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Oooooh I might prefer the audio over the book itself because KRISTEN!

Had a "field trip" at work today, went to DC to visit their fancy refurbished library with it's Digital Commons. Pretty cool. We made lots of wishes on the way home about things we would like to magically happen to our library.

Here's hoping!
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Here we go! #veronicamars #veronicamarsmovie

So, as I think all of you know, I backed the Veronica Mars movie on Kickstarter. I had watched the show religiously when it initially aired and I was excited by the prospect of seeing Kristen Bell on the big screen in a role that would take advantage of all of her talents.

Leading up to the movie's release, I decided to rewatch the series since I hadn't seen it since it was on TV, even though I had purchased the DVDs almost 7 years ago. If you read those posts, you know that the show did not fair as well during the second viewing. Or, at least, I realized things about the show that I didn't notice the first time through. Mostly that it doesn't have the character development that I made me love shows like Buffy, Firefly, or Gilmore Girls. Watching season 1 - 3 over the course of 2 months made it very clear - Veronica Mars is not about characters growing or changing, it's about solving mysteries. At it's core, it is a noir detective series that just happens to take place in a high school instead of a black and white city.

With these confusing feelings in my heart, we started up the movie right after watching the final four episodes of Season 3. Here are my thoughts:

The Good
  • The gang was all there! It was so great to see all of our main characters back, but especially Kristen and Enrico because I still think they have one of the best father/daughter dynamics in a tv show ever.
  • Even better was seeing all the side characters, like the semi-stoner guy or the Principal. Nice that they were able to track them down. And Cliff. I adore Cliff.
  • SCHMIDT! LEO! That scene was great, especially when he asked her about the FBI LOLOL!
  • It felt like a long episode of the TV show and that was perfectly fine. The mystery was relatively solid, with enough little twists to keep you guessing.
  • Banter! Pop culture references!
  • Silly voices! Secret identities! Accessories!

All in all, I was happy with the majority of the broader strokes of the film. But then little things started to bug me...

The Bad
  • They should not have made Piz and Veronica a couple if they were just going to break them up. Were they supposedly together for 9 years? If that is true, then that break-up was shitty on her part. Thomas should have just made them friends, maybe had a quick sentence about why it didn't work out and moved on. Wallace and Mac could have still flown him out, there could still be sexual tension but at least Veronica wouldn't look like a horrible person.
  • Weevil's ending sucked. Why would he throw away his happy life with his wife and child and suddenly become a biker gang leader again? Just, no. How about he could be the example of people that can escape Neptune's grasp and that it is possible?
  • Sorta disappointed we heard nothing about what happened with the Sheriff election that ended Season 3.
  • I wish Veronica's career story had not been so integral because it sorta made me sick her throwing away everything. And the idea that she didn't go to the FBI academy AND spent a ton of money on law school only to throw it all away to go back to Neptune made me sad...

See, here is where I can't figure out if the problem is the movie or the problem is between me and the genre. I don't really do a lot of noir detective stories. Heck, I don't even watch a lot of detective shows period. Talking with [ profile] andy_wolverton about what defines that genre, I would say that Veronica Mars fits the bill - the idea of no escape, being trapped, a guess a kind of fatalism? Defeatism? I have grown to prefer character that fight back and watching Veronica throw away a life she had for NINE YEARS and decide to go back to being a P.I. in Neptune just made me too sad. But that is noir. It's dark and you're trapped and you do what you gotta do to stay alive.

Couldn't she have gone with Logan to wherever he was stationed and solved crimes there? See the world, Veronica! It ends with her smirking but all I could envision was Keith feeling so sad that he had let his daughter down, that she was trapped again.

So while it was probably the only ending that worked for Veronica Mars, it was not the ending I wanted for Veronica Mars, if that makes sense.

All in all, a 3 star movie for me. I've only watched it once and I'm not sure if I want to watch it again right away. I almost think I need more space between me and the film to try to get the woulda-coulda-shoulda plot lines out of my head and go back to it with an open mind. The whole show was not what I remembered, confusing the aging of characters for development. It's a detective show, through and through, and this movie is a good detective story. It's just too bad the characters had to take such abuse.
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So we've barely put a dent in Season 3, only on disc 2. It's weird but this is the season I remember the LEAST even though technically it's the one I watched most recent.

We watched the first episode and Tim was like "wow, this show is a little rape-y". I guess I hadn't really noticed it as much on my first viewing but, yeah, the subject of rape comes up EVERY. SINGLE. SEASON. Now, I'm not saying this is not a legitimate topic. Sadly, it's just as big of an issue as it was when the show initially aired. But, yeah, Season 1's arc deals with the mystery of Veronica's rape (with an unsatisfying conclusion). Season 2 concludes with the reveal that the kids on the softball team were molested/raped and that Veronica was in fact raped by one of them, not to mention Mac being scarred by Beaver leaving her alone in the hotel after their failed (?) attempt at sex. And Season 3's entire arc is based around the rapes on the college campus. So, yeah, sex crimes are apparently Rob Thomas' thing? Tim wondered if it would be an issue in the movie. God I HOPE not!

Then last night we were watching an episode the featured Piz heavily, the one where Veronica stays in Wallace's room after a fight with Logan and her Dad (more on that later). I'm sitting there, looking at how adorable Piz is and Tim says "oh, is he gonna turn out to be gay?" and I was like "WTF NO he's actually a NICE GUY! Not gay..." and then I told him I totally shipped Veronica/Piz and he was like "really?" so apparently Tim and I, not attracted to the same kind of guys. Which is fine.

(and I also realized that while I say I ship Veronica/Piz, what I really mean is, I would totally have dated Piz in college if a Piz had existed. He is pretty much my perfect college guy. Plays guitar, into radio (my college hobby) and also is sweet and shy and cute to boot! Actually, I'm not even sure if Veronica is worthy of Piz now...)

Also, when Veronica goes to put the tracker in Logan's car after he LIED to her about the poker game and then feels bad about said tracker. Yeah, I didn't get that. Logan was a big fat liar. If, say, the poker game thing was a misunderstanding, then that would have been a bad move. But the fact that Logan is a lying liar who lies I felt Veronica was totally justified in that action. I just...ugh I cannot STAND Logan/Veronica. Veronica is far from perfect, yes, but he is just such an ass. He stands for everything she complains about in Season 1. If he had evolved at all as a character, maybe I would get it but he still feels like Season 1 Logan to me.

Again, I am not seeing any character development, especially with Veronica. Actually Weevil seems to be the character with the most development so far! But even that is pretty basic. But we had the exact same mini-arc with Keith trying to date, Veronica giving him grief, and him breaking it off. yes, the circumstances were different because it was a Just Shoot Me reunion the woman was married but still same basic beginning, middle, and end.

I cannot remember where this season is going. I just remember being happier with Season 3 than Season 2. I do like the mysteries a lot more this season and the college setting is okay. I did get sad when her Professor offered her the FBI internship, since visions of Season 4 danced in my head but oh well.

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I own the DVDs but I always like having iTunes episodes of shows to add to my iPhone or iPad to rewatch while on trips. Right now the Veronica Mars extended pilot is FREE on iTunes!

And, bonus, all three seasons are on sale for $20 each, if you need to stock up.

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We marathoned the last two discs of Veronica Mars, Season 2 on Monday night. I had sort of been dreading the finale, though up until we got to the final disc, I hadn’t really understood why.

Here is the deal -- it’s really hard to write a show, or write a book, where you manage to reveal EVERYTHING in the last episode. I think this is the weakest thing about the writing in Veronica Mars.

[ profile] lostacanthus and I were discussing Bryan Fuller’s work last week. She pointed out that he was working on Hannibal now and was hoping it lasted longer than most of his other shows. Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Pushing Daisies were all fun shows with cool premises but, they lacked vision to take them beyond the first season. The shows were not character driven or even plot driven but more...quirk driven? Yes, the ACTORS were wonderful - I love Mandy Patinkin as Rube, giving Georgia advice about being a Reaper. I loved the Anti-Joan-of-Arcadia that was Jaye Tyler, played by Caroline Dhavernas. And how could you not fall instantly in love with Lee Pace as Ned the Pie Maker in Pushing Daisies? But while these actors, and the rest of the cast, were fantastic, the show and the characters were relatively stagnant and is probably the reason that, while I ADORED the shows when they were on, my love for them has not grown.

Veronica Mars is, at it’s core, a one-mystery series. It’s like stretching a Hercule Poirot novel out over 24 short stories. Hercule NEVER solves the crime until the last few pages, or at least never reveals it. And usually the reader is pretty unsure of exactly what the hell happened too. With both Season 1 and Season 2, the last two episodes are the big REVEAL of the entire mystery that has hung over the season (I can’t remember if this is an issue in Season 3 as much, I will get back to you after that rewatch). With Season 1, we just had the one mystery - who killed Lily Kane? Season 2, I guess the writers or the network felt that the stakes needed to be much higher or more complicated for us to enjoy it - so we get a very convoluted year long mystery about the bus crash, Logan’s murder trial, the Casablancas debacle, and, on top of all that, the leftovers from the Season 1 mystery. It was too much to try to wrap up in two episodes and, while the rest of the season felt like it had some fun mystery-of-the-week episodes, when it came time to “solve” the mystery, it felt like a train wreck.

Season 1 and 2 spoilers )

So why do I keep watching? Why do I love this show so much? Because of the ACTORS. Again, I feel like the character growth in this show is minimal. The focus of the show is the mysteries and the big Mystery of the season. It’s not about having anyone really grow or evolve, just sleuth. Heck, Keith and Veronica almost have the EXACT SAME argument at the end of Season 2 as they do in Season 1 about Veronica lying to him. BUT let me tell you - I freaking LOVE Kristen Bell. I adore her. And I adore Enrico. And Percy. And for some reason, Ryan Hansen. Even when the episode was weak, the interaction between the actors and their characters was fun to watch. I think this was why the Kickstarter was able to be such a HUGE success. Veronica Mars fans LOVE the actors, we want to see them on the big screen. Even though Season 2 and 3 were nowhere NEAR as good as Season 1, we all stuck with it because how can we resist the charm of Kristen Bell?

So on to Season 3! I really have NO memory of this season, apart from Piz being adorable. We will see if I still feel that way after the rewatch.
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omg this week is nutty - I've managed to book myself for some sort of activity every single day. Today I had a meeting at HDQ, tomorrow is a program partnering with the public schools, Wednesday I'm going to give a "searching the catalog" refresher to our circ staff, Thursday is more Early Literacy Specialist training and then Friday, while not work related, Tim wants to go up to see Sylvia since her birthday party will be Friday night (her actually b-day is Saturday).


OH OH OH I sent out the mix CDs on Friday! [ profile] rhoda_rants already got hers, so I know the rest of you can't be too far behind. Here is my ONLY rule - don't look at the track list and listen to the CD in ORDER the first time. I spend a ridiculous amount of time organizing those tracks, trying to make a little story in my mind, so listen through, without knowing what is coming, and sorta just feel the music. In about a week or so I will post the ENTIRE track list and why I picked certain songs.

We finished Disc 2 of Season 2 of Veronica Mars tonight. Still hate Logan. Super annoyed by Duncan. Weevil is all over the place this season. Just keep giving me more of Veronica and Mac and I will be happy. With a side of Dick being, well, Dick. Because everyone knows better than to ship Dick with anything. (god that sentence looks hilarious).

I need to get back into making icons. I need some new ones in the mix. I know I keep saying that. Probably if I wasn't watching 4 hours of Veronica Mars every night I would have some free time LOL. GOTTA GET TIM CAUGHT UP AND WE ONLY HAVE 18 days left!!!
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We marathoned Season 1 of Veronica Mars this week. As much as I love and adore this show, this is actually the first time I have rewatched it all the way through. And considering season one aired almost ten years ago, my memory wasn't so great with most of the episodes.

Trying to get Tim caught up before the movie @theveronicamarsmovie #veronicamars #kickstarter

spoilers for Season 1 )

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this series still held up, ten years later. I was on the edge of my seat the last two episodes and started to tear up more than once during a few of the great Keith and Veronica moments. They are definitely up there with Joyce and Buffy and Lorelai and Rory when it comes to kids and parents on TV.

Onward to Season 2!!! Movie premieres March 14 so we gotta keep going at this pace be ready!
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Heads up, fans of free things!!!

Doctor Who - Fires of Pompeii is free on iTunes right now!

Veronica Mars - Pilot episode is free on iTunes right now!

Even though I haven't played an MMORPG in AGES, Tim sent me the link to sign up for the Beta for Everquest Next which I am intrigued by.

We just played Warframe on Steam for our game night tonight. It was actually pretty fun, though I sorta wish we had read the descriptions of the suits before just randomly choosing - apparently the suit I picked it the hardest one to master. (But it was called LOKI!)

Last week we finished off Alien Swarm, another freebie on Steam.

Speaking of freebies, I'm going to go play some Assassin's Creed II now - can't believe Xbox gave this away for free last month! (actually...I sorta can because now I'm tempted to spend the money on buying the sequels...d'oh!)
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Veronica Mars Rewatch

Veronica Mars. I tuned in when it originally aired on TV, donated to the movie Kickstarter, and drooled over the SDCC coverage...but when the heck was the last time I actually watched the show?

Yes, while I adored VM when it was on, even went to far as to buy the DVDs, I don't think I've ever sat down and watched the entire series through a second time. With the movie set for release next year, I figured this was the best time to sit down and relive the magic...or see how the show looks 10 years later. (Plus, I have two friends that need to be turned into Marshmallows by the movie premiere).

Episodes 1-3 )
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Oh this is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Watch it all the WAY! <3
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I adored Piz. I think I just like his face. And his mouth. And the fact that Chris Lowell has the slightest of lisps makes him just so adorable.

And OMG how could we NOT get Wallace back? You think the movie with a $2 million dollar kickstarter is going to shoot without Percy Daggs??? COME ON! /GOB

GAH I need to rewatch this whole show, like, NOW. And I need to have Tim watch it with me so he's ready for the movie.

After we finish up Justified and Archer and Arrested Development - VERONICA MARS NEXT!
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So, in fandom news today, we had the official announcement from Kristen Bell and Rob Thomas that a Veronica Mars movie could become a reality - if the fans were willing to fund it.

It was a long-shot, it was a crazy idea - $2 million from a Kickstarter in just a few weeks? For a show that was cancelled in 2007?!?! COULD IT BE DONE?!?!?

Does this answer your question?

I went ahead and pledged $35 because I can't deny Kristen Bell anything! Plus, this whole thing just intrigues me so much. I'm sure, in the end, I will be a little frustrated because I can't stand Veronica/Logan and Rob Thomas seems to think they are a good pairing...but he did mention Piz in the list of characters he wants to bring back so maybe...maybe he has finally gotten wiser.

Also, if you didn't watch the video that goes along with the Kickstarter, just watch that. I'm pretty sure there is some sort of subliminal message hidden in the sketch that makes you feel compelled to donate. It was only at $100,000 this morning at 11am when I saw the first post and now it is over the goal and still going.

$35 gets me a pdf copy of the script, a t-shirt, and a digital download of the movie when it comes out. Seemed like a good time to jump into this Kickstarter thing. So now I can say I have done it.

Honestly, I'm just looking forward to seeing Kristen Bell in a movie that doesn't waste her marvelous talents. If anything she will have more say in how this picture goes because her and Thomas seem to have a good working relationship. And I think the rest of the cast holds these characters near and dear to their hearts (they are already working for practically nothing to make the movie) so I think we can at least trust them to take care of them.

And it's just fascinating. If this becomes a reality, what does it all mean? Can other shows seek funding for that finale episode? Will networks think twice before cancelling a show that might have a big enough cult following to raise this kind of money? Will they start RANSOMING show??? The boys from Rifftrax are about to find out how much it costs to get the license to show the Twilight movies in theaters and riff them, how much can studios demand for their tv show rights and will fans be willing to pay to "rescue" their characters from executives and give them to their creators (and will the studios even want to play the game -- Thomas was very lucky that WB gave him the okay...I'm sure they didn't think this would happen at all).

And apparently I'm not the only one who is just curious about how it will all turn out. The guy who gave $10,000 to the project isn't even that big of a fan. He's just into Kickstarters with big dreams. AND NOW HE GETS A SPEAKING PART! **jealous**

I want to watch all my Veronica Mars DVDs again. Season 1 was so good, Season 2 was okay, and Season 3...oh I can't wait to see how it all gets wrapped up in the movie.
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It's so sad.

We just saw a commercial for Hot Pockets, and Percy Daggs III (Wallace) was one of the kids eating them. aaaw.

At least he had a line.
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spoilery thoughts on VM, Heroes, and a bit of Scrubs )

okay, time to arrange my desk and bookshelf
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I am SURROUNDED by boxes. Big ones, little ones, full ones, empty ones. It's a frakkin' obstacle course to get anywhere in here right now. I may have to take a picture and post it before we take down the computers tomorrow.

I have to say THANK YOU to [ profile] heiland_coo. I had my "Graphic Novels for Grown-Ups" program today, and I had a bad feeling no one would show up. Usually I get questions about my programs, but no one ever said anything about this. So when 7:10 rolled around tonight and no one was in the room, I wasn't totally shocked. But [ profile] heiland_coo was nice enough to sneak away from the desk and let me run thru the program so I could at least say I did it. And considering she's heard me ramble on about comic books on several other occasions, she was very brave to come sit in that room all by her lonesome hehe.

Also, congrats to both [ profile] maybemanda and [ profile] spitefairy - they both got engaged today (erm, not to each other)!

I felt that 'The Office' tonight was AWESOME! I didn't realize it was an hour until I was fast forwarding thru commercials and noticed I was at the 27 minute mark and only half way to the end!

MAJOR spoilers )

Oh, and what was that crap movie that Jim is in? What a waste of his talent! Mandy Moore? ew. Robin Williams? ew. John Krasinski is so talented, ugh. Maybe he just wanted to meet Robin Williams or something. I hope so. God, that commercial made me cringe.

'Veronica Mars' is officially canceled now. I think the CW is making a huge mistake, since they really don't have a whole lot else going for them right now. One quality show does not a network make. Oh well. At least I can look forward to 'Fanboys' (which has apparently been pushed back to a January release date??? WTFrak!)
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Thoughts on tonight's 'Veronica Mars'

here be spoilers, yar )

According to a post over at [ profile] veronica_mars, it sounds like the show has been cancelled. Bummer. Someone needs to hire Kristen for something else RIGHT NOW. I need my weekly Bell fix. *sigh* I might have to buy season 3 on DVD just so I have the entire series (plus...Chris Lowell is cute...)
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Rumor mill says that 'Veronica Mars' will not be renewed for a 4th season. I hope that's not true. And if it is true, I hope they at least let us finish out this season and give us some proper closure!! (I won't rant and rave until official word comes out, no use in getting myself worked up...though I did send an email to CW, for whatever that is worth, which is probably nothing).

Also, someone at work today told me I look like I've lost weight. Which was probably the worst thing they could tell me since I know I haven't and I'm trying to start working out again, since I didn't while they were messing with the apartment.

*sigh* I need to watch 'Lost' still. I read a mini-spoiler yesterday for the episode and it zapped my interest. But I should watch it so I can discuss it later.

I had my first BSG-related dream last night. I was walking around and I ran into Gaius (sp?). Anyway, I had a conversation with him, trying to get him to mess up so I could turn him in, but halfway thru I said something like "Oh wait, our characters haven't even met yet so you wouldn't be talking to me!" and I left. Apparently my DREAM was in the wrong episode. (and just to make me seem sadder, my next dream was waking up and telling [ profile] jimithingy I had had this dream....)

It's my friday off, yay!
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Well, so far this has been a week of quality TV

Heroes & VM - spoilers ahoy )
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after suffering thru one too many "omg last night's episode was horrible becase [insert spoiler here]" posts on [ profile] veronica_mars, I ended up adding myself to this friending meme going around. So we have lots of new peeps reading the journal today *waves hello*

I dunno, I wasn't part of the fandom community when I was watching Buffy so when the big changes hit on that show, I didn't get to see the fan reactions as much. But some of the posts on the VM comm have been just ridiculous in there anger and attacking of the show (and other fans). I love the people who think this is a personal attack on them. I'm so sure that the writers sat around like Mr. Burns, attempting to get the small fanbase they have to turn on them. No no no. To paraphrase Master Whedon - don't give them what they want, give them what they need.

Let's not pass judgement on what happened last week until we see where this is all going. Perhaps the events from 'Mars,Bars' will lead to some exciting twists and turns in the Veronica-verse. If you want a show that never grows or changes, then just buy season 1 and keep it on repeat. I want a show with characters and stories that can go any way they want to.

Anyway, now that I have all these new buddies that are VM fans - [ profile] crazylike_afox, [ profile] impalalove, [ profile] ladynaberrie, [ profile] lostacanthus, [ profile] meronica_vars, and [ profile] shinetastic - I'm hoping we can have some intelligent and civil discussions about the future of one of the best shows on TV right now. :D

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