Jul. 7th, 2009

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So, I woke up this morning and gave the Dollhouse order another go and it worked!!!

Or so I thought.

On my way home from work, I checked my voicemail, and it's my credit card saying their fraud detection has an issue with my card and to call back ASAP.

So I call back and explain that YES I was ordering the DVD this time and YES It should actually have charged the card. Okay, they say, we'll let it go through, but call and confirm with Fox Store.

I call Fox Store and THEY say it was declined and I should try again. So I try again and GUESS WHAT THE SITE SAYS? "This person already has an order in" *headdesk* She says she will forward it on to corporate.

I call my credit card again, juuuuust in case I misunderstood. They explain that after I called, they let the order go through so it should be alright.

So I call Fox Store again, to see if maybe it shows up in the system now as okay. And here is the issue - SINCE the item is a pre-order, Fox Store does a Pre-Auth on the card to check for funds...BUT since this is a special Comic Con thing, they also need to charge my card right then to...so what do the computers at my credit card see? 2 CHARGES in the space of a minute.

She tried to clear my account with Fox Store yet again, to see if I could try again, but no dice. She said she will try to call me back, but she was leaving soon, and to maybe try again in an hour to re-purchase it. She's sent all of my info on to their "corporate" office so hopefully it will get fixed. UGH!


Fox, on the other hand, needs to stop underestimating the power of Whedon fans and prepare for these things. You put a limited quantity of anything online, people will go for it.

I will update you more on the continuing saga of me trying to give Fox money and them refusing (because I know you're on the edge of your seat!)
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So, after hearing several people flail over the goodness that is Avatar:The Last Airbender (I blame [livejournal.com profile] snarkel for convincing me to finally add it to my Netflix queue) I caved and watched the first episode...and the second...and the third and fourth. I REALLY like it. I'm not a fan of anime, but it's not really anime, is it? It's like this weird mix of anime storytelling conventions but with a very Disneyfied/Western style that appeals to me. I love the sense of humor and the rich story that I can already tell is forming beneath it all. Again, the Netflix/Xbox360 deal really pays off for me. I'm going to watch an episode with breakfast every day. :D

The only anime I've watched multiple times is Princess Mononoke. I tried to watch Spirited Away - tried twice actually - and for some reason it always makes me naseous. I think it's just my poor Western brain trying to handle the Eastern cultural stuff. I think it overloads. Sad but true. I might try Ponyo if it gets good reviews.

Speaking of new fandoms, I watched the first episode of s4 of SPN today. I have a couple questions from the past season though - specifically to do with Ruby's Knife. Because they talks so much in the first few seasons about how demons were possessing bodies and how the person was trapped inside and you should try to save them blah blah blah - but doesn't stabbing them in the throat with a knife effectively kill the demon AND the person dead? They were pretty free wheelin' with the knife by the end of the season and I felt a bit conflicted about how they were no longer conflicted. Whatev, I'm just hoping to be caught up by September.

The Dollhouse Blu-Ray saga seems to be at an end. I placed a new order tonight and quickly called my credit card to say "OMG LET IT GO THRU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!!!!" which they said it did. I got a confirmation e-mail and unless I get some sort of paniced phone call/email from Fox Store tomorrow, I'm going to assume that this story is over until my friend comes back from Comic Con.

Miralce "Mellie" Laurie will be in Baltimore on Saturday at Shore Leave...and I have to work. :( I wonder how many people will ask her about vases...

I found my old Pandora log-in, so I'm reviving that account so I can use the iPhone app, which everyone says is far superior to the last.fm app. I spent a good chunk of time tonight bookmarking my favorite artists of the moment.

My rl friends and I need to pick our Harry Potter theater. I can't believe the premiere is next week!!! I have a feeling we'll just end up at Arundel Mills or West Nursery because our favorite midnight theater, The Senator, is no longer a first run theater. So sad. It won't be the same. Still, we have to see it at MIDNIGHT! I don't care what kind of shape I am in on Wednesday, I will be running on Harry Potter fueled adreniline. I wasn't in love with OotP, but HBP is HBP - it is meant to be seen on the big screen!

Alright, time for bed. Gotta read the next chapter in THE STRAIN and see if the vampires show up...though since it is a trilogy, I'm starting to get a bit concerned I might have to wait until 2010 to see some serious vamp action...

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