Oct. 13th, 2009

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Well, I meant to do stuff today, I really did. We had our Staff In-Service day at the library, and since there is no real money to do much of anything, they pretty much just did some little speeches and sent us on our way at 12:30.

But instead of doing anything productive when I got home, I opted to play a few hours of Lego Batman (which I had not played as much as I thought I had) and then we took a break for dinner, and then I got sucked into Sims 3.

My Sims 3 game has a glitch though - I had a really large family and I split them up and switched "active households" to the older sister and her little brother (they moved out because mom had the fertility bonus and was popping out twins and it got too crazy). Anyway, ever since we moved out of the house, the brother hasn't retained any of his traits. He's a teenager and should have about 5 traits, but he just has the two he started with as a child. I decided he was "special". He wants to be a rock star, so I'm just going with that right now. Also found out that his girlfriend is always tired because when she grew up into a teen, her parents never bothered to buy her or her brother a bed - they still have the crib. Hm, bug or major oversite?

FOX annouced that they will air all 13 episodes of Dollhouse this season! Yay! I doubt it will get renewed but at least that means Joss can write a bit of an ending (he commented in an interview that he would try to provide some closure...we can all connect the dots to Epitaph 1).

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I haven't been as enamored with Dollhouse as I have been with his other shows. Granted, it's still better than most of what is on TV, but for a Joss show, it is falling short. Whedon shows evolve each episode and characters change and learn from their mistakes. But, because of what the Dollhouse is, our main characters are not learning - or, at least, not very quickly. We've had 15 episodes of build up now, waiting for Echo to finally break free. I feel like it should have happened already. I still look forward to the show every week, but it's not like Buffy, Angel, or Firefly where you can feel the over-all vision. I feel like Dollhouse is still struggling to find it's goal and after 15 episodes, we should be on more solid ground. Joss should have known this would be it, FOX clearly renewed the show because it was afraid we would torch the studio if they didn't give it a second season. But they've done their duty, they can't say they didn't try, and the vibe I am getting from what I've read makes me think there is a very very tiny slim chance that they would consider picking it up again for any more episodes.

Also, it is cold here. It's like Mother Nature looked at her watch this morning, still groggy from sleeping in after such a nice day on Sunday, and she was like "OMG WTF OCTOBER! COLDNESS!" and it was sooooooo chilly today. A bit chillier than necessary I say, I think she over-reacted. Save that cold for Halloween, so Superman can wear his cape AND coat.

And on that note, I'm going to bed!


Oct. 13th, 2009 07:28 pm
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Harry Potter Ultimate Editions on blu-ray. OMG these look awesome!!!!! Now, I would probably only get years 1-3 because I haven't even rewatched my dvds of 4 & 5 yet. But still HOMG! Look at the pictures of wittle Baby!Daniel, Baby!Rupert, and Baby!Emma in the video. So adorable. Plus, 5 hours of extras *drool* I'm such a "special features" junkie.

Up in the air about Lego Rock Band. The setlist is full of some guilty pleasure goodness (P!NK, Boys Like Girls) plus the frakkin' Ghostbusters song. Best part is, for what I'm sure will be a small fee (my guess is $5, like RB1) you can transfer all of the Lego RB songs to your Xbox harddrive and play them in normal Rock Band.

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