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I've seen everyone post the Kate McKinnon singing bit and Chappelle's monologue, but I hadn't seen this one.

TOO REAL! It's funny and depressing at the same time.
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Reviews are starting to come out for Batman V Superman and, not surprising anyone, it's is overly serious, no fun, and pretty much typical of what DC has been giving us on the big screen for the past decade.

I'm guessing that this Jimmy Kimmel skit is more enjoyable than the entire film. And I don't even LIKE Jimmy Kimmel!

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Finally got Bridge of Spies from the library!!! Checking it out to watch this weekend but I'm worried it won't be able to live up to the Jimmy Fallon bit:

DST has thrown off everything, my head has been bothering me for the past two days, sorry for lack of replies/comments!
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Oh, this country. We are so screwed up, it's hilarious.
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We (the library) made a music video. I am the total spaz in the back row. I make weird faces. I swear I was singing, it looks like I'm lip-syncing but I'm not!

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This may be the best thing to come out of Comic-Con this weekend. :-) I might actually pay to watch it LOL. <3 <3 <3
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I watched this video at work with no sound and it was funny, just as funny with sound.

Girl pranks brother through-out 2014 with "selfie" video.

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You can stream the upcoming Imogen Heap album on NPR! (hm...just realized this is probably only for US Residents...sorry for teasing you if that is the case. I love Imogen and I'm already enjoying this new album!)

In other music news, Bastille also posted a new track streaming -- bad_news

And now for something completely different - EW!

I <3 Jimmy Fallon
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If you have not seen this gorgeous piece of animation, watch it now. It's beautiful. **tears at the beauty of it all**
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In other news - it's freakin' 64 degrees out. SIXTY FOUR! IN JANUARY! IN MARYLAND! WTF! WHY DO I EVEN OWN SWEATERS!

*sigh* not gonna get any snow days any time soon if this keeps up. :-\

Hobbit 18!

Jan. 22nd, 2013 12:28 am
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I enjoyed 'The Hobbit' but this SNL parody pretty much sums up my feelings about WTF IS GONNA HAPPEN THAT WILL FILL TWO MORE MOVIES!

My favorite quote? "There is no one in this realm named TODD!"

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OMG this song came on while we were driving today and I was having all kinda of flashbacks. I think my Dad bought this album on cassette (CASSETTE OMG) and I remember it was a *white* cassette and I used to listen to the whole album all the time and dance around.

I still know all the words even though it's probably been 20 years since I listened to this song...seriously.


([ profile] faeriesfolly - you could totally cosplay Tiffany LOL! Let's get you a denim jacket for your next Con LOL!)

I listened to this album an embarrassing amount. I have a very clear memory of dancing around my friends WATER BED to this album...I think I accidentally cracked the case while we were dancing and I was so upset. LOL aw man...she did a terrible cover of "I Saw Her Standing There", which I didn't know was a cover until much later **shameful I know**
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Dancing Joseph Gordon-Levitt is always a good thing :)
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Rowan Atkinson is always awesome. Thank you to [ profile] ragdoll for posting about the ceremonies so I could just google the parts relevant to my interests.

(I'm avoiding the clip of Macca singing "Hey Jude" as I heard it was really painful...)
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So, I had this whole blog in my mind, about the nature of friendship, relationships, the Internet...but it's too late and I'm tired so here is the new Gotye video.

You're welcome.

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I know the demo comes out next week, on Valentine's Day, no less (I <3 you too Bioware) but I'm torn about playing the demo. I think I'd rather wait until we can truly be together forever!

We'll see how resistant I am next week though ;-)
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I <3 Kristen

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