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It's June which means E3 which means lots of excitement about games !!! Tim said if they come out with an xbox one forza bundle he will buy it lol. I need the One now because of forza and dance central - exclusives! Plus dragon age !!! And whatever else Bioware has been teasing all week. And, of course, Assassin's Creed V which looks epic and so very pretty.

Apparently Nintendo announced super smash bros for Wii U which is a game I've never really got. They are trying the Skylanders model of selling toys that will give you in-game characters which I am unmoved by. They also announced a new Zelda game for 2015 but it has gone back to a very cartoony look. I like Zelda but right now that is the only wii U game I am interested in.

I'm typing this on my iPad while we play Age of Wonders III on the PC. Every Tuesday night we game online with our friend who lives in California. He bought Tim and I this game for Tim's birthday. It's sorta like Civ and the total war games had a baby and that baby was really onto LotR. Took me a game to really get it (but games last us a few sessions since we only play for 3 hours at most.) but I have the hang of it now. It's fun but the battles can happen in real time if you do Manual mode so that's a lot of downtime for the rest of the players as they wait for your turn to unfold. Which is how I've managed to type this entry up :)

I'll post some trailers for the games I'm most excited about tomorrow since it's usually bedtime when we finally log off for the night.

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I was looking at TimeHop, which usually just makes me depressed because a year ago I was doing the same stuff as I am today BUT today had a cool find - my website for my college radio show!

I should really download it and save it before UMBC decides to wipe their servers. Oh the memories! Way before spotify or pandora, WMBC was streaming music and I was there! Found lots of cool music that way and it eventually lead to an internship at a local station in Annapolis WRNR, which lead to a part time job that totally sucked but eventually lead me back to the library in a round about way.

I should recreate my playlists on Spotify...if only to amuse myself.

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Almost home. This was pretty much the whole trip home - all foggy and rainy. At least it waited until the way home. Our weather the rest of the time was beautiful. Even the drizzly Friday was sorta nice.

Hope everyone is doing well, haven't really had a chance to read the flist.

I did watch Game of Thrones in Sunday. Whoa. Yeah. Thoughts on that later when I'm not typing on my phone and can make sure all spoilers are hidden.

We have been listening to Assassin's Creed IV soundtrack and now Final Fantasy X (because I got Tim the HD release for his birthday)

Ok getting dizzy from staring at this tiny screen. Toodles for now!

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We made it up here in record time yesterday. We listened to the new Neil Gaiman children's book "Fortunately the Milk" which was cute. Reminded me of Hitchhiker's guide, with its zany Britishness. Conversations in the car ranged from anime, 80s cartoons, 80s edutainment (tombs and talismans, encyclopedia), feminism, religion, video games, and library shenanigans.

Then we had delicious gourmet pizza for dinner and wandered to the grocery store and bought ice cream (they had the Anchorman "scotch scotch scotch" which was delicious!) conversation when we got back ranged from Christians and pagans and who took over whose festivals, Santa, krampus, what hardcore drugs do to people...and then somehow we ended the night learning about the saga behind the autofellatio photo on the entry on Wikipedia. Lol. (Mathew always knows the most random internet things).

Now we are waiting our turn to shower so we can go find food! Becky recommended The Friendly Toast and their website looks awesome. :-)

Weather is fab, vacation is off to a good start.

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Tonight we watched a documentary called "Viking Apocalypse" on Netflix, then Japanese Folktakes on Crunchyroll, which lead to a discussion on folk vs fairy tales vs fables, which lead to us looking up the animated intro to Grimm's Fairy Tales cartoon from the late 80s, which lead to watching a bunch of "best of 80s" cartoon montages which made Tim nostalgic so he showed me some videos from his favorite games as a kid which then led to watching a top 15 video game intros video...

Then it was time to get ready for bed so we put on random adventure time clips when we brushed our teeth.

Yes, this is my life and it is awesome! ;-)

Ugh wish I didn't have to work tomorrow. Also why does xfinity only have 4 random episodes of Adventure Time on demand???

Short weeks are the hardest lol, I only work 2 more days and I'm already like "meh let me sleep"

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I spent an entire summer playing either Tetris and Dr Mario while listening to books on cassette.

I listened to Edgar Allan Poe's short stories, Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes, Jurassic Park (abridged...several times because I owned it), Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul (which I can still quote to this day).

You see, when you play Tetris in total silence, you concentrate too much, second guess yourself and end up making stupid mistakes. If you're listening to music, you end up singing along and getting distracted. But stories kept me just distracted enough but not so much I would make mistakes. I actually made it to the last level of Tetris. I don't think I beat it, but I remember the Kremlin blasting into space...

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I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 18.

My mom didn't want to get them pierced when I was a baby because she
thought that was weird (plus it was trendy at the time and my family is
always anti-trend...unless it's electronic LOL).

I was too scared of the pain, I don't like pain.

But my Uncle kept giving me earrings as gifts and I couldn't wear them so I
figured I better get them pierced! My friend Amanda went with me and I
held the big teddy bear and got it done and it hurt and I am never doing it

Needless to say, I have no other piercings or tattoos - just can't deal
with the pain or the commitment!

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There's a lot of "getting to know you" memes going around right now and if
I replied to every one on my flist, I'd feel too pressured to think of a
new fact every time. So instead, I'm just gonna post random facts as I
think of them. FUN facts. :)

Random Fact #001 -- During the summer before my senior year of high school,
I took a trip to Australia with the student ambassadors group called
"People to People". It was 18 days of awesome and I want to go back to
Australia SO MUCH! It was a blast to be on a guided tour but now I want to
experience it as an adult. SOME DAY!

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Playing 'Endless Space' with [ profile] maybedeadcat and his friend Casey. It's like Civ only...with in space! And possibly endless? Maybe it just feels like it...anyway, I do plan on doing a little mini-bio post still when I'm not typing on my phone. Until then -- how many fandoms can you spot in this photo of my desk?

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Watching Promethus....

So far, very pretty. Maybe too pretty. Getting the Star Wars prequel vibe of "look at all the effects I can do now"

I like Noomi Rapace...clearly her boyfriend is not going to survive. )
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omg it's only 73 more days until Dragon*Con! So close and yet so far away.

I have to say, conventions are amazing things. I've never been to a work-related convention because the idea just boggles my mind, but fandom related conventions are love.

As a fan of so many cult shows, even major cults like Buffy or Star Wars, it's not easy to know when you can bring up your fandoms and not get a weird look. I wear my geekiness with pride on a daily basis, but the days are few and far between when some one acknowledges their presence (like today, I had a young man ask me if there was a new Star Wars book out because he saw all my pins on my badge...and one of our teen volunteers complimented me on my Greendale Community College lanyard)

Conventions are different. They are gatherings of people who are like me - people who love one (or more) silly things so much and they want to express that love and talk about it with like-minded individuals. It doesn't matter who you are standing in line with, chances are they know at least a few Monty Python lines, will get a LOL CATS reference, and might even be able to sing along with you to a Weird Al song.

It's funny, you'd think that going to a convention would make someone feel less special because instead of being the odd geek out, they are one of many. But it is just not the case because of the wide range of people you meet at these events. I swear, no two people experience the same convention. It doesn't matter if it is D*C or SDCC - there is so much going on.

So, if you've ever said to yourself "I should go to such and such a Con someday" make that someday now. They are just so much fun. They are even more fun with friends but I explored a lot of SDCC and my first PAX totally solo and I had a wonderful time mingling with people from all over. I love the way that pop culture can bring so many people together. <3

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So I was riding in my car today, listening to a book on CD (Hold Me Closer Necromancer) and I found myself...mouthing the words. Does anyone else do this?

I have always done this. I used to listen to the Star Wars Radio Drama on the bus while riding to school and I would put my head down and mouth the words along with the tape, acting out scenes in my head. I had a whole collection of tapes I did this with regularly - the audiobook of The Long Dark Tea Time of the Soul, a recording of the pilot episode and "E.B.E." of X Files, a similar recording of the audio from the miniseries of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy...and maybe the musical episode of Buffy too, since for awhile I had that recorded from the TV when the thought of them actually putting out a CD seemed laughable.

Im not sure why I do it...its not the same as singing along, Im not making any sounds, though I can feel my face changing to act out the scene so Im in to it...

so yeah any else do random things like that?

(also I just noticed this keyboard for my iPad is lacking in an apostrophe key WTF)

(oh wait, I found out, it's just not int he proper QWERTY location so I keep hitting backspace instead of apostrophe)

(and I'm too lazy to go back and fix things right now...maybe later)

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!!!!!!!!!! 7:30pm !!!!!!!!! Tomorrow!!!!!!!

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Finally got a hotel with working wifi!!! London has been a blast. I totally geeked out at the Doctor Who Experience. We've had some wonderful weather and lots of walking. Yesterday we took a trip over to Cardiff, Wales which was a nice break from tue hustle and bustle of London. Did a tour of the city then checked out St Fagan's today. Back in London now, plotting out our last couple days. Excited about the play but feeling a bit homesick for my stuff and my routine.

Still - David Tenant and Catherine Tate LIVE in just two days!!!!!!!!

Miss you guys!

Oh I also missed Doctor Who so no Spoilers!!!! Can't wait to watch when I get home!!!!

"Eye" will be back soon ;-)

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So Google maps said the drive from maryland to Maine should be about 9 hours and 45 minutes. We left a little after 7am and got into Gorham around 5:30...but we didn't stop for very long and the speed limit was unofficially 75mph - but i swear I hardly passed anyone on the highway!

We learned an important tidbit while searching for "food" in Conneticut - apparently it's illegal to drive in the left lane unless you are turning. There were no signs stating this but the cop that pupled us over pet us know (and for some weird reason he walked up to my mom instead of me so apparently people cannot even walk on the left side of the car)

Other random moment was on 84 and we were on a bumpy bridge, a truck hit one bump and its front hood flew up! There was no shoulder to pull over and the guy did a great job not swerving into trwffic and kipping us all.

Anyway we are in Maine now. Uncle Tom is rumored to be purchasing 30 lobsters for tomorrow plus clams. The librarian in me wants to go check out the Baxter Memorial Library down the road.

Uncle Mike and Neil are describing some random hiking place in New Mexico, not sure they are supposed to be hiking there.

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SDCC day 3

Jul. 24th, 2010 11:22 pm
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Just a quick update before I pass out --

I got to meet Joss Whedon.

Yes, I cried. Yes, Joss was awesome. He gave me a hug and a little peck on the cheek and posed for a picture with me.

I'll post details on the whole day when I get back, but so far this has been the best day of the event for me.

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Day 1 SDCC

Jul. 22nd, 2010 10:12 pm
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Saw Megamind panel - Everyone was hilarious, especially Will Ferrell in his costume. Tina is adorable, I just want to groom her. Might be worth seeing in 3D.

Tron Legacy also looks awesome and Patton Oswalt made that panel even better with his snark. The audience was asked to record some crowd noise for the arena sequence. I hope we make the cut.

Was there when Patton announced that Guillermo del Toro was going to be in charge of a NEW Haunted Mansion movie. He is clearly a huge fan of the ride and says the movie will be scary, kids will scream.

I went into the exhibitor hall after that and wandered In a daze for about an hour. Finally I pulled out my "must do" list and headed over to the Her Universe booth. Ashley was there and she totally knew who I was from Facebook! She autographed the hat I bought and took a picture with me for the website, so someone tell me if I pop up on the Facebook page. Snagged the red shirt too but I might go back for more.

I went to the Titan books booth to ask about Drew Struzan autographs. Also met some guys doing a documentary on Drew Stuzan. They saw me buying his art book and asked to interview me. Crazy, I think I sounded okay though. They said I was very articulate.

Made it into the Joss Whedon & JJ Abrams panel, which was a blast. Must get into the Whedon experience tomorrow!

Ate dinner outside at an Italian place. While I was slurping up my spaghetti, I saw a familiar face and realized it was Aaron "chief Tyrol" Douglas. I made eye contact and waved at him ANC he waved back :).

Found the bioware/EA hotel and played a little bit of Dead Space 2. It was fun but since I had just eaten my first meal of the day, and it was very dark in the room, I got a bit of motion sickness and had to stop. Got a blow up plasma gun though so score.

Made m way to the Dr horrible singalong hosted by the browncoats. Always fun to hang out with fellow fans and belt out some tunes.

First panel in the list for tomorrow - Walking Dead tv show, hoping for some sneak peeks!

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Flights arrived on time (I <3 southwest). Our hotel is right next to the convention center (Hilton bayfront). It also has a giant Scott Pilgrim banner hanging on it (photo tomorrow). Got my badge and my WB bag (clash of the titans, blah)

Started a Tumblr blog for the trip just cause it's easier to post photos on there than LJ with my phone. I think it's URL is

Up bright and early to see if we can get into the Megamind panel (omg Tina fey!!!!)


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Ack I forgot to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] faeriesfolly!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day! ****hugs****

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