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Which means I only get a 1 day weekend (I got my other day off Thursday, which feels weird, but whatever, this time of year is madness anyway)

I wished you all lived closer so you could come have fun with me. :D

I'm totally wearing my "Rogue Librarian" shirt. I'm in charge of the costume contest, so that should be fun.

Aaaaand typing that sentence just reminded me I meant to charge the iPad! CRAP!

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Another successful Star Wars day at @aacpl !  Thank you Old Line Garrison! #starwars #501st #library

Small group of troops but we all had fun. Lots of happy kids. My boss estimates we had 150 people over the course of the two hour program. Always so much fun to see fans of all ages enjoying Star Wars and the library!
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It's Star Wars Day at the library today.

I usually have this program in October but I moved things around this year due to vacations and it got bumped to December.

I've done this program for several years but this is the first year I decided to give myself more time to set up in the morning, so instead of starting at 10am it is starting at 11am.

I was so proud of myself at 9:30 because I had set up all my crafts and activities and displays and I didn't have to rush around like a crazy person...

...but now I am going crazy waiting for it to be 11am and waiting for my 501st members to show up and aaaaaaaah!

and now I am posting on here to distract myself...

**stares at clock**
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holy guacamole 35 toddlers in the 9:30 program! OMG I AM SO SWEATY AND GROSS AND IT IS ONLY 10:15! And I have a second program at 10:30. Chugging coffee now to try to get my energy back up. They were such a rowdy bunch, last week they were so chill and today it is all RUN AROUND THE LIBRARIAN!

**breathes in**

**breathes out**

So how is everyone else's Thursday going?

We finally started watching Ash vs. Evil Dead and I LOVE IT. It is just so ridiculous and over the top. We've only got two episodes left in the first season and I really feel like it is true to the Evil Dead series in tone. Plus, Bruce Campbell, how I hearts him. I was telling Tim the other day that somewhere in my box o' random crap (everyone has one of those right?) there is a PRINT OUT (nerd alert!) of Bruce Campbell's website, back when it was so rare for actors to have their own official sites, let alone ones that they ran themselves. I need to find that...

Okay, time to knock back the last of this coffee and head down to the room for round 2.
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Jobs @ AACPL

Just an FYI, feel free to spread the word to anyone job hunting in Maryland. They are just part-time gigs, but a foot in the door is always good. One is clerical work, the other a security job.
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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (the rehearsal script) will be published on July 31st and cataloging librarians are having fun debating where this book should live (when it eventually gets to a shelf...which might take awhile).

So, gentle readers - what do you think?

The librarian in me is annoyed that it not a prose novel but a script, and feels like it should go into the 800s with the rest of the plays.

Children's Librarian/Youth Librarian in me thinks it would make the browsers life easier if it were on the shelf as a normal book, possibly even fudging the author call number so it lives next to the rest of the series.

The Harry Potter fan in me (which isn't a huge one, my HP fandom is low-key but still) is annoyed that this is not actually written by JK (yeah yeah she "approved" it), is a play, it not really meant for children and is full of emo-Harry and Son and could possibly ruin the entire series and wants to ignore it and therefore wants to hide it in the 800s so no one finds it after the shine wears off in a year.

What do you all think? And I want both sides - I know some of you work in libraries and some of you are normal humans (LOL! NO TRUE YOU ARE MY FRIENDS SO YOU CAN'T BE NORMAL!) but what are your thoughts????????? Where should Harry and his cursed child live?
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11: What book fandom do you affiliate yourself with the most?
I'm not sure I've ever been involved in a book fandom...though I do fangirl over a lot of books, it is usually just me telling people at the library why they should pick up that book to read LOL.
But if I had to go by random stuff around my house and on my shelves, I would have to say 'Hitchhiker's Guide'. I have several editions of the books, I have the t-shirt, etc. :)

12: Tell one book story or memory (what you were wearing when you were reading something, someone saw you cry in public, you threw a book across the room and broke a window, etc.)
A few years back, I decided to pick up 'The Giver' by Lois Lowry. I had been forced to read this book in 6th grade and I didn't like it at all. But I wanted to go back because so many people referred to it as a modern classic and talked about how it was near and dear to their hearts.

So, I checked it out and I fell in love with it (12 year old me was far too self-involved to understand the message, plus I always failed at reading assigned books).

ANYWAY, I was carrying it around with me to read everywhere I went and I had to stop at Chik-Fil-A for lunch on my way to a meeting. I was reading the book while eating my sandwich and one of the employees walked by. He did a double take at the cover, stopped and said "OMG THAT IS MY FAVORITE BOOK!! IT IS SO GOOD!" and I told him I was enjoyed it and we had this nice little moment of "the power of books" and I will always remember it. <3

13: What character would be your best friend in real life?
I think Schmendrick the Magician and I would get along well LOL. We both try our best to be good friends, even if we don't always do it perfectly.

14: Favorite item of book merch
'Hitchhiker's Guide' t-shirt my Mom bought me a few years ago.
I also have a Mockingjay pin that I bought BEFORE IT WAS COOL #hipsterlibrarian. Seriously, Hot Topic was selling those things before the movie was even a thing.
Also, I have a copy of 'The Last Unicorn' that Peter Beagle autographed, then wrote a few pages of the Schmendrick story in, and this his publisher did a Unicorn doodle in the inside flap. (too bad they had a falling out recently, sorta taints the whole thing but oh well).

In non-meme news, today was our big kick off event at the library for Summer Reading! It was insanely hot outside and inside but we had fun. I'm sure we had at least 200 kids. I was in charge of the bowling station (this year's theme is sports so we had a little carnival games set up in our meeting room). The kids seem to really like it, many of them played over and over. And I had LOTS of smiling faces greet me, recognizing me from the school visits I did last week. Always nice to see them and I'm always impressed that they remember me.

I kinda want to sign up for this round of [ profile] character20n20 but I'm not sure who I want to icon. Maybe I could do Rey...I need some TFA icons. OR I could do Han Solo and then I'd have 4 movies to pull from, though there are lots of other movies I love that I could pick from...thoughts?

And now I will end the post with a photo of my E.T. shelf - drunk E.T. has joined the crew!
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For your amusement. I a pretty sure these are open to the public.

Also, I just counted, and our library has 215 (!!!!!!!) Snapchat "friends"!!!!! (I saw you in the mix [ profile] dontjudgeme!!! THANK YOU!) Now I must think of clever things to do that will appeal to both tweens, teens, and younger adults)

Oh and bonus, School Library Journal mentioned our Snapchat as "one to follow" for fellow librarians. So cool.

back to work back to work

but had to share :)
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Just finished up my preschool storytime this morning. One of the things I like to do when it comes to the craft is keep it really freeform and open, giving me a chance to talk to all the kids one-on-one for a bit.

ANYWAY, today I had identical twin girls who Mom (or maybe the Au Pair/Nanny) decided to dress in matching outfits today and do their hair the same. I feel like if I was an identical twin, I would not like this, but whatever.

So I walk over and approached the one little girl (I deduce that her name is Lily because someone has written it on her artwork for her) and start to talk to her. She just kinda looks at me and slowly speaks a few words. Before she can finish her sentence, the other twin jumps in, talking loudly and very quickly, pointing at all the things on her paper, telling me everything. I acknowledge her then go back to trying to listen to Lily. Lily seems a bit surprised that I am paying any attention to her, and her sister is still yammering on in my ear. Finally, I looked at Lily and said "Do you know this girl?" and pointed to her sister.

Her face, omg, I wish I had a camera at that moment because you could tell this question had never been asked and it blew her mind. LOL.

Then the nanny tried to help out and give the sister some focus, she asked "what is your name?" and she was all "Piper Madeline" and then she asked "How old are you?" and she said "THREE!" and then I looked at Lily and said "How old are you?" which made her kind of smile and she *started* to say something but then Piper started talking again! I gave Lily a kind of look and AGAIN HER FACE! Even as a three year old, Lily has already perfected the "Yes, this is my life" face as her sister babbled on and on in my ear about who knows what.

Also, I had two people ask me today if I had kids because my storytime was so good. I told them I just hang out with them a lot and also drink dunkin donuts coffee. :P
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Books for the Beast was a lot of fun. Even though I didn't actually *read* Jennifer Donnelly's book, I enjoyed her keynote speech about her writing process. Just placed a hold on her upcoming novel, These Shallow Graves, which sounded really good.

Also snagged a copy of Brian Selznick's new books The Marvels which I started last night and I am really enjoying. His books are just a whole different world. If you've never flipped through a Selznick books, you're missing out on his amazing blend of art and text. Last night I read 392 pages and they were all artwork, lovely charcoal sketches, each page a rich piece of storytelling art.

In music news, Panic! At the Disco has a new album coming out in January! Sylvia and I are very excited. Hoping he does a proper tour so we can snag tickets to a venue nearby that will allow 14 year olds. New video went up yetserday. I like the song though I am not 100% sure the video goes with it. (but ever since LEGEND I do find a guy in full on demon make up fascinating to watch...I blame Tim Curry)

And in hilarious work news, someone though it would be "helpful" to donate their old LIFE magazine to the library. Just one issue. From 1950.

Today in library donations.  1950 Life magazine. #library #donation

Didn't seem to be anything of significance about this issue. Not amazing cover story or interviews. We did have a fun time looking at the old ads, like this one:

No throat irritation (just cancer) #donation #smoking #lifemagazine

No throat irritation. Just cancer.

Bad news is that we missed out on RenFest this year. Been too busy on the weekends, with the house and wedding. I haven't missed a RenFest in years, sorta bummed but what can ya do?

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. :)
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We (the library) made a music video. I am the total spaz in the back row. I make weird faces. I swear I was singing, it looks like I'm lip-syncing but I'm not!

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Wednesday night I attended a conference held by the local reading council and hosted a break-out session where I gave teachers tips on how to create booktalk presentations using GIFs.

Yesterday I hosted a My Little Pony Party, which was a big success with 50 kids of all ages. This little brony was my favorite of the group. He was having a blast. But there was a lot of cuteness.

And now I'm going to "grade" the Star Wars quizzes I put out last Saturday to see who wins some Star Wars prizes!

I love my job. :)

hold shelf

Aug. 26th, 2015 06:33 pm
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This was on my desk today, wrapped up with my name on it! I love being first in queue for kids books LOL.

MLP chapter books are the best, can't wait to read this one! #books #mlp #mylittlepony

I may be far too excited to read this book. I mean, the fact that John "Q" De Lancie is the voice of Discord so I will be hearing his voice in my head as I read amuses me no end.

This series is really good though, especially for a kids chapter book. I think the writing is surprisingly solid, considering the age range.

Right, off to do more librarian work, like making a poster for my Angry Birds program next week.
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Just in case anyone was looking for a job or a new job, Prince George's County Public Library is looking for a Children's Librarian - no Master's required, just need a bachelor degree and an enthusiasm for children's programming!

Info here

The branch manager there was one of the first librarians I ever worked for and she is awesome so, just sayin.
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WOW! Now that I have SO MANY active friends on livejournal again I have to remember to set aside the time to read my flist on a daily basis. Just spent over an hour trying to get through the weekend! I read everything, even if I didn't comment.

(j/k not was all brilliant...except for that one bit...)

Somehow managed to lose all of my nights this week, but since we were off yesterday for the holiday and it is my Saturday to work, I plan on sleeping in on Friday to recover any lost Zzzzzs. Tomorrow I have to go in early for the Babies program and Thursday I will be at the middle school from 10am-3pm talking about summer activities at the library and then booktalking some of my favorite books NOT on the official summer reading list...because I am a REBEL! Plus, the more suggestions you can give people, the better!

We played Hammerwatch tonight and have now gone through the entire game once. As luck would have it Don't Starve Together is supposed to come out next week!!! Cannot wait to play that with Tim and Casey. Should be a very different experience from the more action oriented games we have played together previously. (Tim is my boyfriend and Casey is our friend that lives in California. We try to game together every Tuesday night.)

I deleted my Assassin's Creed Unity save last night and started over from scratch. I hadn't played since November (when Dragon Age Inquisition came out, I dropped everything for that game) so I had forgotten everything, all the story and, more importantly, all of the controls! I wasn't that far in, only 16% completion, so I figured starting over would be the best. Forgot that the first hour of the game is cut scenes (at least it felt that way). But now I'm back and Arno is running around Paris like a dork in his bright green outfit that I picked out for him.

And now to bed! Because I need to be ready to be bright and bubbly for the babies and parents tomorrow morning. TTFN.
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I'm posting while at work but it is okay because it is about work stuff! And I know you all would be awesome at helping me with this!

I'm going to visit the middle school in May/June. Originally I was going to just promote the Summer Reading program BUT the teens seems to have been forgotten from the program this year (don't get my started, that is a rant for another post).

ANYWAY I just read a blog post about using gifs in booktalks and I feel like this is the way to go to make my presentation more amusing for the kids.

And I KNOW you all have giant folders full of awesome GIFS and also large GoodReads lists of fantastic books to recommend. If you are willing to share with me, that would be awesome and make my presentation that much better.

Target audience is 6th and 7th graders. So that's 12-14 year olds. Of course, their interests and reading levels will vary so give me what you think would be good suggestions. I've got a few of my own already but I know we all ready different stuff. :)
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I went through all our Hardy Boys books today as part of the start of our EPIC SHIFT. This book cover cracked me up so I had to share. It's totally groovy, yeah?

Also got my first Christmas card of the season, thank you [ profile] jacobnorman!!!!

I am making progress on my annual mix, should have it done by next week (I tend to have a few beta versions where the song order isn't quite right...). The goal is to have it finished by no later than next week so I can mail them all out on my Friday off. We shall see if this happens. (in other words, if you still want a card/mix, you can still request one)

I also need to figure out what I am doing for a card as the last few years I've made my own in photoshop and it was a lot of fun but OMG TIME! I do not haz it! That last week of November, the buffer week between Thanksgiving and December...we didn't get it this year and it was rough!

My friend [ profile] bittertwee is coming down from Boston this weekend to see a concert and I'm hoping to meet up with her on Saturday night for dinner and be nice if I had my card and CD For her then to avoid shipping...ah well.

I am **this close** to being done with the gift shopping. Just a couple people I need to pick things up for and I have vague ideas but nothing solid yet. Also waiting for my mom to confirm or deny some questions I had about my brother's gift options.

Been a LONG week! Library has been slow because everyone is Christmas shopping but we are quietly freaking out because there is a renovations project starting in January and we are attempting to warn every single person who comes into the branch. Which we know is just a fraction of our usual crowd.

Tomorrow is PAYDAY! HUZZAH! I spent it all on presents already but oh well! FRIDAY!!!!!!!
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Few different jobs open at my library system, in case you wanted to move to lovely Anne Arundel County (or the surrounding areas as this county is hella expensive to live in sometimes LOL)
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I got to write another blog for work! And it's about my love of Star Wars and reading! And I even managed to work in a small rant about why parents should let their kids read what they want!

check it out!
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I can't remember if any of you are close to the Anne Arundel County area OR
looking for a part-time job/foot in the door for getting full-time library
job but we are hiring part-time Information Desk staff! Just need a degree
in anything. Details in the link below, let me know if you have any

EDIT: We are also looking for a new head of Materials and a new head of Marketing. In case you know anyone. WE NEED FRESH BLOOD! :)

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