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Aug. 5th, 2007 10:19 pm
orangerful: (i'm mrs nesbit // orangerful)
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well, I've done...not a whole lot today. I woke up around 11:30, watched an old Colbert Report while I ate blueberry muffins. Took a shower (the pink hair spray washed out really easily!) and lounged around a bit. Then I ran over to Target and got a black t-shirt and some puffy fabric paint to make my Weird Sisters t-shirt for tomorrow. I also drank one Mike's Hard Lime and a margarita, which slowed down my t-shirt productivity a bit (but did make me worry less about it). While working on the t-shirt, I watched the first Harry Potter. When I finished that, I popped in LotR: FotR - which, of course, I'm still watching now.

btw - if you watch the first Harry Potter and then pop in LotR, you begin to notice way too many similarities, mostly between Sauron and Voldemort. I prefer Sauron as a villian, he's just evil. That's it. He doesn't have any committees, or government re-structuring. He's just evil. 24/7, just wants to take over the world 100%. If it wasn't for his jewelry fetish, things would have gone nicely for him. But, alas, he loved goooooooooooold....rings.

I also have to laugh because, when I babysat Skylor, I remember him freaking out during the first 5 minutes of 'Oliver & Company'. Now, he watches LotR on a regular basis. BWahahahaha! I can't wait to scar show lil' Max these movies. Of course, I guess it's at least 5 years before he can even pretend to handle such things :\ *sigh*

My t-shirt is drying. I managed to get both sides done, hopefully it will be wearable tomorrow. The front says "Weird Sisters" and has a crudely drawn witch hat and guitar. The back says "1994 Wizard Tour" and lists a few random places from the books. (according to the HP Lexicon, 1994 was the year GoF happened, so I included Hogwarts on the tour!) I'll wait a couple hours and take the hairdryer out and see if I can help it along.

I'm so excited about our program tomorrow. I bet I can't fall asleep. And when I do finally fall asleep, I bet I have some sort of "OMGLIBRARYONFIRE" kind of dream. Because my brain is evil.

Galadriel's handing out gifts, I must go now (I <3 Cate Blanchett. I watched 'Elizabeth' again this month, hadn't seen it since it first came out on DVD, forgot out fantastic it is. Plus, my uncle once said he thought I sorta looked like her, so I have to love her hehe).
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