Aug. 4th, 2007

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SmartPop Books are my crack. Seriously, I'm a librarian, I do not need to buy these books. I could just make the library buy them, check them out, then return them. But I really do love all the Smart Pop books I have. Because even if I don't agree with every essay inside them, they make great talking pieces.

I was playing around in LibraryThing/Shelfari and discovered a few new titles coming out that I had to add to my Amazon wishlist --

The Psychology of Harry Potter -- written before book 7 was released, but does it really matter? There's a preview up, if you want to peruse the chapter titles and read the introduction. (Also, if you have not read 'Mapping the World of Harry Potter', you should pick it up. I really enjoyed it!)

Neptune Noir -- I knew this one was out, but I'm trying to hold out until Xmas for it. Veronica Mars books are so few (in fact...this is it!) so I must have it!

House Unauthorized -- for some reason, not listed on the Smart Pop site, though it's up on Amazon for pre-order. Mmmm, so much to pick apart in House, you know this will be fun! I hope there's a chapter on snark!

Serenity Found -- a "sequel" to 'Finding Serenity', the first Firefly Smart Pop book, written before the movie was released. Joss writes the preface! I must have it!

Batman Unauthorized -- 'Man from Krypton' was a whole lot of fun to read, so I'm excited about what the authors have chosen to say about the Dark Knight. This isn't supposed to come out until next year (to coincide with the movie release) but I'll put it on my wish list now.

Psychology of Joss Whedon -- It's about Joss. It's non-fiction. I have to have it!!!

Existential Joss Whedon -- Okay, not a Smart Pop, but again with the MUST HAVE! This is the only thing I'm really hardcore about collecting, Pop culture studies of Joss and his works. I just love it all.
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I was just really bored and went through the SDCC photos posted at Cool Toy Review. Here are a few stand-outs from my idle surfing:


I wish he was an actual puppet I would get them all...

ho ho, [ profile] dstntp1lgr1m - this should so be yours

Very cool Harry Potter toys ([ profile] cheshire_c, there's a pretty good looking Lucious statue, and [ profile] destertale, I spotted a Snape action figure!)

Premium Format Lara Croft statue - I'd never buy it, but look at the close up shots of her face. Doesn't she look like Eliza Dushku?? Wonder if they are working on a Faith statue...

I don't actually want these specific figures, since the PotC didn't do it for me, but I'd like to see more in this line.
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it's electric!
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With AD's help, I just sprayed my ponytail pink to see how it looked. And I think it looks pretty darn cool! I'll go all out Monday and spray my entire head o' hair.

Now, what else shall I get for my Tonks outfit...I've noticed a LOT of the images have her wearing 'Weird Sisters' t-shirts. So I think I'm going to go over to Target tomorrow and look for a plain black t-shirt and get some craft puffy paint and create a "tour" shirt.

(if you click through, there is one more picture of me, with a wand, looking silly, you have been warned)

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