them as moments go. Spielberg just slips them in there, more of that universal need for a higher spiritual power than a religious statement.

This conversation quickly turned to E.T., one of my all time favorite movies. I had to laugh because in Close Encounters, we see the aliens have gone through the fridge and made a mess, and then Spielberg references HIMSELF in E.T. by having E.T. raid the fridge when he's home alone!

One of the scenes that always breaks me heart in E.T. is near the end, when the Scientist is talking to Elliot after E.T. has "died". Elliot tells him "he came to me". Along those same lines, in Close Encounters, the French scientist, Lacombe, tells Roy that he his jealous of him because he was chosen. He also tells the military that they should not remove Roy and the other civilians attempting to reach Devil's Tower because "they were invited" by the aliens. Being chosen. I think it's something we all wish for, to be singled out as special.

You can watch E.T. on so many levels. When you're little, you watch with Girdie and look up to everyone else in the film. As you get older, you see the story through Elliot's eyes and want to meet E.T. As a teen, you understand the big brother's personal struggle with being the oldest man in the house, protecting his family, but still having to keep this secret from him mother. And as an adult, you start to see the film through the mom's eyes, and through the Scientist's eyes are always a little sadder to see through in Spielberg films featuring a child, because he somehow reminds us of how much we miss now that we are adults. Things that we can't quite get back. A certain amount of innocence and excitment that is lost just from aging.

I got my copy of War of the Worlds on blu-ray today and I'm sure when I rewatch that, I'll be able to find all these little things. Spielberg is at his best when dealing with daddy issues and that movie is full of them. I still remember starting to cry when the brother insists on wanting to join the battle to fight the aliens. All I could think of was my brother doing that, because I could totally see him charging in there.

I wonder if there are any good film studies books on just Spielberg's works. That man knows how to tell a story. He works those universal themes, which is why I think movies that he made 30+ years ago still hold up today. They are not about the special effects or the gadgetry - they are about people.

Oh and on an almost completely unrelated note, I found out today that the guy who played Farraday on LOST was in Saving Private Ryan, and he was the super-nice guy in SPR...which is probably why I liked him immediately on Lost.

This concludes my random Speilberg fangirl moment. You can not return to your regularly scheduled Friends List reading, already in progress...
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1. LAS VEGAS!!!!!!!!!! Amy & I fly out on Friday night. Saturday is Cirque de Soleil: LOVE, Sunday is Thunder from Downunder. Oh yeah. And there will be much wandering and eating. I will probably turn on loudtwitter for the weekend so you guys can take part in the randomness that will be this trip.

2. HAMLET!! - Set your DVRs people, tomorrow night on PBS, the Royal Shakespeare Company's latest production of Hamlet will air. DAVID TENANT! PATRICK STEWART! Yes, I will wait here while you go set your DVR don't want to miss it. I mean, check out the preview!

3. Her Universe - okay, so this might be silly, but I'm still looking forward to it: a line of clothing designed specifically for FEMALE Star Wars fans! I will totally be hunting them down at SDCC.

4. Happy Town - it premieres tomorrow night and after hearing that Legend of the Seeker is cancelled, I'm hoping that this show might be good. It won't fill the void at all, but at least it might distract me. I mean, I <3 Amy Acker.

5. AD spoils me - he went to Target to grab some random stuff and came home with Toy Story figures to help me complete my set and he grabbed The Princess Bride on blu-ray.

Or maybe I just had my first hit of caffeine for the day and I'm a bit decide!
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So, Caprica starts this week. The pilot episode was intriguing enough that I'm definitely going to check out the first few episodes to see where it goes. It's got the curse of The Prequel dangling over its head, but it's not quite the same set-up as Star Wars where it all will end where the next show begins. This could kind of go its own way. But we will see.

I was waffling over watching Sparticus: Blood & Sand on STARZ but I just found out that 1) it's a Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert production and 2) Craig "Darken"Haldir" Rahl" Parker is in it. Along with Lucy Lawless and John Hannah. So, yeah, that's on the DVR schedule now <3.

I'm still behind on Chuck and Dollhouse. I KNOW! What is wrong with me? I just wasn't into the Chuck premiere, but I heard it got better so I'll watch the next few to see if I agree. Dollhouse I'm just trying to put off the inevitable. I mean, if i don't watch them, the show will never be over, right? I need to watch before I get epically spoiled though.

Supernatural is back this week, which I didn't even know until I just looked at my "Scheduled Recordings" on the DVR. FINALLY! No idea what happened at the end of the last episode...might actually watch the "Previously on" clips.

I LOVED LEGEND OF THE SEEKER this week. LOVED IT! Kahlan's dress was awesome, and her make-up was great too (though I think they would have caught up with Denna a lot sooner if she hadn't stopped to get the new look...)(if you follow me on Twitter, you'll know that this episode led to me actually blow-drying my hair AND applying eye make-up). My only problem with the new dress is that it's too similar in color to Cara's outfit. Also, Kahlan never got cut on the thigh before until she got the new outfit so I blame the outfit for her injury. This season just keeps getting better and better. And Cara has really grown on me.

Speaking of, I need to finish my icons for [ profile] lots20in20 since they are due in...oh...a few hours. I only need to make a couple more!!!!


Jan. 3rd, 2010 11:04 pm
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AD got me 'Dark City' on blu-ray for Christmas so we're watching it right now and who should pop up as one of the tuning/alien creature peoples?

Zedd from Legend of the Seeker and Faramir from Lord of the Rings!

So random. I guess they must have filmed in Australia or New Zealand.
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I had a little nerd-gasm when I saw this in my email box:

Oh yeah, Bill and I go waaaaaaaay back...

It's just from his official website fan page but cracks me up that the email actually says that HE accepted me.

Blah, I don't want to go back to work tomorrow. I need to level up my Elf Rogue and then start Uncharted 2! No time for this "work" stuff.

At least it's only 3 days this week. Then an extra long weekend!
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So, after hearing several people flail over the goodness that is Avatar:The Last Airbender (I blame [ profile] snarkel for convincing me to finally add it to my Netflix queue) I caved and watched the first episode...and the second...and the third and fourth. I REALLY like it. I'm not a fan of anime, but it's not really anime, is it? It's like this weird mix of anime storytelling conventions but with a very Disneyfied/Western style that appeals to me. I love the sense of humor and the rich story that I can already tell is forming beneath it all. Again, the Netflix/Xbox360 deal really pays off for me. I'm going to watch an episode with breakfast every day. :D

The only anime I've watched multiple times is Princess Mononoke. I tried to watch Spirited Away - tried twice actually - and for some reason it always makes me naseous. I think it's just my poor Western brain trying to handle the Eastern cultural stuff. I think it overloads. Sad but true. I might try Ponyo if it gets good reviews.

Speaking of new fandoms, I watched the first episode of s4 of SPN today. I have a couple questions from the past season though - specifically to do with Ruby's Knife. Because they talks so much in the first few seasons about how demons were possessing bodies and how the person was trapped inside and you should try to save them blah blah blah - but doesn't stabbing them in the throat with a knife effectively kill the demon AND the person dead? They were pretty free wheelin' with the knife by the end of the season and I felt a bit conflicted about how they were no longer conflicted. Whatev, I'm just hoping to be caught up by September.

The Dollhouse Blu-Ray saga seems to be at an end. I placed a new order tonight and quickly called my credit card to say "OMG LET IT GO THRU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!" which they said it did. I got a confirmation e-mail and unless I get some sort of paniced phone call/email from Fox Store tomorrow, I'm going to assume that this story is over until my friend comes back from Comic Con.

Miralce "Mellie" Laurie will be in Baltimore on Saturday at Shore Leave...and I have to work. :( I wonder how many people will ask her about vases...

I found my old Pandora log-in, so I'm reviving that account so I can use the iPhone app, which everyone says is far superior to the app. I spent a good chunk of time tonight bookmarking my favorite artists of the moment.

My rl friends and I need to pick our Harry Potter theater. I can't believe the premiere is next week!!! I have a feeling we'll just end up at Arundel Mills or West Nursery because our favorite midnight theater, The Senator, is no longer a first run theater. So sad. It won't be the same. Still, we have to see it at MIDNIGHT! I don't care what kind of shape I am in on Wednesday, I will be running on Harry Potter fueled adreniline. I wasn't in love with OotP, but HBP is HBP - it is meant to be seen on the big screen!

Alright, time for bed. Gotta read the next chapter in THE STRAIN and see if the vampires show up...though since it is a trilogy, I'm starting to get a bit concerned I might have to wait until 2010 to see some serious vamp action...
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For those of you that don't follow me on Twitter (and for those of you that do, I'm sorry, but while I was watching the site crash, there wasn't much else for me to do but tweet about it) let me tell you about the Dollhouse pre-order.

See, I really had no intention of buying Dollhouse on DVD, let alone Blu-Ray. I was going to see if it survived a second season or not. But then the announcement came out that they were doing a cool exclusive for Comic Con and one of my Star Wars buddies said he would pick it up for me if I managed to order one. So I was like "Cool".

I sat here at my computer, watching the clock count down. I'd never really done anything like this before, except for the Flight of the Conchords tickets (which I waited 10 minutes on and they were all sold out immediately). Eventually it was at 30 seconds, then 20, then 10....then OMG no seconds...then wait...WTF? 10 sec, 30 sec - AAAH! Where is the pre-order button?

I flailed around for about 15 minutes, trying to figure out if I was on the wrong page, checking the Fox Store site, googling like a fool. Eventually I called and was put on hold for at least another 10 minutes and when I finally got to a rep they said that there was a problem with the site, it wasn't actually up yet, and just to wait.

When I checked back it appeared to have a pre-order page, though it was taking awhile to load. I went and typed in all my info but while I was typing, it refreshed the whole page and I had to type it out AGAIN. I hit "ORDER" and it thought about it and said there was an error processing my card. I was like "wtf?" so I tried it again, this time entering my address with the Apt # on the second line. ERROR! WTF! I took a shower, tried again. ERROR. I put away the dishes, took out the trash, tried again - ERROR!

So I gave up, went to the post office, grabbed some lunch, drove home and suddenly my phone starts to ring (current ringtone: A-Ha - Take On Me intro). I answer it and it's the FRAUD DEPARTMENT! "If you purchased $$$ for a fast food rest., press 1" oh yes, I did do that just now "If you purchased $69.99 from 'Misc Merchant'" press 1" UM WTF "If not, press 2" TWO!!!!!!!!

Fraud dept. says I have FIVE instances of $69.99 PENDING on my account from Fox Store. I have absolutely NO emails from Fox Store saying it went through. They should all be gone by tomorrow, I assume.

Now, the Dollhouse site is just a string of text: "We are addressing some glitches that you may be experiencing, will be back up for pre-order soon. "

HA! Looks like everyone else had the same issue. From what I can tell, less than 400 orders were processed before the site crashed.

I really don't think I care anymore. Too much of a headache. If it comes back up and I happen to get one, big whoop. If not, oh well.

It's just ridiculous - this is a MAJOR company, they should have known people were going to jump on this. God FOX, is there anything you don't suck at???? Seriously????
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Okay, I'm sure if I hung out on and's boards more, I wouldn't be as phased by this, but something about the comments under this post just rubbed me the wrong way. I keep typing replies then realizing I can't say anything that will change these people's minds. (I found the post via Club Jade's Twitter which said "It must be hard being a Star Wars fan with no sense of humor" - should have red flagged it for me right there)

I mean, first they get upset because Big Bang Theory "bashed" the Clone Wars cartoon. Then they start slamming BBT. THEN they say it is unrealistic because the guys are only in their early 20s so they can't be Star Wars fans...

UGH! Just so much stupid. And I wanted to post but what can I say? Nothing will change their fanboy mentality. Being a fan of something is so much more than blindly worshipping whatever comes from the creator/series (stop snickering over Dollhouse! I had my doubts!).

AAAAAAAH! Sorry...I just needed to post it somewhere because I didn't want to go down to their level and post an angry comment about how they clearly have no sense of humor and if you don't have a sense of humor about your fandom, you're really missing out!

Ah well, next time they warn me the post is about fans with no sense of humor, I won't bother clicking, clearly it gets me riled up!

Plus, it's really slow at the library....bored bored bored.

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