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Well, it took me about two hours, but I got through all of your posts! Sorry for the drive-by "likes" and random comments that were later answered in posts I had not gotten to yet! You were all VERY CHATTY! That, and I haven't checked my LJ/DW at work as much because of all our computer shenanigans and this *threat* that the IT department is watching. Tim and I are thinking about buying some cheap little Chromebooks we can take to work with us for personal stuff, like email etc.

I tried to watch the Jim Carrey show Kidding but I'm just not in the mood for that level of darkness right now. I need things that feel like they will have a positive ending or some kind of optimism. A friend at work really liked it so I watched the first 3 episodes to give it a try but I just wasn't engaged.

ANYWAY, about to head to bed, but a few of you posted the [community profile] thefridayfive questions and I want to start doing that too!

1. Do you make up a dinner plan for the coming week?
HAHAHA no. I'm usually stare at the freezer the night before, maybe two nights if I see something I want to thaw out and it will take longer, but that is about as far as I get.

2. Do you make up a shopping list and stick to it when shopping?
YES! I use the AnyList app on my phone to make shopping lists. I love it because you can also use it for recipes so you can all the ingredients from a recipe to the list really quick. But I am AWFUL at sticking to my list. I mean, I buy everything on the list, but I tend to slowly wander the store and look for any deals on things we use on the regular, like pasta or meats. I'm awful at this, so I try to not go to the store more than once every two weeks.

3. What is one thing that you always buy, but never put down on a list?
I put bananas on the list, but I don't really need to. I know we always need bananas because Tim and I take one to work and those bunches aren't very big!

4. Is there anything that you always think you are out of and come home with it to discover you already have a year’s supply on hand?
This week it is EGGS! I had a memory of making hard boiled eggs awhile ago and how that used up half the eggs...I failed to remember that I bought TWO dozen eggs the next time I was at the store...and today, eggs were on sale again so I bought another two dozen. So, yeah, we are having egg sandwiches for dinner one night this week.

5. Do you get your groceries delivered?
Nope. Hard to justify when the store is across the street from my work and there is another one right around the corner from my house. Plus, I buy a lot of fresh fruits and veg and I like to examine it first because I've had too many questionable items and I don't know how much the delivery services examine, say, the box of cherry tomatoes for bad ones in the mix (I saw one in the store today with MOLD on it!!!!).
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Spent the evening making a new background for my new phone. Of course it has to be The Expanse!

This is just my home screen, not sure what I want to put on my lock screen. Maybe just a nice image of the Roci. Though I wish there was a good hi-res shot of Bobby and Avasarala I could use. I love the Roci crew, but there are lots of awesome character elsewhere in the 'verse too!

I found a site that has all the iPhone measurements too so I am going to make something for my Mom's phone since she tweeted at me that "if she knew how" she would have The Expanse on her phone.

But now it is bedtime for sure!
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Sylvia found this guy while clicking around in her Spotify recommendations and she is a little obsessed with him and his band. We sat and watched the music video and his vlogs on Saturday for a very long time LOL.

His music videos are ridiculous and look like they were filmed on someone's iPhone (probably were) and have little to do with the actual song but I was cracking up. The song is damn catchy too, so be ready for the earworminess.

Handy-dandy lyrics on the screen too...though he gets a little *creative* near the end.
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Got my early birthday present today and I now am the proud owner of an iPhone XR. I asked what colors they had (black, silver, blue, red) and Sylvia has the blue one so I got the red one. I didn't realize it was (RED) the fundraiser thing. I don't think it cost any extra though. Everything seemed to transfer over, except my photos, but I knew that wouldn't happen because I don't pay for iCloud storage. They are all on Flickr and Google though so they are not lost. But it was kind of weird to open up my photo app and see NOTHING.

BUT, my new #firstworldproblem - the company that made the case for my previous iPhones (EYN) is no longer making the cases!! It was a wallet case but it had some heft to it so my phone always felt protected.

I've been browsing Amazon and Etsy all night trying to decide what case to get. Sylvia had a back-up case from Christmas (Tim had ordered her a case but it didn't arrive in time so he got her a cheap one to pass the time and keep the investment safe) so my phone isn't nekkid. It's actually a decent case, clear so you can see the red color. So now I'm thinking I want to be able to see that red so do I want another wallet case? It's hard to find *clear* wallet cases. I did find some things you can attach to the back of the iPhone case to hold cards.

Blah, I dunno, I just love having the case because if I don't need my purse for an outing, I can just put the phone in my pocket and know I have my ID and a credit card. This is especially helpful for conventions and also when I decide to take a walk and get lunch.

Deep thoughts, I know. Bear with my guys!

I should get to bed. :P Hope your Sunday was as exciting as mine!
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I did make a bunch of end-of-the-year posts in December to wrap up the year. But I was so excited about my paid Wordpress "public" blog, that I forgot to post them here!!!! **facepalm**

I mean, most of the stuff you've heard me babble about in other posts one by one, but sometimes it is nice to have them all in one place.

And I made such pretty graphics too!!!

Not sure I can copy+paste all the code without making a mess, so I'm just going to be annoying and link you to the Wordpress posts. But I shall include the pretty graphics because hotlinking those is easy.

Next time I will post in ALL THE PLACES! My apologies actual online friends!

My 2018 Movies

My favorite books of 2018

My favorite video games of 2018

Though if you want to subscribe to my Wordpress blog...I wouldn't be upset. I even splurged and paid so I could use my ULR - so easy to remember when you're bored and need something to read! :D

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Finally watched this. I read the book when it first came out and it was just such a fantastic book. I was worried that translating it to film wouldn't work but the movie manages to be a faithful adaptation in most respects - a few scenes are removed or take place "off camera" due to length - but the important bits are there.

What really struck me was my reaction to *seeing* this story rather than just reading it. The book is told from Starr's point of view, first person, and she spends a lot of time feeling confused, angry, and lost and so, as a reader, I also felt that way. But watching the movie and seeing her face (the amazing Amandla Stenburg)as she worked through each emotion, I was hit hardest with the true sadness of the whole situation. When you saw her fighting the tears, visibly shaking, and then just crying. Or watching the determination in her face grow as she makes a decision.

And I think watching the movie made me think about some of my own unconscious biases. In my head, the cop looked one way when everything happened, but on film, they cast a young guy and he acted a little nervous/jump about the whole thing. Even little things, like all the tattoos Starr's father has, I probably didn't imagine those every time he appeared while reading, but you can't miss them in the movie. And, of course, the reality of the protest scenes...I think when I was reading the book, a part of me wanted to see things as right/wrong but that's not reality and I think the movie did a good job of not picking sides but just showing the situation, what it triggers within a community, and how that can erupt into violence even when people want a peaceful protest.

A very good companion to the book and I would urge everyone to read the book and watch the movie. And then have some conversations.
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(Sidenote before I start but do any of you ever feel guilty complaining about something because the more you think about it the more you realize it is such a first world/middle class/privileged problem that you begin to feel bad for expressing your anxiety because it is kind of silly in the long run?)

My iPhone has been doing weird things for the past few months now - randomly turning off, telling me it has no battery life left and then after a reboot saying it is at 100% and then I sit and watch as it goes down a % every second. This morning I woke up and it had an alert saying a shutdown had occurred overnight and when I went to take a closer look the screen just went black. :|

My parents had already said that a new phone could be my birthday present but my birthday isn't until March. I emailed my Mom this morning and asked if I could perhaps get that gift a little early because this was stressing me out. I've had this iPhone 6 since 6s were new, so I used it a LONG TIME for a Smartphone. But in that time, it has become such an important part of my life. First, I don't have a landline and do pretty much all of my communication via text. Plus, now that I am kindof a assistant manager AND a step-mom, people need to reach me via text for emergencies. Like, last Friday my phone did this and Sylvia was texting to say school was closing early for snow and I missed it. So having an unreliable phone, especially this time of year, is not good for my blood pressure.

So now I have to decide what I want to get. I was pretty set on upgrading to the XR but then I started reading reviews this afternoon and now I'm debating getting the XS (though I hate saying it because it sounds like "excess" and it really is but sometimes you gotta treat yourself!). Tim said he thought the XS was too extravagant and I should just get the XR. But the XS has the nicer camera and I use the camera a lot. And if I'm going to get a phone I can use for as long as I used the iPhone 6, then is the XS the way to go? Or should I just get the XR knowing that in 3-5 years the new iPhone out then will make the XS look like crap?

Hm, now that I am typing this out, the XR does seem like the more logical choice. Reading the review on Tom's Guide, the XS MAX has better battery life than the XS but the XS MAX is HUGE and I don't think I want a phone that is 6.5". I need to be able to fit it in my pocket! So XR makes more sense in that regard and by the time I upgrade again, they will all look like the XS right?

Has anyone else upgraded to a new iPhone recently?
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And the Polygon article that lead me to this video, good to read after for some creator insight (though the title of the article was very click-baity to me)
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Lots of kids books this month because I was obsessed with John Hendrix after reading The Faithful Spy last month. And then I had a pile of graphic novels on my desk I wanted to get through. Way to pad my GoodReads so I'm "ahead of schedule" on my reading for 2019, yeah?

Aquicorn CoveAquicorn Cove by Katie O'Neill

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful little book. I love Katie O'Neill's art style.

I think this would be a great suggestion for fans of 'Steven Universe' and kids who love the environment and come home with plants and little critters in their hands, wanting to care for them.

Royal City, Vol. 1: Next of KinRoyal City, Vol. 1: Next of Kin by Jeff Lemire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It's always hard to rate a book in a series, especially when you have the other two volumes on your desk so you know there is a lot more to come. But I guess the fact that I want to read more says enough? This dark family drama pulls you in really fast. Lemire is one of the hardest working writers out there, these books just keep coming and I don't think I've read a dud yet!

I feel like this series would be a good suggestion to someone who enjoyed the series "DARK" on Netflix, for the small town/intertwined plot lines.

ADDITION: I read the rest of the trilogy and it was REALLY GOOD.

Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex LifeCome as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life by Emily Nagoski

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Tim picked this audiobook to listen to on the drive to Wisconsin since it was just the two of us. Yes, that is the kind of man I married, he's very interested in sexuality and understanding how I feel versus how he feels. We listened to about half of it on our drive out, then discussed for a bit and then finished it up on the way home.

The subtitle of this book is a little bit too "click bait" sounding - it is actually a great examination of the history of the science and culture surrounding women and their sexuality and then a discussion of how that effects how women think about sexuality and how that can harm or improve their sex lives.

Nagoski reads the audiobook and you can see why students would sign up for her courses or people would go to hear her lecture. She has a fun and relatable style of writing.

There were things I knew already, things that I understood in my mind but never had the words to articulate before, and things that I did not know in this book. A great book to listen to with your partner. It is very pro-women but not anti-men, it is all about building a stronger relationship and also about understanding that you are 100% normal.

What Do You Do With a Chance?What Do You Do With a Chance? by Kobi Yamada

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love this book series. I'm always giving it to parents for school visits. The idea of a chance as this flying, golden paper butterfly (though my Harry Potter brain thought it looked like a snitch) and trying to grab it and falling down. There's a lot to talk about here with kids as you read through the simple story.

You Don't Know Everything, Jilly P!You Don't Know Everything, Jilly P! by Alex Gino

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

3.5 stars - I feel like maybe there was a little too much going on in this book. Not that every kid's life only has one thing happening at a time, but I didn't feel that each issue that was touched upon got as much time as I would have liked with it?

And what was with the 3 epilogues? That part kind of grated on me as I felt it could have all been done a little more seamlessly or perhaps just one big epilogue a few years later (Hey, if George R.R. Martin can drag out a series, I'm sure the Vidalia author could have too).

There wasn't anything wrong with the book, but I really felt like it could have been more.

Miracle Man: The Story of JesusMiracle Man: The Story of Jesus by John Hendrix

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is gorgeous. You can tell how much Hendrix put his heart into creating this story, retelling the gospels. I like how he doesn't refer to him as Jesus until the very end, up until that he is just the Miracle Man, which I'm sure is what those who heard of him might have called him. Lovely.

Shooting at the StarsShooting at the Stars by John Hendrix

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I had heard this story before, but Hendrix's illustrations brought it to life. I love the way the text of 'Silent Night' gently slides over no-man's land, you can almost hear the men singing. Another great book to hand to a Nathan Hale fan.

Nurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War HeroNurse, Soldier, Spy: The Story of Sarah Edmonds, a Civil War Hero by Marissa Moss

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fantastic middle grade picture book that focuses on the life of Sarah Edmonds AKA Frank Thompson, a young woman who pretended to be a man, joined the Union army during the United States Civil War. Well researched by both the author and artist, this would make a great read-aloud for an older classroom visit.

I Am Still AliveI Am Still Alive by Kate Alice Marshall

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dangit GoodReads, it's 2019 - give me half stars! This would be a 3.5 star book for me. The story was really great, the classic "could you survive" tale but kicked up a notch with a few more complications thrown in to make it more engaging.

BUT I feel like the whole before/after notebook framing was a mistake. First, it didn't last the whole story. Second, it had the same problem that many "I'm writing this for you to find" stories have which is that is NOT how someone would write a journal. It would have been better to just tell the story in a linear way, maybe with a few flashbacks OR flip back and forth but take out the whole "notebook" framework.

If you can get beyond that (and I did, even though it bothered me) it is a good book.

The Hidden Witch (The Witch Boy #2)The Hidden Witch by Molly Ostertag

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just as good as the first one! I didn't even remember I had requested this so when it appeared on my desk, I was cautiously optimistic about a sequel to 'The Witch Boy'. But this was a fantastic read and I'm hoping there will be a book 3 so continue the adventures of these four kids.

Buffy the Vampire SlayerBuffy the Vampire Slayer by Jason Rekulak

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is really made for the fans. Smith puts a lot of love into these illustrations and if you know the show it is a lot of fun. If you've never seen the show and you're a little kid, you might also by amused by the girl who fights the monsters in her closet.

John Brown: His Fight for FreedomJohn Brown: His Fight for Freedom by John Hendrix

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A figure from American history that most have heard of but we've probably forgotten the specifics, even those of us that just live a short drive away from Harper's Ferry. Hendrix does a great job distilling the core of this story down for young readers. The author's note in the back let's you know how much research and thought he put into recreating this story of a very complicated man.

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You can all blame [ profile] twissie for this! She did ADIML post last week and encouraged me to give it a try. If you all fall asleep while reading, I'm sorry!

This is my first time doing something like this so, here we go!

I could never get the hang of Thursdays )
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Obviously, MASSIVE SPOILERS for all the seasons of the show. If you haven't watched the finale, don't read this until you have, lots of speculation about Season 4.

But omg did this make me love this show even more. And I might have been getting a little teary eyed as I read this.

Why The Good Place Has Television’s Most Divine Will They/Won’t They via

icon memes

Jan. 30th, 2019 11:39 pm
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Oh icons. They can say so much about us before we even make a post. So much of my LJ experience started when I began to make icons and share them. I met so many people that way because it was fun to look at people's creations and go "Oh hey, they are into the same shows I am!" and then you'd look at their LJ and then you'd become friends. It's the way social media should be!

ANYWAY - [personal profile] silverusagi and [ profile] eowyn both posted icon memes this past week! They picked three of my icons each, so now I will give you the stories behind why I have them.

If you want me to pick 3 of your icons, let me know in the comments!

- Belle and her book. I do a lot of book reviews on my blogs, so I like to have plenty of icons with books/reading involved. And I think for a lot of people in my generation, especially girls, Belle is THE READER of our childhood. Plus, I love this part of the song, she is literally singing about reading beauty and the beast! And I made it myself :D

- I'm the Doctor! Matt Smith was my first Doctor. I had tried the first season and wasn't pulled in and sort of forgot about the show, but there was so much buzz when Matt started that I finally gave in and watched it. I loved that first season with him and Amy and Rory. It is one of the best seasons and I feel like I haven't enjoyed a season of Doctor Who as much since that one. So, yeah, he's my Doctor.

- White and Nerdy. It's a "Weird Al" song, a parody of "Rolling Dirty" I think (I have gotten to the age where I don't know most of the songs he parodies anymore). I love this play on the Wonderbread logo. I actually bought this as a t-shirt at one of the concerts but the white of the shirt got kinda gross in the armpits (TMI!!) I am a big "Weird Al" fan, as is my husband and we are both very white and nerdy.

- I Got Me Some Loot! - One of my LJ friends made back in the day. [ profile] spitefairy was like an LJ hero of mine because she made awesome icons and had so many friends and was as super geek like me. This icon of Jayne from Firefly is a go-to of mine when posting about new collectibles. :)

- Got Stress? - my oh so clever play on the "Got Milk?" slogon but with Beaker. Who doesn't love poor abused Beaker? I am a huge Muppets fan and I really should make more Muppet icons because I love Henson stuff.

- One Girl - BUFFY! If you know anything about me, it is that I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer the tv series (let's not talk about the movie...or the comics...). At one point, I made a theme based on the artwork from the Dark Horse comic series that came out after the show ended and this icon was part of that. If you've watched the first season, you know Giles talks about how the Slayer is "One girl in all the world that can stop the demons" so that is where the text came from. But if you've watched to the end of the show you know that we are all Slayers.
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When we were in Wisconsin, I had trouble logging into LJ on my phone and I ended up resetting the password.

Well, I didn't update that password on Dreamwidth for cross-posting so nothing I have posted since that day has actually gone to LJ. So sorry LJ peeps! You haven't missed out on too much, I promise. :)

**crosses fingers that this actually shows up on LJ after I hit post**
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I made icons for MonthlyInspo! Part of my new year's to-do list was to get back into some kind of creative activity and I really missed making graphics. So here is my first try in a long time!

icons under here )

If anyone has any tips or tricks to share about GIMP, I would be VERY open to them! I am pretty much teaching myself by clicking around, searching the help and sighing heavily. :)
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Another one of the great things about The Expanse moving to Prime is that the main titles won't have to be cut for length anymore. Rewatching the series now, I can see how many times they had to cut it down to make the show fit in it's 45 minute timeslot. And I just love everything about this opening - the beautiful time-lapse images of our galaxy, the haunting melody, the percussive beat behind it all...

The Expanse – Opening Titles Season 3 from BREEDER on Vimeo.

FYI, season 3 will be up on Prime on February 8th and I *think* this is internationally, so if you have Amazon Prime, you should be able to watch the entire series streaming then. No excuses, mark your calendar because you'll want to binge it. But give yourself time between episodes to think about what happens.

I'm really enjoying my rewatch because I'm pacing myself (I'm watching while riding my exercise bike, so 20 minute sessions) and it gives me more time to reflect on characters and what not. We watched it all pretty fast the first time because we just wanted to know what was happening. This rewatch reminds me of when I watched Lord of the Rings for the second time - it's like "Hey, I know their names now!" LOL.
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Part-Time Information Desk Positions available at my library system!

These are substitute position where we would book you for shifts to cover vacations, meetings, and sickness - in other words, some bookings would happen far in advance, others might be last minute.

Feel free to share this!
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I have too many blogs.

I've started posting my "annotated" playlist from 2018 to my Wordpress blog in an effort to have something to post each week.

And then I remembered it was Tuesday so I queued up a post for the What We're Reading Wednesday blog hop.

I might cross-post some things here but if you want to follow my Wordpress blog (all the cool kids are doing it!) you can find it here --

And now instead of going to bed at a decent hour, I've stayed up way longer than I meant to. OH WELL! #bloggerproblems

quick meme

Jan. 22nd, 2019 11:16 pm
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It's getting late but I saw this meme posted by a few of you and thought I would post it real quick!

* Tattoos: 0 - I am a wuss and also have commitment issues so no way.

* Ever hit a deer: THANK GOODNESS NO! I'm not even sure what I would do.

* Ridden in an ambulance: No, but I've had to follow one before. :\

* Sang karaoke: Like, outside of my house? Because I played a LOT of Rock Band which is pretty much the same thing, right?

* Ice skated: Yes, but not in a looong time. At some point I got an irrational fear that I would fall over and someone would skate by and cut my fingers off.

* Ridden a motorcycle: No way. Doctors refer to them as "donor-mobiles" so 'nuff said.

* Stayed in hospital: Yes, but not for myself...

* Skipped school: ONCE! And my Mom dropped me off...I needed to camp out for Star Wars tickets!

* Last phone call : Wrong number because who the hell calls anyone anymore?

* Last text from: Syvlia asking me if I had watched Brooklyn 99. (this is another one of those shows that didn't pull me in at first but I know from gifs and what not that I would probably enjoy it if I watched beyond the first season)

* Watched someone die: No.

* Pepsi or coke: Dr. Pepper, please.

* Favorite Pie: Why choose??? As long as it has a delicious buttery crust, I'm happy.

* Favorite pizza: I tend to get supreme style with everything on it. But not too much.

* Favorite season: Fall - warm enough to be outside but cool enough that you're not melting if you do an activity, like hiking.

* Broken bones: Maybe? I hurt my ankle a few years ago and they x-rayed it and said it was a bad sprain but I really think there was a hairline fracture because it never healed right and it always looks swollen to me.

* Received a ticket: Nope. Pulled over a couple times, but once I think it was because I had a water bottle I was driving from while leaving a college campus and I think the cop thought it was *something else* and another time I think I might have been maybe speeding but I was so upset when the cop pulled me over, he let me off with a warning. I remember it was right after I moved out on my own and I hadn't updated my registration yet and that just made me cry even harder.

* Favorite color: Blue? Maybe? Green? Turquoise? Red? What am I doing with this color? I have favorite colors of clothes, different ones for accessories, mood, time of day. I'm fond of most colors.

* Sunset or sunrise: Sunset, as I'm more likely to be awake and aware. Sunrise means its time for work and that's not fun (plus the damn cats start meowing at me).
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Managed to get through Friday and Saturday without strangling anyone. Saturday was a birthday party for Tim's niece that just turned 20 and Friday was mostly prepping for that. It snowed pretty hardcore on Friday afternoon and into Saturday evening, but it is Wisconsin so they knew how to take care of it. Had some wild weather on our way home too but we managed to make good time - I think we left around 8:30am Wisconsin time (9:30am Maryland time) and got home a little after 10pm Maryland time. We only stopped twice for gas and snacks, even sat down and ate a sandwich in Ohio, so even with all the snow and having to drive 35mph for awhile, that was good time!

So, yes, you won't have to hear my whine about my in-laws for at least another 5-6 months when we go out for our summer trip.

I do apologize though - my inbox says I have 126 new entries to read and I know I read some of them on my phone while avoiding conversation with the in-laws, I'm sure I didn't read all of them. But I don't think I'm going to have time to get through them.


Now, to do laundry!
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Why have I not learned to just not engage? Why??? Because I was raised to listen to people when they talk to you? This doesn’t seem to be a thing in Tim’s family where i swear there is constant noise but no one listens unless you shout.

And I just lost it. Like, I was trying to listen. I know I won’t agree with anyt they are saying but I want to hear the logic? Or at least make an effort? But last night there was some random comment about liberal arts majors and “what do they even learn” and i said “I learned a lot!” And it felt good. So got cocky. So when the topic out of the blue switched to taxes which went to healthcare which went to social security, I tried to listen but then it somehow went to some show on roku getting cancelled because the presenter was a far right person and I could feel my pulse was already racing and could feel the blood in my face and his dad said something about “lefties in their vagina hats” I yelled over him “and I am out! Going upstairs to play video games now.” And I legit ran away.

Tim said he just doesn’t listen to his parents but I’m still new to that. I want to converse with people. But it’s not wprth it. they are like trying to talk to twitter trolls.

Should have stuck with my plan from yesterday that worked really well - never going into the living room. His Dad mostly hangs out there with the TV on so it muffles conversation. And his Mom was cooking and talking about that in the kitchen so it was less hostile.

Anyway, driving to our friends house in chicago now so I will amuse myself with their 4 year old. Next two days will probably suck though.

***hugs*** to all of you for reading my bitching. Your comments have really helped my sanity.

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