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Oh I want it so bad! And for a LEGO, it isn't too ridiculously priced - only $60! Some of my Star Wars kits have reached $100+

I'm going to email Santa now... a.k.a. my Mom. ;)
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Honestly, we get some pretty sweet donations every now and then. There is a book buyer that lives near the library so he is dropping off the samples he gets when he is done with them. Today I found this gem, The Avengers Doodle Book. I WANT IT SO BAD!

These two pages had my cracking up though:

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Coming in April - Firefly: A Fistful of Credits

Heck yes I need this! Really excited that it's a co-op game and not just an obvious copy+paste onto a current game (ala Monopoly)

Sorta pricey but worth watching for sales for. :)

Okay, you may now resume your weekend.
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OMG MORE GOOD NEWS (at least for me) -- Weird Al has a new album coming out in July!

Ooooooooh I feel a Weird Al nostalgia post coming prepared.
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This happens every time. They have announced Sims 4 and I WANT IT SO BAD! I haven't played Sims 3 in months but I don't care because Sims 4 will be better!

I wish they would release the specs, I'm curious to know if my PC (which I pretty much had built to PLAY Sims 3 on it's initial release) can handle Sims 4. I hope so. I think I read somewhere that MAXIS/EA was trying to build it so it wouldn't require massive hardware upgrades from everyone. Usually every time I have to get a new computer it is because of a Sims game LOL. You'd think I would learn?!

They also announced a new Dance Central game for Xbox One...but it only comes with 10 songs! (and one of them is that AWFUL "Talk Dirty" song which I cannot STAND!...though it might be fun to dance to). I'm so close to just buying the Xbox One. But maybe I can get Santa to chip in...
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FINALLY! Disney has announced the blu-ray release date for The Little Mermaid - OCTOBER1st!

I remember seeing this movie in the theater, rewatching it until the VHS was ready to break, and almost bursting into tears the day my cassette type started to wibble and wobble in my player from so much listening!

Ariel might not be my favorite Disney princess, but she was the first princess for my generation. She was funny, smart, curious, and, above all, brave. Her relationship with Eric might have been a bit questionable, but
you couldn't deny that desire that we all share for adventure and exploring new places.

It was the movie that saved Disney, brought it back from just another film studio to a maker of animated classics.

Yes, I will probably get this the day it comes out and watch it and tear up, remembering that 8 year old girl who saw this movie and wanted to learn to draw, to swim, to sing, to dance, and to believe in magic.
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Holy crap, Khal Drogo Jason Momoa was just confirmed for Dragon*Con! I will have to try to get his autograph for [ profile] heiland_coo. Or at least wave at him. That's so crazy.

You know, people think librarians read all the time, but I have not FINISHED a book (well a chapter book, I've read tons of picture books) in MONTHS. I just...I lost my groove. I think it was after Everybody Sees the Ants. I just cannot find a book that grabbed me the way that story did. Every book I pick up, I'm like "meh" and then I get bored and play a video game or read a blog and then it's 1am.

We watched "Fright Night" and "The Artist" over the weekend. Both were enjoyable, though I doubt I would watch either of them again. Colin Farell did make a good vampire though and OMG David Tennant was hilarious. I was a bit disappointed by Marti Noxon's script - I guess I expected more from a Whedon alum. More quirky humor and snark. It had it's moments but was just okay.

"The Artist" was just "Singin' in the Rain" but the reverse. Instead of a musical about silent film actors dealing with talkies it was a silent film about an actor dealing with talkies. I thought it was sweet but it didn't do anything for me. I am surprised it won best picture but perhaps it was just the charm of the two leads, who were so great in OSS 117 (which I spazzed about earlier this month).

OH! And if you pre-ordered Hunger Games on DVD, check your disc! Apparently a bunch of them are screwed up. All the copies we had ordered for the library had to be returned to the merchant. Ugh. That wait list is gonna be crazy! I'm going to wait for Santa to bring me the blu-ray because I don't need to see it again right now...but I would like to own it.

I did break down and pre-order Jaws on blu-ray. And yesterday I saw that Community Season 3 had dropped to $20 so I pre-ordered that because the Community seasons seem to stay about $20 after they come out. For some insane reason, Happy Endings season 2 was like $35! WTF! Crazy. So is Cabin in the Woods but that won't be out until Sept so I'm hoping the price will drop after a month.

I think I'm going to get Cabin and maybe Poltergeist and have a not-so-scary Halloween viewing party this year.

Okay, going to paint my nails some random Hunger Games color ("Mahogany Magic") then get to bed. I meant to do things tonight but instead i just played Sims Social and chatted online with friends. Which is doing something, I guess but still...
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First bit of awesome coming out of Comic-Con today -- Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrive Universal Remote. Oh yeah, I'd buy that! Wonder how ridiculous the price will be...I don't really care though. I MUST HAVE IT! Seriously, between this and the Kinect, I will not be living in a Sci-Fi universe in my home! Waving my arms, talking to the screen. GEEK!JOY!

Speaking of Geek!Joy, I haven't read any Star Wars comic books since probably the 1990s, but this announcement that Brian Wood (DMZ, Local) is going to do a run makes me go HM?????? I may have to check in to these. OMG!

This is just making me more excited for Dragon*Con. I think I might attempt to throw together a Leela outfit since [ profile] maybedeadcat sorta has a basic Fry outfit. (I'm probably spelling those names wrong...I'm very new to Futurama). I'd love to have a Dr. Girlfriend outfit, I've watched more Venture Bros. than Futurama, but I doubt I can throw hers together from a single trip to Kohls.

Just saw this AWESOME Rainbow Dash hoodie on ThinkGeek. She's not my favorite but...OMFG IT HAS WINGS!!!!!!

Was on hold with my cable company so I could get my promotional rate renewed and the message kept saying "Please hold the line". "Hold the line?" Isn't that what they say in military shows when the enemy army is attacking? I kept having these weird flashes of Band of Brothers type guys yelling "HOLD THE LINE!"

okay, I need to eat something before I go to work. We've got the magician summer show today (I so want to ask him if he does tricks or ILLUSIONS!) which means it will be hella crazy with kids when I get there. Going to need food in my belly if I'm going to face the crowds.


Feb. 2nd, 2012 11:38 am
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Okay, LJ peeps - I have some Christmas/Birthday cash coming my way and I want to upgrade my iPhone. I currently have the original iPhone so I know anything new will feel amazingly different. But the question is do I go with the 4 or shell out the extra $100 for the 4S?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Did anyone actually get both of those phones?
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Yes, I woke up with a bit of a headache, managed to spill coffee not just on myself but on a library book (which I will now have to buy), and my feet hurt from wearing my brand new shoes for the first time but

The program [ profile] andy_wolverton and I had been dreading doing is finally OVER WITH. We had 81 people and we totally ROCKED IT! Everyone now knows how to download library ebooks to their Kindles/Nooks/iPads.

I also believe I have convinced my mom to get my an iPad for my birthday...I floated the suggestion by her and we ended up emailing back and forth about pricing on different sites (I think she wants one too). I'm hoping that maybe she got bored and ordered it yesterday and maybe I will have it before my birthday...but I don't know...she stopped emailing back abruptly which makes me think she has gone into stealth-ordering mode LOL.

(Hm...that reminds me, she said she ordered me Portal earrings for Christmas but they had not arrived last time I was over...wonder if those have also become birthday gifts...)

My ThinkGeek "OMG Pwnies!" bag arrived yesterday and it's super-awesome (and hey, just the right size for an iPad...huh!). Not only did I get it using the $20 gift card my boss gave me, but ThinkGeek was super cool about letting my apply a $5 off coupon they sent out 5 minutes after I ordered the thing. Hey - $5 is the equivalent of free shipping!

And after a long day at work, I cam home and had a really nice 3 hour chat with [ profile] maybedeadcat (who needs to post on his LJ so he can be cool like me and all my friends can get to know him toooo)

So, yeah, I'm going to eat this snickerdoodle from Giant (which is surprisingly delicious! Another point for Giant - they lost a point on their popcorn, but their pizza and bakery cookies are delicious) and then I'm going to go to bed while this happy vibe is upon me !
orangerful: (goes to 11 // orangerful) - Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Blu-ray Next Year?

I hope this is true. I was so disappointed when I saw the Theatrical versions listed on Amazon but not the Extended Editions. And if Peter Jackson somehow manages to cram even MORE bonus content onto the blu-ray release...*drool*

Yes, it's almost that time of year again. For those of you new to the flist, I get an urge, usually around Christmas, to watch all 3 of the LotR:EE. And since Maryland weather decided to skip fall completely this year and just go from summer to winter, I'm starting to get the urge even sooner.

Though I will probably try to hold it off, seems more traditional to start watching near the Thanksgiving holiday.

That's fine, I have Beetlejuice to watch first.


Oct. 13th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Harry Potter Ultimate Editions on blu-ray. OMG these look awesome!!!!! Now, I would probably only get years 1-3 because I haven't even rewatched my dvds of 4 & 5 yet. But still HOMG! Look at the pictures of wittle Baby!Daniel, Baby!Rupert, and Baby!Emma in the video. So adorable. Plus, 5 hours of extras *drool* I'm such a "special features" junkie.

Up in the air about Lego Rock Band. The setlist is full of some guilty pleasure goodness (P!NK, Boys Like Girls) plus the frakkin' Ghostbusters song. Best part is, for what I'm sure will be a small fee (my guess is $5, like RB1) you can transfer all of the Lego RB songs to your Xbox harddrive and play them in normal Rock Band.
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After a dry spell with most of my musical favorites, a TON of albums are out/coming out that I NEED to have. I mean, it's ridiculous:

Ellipse - Imogen Heap (out now)
Everybody - Ingrid Michaelson (out now)
Bomb in a Birdcage - A Fine Frenzy (out now)
Backspacer - Pearl Jam (9/20)
Brand New Eyes - Paramore (9/22)
Milwaukee at Last!!! - Rufus Wainwright (9/22)
Boy Who Knew Too Much - Mika (9/22)
Slice - Five For Fighting (10/13)
Strict Joy - Swell Season (10/27)
I Told You I Was Freaky - Flight of the Conchords (10/20)
The Pursuit - Jamie Cullum (November?)

Plus, the remastered Beatles albums are out now, though the debate over whether they should be purchased in Mono or Stereo is annoying - why didn't they just remaster the Mono albums in Mono and the Stereo ablums in stereo?? Blah. Either way, I needs them!!!!

there are probably other albums too...those are just the ones I've bothered to add to my Amazon wish list.

Ah well, means the 2009 Mix should be pretty solid this year. :)
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I rented Lego Indy on the Xbox360 and I have to say, the controls feel a lot better on this console than the Wii version. I'm up to the Well of Souls level, which I didn't make it to on the Wii version because I got so frustrated with the Wii-mote/nunchuck button set-up.

Yeah, I'm gonna put this on my xmas list.

Playing this game makes me really want to watch Indiana Jones movies though...except for Crystal Skull. Does it make me a bad fangirl that I have no desire to rewatch, let alone own KotCS? The original 3 movies were so perfect to me, Skull just felt off in some way.

Okay, back to the game!!!


Oct. 23rd, 2008 08:39 pm
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The track list for Xbox360's karaoke game "Lips" came out today. I resisted purchasing Singstar for PS2 because I know that system is on its way out (for us, at least) and I have no plans to purchase a PS3 anytime soon. So Lips looks like the cure for what ails me. A decent list of new songs, songs I know from Rock Band, and pop songs I've never heard. I cannot wait to sing out (though [ profile] jimithingy might want to invest in earplugs until I learn some of the more random songs...)

PLUS you can plug your portable music player (read: iPod) into your Xbox and sing those songs in Freestyle mode! And, like Rock Band, Microsoft promises to have regular DLC.

So, that's going on my xmas list. Most of the songs are guilty pleasures, but they will be SO fun to sing...especially while inebriated. :D
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OMG YAY 1 - New Elephant and Piggie books on the WAY! Have I mentioned lately that I love Mo Willems?

OMG YAY 2 - Flight of the Conchords tickets go on sale Friday at midnight!!!! I am SO getting tix to the show at Lisner in D.C.

OMG YAY 3 - Serenity: Better Days #2 came out today and I spun by Twilite Comics and snagged a copy! Cannot wait to read it (homework comes first though!)
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Freakazoid! is coming to DVD! This show was insane. I keep trying to explain parts of it to people and then realize I sound like a crazy person because you just have to see it. I am so buying this set.

For all you Portal fans, don't know if you heard, but the FREE downloadable track for Rock Band this week was 'Still Alive'. Oh yes, I get to pretend I'm GlaDos. (I'm stuck on the game though...I think its level 16...need to call [ profile] simontrueheart and get him to walk me through it)

Okay, now I have to go read 42 slides on management. Ta ta!
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I'm sure those of you that have been BSG fans from the start already know of this but I think it is just so totally cool.

Tricia "Six" Helfer has a store on her site and she donates ALL of the profits to Kittie Rescue!

And the store isn't just "I love Tricia Helfer" t-shirts. No no, much cooler. You can get her autograph ($17). Autographed TO YOU ($20). Autographed to you WITH a personalized message ($25!). What a STEAL!


Hm...what should I have her sign. How about "From one sexy cylon to another"

I think I'm going to wait until the season 4 promos are available. I love the image of her in the hallway.

Man, a photo would totally top off my BSG display I just created...

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