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Today's [community profile] thefridayfive questions:

1. Did you enjoy your senior year of high school?
I did! Our old band director left, who had a rivalry with the drama teacher, who also left which meant I was able to do band AND drama club without the extra IRL (and frankly immature) drama of that feud. I was drum major of the band so I got to be extra bossy. I remember dressing up for all of the pep rally week...I should probably scan some photos to share. It was a pretty good year. I just went through a bunch of cards I got when I graduated, from friends and family, and they made me feel pretty good.

2. Did you have a senior trip (high school) and were you able to go on it.
I don't think there was an official senior trip and I had no desire to go to Ocean City during "senior week". My friends and I, ever the nerd, drove out to Shenandoah National Park and camped out for the weekend. Full on roughing it. I remember hiking one day and not really factoring in that we would need to hike back and while we were trying to find our way to the campsite, I started singing Disney showtunes to keep my mind occupied. It's amazing any of them wanted to be my friend after that. We also go our first flat tire experience, my friend Amanda actually changed a tire!

3. Was graduating (from either high school or college/university) a big thing with your family or just another day? They made a big deal out of it but it wasn't like I was the first person in my family to reach the milestone. It was expected of me - both high school and college. But my Grandparents drove down from Maine to attend so that was extra special. I don't remember much about the college ceremony, but I wasn't as engaged in college life since I commuted. High school was a bit more emotional because I knew so many people there.

4. What were you looking forward to the most after graduating from either high school or college/university?
I don't really remember. I wasn't really sure what was going to happen with my life after high school except that I was supposed to go to college. In college, I guess it was moving out with my then boyfriend (such a stupid move, but go back in time and try to tell 21 old me any different, I dare you...**facepalm**)

5. Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your graduating self?
Don't move out with this guy. Be yourself for awhile, find yourself first. You got this.
...also, you are skinny AF and pretty hot.

Be warned: I'm working on a digital photo program for work and part of me wants to scan ALL my photos to keep them safe...this makes me want start scanning all the photos from my senior year, which happens to have been 20 years ago EEK! WTF! NO!
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I started playing Call of Cthulu last week (Tim got it for me for Christmas so it was about time!). I honestly could not remember why I asked for it, but now that I have played a little, I am guessing it must have been on a "If you liked Layers of Fear" list because this game is CREEPING ME OUT!

I don't know much about H.P. Lovecraft and his creepy stories so I'm not familiar with the lore the game is based on, which is fine. Up until about the 4th hour, the game is relatively chill. You play as a private investigator sent to look into a family death that was labeled an accident but the father of the dead woman doesn't believe it. And, of course, it looks like her husband was involved with cultists!

Anyway, the gameplay is a lot of chatting with NPCs and finding out what they know. You level up your detective skills and depending on where you put those points, different options open up to you. You also can trigger some sanity issues by finding items about the occult or uncovering a room full of mutilated corpses, which I'm sure will bite me in the ass later in the game. He started out stable and is currently listed as "shaken"...

And then a freakin' MONSTER just crawled out of a painting and is stalking me in a pitch black room! Now the detective is crawling on the floor, trying to avoid being scene. I was killed three times in a row and needed to quit out because it was stressing me out (I'm so awful at stealth) and I decided I was going to Google the key to surviving this section because I could feel myself getting far too tense. Now I technically know how to get through next time I'm brave enough to start the game...technically. I will still have to stealth around and it sounds like the "Shambler" doesn't always follow the same path (and if I make eye contact with it, I'm dead).

I hate looking up the "answer" to the puzzle but the scary was too much! Plus, I can only watch the detective get horribly stabbed by a faceless monster so many times in a row. :\

Do you ever cheat at games or puzzles to save your sanity?
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My LJ was created in 2001 so it is a few years shy of 20, but still going strong. I honestly don't know what my life would be like without LJ. I made so many friends through different fandoms, learned basic HTML and Photoshop, and it has always been there for me as a place to ramble. For a site that is dead, there seems to be a lot of activity! I've said it many times, but I think LJ is one of the best social media platforms — the posts, the threaded comments, the communities. It has always felt easier to find like-minded people here than any other service.
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[personal profile] stolenglimpse and I were discussing Photoshop and it made me realize how much the learning curve on GIMP is really hindering my creativity because I just haven't had time the learn the program. Back in the day, I learned Photoshop (erm, which magically appeared on my computer officer!) because LJ was full of tutorial comms and so on. But I don't feel like that community exists on DW anymore, at least not for GIMP. So I went poking around the Photoshop site to see what I could find. I knew they had a free version of CS2 but that software is no longer supported and is over 10 years old and I felt like the graphics I made using it never looked quite right. You can't actually purchase Photoshop separately, it's all part of their "Creative Cloud" suite that is meant for professionals which has an insane monthly fee that doesn't make sense for someone who dabbles.

Then I realized that I never really used Photoshop to its full extent, I just need to crop, mess with layers, add some text and flatten. I found Photoshop Elements, which does have a flat price to purchase and Adobe has a 30 day trial on their site.

So I just signed up for that and downloaded it. Obviously, it looks a lot different from the CS5 that I trained myself on, but the features I need seem to be there! And my ancient collection of brushes appear to work too! Huzzah!

Now to set aside some time to make SOMETHING! Anything! I just made this icon **points for DW users to see** in a few minutes. Not high art, but I was able to crop, clone, add text and a border so YAY!

Resolution for April/May - make graphics! I need to update my DW header because I haven't changed it since 2011 or whenever I got this crazy thing! oooh but what fandom to focus on...

Anyway - thanks [personal profile] stolenglimpse for inspiring me to search! And now I feel like I can really participate in [community profile] crossovercoffee (which just posted its first prompts so everyone go play!)!
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1. What are the five oldest songs on your iPod, computer, or phone (whatever device you store your music on)?
This question is a difficult one to answer because 1) I don't have all my music in one place anymore because of iTunes and Spotify being two separate things on my iPod and 2) I didn't know what they meant by "oldest" - like, what song have I had on my playlist for the longest or actual oldest song?

So, sorting by publication year (and, of course, a lot of tracks on iTunes don't have years because they were...ahem acquired another way), the song that comes up as the oldest is technically from 1934 - Anything Goes (but it is from the Fallout 3 soundtrack). This album kind of throws off the whole list, so I will mention that the next "oldest" album is The Beach Boys "Sounds of Summer" and The Beatles "Please Please Me".

As for songs that have been on here the longest...I just realized I can't really say because I got a new harddrive installed in March so I had to reinstall iTunes and lost all that data. Best guess are The Beatles albums though since I've been listening to them since I was in middle school and always add those songs immediately.

2. And the five newest songs?
See, this I will have to flip over to Spotify and see what I added from the new playlists...
Seth McFarlane has a new album coming out so he released a single on Friday - Half as Lovely (Twice as True)
MARINA released a new album but I've only listened to 'Handmade Heaven' and 'True' so far
Dylan Gardener's 'Dip' (though I'm not feeling it)
Ricky Montgomery's 'This December'

3. What’s your favorite song to sing along to?
All of them? Currently in love with 'Quarter Past Midnight' and will belt it out any time it comes on.

4. What’s the first song you ever memorized?
omg you would have to ask my Mom! Probably "Somewhere over the Rainbow" or something along those lines. I've been singing along since I was a wee little one.

5. What song is your current earworm?
'This December' gets stuck in my head SO FAST. Damn catchy hook.
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The new Star Wars trailer is up and nothing hurts except everything because I am not ready to say goodbye to these characters. Any of them.

Star Wars, Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker
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I may have...coerced [personal profile] colls into making an awesome new fandom comm.

I regret nothing.

You all should join in and have some fun with us! It is a magical coffee shop, located in our world, but characters from your favorite fandoms will wander in and mingle from time to time.

JOIN Usssssssssssss

[community profile] crossovercoffee

First poll is up! :D Let's see what kind of trouble we get into.
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I decided to do the final mission in Witcher 3 today, to find out how the whole main quest played out.

And now I'm thoroughly depressed because my got the DARKEST TIMELINE ending. Pretty much everything SUCKED except for Skellege, where Geralt managed to get the daughter of Crach crowned as queen and she was a good ruler. Everwhere else, BAD.


Apparently there are little interactions during the game that change how it all plays out at the end. I found this out when I saw what I refer to as the Bad Dad article on Kotaku. And, like this player, I tried to have Geralt treat Ciri like a daughter, with encouragement and love but maybe I turned out to be a Smother (or the Witcher Dude equivalent) and that made Ciri less capable of facing the peril.

I have over 100 hours in the game and I'm kinda thinking about starting over just to try again and maybe NOT get the worst ending ever.

To make it worse, I know that Tim and my brother both got the "happy" ending for Ciri and Geralt. I know I could Google and find the videos of the final cut scenes but that's not the same. I need to earn it. I want to unlock it myself.

I feel like I let Geralt down.

So how was your weekend?
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Not my strongest month. I read the second 'Murderbot' then found out there were only 4 total and I am having that last-cookie-in-the-cookie-jar moment of not wanting to read the others right now because I want them to be there for me and also wanting to read them both and find out what happens. So I pretty much just floundered around from book to book, not settling on one book the last half of the month. I started Haunting of Hill House but wasn't focused enough to keep going; gave Logan's Run a try but I'm worried having the age at 21 instead of 30 is going to make the whole thing hard to stomach with him ogling 16 year old girls; tried John Scalzi's short story collection Miniatures last night, we will see if it sticks.

ANYWAY - here are the books I actually finished in March:

Trees, Vol. 1: In ShadowTrees, Vol. 1: In Shadow by Warren Ellis

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From the first few pages, you can tell this is going to be a different kind of science fiction story. Perhaps it will tread some familiar ground, but I knew Warren Ellis would not disappoint me. Need to read book two ASAP!

Narwhal's Otter Friend (A Narwhal and Jelly Book #4)Narwhal's Otter Friend by Ben Clanton

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another fun addition to this series. Great way to talk about how it feels when your best friend has a new friend.

It will also make you want waffles, but that is normal for this series.

Great early intro to chapter books for Elephant and Piggie fans ready to take the next step.

BecauseBecause by Mo Willems

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bonus star for mentioning the orchestra's librarian.

Gorgeous story about all the pieces that happen behind the scenes for beautiful music to happen now and in the future.

What Is Inside THIS Box? (Monkey and Cake)What Is Inside THIS Box? by Drew Daywalt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When I checked the New Books cart this afternoon, I was not expecting to find an easy reader book about a monkey explaining to a piece of cake that a cat may or may not be inside of a box.

Best introduction to the idea of Schrodenger's Cat for first graders.

City of Blades (The Divine Cities, #2)City of Blades by Robert Jackson Bennett

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I think the 3 star rating is my fault, not the book's fault. I don't think I have the focus for fantasies with such elaborate worlds and characters and when it got to the reveal at the end, I didn't really understand what I felt was supposed to be a shocking revelation because I had forgotten all of the machinations of this imaginary realm. I suppose this is why I'm better with movies and tv shows when it comes to fantasy.

Artificial Condition (The Murderbot Diaries, #2)Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I <3 ART.

Great sequel, building on the world but still keeping things fun. I actually wanted to go back and write down some of Murderbot's quotes because it was cracking me up.

Tim and I have debated on what gender Murderbot looks like because I automatically referred to it as a "her" in the first book (because the author was a woman) but he said the audiobook was narrated by a dude, and yet in this book, it picks the name "Eden" to blend in...whatever, I'm picking Murderbot as Bobbie from 'The Expanse' because the armor on the cover reminds me of her power armor. Deal with it.

New KidNew Kid by Jerry Craft

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Really great story about a young African-American boy trying to fit in at his new private middle school. A fun read that tackles some heavy subjects and a great one for upper elementary and middle school kids to read and discuss.

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Guys, I love you all, but my inbox says I have 99+ entries to read and that is just not going to happen. If something happened I need to know about, tell me to fo read, but I’m going to have to skip some of the daily posts to preserve my sanity.

Posting this from somewhere in Delaware- we just crossed over the bridge from New Jersey. Probably be home around 11, then passing out.

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Full deck o' badges


Well, almost. One more day. Gotta get through tomorrow and then THEN we will all pile into the car and drive up to Boston! And by all I mean myself, my husband, and our two friends Mathew and Zac.

I think this is Zac's first real con (he's 22, I don't think he has any idea what I got him into but kudos to him for coming along with us old people LOL). It's going to be fun watching him experience it all too. He was already rolling his eyes at me at work today saying "omg, usually I only have to deal with you for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week!!!"

I am so excited. I could not concentrate at work today, just thinking about how PAX is right around the corner, so close, I've been waiting since October (when I bought all 4 days of badges) and now it is finally here! The last time I went was 2013 and that was only for ONE day. THIS IS ALL 4 DAYS!

For those of you that don't know what the heck PAX East is, it is a gaming convention. A big one. There will be exhibitors, ranging from big names like Nintendo and Bethesda, to little indie developers just so happy to meet you and have you play there game.

There will be vendors with geeky things.

There will be panels with serious discussions about gaming and not-so-serious discussions (like the live D&D game I am going to see Thursday night).

There will be loads of games to try and play, from classics on the Atari to an entire room dedicated to VR systems. And tabletop games too!

And, of course, as you know because I can't shut up about it, the Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra crew will be there PLUS Johnny Chiodini - the only YouTube channel and my favorite British gamers. I just want to give them all big hugs. But I will settle from grinning like an idiot from a distance and then getting their autographs later.

BONUS: I am also looking forward to not being home and being so inundated with geekery that I can't even begin to think about work and what not. AND not having to make dinner! HAHA! It will be expensive but going out to eat for a few nights and not having to cook will make it all worth it, I don't care how many subs or pizzas I eat (I heard there is a grilled cheese food truck that parks outside the convention center...I hope it is there this year).

Boston, here we come!

Probably won't be posting much here, but if you want to follow my adventures this weekend, feel free to add me on Twitter and/or Instagram.

I might post to <a href=">my Wordpress blog</a> (just because the editor on my phone is better than trying to post to DW/LJ) so feel free to add me there too, if you want, though those posts will also be tweeted.
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Yeah, it's from 2002, but Bethesda is giving it away for free and if you just want solid gameplay and story and can look beyond the dated graphics, grab it now for PC!

(I know it says "Today only" but they have extended the deadline to March 31st due to server problems earlier today!)

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Binge watched this one over the last 3 week since I got the DVD from the library. It was only 10 episodes, but they were all pretty heavy and intense so I didn't watch more than one at a time, except near the end when I was like "WTF IS HAPPENING!?"

The basics: Inspired by true events and based on the novel by Dan Simmons, The Terror is a real life expedition to find the Northern Passage in the mid-1800s. The Erebus and The Terror set sail from England in hopes of finding the passage and gaining glory. In reality, both ships and their crew were never heard from again. This series attempts to recreate what might have happened.

here there be spoilers )

Did anyone else watch? What were your thoughts? Beware of spoilers int he comments!
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Saw "Us" today on a whim (friend randomly texted and asked if I would go see it with him) and my brain is still whirring from it all.

And just when I think I "get" the message/commentary, someone tweets a different viewpoint that totally works and my mind is blown.

Jordan Peele is quickly becoming a favorite writer/director and a national treasure.

Post with more substance later, I am still processing it all...but if you've seen it, we can spoiler talk in the comments!
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Join in the fun @ [community profile] thefridayfive

1. What is your least favorite part of Spring?
The rain. So much rain. I know April showers bring May flowers, but after this long, wet, winter I just want sunshine!

2. What is your most favorite part of Spring?
Temperature is warm enough for walking! Tim and I take walks after work around our neighborhood and I just love that bit of time together. Fresh air, exercise, and just meandering for about 30 minutes.

3. What is the latest good book you've read?
Artificial Condition by Martha Wells, book 2 of the Murderbot Diaries. LOVING THIS SERIES OMG! Now I'm trying to pace myself as they are very short and there are only 4 volumes so I've set aside book 3 for some other TBR pile books...but I'm so tempted to just pick it up and read it over the weekend.

4. What are your plans for this weekend?
My brother is coming over for dinner tomorrow. He ships off next week for his first deployment as a sailor in the Navy. He goes to San Diego first, but by Christmas he will be in Japan. I am so jealous and also so very proud of him. He did really well in both Boot camp and Information school. It will be nice to see him tomorrow because I have no idea when I will see him again.

5. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
I dunno, let me ask Alexa (we've asked her this several times and it is hilarious to hear her say the answer back...I'm happy our robot overlords will have a sense of humor!)
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It was still pretty darn cold out here in Maryland, thin layer of ice on the car windows when I left this morning, but it got up to 50 this afternoon and DAMMIT Rita's had FREE frozen flavored ice and it was walking distance from the library! So my co-workers and I wandered over to partake in the tastiness.


Yes, I got a brain freeze on my way back to the branch and yes I was shivering after I finished eating it all. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

Side note: my friend Andy is cursed and anytime he goes to Rita's they are out of his favorite flavor, Strawberry. The curse still held today. He had to try Blood Orange. Which he said tasted like orange, not even a hint of blood. LAME.
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I am watching WAY TOO MANY shows at once right now, here is the list, according to my TV TIME app:

Just started
Love, Death and Robots (Netflix) - animated anthology series for sci-fi short stories adapted to film. Only on my radar because John Scalzi was blogging about it and had 3 stories adapted for the series. I've watched two of them so far - Three Robots and The Day the Yogurt Took Over

The Terror (AMC/Library DVD) - not gonna lie, mostly picked this up because Andy and Jane from Outside Xbox were babbling about it the other day. I had been curious about it but forgot it existed because AMC sucks for cord cutters. But the library had the DVD so now I am binge watching it before the due date. REALLY dark, but Jared Harris (Anderson Dawes from The Expanse) is in it and I really like him, even if his character is a hot mess (or should I say cold mess since they are stranded in the ice).

Promised Neverland (CrunchyRoll) - we only watch this one when our friend Mathew is over for anime nights so once a month. I could binge watch the whole thing, I just want to know what is happenings!

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (Netflix) - watched the first and second episodes. I forgot Noelle Stevenson was involved so now I want to watch the rest. I can totally hear her voice. This show is perfect for our late Wednesday night dinners.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC/Hulu) - Yes, late to the party on this one. Sylvia actually started watching it so I used that as an excuse. Plus, we needed show to watch when she was over on the weekends.

Queer Eye (season 3) (Netflix) - YAAAAAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! I missed these guys and the positivity of this show. I'm trying to not binge this, I want to treasure every moment and every tissue.

In the Middle of
Space Battleship Tiramisu (CrunchyRoll) - this show is ridiculous. It's supposed to be about a pilot for a giant Gundam like robot fighter but he is such an idiot and he gets into the most hilarious situations, usually involving food. It has a complex story but that is usually sidelined for the silliness.

The Umbrella Academy (Netflix) - Another one I am trying to take my time with rather than binge. I didn't care for the comic but I am loving the show.

Making a Murderer (Netflix) - one of Tim's friends said he should watch this so we started. It was compelling at first but I think the episodes are too long and it is dragging it all out a bit too much. We lost steam and I'm tempted to just Google to see how it all ends...but at the same time I feel like I should finish watching the show, we can't have that much left!

Riverdale (Season 3)(CW) - This season, dear god. I had to take a break and then just decided I would wait for it to be on Netflix.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (Netflix) - debating if I will bother to go back to this one or not. I watched the first couple episodes and was intrigued, though it was a lot heavier than I expected.

Skull-face bookseller Honda-san (CrunchyRoll) - it's like Black Books but less British people chugging wine and being rude to customers and more Japanese people asking for inappropriate manga. Only watched a few of these but they are short and hilarious and bookstore problems are very close to library problems.

Steven Universe (DAMMIT CARTOON NETWORK/HULU!) - I hate the CN app and Hulu only gets the show when Cartoon Network allows I'm WAITING. NO SPOILERS! I think we are technically TWO seasons behind now. WHY IS THIS SHOW NOT ON BLU-RAY!!!!?!?!

Kagewani (CrunchyRoll) - So, I honestly thought we had finished this but apparently not? Oops. Another one we save for anime nights but it got bumped down the list because there were too many other shows we were invested in.

Caught up and waiting for more!
Speechless (ABC/Hulu) - This show is just amazing, consistently funny and touching and I hope it gets another season, even if I'm worried about balancing things once J.J. and Kenneth are at college. I really hope they don't tank things with J.J. and his girlfriend just so he has to stay home for school. I like the idea of him going to NYC and navigating life without Maya.

Bob's Burgers (FOX/Hulu) - Another show that never lets me down. I love this family, their dynamics. Somedays I feel like Bob, other days I'm totally Linda, when fangirling over shows I turn into Tina or Louise and other days I'm just goofy like Gene. It's hard not to love them all.

The Orville (FOX/Hulu) - Came late to this game but making up for it by going hard core fan about the whole thing. Watched all the YouTube featurettes, listening to Seth's albums, and pretty much telling everyone I know to watch it (right after they watch The Expanse, of course).

The Goldbergs (ABC/Hulu) - I'm not sure I would have stayed with this as long as I have if it wasn't for Tim and Sylvia enjoying it. It has its moments but it does fall back on the same routine most of the time. It's actually interesting how often this show parallels Speechless, with the Mom trying to understand her purpose after children...but at least in Speechless, she is a mom with a special needs child and now he is almost an adult so the change feels less more natural where as Beverly is just a "smother".

iZombie (final season) (CW) - Can't wait to see how they wrap up this whole story!! This show went from being fluffy to pretty deep by the end. So many layers.

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? (CruncyRoll) - Anime, the style has issues and fantasy anime as a genre also has some...issues. I didn't think I would enjoy this show because it is very BOOBS! but I really like the main character's story and the world set up. I just wish there was less SHINY BOOBS IN YOUR FACE and just story. And also the fact that every female character has a crush on the main guy. Tim and Mathew were watching this and I kind of joined in, but now we are all caught up.

Game of Thrones (HBO) - Let's get this over with already. I'm ready for this show to be over. Too much gloom. Too many bad people. So dark. I can't take the darkness.

Food Wars (CrunchyRoll) - okay, this one is RIDICULOUS and it makes me so hungry. I do love this show and all of the characters though. Basically it is a bunch of kids at an elite cooking school and every class is like an Iron Chef episode.

Konosuba (CrunchyRoll) - Another problematic fantasy anime, with lots of weird sex stuff BUT the characters are just so endearing. They are living in an MMO-style fantasy world, and the are pretty much a bunch of rejects that have to party up to survive.

Haunting of... (Netflix) - Now that Netflix has announced that 'Haunting of Hill House' was just the start of an anthology series of shows based on classic horror stories, I am all about another "season". Next up is 'Turn of the Screw'. I need to read both of these stories because the book nerd in me needs to compare and contrast.

Mindhunter (Netflix) - This show filled the hole in my life left by 'Hannibal' since it is based on the story of the actual detective that literally wrote the book on serial killers. Second season was confirmed but no actual word on WHEN!

Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (Netflix) - Actually, this one is all done. The final season was uneven, but it still had some great bits. The whole story about Cats on Broadway made it all worth it.

Stranger Things (Netflix) - I was going to write this show off after season 2 because I wasn't super thrilled with it BUT the trailer for Season 3 just came out and it feels right. It feels like maybe they have found that great blend of 80s homage again, this time with the summer teen movie.

The Expanse Season 3
Conan Without Borders
Fraggle Rock

To watch
The Passage
Russian Doll
American Gods (Season 2)

Opted out/Abandoned
Schitt's Creek
Doctor Who
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction
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Going through old emails and OOPS, ages ago [ profile] sgaile picked out 5 of my icons for the ya olde icon meme going around. Good way to end the weekend, yeah?

Fun fact: I made all of these but the last one. :)

This is one of the Kodama, tree spirits, from Princess Mononoke, one of the first anime movies I saw and loved. When their hands wobble like that, they make a little rattling noise that is both adorable and unsettling, which was usually when I would use it for posts, when something someone said made my head feel a bit wobbly. If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

It's the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Good icon for serious posts where you don't want a wobbly headed tree spirit making light of a situation.

It's Buffy! This is from the Season 8 comic covers, which I thought were just GORGEOUS. I had several of them framed and hung up in my apartment for a good long while. I still have my big Jo Chen autographed print of the first issue cover. Anyway, yeah, Buffy. My hero. One girl in all the world, fighting the forces of darkness.

This is a fun one. The image is Natalie Portman from the movie The Professional which is a pretty dark story about an assassin and a very young girl that he ends up kind of protecting against his will. It does have a few light moments as the serious old man has to deal with a kid. This image is from one of those moments where Natalie's character is playing dress up. The text is a title of a play that was made into a PBS special starring Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon as two local theater actors - one who is painfully shy off stage and another who just came to town and falls for the on-stage persona, not realizing that off stage he is introverted to the nth degree. Used this one for posts that felt kind of wacky or out of character or just discussing people.

Eddie Izzard! Talk about a real life hero. He was really my introduction to the existence of trans people and his stand-up still makes me laugh. Now he's doing some political work in England but still doing stand up. Life is full of tough choices so it is good to have a CAKE OR DEATH icon ready to go for such discussions.

Clearly I was feeling verbose! These little 100x100 squares mean a lot to me!
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From [community profile] thefridayfive:

1. Have you ever made corned beef and cabbage?
I usually skip the cabbage. I've never done it the traditional way, I tend to throw it in the slow cooker with some potatoes (this is happening right now actually). I LOVE corned beef, but I'm also a very "salty" person, where husband is on the "sweet" side of things so he is not as much into the cured meats. Probably best for my blood pressure to only eat it once a year.

2. Will you be tipping back a decent pint of Guinness this weekend?
No, thank you. I may have Irish roots but I'm not a Guinness fan. I always say I prefer beer I don't have to chew. But I've got plenty of other adult beverages in the fridge. I'd rather have an Irish Coffee to finish off my day.

3. Do you own an Irish wool sweater?
I do not...which kind of surprises me but I'm betting they are not machine washable and I don't buy anything that is not machine washable. Though if I DID go to Ireland, I'd probably be tempted to buy one just because I'd know it was authentic.

4. Have you ever ‘met’ the Tart with a cart (i.e. have you been to Dublin)?
NOT YET! It's on my list. I figure hopping over to Ireland would be one of the easier destination vacations since people speak English so it is high up on my to-go list.

5. Do you know what tractors, submarines and ejector seat all have in common?
I'm tempted to Google this, but I will be honest and just say NOPE!
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I've got about 70 emails in my inbox of posts I need to read but I was distracted today because one of the games I've had on my Steam wishlist for awhile is the "Free to play" for the weekend game!

If you have Steam and like management sims games with a sense of humor, give Two Point Hospital a try. It's simultaneously cracking me up to find out a patient has literal "verbal diarrhea" and watching the janitor run to clean it up then frantically clicking as I realize I need to build a facility that can handle the treatment and hire another nurse!

I'm working tomorrow so I'll probably sneak a peak at the ol' flist if it is quiet on the desk. On Saturdays, I tend to just take it easy at work, it's hard to focus on the weekends. Plus, we are usually pretty busy anyway so there's no point working on real projects when you know you're going to be called out to the desk every few minutes.

I was bad and just ordered yet another t-shirt, but I NEEDED it because Outside Xbox made a special commemorative PAX East 2019 shirt!! Problem is, I even went the extra mile and tried to pay for rush shipping but there is either a glitch in the system or they know they can't guarantee delivery so it wouldn't charge me for the rush shipping. I submitted a ticket but it got my hopes up that maybe I could bring it with my to PAX for them to autograph. Ah well.

Okay, going to sneak in a few more minutes of hospital management before I need to get to bed.

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