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Posting via my phone so please pardon any typos:

Glad that they did the thing I was hoping they were doing.

Still concerned that travel time in this show has gone out the window and people just kind of appear places.

The "big reveal" had already been revealed a few episodes ago - though maybe I only knew because someone here pointed it out

Someone who is better at math than me, help me out: if there are 60 episodes of GoT so far and I want to do a weekly rewatch that will end up right before season 8 starts, and assuming it will start in the summer of 2018 (please don't make us wait until 2019 HBO!) when do I need to start watching???
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I forgot to mention this but THE LIBRARY CAME THROUGH FOR ME! I managed to get a DVD copy of "The Expanse" Season 2 from Baltimore County! Tim and I have been watching an episode each night and OMG WTF SEASON 2 IS INSANE!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so glad I stuck with this show. Season 1 was interesting but didn't hook me but Season 2...daaaaaamn.

I will post coherent thoughts after we are caught up and then I get to suffer until Season 3 starts on SyFy...when is that? Next year? UGH!

Won't get to watch an episode tonight because Thursdays are for Anime (our friend Mathew comes over and we watched a few shows on CrunchyRoll) but we should be finished with this season by the end of next week.
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To avoid any more deep thoughts today, I spent any downtime at work browsing the #SDCC2017 and #RIVERDALESDCC tag on Twitter and THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!!


LINKING SO THAT THE "still image" doesn't spoil anyone because I don't trust YouTube to make the right decision

...I need to make some Riverdale icons...
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Well, I've been so caught up in the house stuff and other things, that I have fallen woefully behind on my friends list/reading list/social media. So instead of staying up until 2am trying to skim your posts, I'm just starting from today. Sorry about that. I still haven't found a balance between my new home on DW and keeping up with LJ people who didn't switch over and apparently I've just stopped checking everything because of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Friday we're going to see The Aquabats which is a band I wish I had known about sooner because they are just so geeky and fun. Their TV show is on Netflix now and we binge watched the first season and while we were doing that, they announced a tour so we thought WHY NOT? I mean, Weird Al makes an appearance in their show, they are clearly meant for me.

Also this Friday the contractor is coming out to rip up the wood floor in the kitchen and see if they can dry out everything enough to install new floor soon. We're going to go with porcelain tile. We figured for a room with three water sources, tile was better than wood. And really the only downside to porcelain is if you drop something on it, that thing will break. But I'd rather replace a mug than a floor.

Tim got me hooked on Gwent again. I hadn't played since it was in closed beta, but now it is free to play, open beta. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it but we will see how long that lasts LOL. It's like Hearthstone but a little bit more complicated? I still need to finish the first Witcher game. I really like the story, but it's sooooo clunky because it is soooo old. I could just jump into the second game, but I've got to be close to the end now so why give up?

We finished season 1 of The Expanse but Season 2 isn't on Prime yet and OMG THE CLIFF HANGER!!! I'm hoping one of the nearby libraries gets the set soon so I can request it. Or that Prime gets the second season...but I doubt that will happen until Season 3 starts up :(

I'm about halfway through BBC's Victoria because the library DVD finally had no requests on it so I could keep it for longer than 7 days. I'm enjoying it but I think part of that is my fondness for Rufus Sewell. I do like Jenna Coleman, even if I wasn't a huge Clara fan. She is working for me as Victoria.

OH and I finally watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls and I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Why was I not watching this before??

hmmmm...this makes it sound like I've just been watching a lot of TV instead of reading your posts...not entirely true but I suppose not entirely false either. Sorry about that.

Okay, I should probably sleep now...
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13 Reasons Why Promo Image by Netflix

Warning: spoilers for the entire series and also lots of trigger-y topics, though I'm not going to go into detail

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Watched the second episode tonight and holy shit it was good. I mean, the first episode was interesting but it felt more like a prologue and this is where the story really starts.

First, I want Orlando Jones nominated for any Emmy just so they can show Anansi's speech during the award show and watch the whole world squirm. It was just uncomfortable and captivating and beautiful to watch.

Also, Gillian Anderson IS an actual Goddess so while her scenes were great, didn't we already know this? I've been worshiping her since 1993.

Just kidding, I seriously feel like I'm only watching the show now to see more of her awesomeness. YES I WILL BOW DOWN BEFORE HER!

I haven't listened to anymore of the book because one of my library holds came in and took priority. I'm sorta happy about this, I like not knowing what will happen in the show, though knowing Bryan Fuller things will get reworked. I think I only have about 90 minutes left in my current audiobook so when that is done I will flip back over to 'American Gods'.

The casting on this show is just so damn good.
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My life has been taken over by video games and TV and just general life-ness. I swear this happens every few months, I go from an LJ addict to not being able to make the time.

My friend was supposed to come and visit this week with her daughter, but as her daughter is three and decided that she no longer wanted to sleep through the night so the idea of driving 8 hours with a tired toddler while also tired didn't appeal to her. :P On the plus side, I have cleaned the house!!

This was a weird week, I was just in the strangest mood until about Thursday. I blame the girl parts, which were really out of whack and threw everything off. Feel more like myself now though!

We are about halfway through 13 Reasons Why (we waited for Sylvia to come back from her spring break trip to watch with her).
mild spoilers if you haven't watched it yet )

I'm awful at 'Overwatch' but I do enjoy playing it. But OMG if you could HEAR Tim when he plays LOL. He doesn't wear the microphone, thank goodness, but he is one of those people who just turns into an aggressive potty mouth when he plays competitive games. He *hates* to die in games. And for a game like Overwatch, that is a HUGE part of the game. It's not about living forever. But he gets so upset when he does. It's both offensive and hilarious and I am so glad I am the only person who can hear him.

I downloaded Fallout Shelter again because Steam sent me a code for bonus stuff...I don't know why I did that, it's not even a real "game" the way that all my other games are. It's just nice to goof off with for a bit while I'm eating breakfast or brushing my teeth.

Still not sure exactly how I'm handling the LJ/DW thing. I was reading through the DW FAQ email they sent out and I did not know they were based in Maryland! Now I almost want to switch over just for that. Well, at least when May 2018 rolls around, that is. If there is still an online community to hang out in.
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13 Reasons Why - Sylvia reminded me that this was on Netflix today so we watched the first two episodes. She read the book a few years ago and, as a librarian, I can tell you that it has been going strong all these years as one of those must-read YA books. Seriously, our copies were always out and read to pieces. If you like Riverdale and Veronica Mars, where the mystery drips out in pieces and there are lots of over-dramatic teens who look far too old to be sophomores, give it a try. If I didn't have to work tomorrow, I probably would watch a few more episodes tonight LOL.

We only have two episodes left in Steven Universe Season 3 and then we are back to waiting for Hulu to get the rest. Right now, if they released the entire series on blu-ray, I would buy it. It is just too perfect and I love it so much and I am highly annoyed that Hulu is the only way to watch it. I WANT TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY CARTOON NETWORK!!! WHY WON'T YOU TAKE IT?!?!

Excited that Archer, Fargo, and iZombie are back this month! They might not filled the Legion shaped hole in my heart, but they will keep me amused.

Sidenote: I might have creeped Sylvia out this afternoon while looking through my Instagram and swooning over Cole Sprouse and pretty much the entire cast of Riverdale. I am sorry THEY ARE ALL HOT AND I AM NOT ASHAMED OF THINKING THEY ARE HOT! I mean, I'm not gonna touch them, they are in California for crying out loud! oh to be at WonderCon right now, I'd be dirty-old-ladying all over that panel

This post got long...and weird...I blame the cold medication...that I haven't taken yet...GOODNIGHT!!!!
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Watched this morning and I just can't get enough of this show.

Obviously episode spoilers under the cut. Oh I do NOT watch any commercials or previews for the following week (I don't even know if they do that for Legion) so please don't mention anything about upcoming episodes if they have shown things in trailers. I had a freak out while watching Legion today because there was a commercial for Americans and we haven't watched this week's episode yet.

just a few little things )


Also, in WTF Tumblr news, I was bored and making tea the other night after watching the amazing Crosswalk Musical with James Corden sketch and I took a bunch of screenshots because Dan Stevens is my big crush right now, posted them to Tumblr and it is like the most popular thing I have posted in a long time...maybe ever.

oh shit, I gotta get to work! TTFN!
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I had kind of forgotten about it but while I was setting up the FXNOW app so we could watch the new season of The Americans, I decided to give it a try and OMG WOW. I think I might like it more than any of the Netflix Marvel series. And not just because Dan Stevens is a hot hottie. If you've posted about the show and I've missed it, please link me!

Also, sorry about the lack of commenting. I swear, I have just lost my daily rhythm since sometime in February. I was doing well with my little daily stretch/workouts and reading LJ and getting to bed on time and recently that has all gone *poof*. Goals for next week: get my shit together again.

That and I started playing LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the cuteness was too hard to pull myself away from. I beat the main story mode on Tuesday and it said I only had 26% done. Which is why I love LEGO games because they are HUGE and ridiculous. I started chipping away at the free play missions last night. My Mom got me the deluxe edition so it came with all the DLC so I have a Rebels character pack and I had WAY too much fun running around as Ashoka and then Sabine.

I also started Resident Evil: Biohazard which is SO GOOD but also VERY SCARY. It wasn't so bad after I died a few times, but things do jump out at you. And the whole atmosphere makes me tense. I did have nightmares. I have decided I can only play it on sunny days, early in the afternoon, so my brain has some time to move on to less scary things. The story has me pulled in, I want to find out more, but there's no way I am playing this game when the sun goes down or if I am home alone. NOPE.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I pre-ordered Mass Effect: Andromeda because Christmas money and Bioware. Even a bad Bioware game is still better than most other games out there, plus I just love their whole gameplay style. I'm dodging the spoilers, as people with EA Access can play a 10 hour trial and are, of course, complaining. But I want to play it myself and as the game is technically "free" for me since I'm using a gift card, I'm just going to enjoy it.

The Americans is off to a good start too. I'm glad they've picked an end date for the series too, so it's like they are working towards this crazy finale and not just trying to stretch things out. Anyone watching? Link me to your reaction posts please!

Just noticed today that Hulu has Season 3 of Steven Universe!!!!!!!!!!! Tim and I are going to go sip our tea and watch a few episodes now.
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If you're looking to add to your TBR pile, this year's Nebula Award nominees are up. There are even a few novellas/short stories you can access online. I just pulled all the young adult book nominees to flip through.

Also, Netflix is going to air the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 starting April 14!!!!!!! I don't know why this fell off my radar, but what a pleasant surprise to find this while clicking around the web today. I could use some good laughs!

We had 35 babies at the program this morning and I am just spent...debating taking some sick leave and just going home and crashing...maybe I'll try to get to lunch break at least...blah
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I want to love this show, I really do, but I find it SO beyond frustrating.
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Anyone? Thoughts?
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Two episodes in and I am SO HOOKED!

Yes, I scoffed, I was skeptical, but this feels like the spiritual successor to Veronica Mars with its self-aware pop culture references and no-teen-talks-like-that banter.

And, best news, CW finally updated their app so you can stream the shows, no subscription needed and it looks like they don't expire either so go watch 'em so we can talk.

Because OMG THE END OF THE SECOND EPISODE! There are so many plot lines the show could have dragged out for a full season but it's like "NOPE, going to end that NOW and go HERE! HA!" and I'm like "OH WTF, I thought that was going to be the mid-season twist or the cliffhanger something". It really keeps you guessing.

Yes, I expect to ramble more about this so it is getting its own tag. IT IS THAT GOOD!

Please tell me someone here is watching?!?!
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I got this anime series for Tim as a Christmas present. It was a short series, only 13 episodes, but it was really well done. It aired in 1998 but it is still eerily relevant when it comes to the themes it explores. It does get a little trippy near the end, going from a mostly linear story to just WEIRD but I still really liked it.

Without giving too much away, the story centers around a young girl named Lain. Her father buys her a new computer, a fancy high end Navi that can connect her to The Wired (internet). As soon as Lain logs into the computer, she finds herself obsessed with it, wanting it to be more powerful and give her more access to the Wired. After a long week of online activity, her school friends invite her out to a club in town. But at the club, something strange happens - people say they have seen Lain there, interacted with her, know her. Lain has know memory of any of this...

I really had to focus on this show, the story had lots of layers going on. There was a lot of atmosphere to the show, moments of long pauses, close ups on the eyes of each character, scenes with the wind blowing through the wires powering the town as birds chirp...

Deep thoughts on our connected society that still ring true today, definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the strange.
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I watched The Final Problem this morning.

I think it would have been better had it not been an episode of Sherlock.

Or it would have been better as the first episode of the season so we could have normal Sherlock episodes after it.

I have the same problem with Sherlock as I do with Doctor Who (oh gee, what is the common thread here?) -- I'm less interested in their deep dark backstory and just want to watch them doing what they do best. I don't need Sherlock to be in peril or his friends be in peril, I just want to watch him solve a mystery because it was so well done in that first season.

Ah well, at least now I get to go find all of your posts and read them as I have been scrolling past them since Sunday. :)
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Internet: Disney is rebooting Ducktales

Me: Huh...ok...why should I care?


Me: OMG I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I think I'm going to put a personal ban on books/movies/tv shows about robots/clones for awhile because I feel like I have experienced SO MANY of these "humans create robots/clones, they are better than humans, they question their place in human world, they rebel/run away/attack" stories that I'm just finding myself bored with them. After watching the 'Westworld' finale this past week, I happened to pick up Descender volume 2, which is about a robot rebellion, and after I finished that I picked up Lauren Oliver's Replica not realizing it was about genetically engineered people.

It was like a perfect storm of "humans always suck so bad" stories in a row and I need some more positive tales right now!

Just a random rant from someone who takes in far too much pop culture apparently LOL.
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Better than I expected...spoilerly thoughts under the cut...mostly the things I as nit picky about...

where you lead, I will follow... )

So long Stars Hollow. It was nice visiting you again.
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holy guacamole 35 toddlers in the 9:30 program! OMG I AM SO SWEATY AND GROSS AND IT IS ONLY 10:15! And I have a second program at 10:30. Chugging coffee now to try to get my energy back up. They were such a rowdy bunch, last week they were so chill and today it is all RUN AROUND THE LIBRARIAN!

**breathes in**

**breathes out**

So how is everyone else's Thursday going?

We finally started watching Ash vs. Evil Dead and I LOVE IT. It is just so ridiculous and over the top. We've only got two episodes left in the first season and I really feel like it is true to the Evil Dead series in tone. Plus, Bruce Campbell, how I hearts him. I was telling Tim the other day that somewhere in my box o' random crap (everyone has one of those right?) there is a PRINT OUT (nerd alert!) of Bruce Campbell's website, back when it was so rare for actors to have their own official sites, let alone ones that they ran themselves. I need to find that...

Okay, time to knock back the last of this coffee and head down to the room for round 2.

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