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Yeah, I made a Senua icon. I'm obsessed. Deal with it.

I can already feel the gaming hangover setting in - anything else I pick up to play I'm like "Ugh, this is not as emotionally engaging as Hellblade!"

I did pick up Witcher 2 again. I do enjoy that game but I can't play it when Tim's daughter is around because the Witcher does love to get it on with the ladies. The sex scenes are pretty explicit, even if they are a little ridiculous since the graphics are not top notch (the game is several years old). I need to read the novels, Tim has all of them, and they seem like fantasy I could actually get into.

If you are in need of a spooky game for October, we just finished Layers of Fear and it was CREEPY! Tim could hear me screaming from downstairs because there were so many jump scares and startling moments. I actually made Sylvia control the character because I was too terrified. It says to play with headphones on but I couldn't even play with the lights off LOL. It doesn't have a whole lot of replay value but if you can get it for $10 or less, it's worth it.

We are going to see "IT" tomorrow after work. Which means it will be a long night because the movie is just over 2 hours LOL. Oh well...I may have failed to mention the run time to Tim. Shhhhh
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So, I can't stop thinking about this game. I flew through the 8 hours of gameplay time (well, it took me more than that because I am a very cautious fighter LOL) and I miss Senua already.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice is the story of a warrior woman whose lover was murdered by invading Norsemen and she has decided to go into hell to free his soul.

But Senua is not a normal woman - she hears voices. Her mother heard them too. They whisper to her, constant companions since she was young. These voices have kept her separated from the rest of her tribe, which is why she wants so badly to find Dillion's soul - he was the one person who truly cared for her. I know this sounds cliche, but I have to say that love is the one force out there that will make people challenge gods, even if those gods are not their own.

I love how the game just drops you into the story - no tutorial mode, not even a flash of instruction on the screen to coach you. You must figure it out (even if that simply means hitting "pause" to bring up the control menu) - the game designers have faith in your abilities to play from the start and they don't want to pull you out of the narrative to go through some clunky "What does the A button do?" screen or cheesy flashback to find an excuse to learn how to make your character walk.

I really feel like this game is another great example of video games as art. I feel like to show how a thing is art, you must give examples of how it brings out emotions in us that no other format can; how it can tell a story that would not be nearly as powerful as just a printed page or even as a moving image.

I played Hellblade as the creator's suggested: with headphones on. This let me experience the voices the way Senua did - hearing them immediately as our shared quest began and growing both frustrated and fond of their chatter. I don't think the printed text of a novel could have done this for me and while I can be emotionally connected to a character in a movie or tv show, you can't become them the way you can in a video game. And while I don't think I was ever Senua, I felt like I was with her the whole way.

I know this game is already getting a lot of push back from people with mental illness. Ninja Theory, the game design company, did a lot of homework in trying to represent the different ways psychosis can feel. I've seen at least one reviewer who are not happy because they suffer from mental illness and didn't think the game represented them, and I can understand that. The designers could only do so much and they reached out to professionals and got as much feedback as possible but they can't know what it is like for someone and no game will really ever replicated that experience.

I am coming from a completely different place, and this game really made me think a lot about all of the voices in everyone's head and how some of us can shrug them off and others are forced to hear them. The voices of self doubt, of fear, of resignation beside the voices that also push you on. I've never suffered from psychosis and I can't even begin to understand what life would be like for someone living with it, but for those 8 hours, I had those voices in my ears and it made me think of how hard that can make everything - if I was struggling in a fictional world to run forward and stay focused, what must it be like for someone in modern society? No idea, I know I can never know.

While I didn't love the ending (too soon, I wanted more), I loved the game as a whole. I really enjoyed that it was more than just a button mashing fighter game and that the (thankfully few) boss fights all had strategies to them. It reminded me of Legend of Zelda and how each "boss" was more than just a simple fight, you had to pay attention. There were just as many puzzles and hidden things to make me want to keep going, and bits of Norse legend peppered through-out which made me want to go find Neil Gaiman's new book and see if there were more to those legends.

It was a beautiful game, I loved seeing it on my screen, watching Senua wander the mystical world. I really hope we have more adventures with her.

For more details about the game and how to buy a (digital only), visit the official Ninja Theory site.
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I forgot to tell ya'll but WE HAVE A FLOOR AGAIN!

The tile was installed two weekends ago and we love it. Really brightens up the entire kitchen and just really makes it a nice room on it's own rather than just flowing into the living room area. Dishwasher has also been repaired too which is just fantastic. I know it was saving us money in our energy bill BUT I really was tired of dishes piling up on the counter (#firstworldproblems). The deal is whoever makes dinner, the other has to wash dishes and considering how many pots/pans I get dirty that can't go on the dishwasher, the addition of plates/bowls/cups on top of that was making things crazy. So, yes, repair the dishwasher, save my marriage XP

In the world of Impulse Purchases, my spatula designed by Kristen Bell arrived in the mail last week too!

Proceeds went to the No Kid Hungry program so it was for a good cause. Also, I <3 Kristen so much and this is probably the closest I will get to having her autograph so yeah. I'm a dork, it makes me smile. If you didn't see her shenanigans with the senior citizens during Hurricane Irma, I highly suggest browsing her Instagram/Twitter feed for a few minutes.

When we went to Wisconsin this summer, Tim went through the boxes of stuff in his parent's basement for things that he wanted to bring back (this is what happens when you buy an SUV). Anyway, one of the treasures we did find were his Star Wars toys, mainly a few large vehicles. So last night, in a fit of cleaning, I rearranged some of my Star Wars shelf to highlight our vintage collection (I reclaimed my toys from my parent's house last year but hadn't made space for them). I don't have it all out yet, but I got a few things in nice prime spots to hightlight them:

I still have a few figures I'd like to display plus a LARGE collection of micro-machines playsets. #nerdproblems - I am going to either move or maybe even downsize my Yoda collection as I don't really focus on that anymore. My collecting focus for Star Wars now is mostly LADIES.

Last but not least, I finished playing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice last night and OMG THE EMOTIONS!

I want to do an in-depth write up later but this game was beautiful and I loved the story, which kept me going even when the game got rough. It was very short, about 12 hours, but it was a smaller gaming company. Tim got me fancy headphones right before I started playing it so I got to have the full experience since it recommends playing with nice headphones that can give you the full range of sounds.

I love Senua. She is right up there with Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite: I want an action figure of her for my desk.

...actually, I have that "Make your own Funko Pop" downstairs...maybe I could make myself a little Senua! PROJECTS!!!!!!!

Bedtime now - I am trying to finish the last two books for a conference I'm attending next month. Neither of them are grabbing me as much as the others so it has been a struggle. Plus SO MANY good books are coming out right now and distracting me with their covers and blurbs. THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! #librarianproblems
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If you have not seen this bit of information about the latest South Park video game, you need to because LOL

South Park: The Fractured but Whole's difficulty slider changes the colour of your skin
"Don't worry, this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life."

Kinda makes me want to watch South Park in its entirety (I've only seen a handful of episodes, mostly ones that friends said "OH you have to watch this one!)
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I was just on Steam and one of the titles I raved about earlier this year is on sale!

SOMA is a sci-fi psychological thriller! It is currently 70% off - only $8.99! This game had some fantastic storytelling and genuinely disturbing moments of wtf-ery.

If you have a PC, I would highly recommend grabbing this deal now, it will be a perfect game for Halloween time (Tim played it in the dark with headphones but I was too scared lol)
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Well, I've been so caught up in the house stuff and other things, that I have fallen woefully behind on my friends list/reading list/social media. So instead of staying up until 2am trying to skim your posts, I'm just starting from today. Sorry about that. I still haven't found a balance between my new home on DW and keeping up with LJ people who didn't switch over and apparently I've just stopped checking everything because of it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This Friday we're going to see The Aquabats which is a band I wish I had known about sooner because they are just so geeky and fun. Their TV show is on Netflix now and we binge watched the first season and while we were doing that, they announced a tour so we thought WHY NOT? I mean, Weird Al makes an appearance in their show, they are clearly meant for me.

Also this Friday the contractor is coming out to rip up the wood floor in the kitchen and see if they can dry out everything enough to install new floor soon. We're going to go with porcelain tile. We figured for a room with three water sources, tile was better than wood. And really the only downside to porcelain is if you drop something on it, that thing will break. But I'd rather replace a mug than a floor.

Tim got me hooked on Gwent again. I hadn't played since it was in closed beta, but now it is free to play, open beta. I feel like I'm getting the hang of it but we will see how long that lasts LOL. It's like Hearthstone but a little bit more complicated? I still need to finish the first Witcher game. I really like the story, but it's sooooo clunky because it is soooo old. I could just jump into the second game, but I've got to be close to the end now so why give up?

We finished season 1 of The Expanse but Season 2 isn't on Prime yet and OMG THE CLIFF HANGER!!! I'm hoping one of the nearby libraries gets the set soon so I can request it. Or that Prime gets the second season...but I doubt that will happen until Season 3 starts up :(

I'm about halfway through BBC's Victoria because the library DVD finally had no requests on it so I could keep it for longer than 7 days. I'm enjoying it but I think part of that is my fondness for Rufus Sewell. I do like Jenna Coleman, even if I wasn't a huge Clara fan. She is working for me as Victoria.

OH and I finally watched a few episodes of Gravity Falls and I ADORE IT SO MUCH! Why was I not watching this before??

hmmmm...this makes it sound like I've just been watching a lot of TV instead of reading your posts...not entirely true but I suppose not entirely false either. Sorry about that.

Okay, I should probably sleep now...
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Tim bought this game during a STEAM sale a month or so ago and powered through it. He was far braver than me, sitting int he dark with his headphones on. When he finished it, he insisted I play it next so we could discuss it (STEAM has an awesome "family share" system so I can access games he has purchased).

I started the game on April 30th and just finished it up today. It wasn't actually very long, I took a break after the first day, didn't pick it up again for another 12 days, playing an hour here and there when I could find it.

If you like games that focus on storytelling, puzzles, and that are about more than just shooting things, SOMA is for you. It is sci-fi/horror, but nothing as intense as, say, Resident Evil. It is made by a small Swedish studio, Frictional Games, but they didn't need the big budget from someone like EA to create a beautiful game that will stay with you for a long time after you finish it.

Now, you will get spooked. You will get chased. You will jump a few times. There is more actual gameplay here than a Telltale game like Walking Dead, which is more about conversation choices and quick time events. But there is so much story to discover, to put together the pieces of what has happened and what will happen, that you can't stop playing.

Definitely add it to your Steam/PS4 wishlist (not on xbox, boo!) and grab it next time there is a sale. It's not the longest game ever, but you'll be thinking about it after you've stopped playing.

Has anyone else played this? What did you think?
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UGH I really thought I had dodged the cold that Tim had last week but, alas, it caught up with me today. I called out of work and I just texted to take off tomorrow because while I don't feel totally awful, I work 1-9 tomorrow and when the sun went down today, I could feel it in my sinuses and I just don't think I could concentrate.

Seriously, writing this post is a struggle LOL. Mostly because I don't want to drip on the keyboard...EWWWW!

In between blowing my nose and sleeping I have been playing Mass Effect: Andromedia. It is a Mass Effect game, for sure. I'm having fun playing the story, meeting the aliens, and then shooting stuff. It is still kinda buggy, but I feel like that happens with almost all AAA titles nowadays, with pressure from the publisher to get it released by a specific date they don't test for everything. I had a rough time today with a glitch that wouldn't let me save my game in a REALLY LONG battle and when I died, the autosaves were all screwed up and took me back to the start of the fight. I'm hoping that a patch will appear soon and fix that because I really don't want to go back to that quest until it is done.

Anyone else playing ME:A? I made a custom Pathfinder, named her Samantha because why not! Of course, I didn't know the computer's name was I've accidentally added a whole new layer to the story with the computer my father built kinda named after me...or was I named after the program? duh-Duh-DUUUUUUUH!!!!!

I have noticed the animation issues and I think because I went custom they are even more noticeable. But, whatever, I like her, even if for some reason she came out kind of orange... yes, she looks like Shepard, I didn't mean to, it just happened, I guess I have a type

So I kinda customized my Ryder and now she looks like Shepard...totally not on purpose #masseffect @xbox @biowarebase
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I had kind of forgotten about it but while I was setting up the FXNOW app so we could watch the new season of The Americans, I decided to give it a try and OMG WOW. I think I might like it more than any of the Netflix Marvel series. And not just because Dan Stevens is a hot hottie. If you've posted about the show and I've missed it, please link me!

Also, sorry about the lack of commenting. I swear, I have just lost my daily rhythm since sometime in February. I was doing well with my little daily stretch/workouts and reading LJ and getting to bed on time and recently that has all gone *poof*. Goals for next week: get my shit together again.

That and I started playing LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the cuteness was too hard to pull myself away from. I beat the main story mode on Tuesday and it said I only had 26% done. Which is why I love LEGO games because they are HUGE and ridiculous. I started chipping away at the free play missions last night. My Mom got me the deluxe edition so it came with all the DLC so I have a Rebels character pack and I had WAY too much fun running around as Ashoka and then Sabine.

I also started Resident Evil: Biohazard which is SO GOOD but also VERY SCARY. It wasn't so bad after I died a few times, but things do jump out at you. And the whole atmosphere makes me tense. I did have nightmares. I have decided I can only play it on sunny days, early in the afternoon, so my brain has some time to move on to less scary things. The story has me pulled in, I want to find out more, but there's no way I am playing this game when the sun goes down or if I am home alone. NOPE.

Like I mentioned in my last post, I pre-ordered Mass Effect: Andromeda because Christmas money and Bioware. Even a bad Bioware game is still better than most other games out there, plus I just love their whole gameplay style. I'm dodging the spoilers, as people with EA Access can play a 10 hour trial and are, of course, complaining. But I want to play it myself and as the game is technically "free" for me since I'm using a gift card, I'm just going to enjoy it.

The Americans is off to a good start too. I'm glad they've picked an end date for the series too, so it's like they are working towards this crazy finale and not just trying to stretch things out. Anyone watching? Link me to your reaction posts please!

Just noticed today that Hulu has Season 3 of Steven Universe!!!!!!!!!!! Tim and I are going to go sip our tea and watch a few episodes now.
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Do you like PC video games? Do you want to support the ACLU? THEN YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!

Humble Freedom Bundle

Tons of games for whatever you want to pay and the money goes to the ACLU, the IRS, and MSF!

It says you get the games through Steam so I'm thinking that if you already own a game (like, I already have Stardew Valley) you can save the code and gift it later on. Some good stuff in the mix, including a few books and audiobooks!
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This game has been a challenge - almost overly frustrating at times - but I finally completed a play through!! 💎 rare achievement unlocked! #videogames #acchronicles #xbox

So, after finishing Last of Us last weekend, I've been floundering around for what to play next. Don't get me wrong, there are a TON of games I want to play, but my birthday is coming up so I am resisting purchasing anything right now in the hopes that I will get at least one game on March 4th.

Plus, I've got that good-game hangover, the same way I get good-book hangovers, and nothing I play even comes close to being as enjoyable as Last of Us so now I've just started powering through games I left half finished for the thrill of getting the final achievement.

I got through all of the main quest memories in Assassin's Creed: Unity (though there are SO MANY SIDE QUESTS and DLC in that game, I swear I will never finish it). I also played through the end of Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China, which was a free game a few months ago...or maybe last year. Whatever, I made it through and got the rare achievement (because Xbox is now ranking them based on what percentage of players that own a game actually get that achievement, which is hilarious because if you look at HUGE games like AC:U, pretty much anything after the 5th memory is rare because so few people play the main story that far - they get distracted by side quests or multiplayer or a new game.)

Tonight I picked up Child of Light again, which is a GORGEOUS turn based RPG by Ubisoft. I had been stuck on a boss and given up but coming back to it after a break was good and I got the hang of it again, managed to get past where I was stuck.

I should pick up Uncharted 2 where I left off, another game I've had for years that I needed a break from after a frustrating battle sequence. I do feel like that game series really shows its age when it comes to the controls.

And these are just the CONSOLE games I have languishing...obviously Stardew Valley is still sitting on my PC, waiting for me to keep going...I'm not sure if that game ever actually ends...I do still have the one quest from the "mysterious Qi" but that is it.

#gamergirlrproblems, right?
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I could not stop playing Last of Us this weekend until I had to stop because I ran out of game. SUCH a good game, definitely the pace I like my survival horror stories - lots of tension but then a few cut scenes/talk scenes to let you relax again. Plus, Ellie and Joel were so great, fantastic characters that stay with you long after the game ends. Tim just got me this game for Christmas and I don't think I've just sat down and played through something in a long time.

If you haven't played it, the plot line is what you might expect - a world ravaged by a virus that turns people into zombie-like creatures (it's all plant based, they look like creepy exploding flower things). Joel is a rough guy, just surviving, resigned to his existence now that everything has gone to hell. Then circumstances happen and he ends up having to escort Ellie across the country. Ellie has grown up in this world but her life became extra complicated when she was attacked by one of the creatures but did not become infected. Together they hope to get her to a renegade group called "The Fireflies" and hopefully find a cure.

The story is so well crafted. Naughty Dog Studios does tend to make more cinematic games. They are famous for another Playstation exclusive - the Uncharted series. The first two games of that series feel like interactive movies at time, with long cut scenes that can sometimes slow things down a bit too much. But with Last of Us, they writers and developers found a perfect balance of cut scenes, interactive dialogue scenes, action and stealth sequences.

By the end of the game, you care about Joel and Ellie and you want them to survive.

I played the Remastered edition for the PS4 which also included Left Behind, which includes flashbacks for Ellie and also a story that we "missed" in the regular game. As if my heart wasn't broken enough at the end of the game, this went ahead and jumped up and down on it.

And not only is the story well done and the gameplay fantastic but the game itself is just beautiful. Even as you are sneaking through derelict buildings and fighting monsters in abandoned schools, you find yourself looking at the rays of sunshine reflecting off the broken windows.

Last of Us: Part II has been announced and is expected to be released in 2018. From the brief trailer we see, time has passed, Ellie is now a true young adult and Joel is far more grayer. I cannot wait to find out about their lives and their new stories, even though I fear for the worst with the trailer featuring a blood stained Ellie swearing revenge.

If you have a PS3 or PS4, I HIGHLY recommend picking this up. It's dropped down to about $20 now and it is more than worth it. 5 stars.
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Ubisoft is celebrating 30 years as a company and has apparently been giving away games the last half of the year and I didn't even know about it!!! But for the grand finale, they are giving away Assassin's Creed III !!! Which is one of the AC games I don't actually have already LOL.

Anyway, if you have a PC that can handle it, you can get it for FREE right now! Actually, even if your PC can't handle it, you can get the game and just not download it until you're ready. But you might as well claim a free copy!

Only catch is you have to sign up for Uplay, which is Ubisoft's program for distributing their game titles on PC. But they don't need $$ or anything, just email, password etc.

Free games yay!
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This Thanksgiving, you can really have your friends and family for dinner with this cookbook. #hannibal #fannibal #bookface

btw this is the new Feeding Hannibal cookbook! The library purchased it (I swear, I don't think I requested it!)! It is GORGEOUS! Glossy pages, full color photos from the show AND of the food. I want it for my collection even though I am pretty sure I am not a high enough level cook to attempt half of the things in the book. But it is SO SHINY!

I've been trying to get back to normal, though it is hard to do with all the headlines swirling around. But, gotta move forward, right? Can't sit and cry about how it is all unfair (it is) and we have to overthrow the Electoral College (we can't, they have submitted changes to Congress 700 times and it has never been approved). So, instead, I'm just gonna hunker down and prepare to be there for those in need and fight for things I believe in.

I've also been playing A LOT of Stardew Valley because that is a perfect little world where I go out and farm and live with my wife Leah and milk the goats and sometimes fight and/or grow slimes of my own. Farms Sims are oddly calming.

Pumpkin donut time! (I am a sucker for a BOGO Free deal at the grocery store when it concerns baked goods of any king so we now how donuts and bagels).

And I'm just realizing I forgot my cream cheese at work. DAMMIT!
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I can't tell if this is going to be epic or just an epic mess. The games are fascinating but most of the fun comes from running around and doing missions. I like that they are not doing a direct game to movie adaptation, this is a new character, a new time period, a new assassin.

I just want it to be fun. I know it won't be a five star movie, it's based on a video game, but gimme a solid 3 and let me eat popcorn.

(and for extra fun, watch the video that pops up after of the INSANE STUNT MAN who did an actual "leap of faith" drop for the crazy and everyone is just going to assume it was all CGI.) that I have finished Rise of the Tomb Raider maybe I should pick up Assassin's Creed Unity again. Need to finish that main story, I think I was pretty far in (I'm just really bad at being stealthy...)
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WHY is the Fallout Shelter game way more addictive on my PC than it was on my iPad???

We both downloaded this game and managed to lose several hours to it this weekend. is kinda nice though, as I can play it while reading LJ, bounce back and forth to collect stuff.

If anyone needs a time sink, this is an easy one!

I also got sucked into Disney Emoji Blitz which is just like any other matching game, except that you earn the emojis for your keyboard. So now I can send people little Mickey Mouses when we are texting. And also a virtual churro.

Tim is still hooked on Alphabear, though I haven't played it in awhile. It is pretty much Boggle with adorable bears.

Someone mentioned the app at our Social Media Committee meeting so, of course, I couldn't resist downloading that. It is addictive sitting and thinking of things I can make lists out of. Apparently it was created by B.J. Novak (he used to write for 'The Office'). Anyway, if you are on there, please friend me!

And thanks to [ profile] pleasant_valley I am now on a search to collect all of the E.T. Funko Pops. I managed to get E.T. from Amazon with a gift card I had saved up, and I think I should be able to pick up Gertie and Elliot from Gamestop later this week. She warned me they were retired and eBay had some ridiculous prices, but I saw the local store had them in stock so I sent a hold request. SOON!

I also had enough points on my Discover card to get a free copy of 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' so I've been playing that a bit too. I love Lara Croft. I just feel like a kid again playing these games, even if they are shiny and new.

Of course, I have to leave it all behind soon. We travel to Wisconsin again this week for Tim's sister's's a short trip, just going there, seeing the wedding, then coming home. As always, I am dreading the politics of that house. But I will just hide with Sylvia and Nicole and sing Weird Al songs to drown out the crazy.

And I have a buffer day when we return so I can play all my games and relax before going back to work!
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The developer behind 'Don't Starve' have a new game coming later this year!! The look of it reminds me a bit of the Fallout app game where you manage your vault colony, except this one is IN SPACE! It's clever title is Oxygen Not Included.

And, being that it is from the creators of 'Don't Starve', I'm sure this game will involve a lot of dying and starting over and will be all about how long you can keep your colony alive. But since it is more than just Wilson running around and gathering food, I'm sure there will be a LOT more to do as you manage all your dufus people (I mean, look at them in their RED SHIRTS, this is not going to go well).

[ profile] teaandfailure - looks like it should be out "late 2016" or "when it's ready"! So, just enough time for you to play through Stardew Valley again hehe.
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This post is all [ profile] teaandfailure's fault!!!!!!!!!!

I've been meaning to make this post for awhile, but every time I see someone else update about their game I'm horrified at how far behind I am LOL. I'm only in my 2nd year, I still haven't bothered to clear off all the land yet and my flirting attempts haven't been that great (though I think Leah and I have hit it off totally be accident, sorry Abigail)

honestly, only read this if you play the game...otherwise you'll be bored to tears! )
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So, this is where I've been spending most of my time the past few days:

That's my new farm, inherited from my late grandfather. I've been learning how to plant crops, cut grass, and mine! OH HOW I LOVE TO MINE! And scavenge. OOH LOOK, A SPICE BERRY!

Seriously though, I'm sorry/not sorry if any of you are friends with me AND [ profile] thistle_chaser AND [ profile] teaandfailure because it is pretty much all we have been talking about the past few weeks.

Well, I haven't been talking about it as much, but I've been sending lots of Snapchats of quests that amuse me etc. LOL.

It's funny that I was playing The Witcher before this, a game with so much story and shiny graphics (okay, well, not the one I was playing, but I was trying to work my way through them all to get to Witcher 3) and now I'm having way too much fun with this adorable pixelated farming sim to worry about Geralt.

Fun fact: both games have hoes! AY-OOOOOOOOOH!

Sorry sorry, that was inappropriate.

Ramblings about the adorable/dirty quests, under a cut in case someone doesn't want joke spoilers? )
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And for those of you sick of reading my Facebook rants, here are some fun links to images from Toy Fair 2016. HIDE MY WALLET!!!!!!!

Scroll down for the Star Wars Clue and BB-8 Operation games!

SO MANY NEW FUNKOS AAAAAAH! Harry Potter fans BEWARE - there is a LUNA and a SIRIUS! I need to get Flame Princess for my Adventure Time collection.

I'm only on the first Witcher game right now but I have listened/watched Tim play the three and these figures are just as gorgeous as the game characters. I think we will have to get Geralt and Ciri for sure...though I think Tim has a crush on Triss, so maybe I will get him Triss for Christmas (they don't come out until the Fall UUUUUGH!)

In mobile app news: Nintendo is dipping their toes into the world of APPS! Miitomo is coming soon! Pre-register now and we can be friends when it launches yay! (hopefully they won't have a stupid "real name" requirement).

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