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Imzy just launched a "follow" feature for people. I feel bad for them, if they had done this a few weeks ago, before the big LJ fallout, they might have been able to snag more people from LJ. Ah well.

I might go poke around the site again now that this feature exists though. I really don't know the last time I logged on!
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Tim just sent me this article from TIME about "How Trolls are Ruining the Internet". I don't feel like there is anything too new here but it was a good read.

Though I do have to say that we need to give these weirdos a better word rather than "conservative" and "alt-right". People who respond to any kind of criticism with racial slurs and death threats need an equally upsetting name. And some of them are "liberals" and "alt-left" too, and they can be just as bad. So let's just get one word that lumps them all together and maybe they will start to realize how they are NOT part of normal society, and no political party needs to feel ashamed for them. Just be ashamed because they exist and disown them all.

The coolest thing was about a new online community created by former Reddit employees. Imzy is meant to be an online community that stays positive, where discussions are actually discussions, not just one sided attacks. And no one is going to build communities on the site around hating other people.

Anyway, I signed up to see if I could get a beta code. I was trying to think if I had any communities I could lead, but I don't think I'm online enough, so I'm not going to apply for that.

There was a lot of excitement these past two days, but I will post about that later. Right now, I need to get myself together :)
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WHY is the Fallout Shelter game way more addictive on my PC than it was on my iPad???

We both downloaded this game and managed to lose several hours to it this weekend. is kinda nice though, as I can play it while reading LJ, bounce back and forth to collect stuff.

If anyone needs a time sink, this is an easy one!

I also got sucked into Disney Emoji Blitz which is just like any other matching game, except that you earn the emojis for your keyboard. So now I can send people little Mickey Mouses when we are texting. And also a virtual churro.

Tim is still hooked on Alphabear, though I haven't played it in awhile. It is pretty much Boggle with adorable bears.

Someone mentioned the app at our Social Media Committee meeting so, of course, I couldn't resist downloading that. It is addictive sitting and thinking of things I can make lists out of. Apparently it was created by B.J. Novak (he used to write for 'The Office'). Anyway, if you are on there, please friend me!

And thanks to [ profile] pleasant_valley I am now on a search to collect all of the E.T. Funko Pops. I managed to get E.T. from Amazon with a gift card I had saved up, and I think I should be able to pick up Gertie and Elliot from Gamestop later this week. She warned me they were retired and eBay had some ridiculous prices, but I saw the local store had them in stock so I sent a hold request. SOON!

I also had enough points on my Discover card to get a free copy of 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' so I've been playing that a bit too. I love Lara Croft. I just feel like a kid again playing these games, even if they are shiny and new.

Of course, I have to leave it all behind soon. We travel to Wisconsin again this week for Tim's sister's's a short trip, just going there, seeing the wedding, then coming home. As always, I am dreading the politics of that house. But I will just hide with Sylvia and Nicole and sing Weird Al songs to drown out the crazy.

And I have a buffer day when we return so I can play all my games and relax before going back to work!
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I couldn't resist though, it's Nintendo's first app and it's adorable! If you have it and want to friend me, I linked it to my Twitter account. Hoping they have another way to find friends soon.

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I usually save my book posts for after I've finished the book but I have GOT to talk about this book right now. Mostly to say YOU GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS. Even if you don't end up agree with Jon Ronson's conclusions (which I don't even know what they will be right now as I'm only halfway through) it will make you think twice before tweeting anything about anyone, especially someone you don't actually know well. Or even just clicking on an article that is shaming someone.

The thing that really grabbed me was his initial research into public shaming as an official punishment. It was outlawed in the late 1700s (except for in Delaware, who apparently didn't take it off the books until the 1960s??). Why was it stopped? Because the onlookers were too INTO IT. People wanted to see others suffer, they joined in, they demanded MORE punishments, harsher treatment.

And somehow it has creeped back into our society via social media. And it may be more brutal because of the anonymity people feel they have online, the detachment from the people that are actually being hurt.

I dunno, after all the social media storm around Baltimore, with people posting photos and videos and misrepresenting some things...this book hit harder than I was expecting. Ronson's style is VERY readable, he has a snarky tone, but he doesn't let himself off the hook. He includes himself, using a royal "we", when it comes to talking about the problem. He's not talking about trolls, people who make a living about attacking others online, but just how every day normal people, like you and I, can get sucked into these attacks...and when we do it we think we are doing something good, that we are part of some social justice movement but in many cases it's a case of he tweets/she tweets and everyone loses.

Gah, I haven't read a book this quickly in a long time. I'm halfway through it and I have a hard time putting it down but I really want to recommend it.
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oh LJ - why did it have to be blue?

Seriously, what is it with social sites and BLUE? Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr - they are all BLUE!

Now all I can think of that scene from Fight Club...

Been a busy week, but mostly allergies have been kicking my butt. And I'm a total wuss because I've only acquired allergies in the past couple years so I'm just not used to them and want to just stay in bed all day until they are over.

After my book drought in April, I've managed to read 3 books already in May! One YA, one Children's and two graphics but STILL! It feels so good to read. I hate when I lose my reading groove, it's frustrating!

OH and I sold some stuff on ebay this weekend, someone paid $72 for some star wars figures of mine. SUPERTHRILLED! This will definitely help with some of my impulse purchases this month (ModCloth is a DANGEROUS site).

Hung out with Mathew last night and we watched Mahou Sentai Magiranger which was strangely enjoyable. My little brother was the right age for the first wave of Power Rangers so I was familiar with the look of this series, but for some reason I enjoyed it more in Japanese? Plus this one has a cheesy Harry Potter side to it to the point of being like "Somebody gonna get SUED"

After that Tim started randomly scrolling through Crunchy Roll and we watched the first episode of The World is Still Beautiful which was very pretty if a bit odd. Then Mathew suggested JoJo's Bizarre Adventure but wanted us to start with Part 2 because he didn't care for Part 1. It wasn't really my style though. Didn't really care for the art and the violence was a bit too much. And the editing was weird. OH! And we watched the first few minutes of World's Greatest First Love which made Mathew blush. It's totally yaoi, made me think of [ profile] ekaterin24

After Mathew left, we watched the first two episode of Attack on Titan (Tim had watched it with Mathew on a previous Anime Day when I wasn't around). I really enjoyed the first two episodes! Thinking that might be one we go back to regularly.
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Guess who this person was tweeting about.

To make it more hilarious, our head of social media was tweeting back at this patron the whole time, unaware that I was sitting NEXT TO HER wearing said skirt.

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