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I went to the post office last week and got all the mixes and cards in the mail HUZZAH! I now some of you more local to me have received them already. Sorry overseas people, they might end up being a New Year's gift rather than a happy winter holidays LOL. Enjoy it no matter what!

I still need to spin by again tomorrow though as I need to mail a couple more things, but I can use the self service machine for those and it is open after hours.

One of my cats has been acting off today...I'm worried I'm going to have to make an emergency vet run before we leave town. Looks like he may have had an upset stomach, his bum is all read and he's letting his tail dangle, I think to protect his sore bottom. I did run some hot water on toilet paper and try to make sure he was clean back there - he did NOT like that and sat and pouted in the bathroom for the next few hours. He isn't yowling though, so I'm hoping that maybe it's just a 24 hour thing. Guess I'll just check again tomorrow and see. There is a vet inside the local PetSmart that is good for emergencies like this so if he is still looking sad tomorrow, I'll have to make an appointment really quick.

I am at that stage where I start impulse ordering more gifts. I bought a few more things for Tim yesterday while ordering the last few things for coworkers. I don't mind spoiling him though.

Our work "day of eating" is tomorrow (we made it a non-holiday party because our newest person is Jehovah's Witness and doesn't celebrate things, and we are trying to lure her in because she is preggers and we are going to have a baby shower for her while eating all the things). I'm going to wake up and whip some cream for Ambrosia so it is nice and fresh for lunch time. I have all the ingredients ready to go so it's just a matter of whipping the cream, mixing in the sour cream, then dumping in all the fruit. I should be able to do that in a few minutes before heading out the door.

And BONUS the Ravens won so I get free coffee from Dunkin Donuts (this is the only reason I follow football at all, FREE COFFEE! other wise I could care less...Tim is a Packers fan so I root for them by out of marital obligation ... plus Aaron Rodgers is a big ol' nerd so I don't mind too much)

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Oh my gosh, this month is kicking my butt but in a good way?

Sorry I've been MIA for the past few weeks but it is Back to School season and due to some scheduling madness, I've been the only one available to go out to the schools. My days have been flipped to nights, my nights to day and to top it off, I am working tomorrow.

But don't cry for me LJ friends - tomorrow I am working at Annapolis Comic Con.

So I'm essentially getting paid to go do something I would have done anyway LOL. It is going to be great. And this year I'm taking 3 coworker/friends with me instead of just one and we are going to try some new things, like having one of them dress as our library mascot. I cannot wait to see Sneaks the Library Cat interacting with a Dalek.

Anyway, I keep trying to skim my flist when I can but I am woefully behind and I apologize. Things should settle down soon though I have meetings and more outreach next weekend (Baltimore Book festival! Again, no need to shed tears for that one! Also, COME SEE ME!)

Okay, I need to get to bed! Coffee can only do so much for my personality when the sun comes up, need to sleep a bit! <3

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I got to write another blog for work! And it's about my love of Star Wars and reading! And I even managed to work in a small rant about why parents should let their kids read what they want!

check it out!
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Shakespeare Goes to the Movies

I got to write another blog for work :D This time it's all about Shakespeare to help promote our Shakespeare movie night.
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Holy crap, I haven't posted since Sept 8th! Heck, that's probably the last time I gave my friends list a proper read too! My life has just been so crazy. A good crazy, but crazy none-the-less. September has been a wild month but I think I'll be glad once it's over and things can just be "normal" for a bit...though I still need to find a date for RenFest and I'm contemplating having a "not-so-scary" Halloween party so everyone can come over and watch 'Cabin in the Woods' on shiny blu-ray. :D

Still need to do a proper Dragon*Con post. All my photos have been uploaded...not sure anyone actually wants to read about it now but...I don't care, I need to blog it for my own memory LOL!

The library conference I went to in Telluride was really good too. I was sorta nervous that I would fly all the way out there and be disappointed but I think I lucked out with the speakers I heard. Or maybe I'm just easily swayed by motivational speakers when they tailor their talks to librarians. It's funny how much of my job is marketing now. You don't really think about it at the start because you just want to get information to people but now SO much of that is letting people know you have these wonderful resources. I think I will sit down at some point and do a post about it on my librarian blog so I can update that thing too LOL. No one really reads it but...I can't really put LJ down on my resume haha. Well, I could but that would be like directing them to a blog in an alien language...

For those of you that don't care about libraries - LOOK HOW PRETTY THE MOUNTAINS ARE!

clicky for pretty pictures and Metric concert ramblings! )
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Saturday, [ profile] andy_wolverton's birthday party, 6 of us sitting around playing Pictionary and having fun.

Person1 - who is playing who here?
KLo - We've got a few teams
Me - Yeah *gestures* we've got Team Couch, Team Chair, and Team Stool.
KLo - Er...Sam?
Everyone else - .... LOL!!!!!!!!
Me - ??? OH !!!!!!! *facepalm*

Today, in the break room while enjoying delicious cake:

KT - Does anyone want some Slim Fast? My daughter bought it but doesn't want it.
*we all start talking about foods and stuff, eventually someone claims it*
KT - Oh well does anyone also want any *pauses to think of the word* softener.
KT - ?? It's got the little bear on it, I think it's scented.
Me - OOOOH FABRIC SOFTENER!!!!!!!!! *turns bright red and begins to laugh like crazy*
KLo - Go Team Stool.
Me - *dies*
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-- Civ 5 has totally sucked away my life. I played with Alan on Thursday and I was up until 1am, then did the same thing Saturday night with Tim - there really is no such thing as a "quick" game, especially once you get lots of units on the board. I tried to play solo today but rolled India as my Civ and ended up with the Indians, Russians, and Americans on my continent and they ALL declared war on me at the same time. :\ Not going to go back to that save any time soon.

-- Watched the new episode of Community and loved it! I'm so happy they sort of got rid of the relationship stuff that was in the finale. I know I had a panic attack when that last episode aired and what it meant for where the show was going. But they handled it well. Also, all the jabs at 'Sh*t my Dad Says' had me LOL'ing. Betty White was cute but I'm happy it was just for an episode. And Senior Chang, I'm so HAPPY you're still with the show.

-- Watched 30 Rock too, and all of the Matt Damon scenes had me laughing. And Jack flirting with James ("Not Jim, not Jimmy - James") had me cracking up. "She's your pube shirt" is just too good of a line to let go.

-- Watched Running Wilde in it's entirety today and it was okay. Not sure how it's going to get beyond the initial episode. Cute idea though. Raising Hope was what day of the week were those on??? I need to set up the DVR. Must have been Tuesday, right?

-- Amazing Race started up again tonight! I didn't even know until Becky IM'd me looking for me (we live chat during the show). I'm calling the birth-mom/daughter team "Team Awkward". I like "Team Glee" but those boys are too nice and are going to fall behind if they keep stopping to to check on everyone. The two Home Shopping girls crack me up because the one is a total spazz. Also the little southern girl, Mallory, she's too cute. We're already rooting against the "newly dating" couple because she is WAY too good for him. We just hope she realizes it. The tattooed couple scare me, they are just very dumb.

-- I'm addicted to GetGlue. Got my stickers in the mail this week, trying to decide what to stick them too. If it wasn't on my iPhone, I probably wouldn't use it as much but the face that I can quickly "check in" my activity amuses me.

Anyway, I should probably get to bed. Going to the AskUsNow! interview tomorrow which is in Towson, so that's at least an hour drive IF I don't get I'm thinking I'll give myself 90 minutes to get there and just bring a book to kill the time. I'm hoping that I can convince them that I could pick up Drupal pretty quick since that was the only thing I had no experience with on the application - but I've heard of it and have a very general idea about what it is.

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Zoo Storytime 8/18/2010
Originally uploaded by orangerful
Don't you wish your librarian is a dork like me?

Thanks to [ profile] andy_wolverton for snapping these photos while I spazzed out in front of the children.
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Well, I had meant to do things before going in to work today, but it was very dark and gloomy in Maryland. So when I woke up and it was still "dark" outside, I just rolled over and went right back to sleep until my last-minute alarm went off. We'll start the whole work out thing next week....

Tomorrow I have what I'm sure will be a riveting 8 hour training session on Microsoft Word 2007. I'm not sure what we'll be doing all day but it says 8:30-4:30. I'm hoping there is an hour lunch break in there somewhere. And maybe a few 15 minute breaks scattered in there too.

I had my first storytime since 2008 tonight - it was SO much fun! Small group of 12 kids but they were very good listeners and participated with the songs and the activities. Weirdest thing was the parents appluaded after each book/activity. Really sorta threw me the first time haha. This was just a favor for one of the other librarians who was on vacation today, my regular run is in late September. Gotta brainstorm some different themes next month. EDIT: I posted my storytime plan to my Blogger, if you're interested.

Got a bit of a scare this morning when my credit card people called and said I had missed a payment! Forgot to set it up before I went to Maine and then deleted it from my to-do list. Whoops. Luckily, this was the first time it had ever happened so they forgave my late fee.

I watched the first episode of Jekyll last night. Damn that was creepy. I'm going to put it on hold for a bit while I try to catch up on Doctor Who so [ profile] faeriesfolly and I can watch together, but I have to say I was impressed with the concept. And the actor playing Jekyll/Hyde is just really good at looking SO different (and his old boss is Wedge Antilles...random Star Wars connection FTW!). It is really dark though, much darker than the Doctor or Sherlock. There were a few throw away lines meant for a laugh but it's hard to giggle when you know the psycho killer could appear at any time and murder someone's friends/family.

And now I gotta make myself get to bed! Usually Thursdays are my 1-9 shift, but that training has me up early. Might be a good coffee day...
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Gee thanks for sharing
Originally uploaded by orangerful
And to make it worse, the book had water damage!!!! Ew!!!

If you can't read the pencil it says:
"I hope no one is reading this on the toilet like I am"
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Caution: Whatnot at Work
Originally uploaded by orangerful
Anna did some work for me while I was in a meeting on Thursday. She types surprisingly fast for only having 8 fingers.
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[ profile] faeriesfolly will be happy to know that I did pick up some fangs tonight from Hot Topic. I haven't done the whole molding-to-my-teeth thing yet, probably try that tomorrow or Sunday. My one tooth is sorta crooked so I'm trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get it on there. But now we can totally vamp it up at Dragon*Con - Merlotte's after dark ;-)

Today was looooooooong. Very slow at the library because I think everyone in Bel Air went to the beach. Seriously, every question I had yesterday was "what is a good beach read?" so I'm pretty sure all of our regulars were at the shore.

I have a bag full of stuff to talk about at the meeting tomorrow. My Star Wars club is meeting and the theme is one I suggested - what other stuff do we collect! Well, you know I have a LOT of other fandoms. I put a few of my more academic Whedonverse books into my bag, along with my little mini-slayer scythe. I also have a bunch of my Battlestar Galactica action figures. I put Abby Cadabby in there too, just for giggles. I'm hoping that other members of the group will participate and fill the time, but I wanted to be prepared. If they see I am prepared to babble on about my love for Joss, they might interject with their own stuff.

I watched the trailer for 'The Lovely Bones' and went and dug out my copy. I snagged a copy from the donations pile ages ago, back when the movie was first announced. But since the book did not have a due date, it just sat on my bookshelf. But I will make myself read it now because the trailer looked really good and I want to be able to compare/contrast with the book.

4 days until my Boston/Maine trip and 26 days until the Dragon*Con Road Trip!!!!!!!! Can't wait, I'm in need of some adventure.
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This morning I had to go to work early to take part in a court hearing. Luckily, the court house is located about 2 blocks up from the library, so I just parked in my usual spot in the garage. The subpeona said 8:30am, so I figured I better get there around 8am because I didn' tknow where the courthouse was or how the whole thing worked. So I woke up early, ate breakfast in the car, drove up there - no problem.

I remembered that cell phones/ipods are not allowed in the court, so I made sure to take them out of my purse. I grabbed my water bottle and headed towards the court house. I got down there and had a moment of panic because I couldn't remember the address. Eventually I figured it out but then I also remembered that I forgot to put my parking garage tag in my window!!! So I speed-walked back to the garage, hopped up the 3 flights of stairs and put my tag in the window before the parking enforcement rolled through.

Feeling pretty good about myself, I walked back to the court house, only to get inside and be told that, along with cell phones and iPods, you can't have water in the court room either. Since it was in my nice pretty Nalgene bottle, I had to speed walk back to my car AGAIN (took the elevator to the third floor this time) and put my bottle in my car. Needless to say, by the time I was actually where I needed to be, I was flushed, sweaty, and not a little bit smelly. Wonderful way to start the day!

But it went by fast. One of the other librarians hosted FOOD FEAR FACTOR this afternoon and I helped out. Nothing too gross, though it smelled pretty funky in there. There was raw ginger, marinated cactus, whole squid, pickled herring, wasabi peas, dried plantains, hot chiles of some kind, seaweed, and a peanut butter + mustard + tomato + anchovie sandwich. The teens were are pretty brave and tried everything. It was a lot of fun watching them react to some of the stronger stuff, but everyone was a fan of something.

I also managed to spill water on myself while driving home (since I had some left over) but I was so hot and sticky by then that it actually felt good.

Now we're heading over to [ profile] simontrueheart's to watch Coraline in 3D and have some pizza...
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crazy busy day today - first day of Summer Reading Program registration. In the Young Adult department alone, we had 104. One Hundread and FOUR! That's crazy. Who are these teens that don't know they are supposed to be sullen and "too cool" for the library? And why are they not coming to my programs??? I hope some of them show up for my "Bookend Art/Decorate the Library" event next week. Or I will be sad as I just spent $30 on craft supplies...

Firefly Blu-Ray came in the mail today (Thank You Amazon's Gold Box deal). I cannot wait to watch it all over again plus all the extra special goodies. I <3 commentary.

I'm 100 pages into Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek and I'm really enjoying it. He's just so personable. And I think all of the stuff he's going through, even though he's an actor and working in a completely different profession than me, it's still all very relatable. The self-doubt, the voice in your head telling you to make a name for yourself...I was so happy to read that he's guest starring on Leverage this season since in the book he's talking about not getting a lot of jobs.

Part of me wants to re-watch Star Trek:The Next Generation but part of me is afraid that it won't have aged well at all. I'm a different TV viewer than I was however many years ago that was on the air. ST:TNG and ST:TOS were both episodic shows and I'm so used to series with HUGE plot arcs that span the entire season, with characters that change and develop from episode to episode. Will I be able to watch TNG and not feel frustrated by their static characterization? ST:TOS doesn't bother me as much because I've seen it many times in reruns and it was already old. But I grew up on TNG, so it doesn't feel as old...but sometimes I'll catch a few moments randomly on TV and it just looks so old.

Maybe Netflix will eventually have it streaming via Xbox...that's how I'm rewatching bits of TOS. Yeah, they are cheesy but the stories still work...or maybe I just know so many of the stories so well now, it doesn't matter how many blocks of wood they pass of as "computer discs".

Tomorrow is a belated birthday/early father's day celebration at my parents' place. I'm skipping out of work at 1pm and driving to their place since AD will have class all night. I got my dad a PS3 - partly because they are damn cool but mostly because I have massive guilt about telling him to buy an HD-DVD player last christmas. *headdesk* Plus, he's big into First Person Shooters and I think it would be easier for him to get his hands on games if he just had a console instead of a PC. Yeah, he'll have to learn the controls but in the end, I think there are more games to choose from.

Plus my mom can download Lumines and go crazy. haha.

Anyway, off to bed! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!


Apr. 1st, 2009 11:16 pm
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Ugh, the first day back to work after a vacation is always rough but today seemed particularly weird.

I mean, yes, technically I worked yesterday, but I was at the "Great Books" program (more on that later), so I got to mingle and discuss books all day, did not feel like work at all. Today was just odd because I worked this random shift (11-7) to help out with a training. Plus, my ear is bothering me yet again, something that happens after every plane trip, and now I'm resisting the urge to shove a Q-tip in there and root around.

ANYWAY - Great Books was a total blast. I had some really good groups this year, very discussable books. And, bonus, I actually got to meet [ profile] theoldmelody, and we've been chatting via LJ for a few years now so it was cool to actually SEE her and talk about books haha.

I don't know if I'm gonna have time to post any indepth Dollhouse thoughts so I'll just say I had a lot of fun watching this past week's episode. It reminded me of Spin the Bottle from s4 of Angel - the light fluffy episode before the storm. I mean, there were a lot of random bits of information dropped during that silliness about Caroline and how she ended up a doll. And if the previews for next week are any indication, things are going to start to get heavy so I'm sure they felt the need to give us a "light" episode to even things out. So I had fun with it.


Oct. 8th, 2008 08:14 pm
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Okay, I'm attempting to make my YA section a bit more interesting and I have some space I want to fill. Until I can meet with the Teen Advisory Group (December) I want to put up some random quotes from YA books, movies, tv show etc. So, gimme some quotes, bit it from The Outsiders, Sixteen Candles, or Gossip Girls! Funny, thoughtful, strange (just PG so I don't get in trouble!!!)
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I'm totally in denial about leaving my job at Broadneck. It's so weird. I had to fill out all of these forms for classes today and they all asked what my current job was. For 2 more days it's Library Associate. After that it is Librarian. OMG, what have I gotten myself into!

Tried to do some homework reading tonight too. Collection Development sounds interesting until they mention statistics, and then I panic. I don't remember anything about stats anymore. I know it was only a year ago but still, math = yucky. My other course was recommended for the Young Adult Services track, but it seems to lie heavily on the side of school librarians. The prof. says there will be non-school relevance though. I hope so. I printed all of the articles out so I need to read a couple tonight so I can post some comments tomorrow or Friday.

ack...Wednesday and Thursday and then that's more AACPL. It's so sad. I started working in the system when I was 15! I put books away for 7 years, all through high school and college. I've met so many wonderful people, behind and in front of the desk. I know Harford will have wonderful people too but it's still scary. I have to start from scratch when it comes to meeting people and stuff. meep!!!!

And I KNOW I'm going to cry so bad after dinner on Friday. Heck, I'll probably start crying when I take those last few toys off my desk Thursday night. It's all happening so fast!

I am going to try to blog all of my new experiences though. I won't bore you with it on Livejournal, but if you're interested in my ya library stuff, I am going to use my Blogger blog. If you want, I can make an LJ feed. I'm hoping I can make myself update weekly.
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Well, I had my second interview for the YA Services position today. Apparently they narrowed it down from however many original applicants they had to just 3 of us. I think I was the last interview of the day. I arrived way too early because I was nervous about the 895 tunnel around lunchtime, construction, and so on. So I ended up on the other side of the tunnel around noon...and my interview wasn't until 2:30. But I did want to check out the Bel Air Branch since I'd heard so much about it. Now I'm sorta upset that I looked because OMG SO AWESOME! My mouth was hanging open the whole time. It's HUGE. And there are all these great places to sit and read. And they rent video games! So nice. If I don't get the position, I'm so asking them to keep my information on file for the next time they have an opening at that branch.

Treated myself to a Happy Meal before the interview and snagged a Padme bobblehead. I hope her wobbly neck is a sign of good luck!

Finally just went to the admin office at 1:30 because I was sick of sitting in my car. They gave me the questions in advance and I wrote copious notes. Since I was there early, they came and got me when the previous interview was over. I saw the person that went before me and for some reason that made me really nervous. I don't know why. Perhaps just seeing the competition...anyway, my nerves went a bit crazy. Hopefully I didn't talk too fast. I managed to slip in the things I forgot to mention at the last interview but still managed to drive away going "DOH!" about other stuff.

They said they would call and let me know either way relatively quickly.


Aug. 8th, 2008 07:26 pm
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I'm going in for a second interview the week after my trip to Maine.

I guess I wasn't a total spaz after all...or maybe my spazzyness was endearing...either way, w00t!

I survived

Aug. 8th, 2008 12:42 pm
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Man that interview was INTENSE. I think I did okay. I used up my full 45 minutes babbling away about YA programming. They wrote down a lot of my comments. I name-dropped as many YA books and authors I could think of to show my skillz and talked a lot about my Gamer Program and Star Wars programs. They said they had a lot of interviewees and they might be doing a second round of interviews later this month. *crosses fingers*

Snagged a flatbread sandwich from Dunkin Donuts on the way to work, since I had a coupon for free coffee. Bacon Chedder melt, quite yummy. Now to get through four hours of work and then vacation time!

Okay, time to get one the desk!

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