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Tim bought this game during a STEAM sale a month or so ago and powered through it. He was far braver than me, sitting int he dark with his headphones on. When he finished it, he insisted I play it next so we could discuss it (STEAM has an awesome "family share" system so I can access games he has purchased).

I started the game on April 30th and just finished it up today. It wasn't actually very long, I took a break after the first day, didn't pick it up again for another 12 days, playing an hour here and there when I could find it.

If you like games that focus on storytelling, puzzles, and that are about more than just shooting things, SOMA is for you. It is sci-fi/horror, but nothing as intense as, say, Resident Evil. It is made by a small Swedish studio, Frictional Games, but they didn't need the big budget from someone like EA to create a beautiful game that will stay with you for a long time after you finish it.

Now, you will get spooked. You will get chased. You will jump a few times. There is more actual gameplay here than a Telltale game like Walking Dead, which is more about conversation choices and quick time events. But there is so much story to discover, to put together the pieces of what has happened and what will happen, that you can't stop playing.

Definitely add it to your Steam/PS4 wishlist (not on xbox, boo!) and grab it next time there is a sale. It's not the longest game ever, but you'll be thinking about it after you've stopped playing.

Has anyone else played this? What did you think?

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Date: 2017-05-22 03:34 pm (UTC)
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I might have to check it out. I love Telltale storytelling games, but I dislike their "quicktime events" you so aptly named.

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