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Thank you guys so much for your great responses to my thinky-thoughts post from Saturday. There's just no "right" answer to any of this stuff and each human experience is unique, but it is also very human to want to clump people together. It was great to read some feedback from people who have experienced the world in that part of the country.

It's been a week - on Friday, the contractor the insurance recommended came by to rip up the kitchen floors so they spot that was water damaged could dry out. So for a week we have been living with this:

There is a big fan and a humidifier going non-stop in the kitchen. The plastic is to keep the air trapped so we're not drying out the whole house. I didn't mind it so much at first, but now it feels like we are living on a ship. And it also feels like we are living in Elliot's house during the last half hour of E.T. and Peter Coyote is about to come out of my kitchen in a hazmat suit and tell me E.T. is dead. :\

Good news is they are supposed to stop by and take a moisture reading and see if everything is dry enough. We picked out some tile so we can give them that information tomorrow too and get that started.

Two promotions have opened up at work and I was planning on going for one of them but after careful contemplation, I've decided to try for both. One would just be a step up in the same branch, a brand new position that my manager has been trying to get for awhile. The other is a manager position at a branch down the road from my house. That spot opened up because of shenanigans with the recent hire, an outside person, who totally broke every "things not to do when you are a new manager" rule in the book before the 6 month probation was over. She "resigned" last week.

I've been with the library system for 7 years now at this branch and I've been working in public libraries full time for over 10 years. While I'm super comfortable in my current position, I feel like maybe I need to push myself and try for this. Everyone has been REALLY supportive. I'm getting some coaching from two other managers this week and next to help me with the interview. But I don't want to assume I have the job because they did post it for outside hires...though they only posted it for a couple weeks.

Anyway, I haven't written a resume in YEARS or done an interview - I know I am VERY lucky - so I've been stressing out about all of this since Friday. I'm done with the paper work part though, I'm submitting all of that tomorrow. Next up is "studying" for the interview because I have a TON of experiences to pull from...I just need to remember what they all are!!!

And now I should probably get to bed because the contractor will be here bright and early and I don't really want to greet him in my pajamas. :P
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Well, I've been so caught up in the house stuff and other things, that I have fallen woefully behind on my friends list/reading list/social media. So instead of staying up until 2am trying to skim your posts, I'm just starting from today. Sorry about that. I still haven't found a balance between my new home on DW and keeping up with LJ people who didn't switch over and apparently I've just stopped checking everything because of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Friday we're going to see The Aquabats which is a band I wish I had known about sooner because they are just so geeky and fun. Their TV show is on Netflix now and we binge watched the first season and while we were doing that, they announced a tour so we thought WHY NOT? I mean, Weird Al makes an appearance in their show, they are clearly meant for me.

Also this Friday the contractor is coming out to rip up the wood floor in the kitchen and see if they can dry out everything enough to install new floor soon. We're going to go with porcelain tile. We figured for a room with three water sources, tile was better than wood. And really the only downside to porcelain is if you drop something on it, that thing will break. But I'd rather replace a mug than a floor.

Tim got me hooked on Gwent again. I hadn't played since it was in closed beta, but now it is free to play, open beta. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it but we will see how long that lasts LOL. It's like Hearthstone but a little bit more complicated? I still need to finish the first Witcher game. I really like the story, but it's sooooo clunky because it is soooo old. I could just jump into the second game, but I've got to be close to the end now so why give up?

We finished season 1 of The Expanse but Season 2 isn't on Prime yet and OMG THE CLIFF HANGER!!! I'm hoping one of the nearby libraries gets the set soon so I can request it. Or that Prime gets the second season...but I doubt that will happen until Season 3 starts up :(

I'm about halfway through BBC's Victoria because the library DVD finally had no requests on it so I could keep it for longer than 7 days. I'm enjoying it but I think part of that is my fondness for Rufus Sewell. I do like Jenna Coleman, even if I wasn't a huge Clara fan. She is working for me as Victoria.

OH and I finally watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls and I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Why was I not watching this before??

hmmmm...this makes it sound like I've just been watching a lot of TV instead of reading your posts...not entirely true but I suppose not entirely false either. Sorry about that.

Okay, I should probably sleep now...


Jul. 11th, 2017 09:56 am
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Well, it has been a crazy few weeks. Wisconsin trip, our friend from Chicago flying out wit his 2 year old for the weekend and to top it all off, our dishwasher sprung a leak and destroyed the hardwood floor in our kitchen.

We are thinking we will replace the hardwood with something else - wood seems like a pain in the kitchen where water is always a factor. So I'm doing a bit of crowd sourcing here - what do you have for the floor in your kitchen? Pros and Cons?
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So, I've fallen behind on pretty much all things internet because I have been running myself ragged promoting the library's summer program.

I always say that the one thing the library is the WORST at is self promotion. We tend to advertise in our building and then hope people on the outside miraculously find out about what is going on. So I tried to put my money where my mouth was and visited the schools that are in the service area for my library...

...which means I spoke to around 3000 kids over the past two weeks.

And did I make it easy and just do an assembly for the whole school? OF COURSE NOT! I set up my presentation so I could speak to every class, every grade.

I actually prefer that though, it is more personal. I can cater my talk to specific age groups instead of trying to make it appeal to a 7 year old and a 11 year old.

Anyway, I think it went well, we've had a lot of kids stop by to say hello (they always act so surprised to see me at the library, even though I told them I worked there!) so I hope our registrations reflect that.

I really do love outreach, it is my favorite part of the job, getting people excited about what the library has to offer, from books to research resources. BUT DAMN IT IS EXHAUSTING! I mean, I had to be "on" for the entire school day. I actually took a half day off on Thursday because I was just so freakin' done with everything and too tired to work on things at my desk. I'm so glad I did because I needed to just sit at home and chill.

So, yeah, needless to say checking blogs fell by the wayside. To top it off, Tim discovered a new MMORPG called 'Black Desert Online' and he bought me a copy too so we've been playing together most nights. #gamerproblems

TL;DR - go to your local library and see if they have a summer program you can register for. They are most likely giving away prizes of some kind and probably would love to have some adult in their stats and not just kids. I mean, kids are great, but it is also nice to see adult readers participating.

And now I'm going to pass out. Good night goodnight!
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My life has been taken over by video games and TV and just general life-ness. I swear this happens every few months, I go from an LJ addict to not being able to make the time.

My friend was supposed to come and visit this week with her daughter, but as her daughter is three and decided that she no longer wanted to sleep through the night so the idea of driving 8 hours with a tired toddler while also tired didn't appeal to her. :P On the plus side, I have cleaned the house!!

This was a weird week, I was just in the strangest mood until about Thursday. I blame the girl parts, which were really out of whack and threw everything off. Feel more like myself now though!

We are about halfway through 13 Reasons Why (we waited for Sylvia to come back from her spring break trip to watch with her).
mild spoilers if you haven't watched it yet )

I'm awful at 'Overwatch' but I do enjoy playing it. But OMG if you could HEAR Tim when he plays LOL. He doesn't wear the microphone, thank goodness, but he is one of those people who just turns into an aggressive potty mouth when he plays competitive games. He *hates* to die in games. And for a game like Overwatch, that is a HUGE part of the game. It's not about living forever. But he gets so upset when he does. It's both offensive and hilarious and I am so glad I am the only person who can hear him.

I downloaded Fallout Shelter again because Steam sent me a code for bonus stuff...I don't know why I did that, it's not even a real "game" the way that all my other games are. It's just nice to goof off with for a bit while I'm eating breakfast or brushing my teeth.

Still not sure exactly how I'm handling the LJ/DW thing. I was reading through the DW FAQ email they sent out and I did not know they were based in Maryland! Now I almost want to switch over just for that. Well, at least when May 2018 rolls around, that is. If there is still an online community to hang out in.
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So the more I think about LJ and the ToS debacle and do a bit of research, I'm starting to think that I might not use LJ that much longer. I went in and turned off the auto renewal (which I meant to do last year and forgot) but I will have the "Professional Package" until May 2018 so I think I will probably move to Dreamwidth sometime between now and then.

I need to remind myself that this is not a blog hosted in the United States. My first reaction was that of a citizen of a democracy, of a country that has the ability to fight for First Amendment rights. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this is very different from, say, a blogging service that might be located in North Carolina. I mean, there is a shitstorm going on there, but I have faith that eventually someone in the government will come to their senses and stop this because our free press will continue to point out the unequal treatment issues. But Russia doesn't have that, that is why Livejournal was so important and why this move to Russian soil is a problem because it means that now those Russian bloggers that use the site to express their opinions could easily become targets, and it will be much worse than a simple shutting down of their website.

So, it might take awhile, I have a year to figure out Dreamwidth, download my blog, and decide how I want to handle what is posted now.

But, yeah, I had to take off my American goggle for a second there and remind myself that I am damn lucky. While I might not be happy with any of the shit going down in Washington D.C. right now, somewhere in my mind I know the pendulum will eventually swing back, that it is going to be a lousy 4 years of extra bullshit, but hopefully after that we will get this United States back on track.

But Russians don't have that same light at the end of the tunnel. And now they can't even bitch about it online in a safe, anonymous space. It is awful and I fear that this site will be gone very soon.

Anyway, once I get my act together and make the official move, I will post where I have moved on to.

Until then, I'm getting my 20 dollars (approx. 1138 Russian rubles) out of this site!
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UGH I really thought I had dodged the cold that Tim had last week but, alas, it caught up with me today. I called out of work and I just texted to take off tomorrow because while I don't feel totally awful, I work 1-9 tomorrow and when the sun went down today, I could feel it in my sinuses and I just don't think I could concentrate.

Seriously, writing this post is a struggle LOL. Mostly because I don't want to drip on the keyboard...EWWWW!

In between blowing my nose and sleeping I have been playing Mass Effect: Andromedia. It is a Mass Effect game, for sure. I'm having fun playing the story, meeting the aliens, and then shooting stuff. It is still kinda buggy, but I feel like that happens with almost all AAA titles nowadays, with pressure from the publisher to get it released by a specific date they don't test for everything. I had a rough time today with a glitch that wouldn't let me save my game in a REALLY LONG battle and when I died, the autosaves were all screwed up and took me back to the start of the fight. I'm hoping that a patch will appear soon and fix that because I really don't want to go back to that quest until it is done.

Anyone else playing ME:A? I made a custom Pathfinder, named her Samantha because why not! Of course, I didn't know the computer's name was I've accidentally added a whole new layer to the story with the computer my father built kinda named after me...or was I named after the program? duh-Duh-DUUUUUUUH!!!!!

I have noticed the animation issues and I think because I went custom they are even more noticeable. But, whatever, I like her, even if for some reason she came out kind of orange... yes, she looks like Shepard, I didn't mean to, it just happened, I guess I have a type

So I kinda customized my Ryder and now she looks like Shepard...totally not on purpose #masseffect @xbox @biowarebase
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I went to the post office last week and got all the mixes and cards in the mail HUZZAH! I now some of you more local to me have received them already. Sorry overseas people, they might end up being a New Year's gift rather than a happy winter holidays LOL. Enjoy it no matter what!

I still need to spin by again tomorrow though as I need to mail a couple more things, but I can use the self service machine for those and it is open after hours.

One of my cats has been acting off today...I'm worried I'm going to have to make an emergency vet run before we leave town. Looks like he may have had an upset stomach, his bum is all read and he's letting his tail dangle, I think to protect his sore bottom. I did run some hot water on toilet paper and try to make sure he was clean back there - he did NOT like that and sat and pouted in the bathroom for the next few hours. He isn't yowling though, so I'm hoping that maybe it's just a 24 hour thing. Guess I'll just check again tomorrow and see. There is a vet inside the local PetSmart that is good for emergencies like this so if he is still looking sad tomorrow, I'll have to make an appointment really quick.

I am at that stage where I start impulse ordering more gifts. I bought a few more things for Tim yesterday while ordering the last few things for coworkers. I don't mind spoiling him though.

Our work "day of eating" is tomorrow (we made it a non-holiday party because our newest person is Jehovah's Witness and doesn't celebrate things, and we are trying to lure her in because she is preggers and we are going to have a baby shower for her while eating all the things). I'm going to wake up and whip some cream for Ambrosia so it is nice and fresh for lunch time. I have all the ingredients ready to go so it's just a matter of whipping the cream, mixing in the sour cream, then dumping in all the fruit. I should be able to do that in a few minutes before heading out the door.

And BONUS the Ravens won so I get free coffee from Dunkin Donuts (this is the only reason I follow football at all, FREE COFFEE! other wise I could care less...Tim is a Packers fan so I root for them by out of marital obligation ... plus Aaron Rodgers is a big ol' nerd so I don't mind too much)

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This NPR article is terrifying on so many levels

We Tracked Down a Fake News Creator in the Suburbs. Here's What We Learned.

The whole "fake news" debate has really pulled me in. At first, I was concerned that people were just calling anything partisan "fake news" but then I read this and these people are writing out of malice. This guy is a liberal, a registered Democrat, and he think it is "fun" to feed people misinformation and propaganda.

Oh, and he may or may not be making at least $30,000 a MONTH on it.

Reading this, I realized it is not the fake news sites that we need to be targeting. We need to target their source of revenue. We need to find out what companies advertise on fake news sites and boycott them. Shame them away from supporting these sites that are just lies.

When it comes down to it though, it is all in the hands of the consumer. We tell people to lock their house before leaving to discourage theft. We tell people to install anti-virus programs on their computer. We research our electronics purchases and check all the reviews before buying a TV. It is our responsibility to check our news sources before we share them or take them as truth.

But how can we do that when the fake news creators are actively trying to make this difficult? Buying URLs that sound like small town newspapers because they want to fool readers? Or, as the creator points out, when people "want" to read the lies, they want to believe the lies, so why would they bother to check? The fake news article about people using food stamps to buy pot in Colorado - people want to believe the worst about the poor so do they bother to find out if this is true?

But I don't think Facebook should try to block sites only because I know people will start trying to block legitimate sites they don't agree with. Like when Facebook went to the real name only policy and all of the transgender people and drag queens were virtually attacked for not using their "given" names. Plenty of news sites twist the facts, mold them to fit their agenda - is that real news or fake news?

Deep thoughts for a Sunday morning, I know. But this whole thing has been bothering me. I don't think it swayed the election, I think most people had made their decisions long before polling day. But it might sway the next one.

Thoughts? More articles? Tell me!
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Thanksgiving is right around the corner so I'm trying to think POSITIVE for a bit because it is far too easy to slide dooooown with everything swirling around right now.

So, fun stuff! I'm hosting Thanksgiving again this year! Hopefully I will NOT melt my new oven thermometer (because this one is actually MADE to go in the oven!) but even if I do, I have two more back up ones because everyone got me one for Christmas last year after seeing my melted one on Instagram.

We were bad this weekend and bought ourselves an early Christmas present. We'd been eyeing up new TVs for awhile and they dropped down the pricing to "black friday prices" on Saturday and it was in stock so...we now have a Samsung 65" UHD smart tv. IT IS EPIC! I tested it out with Force Awakens and Rey was freakin' life size.

It is that time of year again - LORD OF THE RINGS REWATCH TIME! It is going to be BEAUTIFUL on the new TV and on blu-ray. I also ordered wire covers so I can attempt to set up the rear speakers. I love surround sound and I miss it and now that we pretty much have a movie theater downstairs, it needs to happen.

FYI - Sting has a daughter and she sounds JUST LIKE HER DAD. I'm listening to the full album now and I can't decide if it is weirding me out too much to enjoy it. I do like her sound though.

Oh, we watched Star Trek Beyond tonight. DVD from the library so not as pretty as it could be, but the Xbox tried its best to upscale it. (so spoiled). Anyway, that movie lost points with me for wasting Idris Elba. I mean, WTF, it was right up there with X-Men wasting Oscar Isaac. Two beautiful men that are amazing actors and you cover them in blue paint and have them just grunt for most of the film? Blah. The movie itself was alright, better than Into Darkness (but that movie made me fly into a nerd!rage). Good way to veg out on a cold Monday night.

Only working tomorrow and then we are off Wednesday and Thursday for the holiday. I'm off on Friday because I work Saturday. 3 days in a row. So awesome. Especially with the new Gilmore Girls appear on Netflix on Friday morning. I know what Sylvia and I will be doing while Tim is at work!
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HOME HOME HOME!!!!!!! It was a whirlwind trip but I got to see all of my peoples. It had been over a year which was way too long. I love New England. Next time I want to do a proper Boston wander, but we just couldn't fit it in the schedule this time. I'm hoping maybe we can take Sylvia next year, do all the history things that are lying around that part of the country.

And now I am going to reunite with my bed. Because I have missed it SO MUCH! Nothing compares to your own pillows.

Took the morning off to "recover" (because I wasn't sure when we would get back today and also I don't wanna wake up /whining)

OH and in case you haven't seen, the awesome [ profile] phenomenal has started a new friending meme! Check it out!

The Sad Ghost's Friend Frenzy!
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Oh my gosh, this month is kicking my butt but in a good way?

Sorry I've been MIA for the past few weeks but it is Back to School season and due to some scheduling madness, I've been the only one available to go out to the schools. My days have been flipped to nights, my nights to day and to top it off, I am working tomorrow.

But don't cry for me LJ friends - tomorrow I am working at Annapolis Comic Con.

So I'm essentially getting paid to go do something I would have done anyway LOL. It is going to be great. And this year I'm taking 3 coworker/friends with me instead of just one and we are going to try some new things, like having one of them dress as our library mascot. I cannot wait to see Sneaks the Library Cat interacting with a Dalek.

Anyway, I keep trying to skim my flist when I can but I am woefully behind and I apologize. Things should settle down soon though I have meetings and more outreach next weekend (Baltimore Book festival! Again, no need to shed tears for that one! Also, COME SEE ME!)

Okay, I need to get to bed! Coffee can only do so much for my personality when the sun comes up, need to sleep a bit! <3

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Update on cards/mixes - they are hella late and I apologize! I got half of them sent out a week ago, with every intention of getting the rest in the mail later that week and then things just got busy with New Year's and such. Anyway, they WILL be sent out at some point! I even grabbed the customs forms for those that need to go overseas so I am prepared...except for the part where I don't have all the CDs burnt yet LOL.

I haven't read my friends list in awhile and I apologize. I kept trying to sneak a peek at work, but it has been far too busy and then I come home and get distracted by video games or tv shows. We started Fargo Season 2 and Man in the High Castle plus my brother got us Helldivers on Steam so we've been playing that with him and tonight we're gaming with Casey.

New Year is off to an okay start. I have failed at pretty much all the resolutions I made to myself. Hoping to kick them into gear at some point. I think now that it is finally COLD outside, I have lost the will to do any kind of exercise, even my daily stretches. It's awful but I'm just tired, and then the sun goes down and I just want to sit and play the Steven Universe game on my iPad (SO ADDICTIVE! It was the free download a couple weeks ago and I got it on a whim, thinking it would be too easy, but it is really challenging!)

Okay, back to burning CDs and addressing envelopes!

EDIT: I AM OUT OF ENVELOPES!!!! ARGH!!!!! SO CLOSE! This is what I get for tidying up before we moved and throwing out all of my old Amazon close...hang in there everyone!
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So now that I have seen Force Awakens (twice!) and loved it, the collecting bug is biting me. I'm going to try to stay as calm as I can, maybe just focus on the main 3, mostly on Rey, but I did like Finn and Poe too...maybe a few BB-8 items (I got my Her Universe pin which was "free" with a purchase on black friday)

Just paid for my first collectible. Disney Movie Rewards has a deal that if you link your account to Fandango, you can get a "free" poster of Rey + the option to get a 3 poster set for 19.77 (I see what they did there).

It said limited quantities and I'm a sucker for limited quantities so I ordered them.

They are a nice size too, 11x17, which should look cool on the wall if I can arrange them right. Don't ask me where though as I have used up a lot of wall space already...maybe the guest bedroom? I dunno.

After going to the mall and movies for 3 days in a row, I managed to catch a bug. I stayed home sick yesterday because I did NOT want to get blamed for spreading a bug around the week of Christmas. Today was my comp day for Friday (since we will be off for Christmas and I would have been off anyway because I work Saturday) so I got to recover the rest of the way. Tomorrow I work 1-9 though and that is going to suuuuuuuuuck. Though the kids do get out of school so I'm hoping we will have some business as families look for things to take on the road with them. Maybe.

Sylvia and I attempted to try jamberry nail things today and we were AWFUL at them. I was doing pretty well with my dominant hand, though the stickers didn't cover my nail right, but once I had to switch, it was all down hill. They look so cool, in theory, but I clearly don't have the skills or patience to put them on. It was like applying decals to a Barbie Dream House only worse because now they are stuck to my hands and look stupid.

Christmas/holiday cards and mix CDs have been delayed until next week as the CDs were delivered to work the day I stayed home sick. Sorry! I'm really happy with the mix though! I had the test copy in the car last week and really liked it, let it cycle through a few times before going back to my book.

I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away! I wrapped all the presents this afternoon, the tree looks glorious with the piles of gifts underneath. We are going to host Christmas morning at our house with Sylvia and Cynthia since they have hosted the past few years. Tim's already got plans to make pancakes. Should be nice.
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LOL! I thought I had blank CD-Rs but what I had were empty CASES!!! (last year I had CDs and no cases) So I had to order a new stack from Amazon. They will probably arrive Saturday but I'm not working so I won't have them in hand until Monday. LOL.

Dear god, what is up with this year? I swear since August I have just felt like Indiana Jones being chased by the giant boulder at the beginning of 'Raiders', just so many things I need to do and want to do and I just feel like I'm about to get flattened! I blame a lot of this on the move and marriage happening right before the holidays. Next time I buy a house AND get married, it won't be that time of year LOL!!!

ANYWAY! Just think of them as belated gifts...hopefully this bouncy mix will help you all survive the winter! The mix itself is done, finally, after much tweaking and moving things around (I take this whole process very seriously) and I'm pretty happy with it.

I'll post when I actually ship them, promise! Don't start waiting by the mailbox just yet ;-)

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It's that time of year! ALL THE BOOKS are being released so that holiday shoppers can buy them for friends and family. Or all of my books I've had on hold for months arrive on my desk:

When all your holds show up on the same week #librarianproblems #books #reading #priorities

I ended up releasing several of them into the wild and putting myself back on hold. I did start reading the new Stephen King. I've always loved his short story collections, plus there is a special place in my heart for him because my Grandma Grady was a big fan. (Mostly hilarious to me because she was this sweet little Southern lady who went to church ever Sunday, so as a kid I assumed he must be a very sweet writer too LOL).

After freaking myself out at bedtime, I decided the King book was best left for lunch breaks and started reading the Felicia Day memoir before bed. As expected, she is adorable. I'm really enjoying the book so far and pondering the idea of using it for the library book club in March or April. I'm just debating the broad appeal of such a geeky memoir but so far I think the awkwardness of just growing up and feeling alone will be easy for anyone to identify with. It's also funny, and I know some of the group have commented about how depressing the last few books were.

Both Felicia Day AND my friend recommended listening to Ink and Bone so I've got that in the car right now (well, Felicia rated the book on her GoodReads, Stephanie listened to it). I'm in the middle of disc 2 and I am intrigued. I'm already cursing myself for starting it because I'm sure it will end on a cliffhanger and it is brand new so book two won't be out for awhile. But it is a cool fantasy story about a world where the Library of Alexandria is the EVIL OVERLORD. I'm a little worried it is about to fall into the YA Trope trap, since we just introduced the side characters and they all feel a bit familiar, but I'm hoping to be surprised.

And for some reason I felt compelled to play Shadows of Mordor again. I never finished it so I've been powering through where I left off, teaching myself all the controls yet again (which are like one step away from the Assassin's Creed controls but not quite so I have to be careful not to try to move like Arno).

Other things happened this week obviously. Horrible things all over the world. I think everyone here has posted thoughts and comments and I agree with them. I have to say, as an American right now, the thing that terrifies me are the current candidates running for office and when I think of them facing a situation like this, or worse...yeah, I just don't even want to talk about it right now. I can't fathom these groups of people who want to hurt other people, to kill other innocent people. My brain can't even begin to figure it out so I am at a loss.

Now to bed so I can get some rest and be ready for the work week! We are planning on going to my parents tomorrow because the wedding pictures finally arrived. Hoping to get some free food while we are there stealing photos LOL. Also trying to convince Tim we should stop by the liquor store there because we have a $10 coupon of a $30 purchase and I'm sure we could find *something* tasty for $30. That is the trick to good coupon use, buying the bare minimum!
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So we thought we were pretty much set for the wedding on Friday...and then while I was soliciting suggestions for restaurants in the Annapolis area, a friend pointed out that this weekend is the annual boat show.

The boat show that pretty much shuts down all of Annapolis as people try to get to the harbor.

And then I Googled and saw an article saying they sold a record number of tickets.

Needless to say, this morning we were scrambling for other options. But, as luck would have it, there is a little wedding chapel in Crownsville, which is about 30 minutes away, same distance as Annapolis. I contacted the officiant that runs the chapel and she replied immediately and said they had an opening for Friday afternoon! So the crisis has been averted!

And for those of you that love pictures, my Mom decided to hire a photographer at the last minute. We have the chapel for 90 minutes, so she just hired the photographer for an hour, keeping the cost low. So we should have some good photos, hopefully!

Now I need to figure out how to style my hair...and do make-up...well, they can just photoshop that later, right? :P

Aren't you guys happy this wedding is over and done with on Friday? I'll stop filling up your LJ feed with this nonsense.


I'm also playing Dance Central again in an attempt to get in shape. I got a little overzealous today and told it I wanted a 30 minute workout...then died after about 15 because the game gives you ZERO breaks when you're in workout mode. Tomorrow I will do it in game mode so I can have a moment to breath between songs. I'm also going to hook up the Xbox 360 Kinect because the DC game on Xbox One does not import your DC1-3 tracks, only things you purchased. So I have a total of 12 songs on there now, vs the Xbox 360 where I have probably 40 tracks.

#firstworldproblems #gamerproblems
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I mean, seriously, I should be getting ready for work right now but oh look at all the Idea Channel videos I haven't watched and the Facebook feed I haven't browsed...

I'm not even going to open Tumblr or I will never make it to work at all.

We need to fix the outlet in the computer room though, as the plug for the router came loose over night and I couldn't connect the Xbox to the Wifi, so my plan to watch "Scream Queens" this morning went out the window.

We DID watch the new Muppets pilot last night and I thought it was pretty amusing. I'm going to watch more. I know I laughed several times.

We also watched The Wind Rises, which was beautiful on so many levels. The story, the hand-drawn animation, the voice acting (Japanese because I really like hearing Japanese...)...anyway, it was good.

My nose is still runny but I'm improving. I have a program tonight for parents about video games. We don't usually get big turnouts for adult programs but I've been trying to promote it so we will see...

Okay, need to go be clean!!! Here is a cool Idea Channel to watch:

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Had to pass on the house. While we knew a counter offer was coming, they went up $18,000 from our offer (because we asked for closing cost help), which was too much and after doing some calculations, there was no way we could take that on. We really liked the house, but it wasn't perfect (I mean, there was no fridge or washer/dryer plus mysterious water in the basement).

Oh well! My mantra tonight has been: Better to be depressed for a day than broke for 30 years!

In other news, we made it to day 24 on Don't Starve before freezing to death!

Survived until day 23!  Best yet! #videogames #dontstarve @kleientertainment

So now that we have the hang of surviving until winter, who wants to give me winter time tips? (I'm looking at you [ profile] teaandfailure)
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We submitted an offer on the house but have heard nothing. Ugh! Hopefully we will hear back tomorrow. Since it's a foreclosure/Fannie Mae, our realtor warned us they might not respond as quickly as a human seller does. IT'S DRIVING ME CRAZY THOUGH! I'm not a very patient person as it is so I have literally been staring at my email ALL DAY.

Except for the crazy times at work, which was a good portion of the day what with computer issues and 12 carts worth of returns in the bookdrop. I love long weekends but damn Mondays kick you in the ass after three days off.

I'm playing Assassin's Creed Unity again! Actually made some progress in the story, up to sequence 8 now. I've stopped doing the main storyline for a bit and I'm focusing on getting the hidden items and doing some side quests. ACU's controls are still clunky as hell and I spend a lot of time swearing at Arno because he jumped off of something or didn't take cover when I told him to. They fixed most of the graphics bugs but they can't fix controls that are just shite, which is definitely how I would describe the sword fighting. Luckily, I've gotten a lot better at running away. And now that I'm further into the story, I am HOOKED. I'll deal with a few deaths, just tell me what happens!!

I was highly amused last night when I got up to a certain point in the game and Arno took off his Assassin's hood while talking to his lady friend. It was a gesture of "look, it's just me, your buddy Arno, just regular Arno underneath this hood". Unfortunately, the hood I had equipped also came with a mask, which the program did not remove so he just looked ridiculous:

Arno took off his hood but forgot his mask... #acu #assassinscreed #videogames

Mind you, I did just change his outfit from bright magenta to the blue/gray he has on there so at least he only looked a little ridiculous (as [ profile] jellibean loves to point out, this game has an insane number of outfit options for a series that the creators seem to think only appealed to male gamers...).

OH and if anyone is on Xbox One and wants to play ACU with me (or AC:Black Flag, since that is the free game this month) let me know! I get very nervous about playing with strangers on Xbox, even though AC doesn't seem to require a headset/talking during multiplayer.

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