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Jul. 10th, 2013 12:10 pm
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Here it comes...Convention season is about to hit full swing and I don't have a single one on my calendar.

I mean, I've been to SDCC, I *know* it's a crazy insane wilderness where half the stuff you see covered online are things that you, as a normal person, would never be able to gain access to anyway. But still...once those tweets and blog posts start showing up, I'm going to be like "OH I WANT TO BE THERE"

Or at least somewhere like it.

Not going to Dragon*Con this year either. I'm hoping that we can make that an every-other-year event. The only person I'm really sad I won't get to meet is Amy Acker but I'm crossing my fingers that, like most of the guests, she has so much fun she comes back for more D*C in the future.

I might try to go to Baltimore Comic-Con or Shore Leave but those Cons are so tiny and I tend to go to these things to meet the celebrities and hear them talk and neither of them have anyone I'm rabid over right now. But still, it might make a fun outting on a Saturday.
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YAY! Girls Like Robots is finally out!!!!!!! I saw this at PAX East 2012's Indie Booth and LOVED it. Been waiting and waiting and FINALLY got an email yesterday saying it was available. So I went to download it immediately and...

I was 3 cents short on my iTunes account. THREE CENTS!

COME ON APPLE! Gimme 3 cents, you know I'm good for it! No, of course, I had to charge 3 cents to my card to get it. *facepalm*.

It was worth it though, played for 40 minute last night and had a lot of fun trying to keep the girls, robots, and nerds happy.

I love that the nerd goes "SQUEE!" when you sit him next to a girl LOL! If you've got 99 cents and an iPhone/iPad, I say get it. :) Support Indie games! (Android is coming soon, they say)

In other geeky news, Her Universe is doing free shipping this month on orders of $50 or more and I'm debating what to get to wear on Halloween since I work that day. I don't think my Dragon*Con corset is really appropriate for the library since it shows a bit of skin, even with the RenFest shirt under it. So I'm debating if I should get the Princess Leia hoodie or the Uhura shirt...or both. I dunno. I want to get the Halloween bag because it is adorbs. (I'd love to get the TARDIS dress but I have a bad feeling it will not fit me since it's Hot Topic Tiny.)

I WILL wear my corset this Sunday when we go to RenFest...need to dive in to my closet and find my undershirt. Won't be historically accurate but it's a start. :) [ profile] maybedeadcat will have to tie me in to the thing as he is the only one who was there when I bought it and knows the trick to it -- what? I was super busy and never did my Dragon*Con post?? YES I FINALLY BOUGHT A CORSET! I tried on a few and I ended up getting the silk one instead of leather. I got it from Ms. Martha's Corset Shoppe. Ms. Martha was there and she tied me in to the get-up. It was like something out of a cartoon, I could feel her tugging and pullng. She asked me "are your boobs where you want them?" I was like "uuuh, I guess" and she said "cuz I can put them anywhere you want" LOL! Yeah. I do like it though, I'm glad I got the solid blue. I had picked out a checkered one but it was not as flattering. And I went with the over-the-bust because the others just didn't look comfortable to me. So, yeah, I have a corset now after years of wanting one. :)

Speaking of D*C, I did not manage to book a room before EVERY HOTEL was booked...but maybe it's a sign to try something new this year. I did manage to get tickets to PAX East, but that's nowhere near as expensive since we crash with [ profile] bittertwee while we are up there. It's the hotel fee that gets ya!
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So it appears I might have over 200 photos from Dragon*Con since I let Mathew take pictures with my regular point-and-click and I used my iPhone...not to mention what [ profile] maybedeadcat took with his phone. Yikes! haha. Uploading them to Flickr now, then the fun task of going through and adding titles and descriptions! But I'm sure looking through them will help me remember. :)

Apparently D*C changed their policy for next year and they are no longer allowing badge transfers. I really don't doubt that I will attend next year but it makes me think twice about ordering my badge right now. I dunno...I want to make sure i can get in to a hotel *before* I buy a badge. But the price will have gone up by $10 by then... Gah, suddenly all so complicated!!!

Need to get to bed now but had coffee at like 9pm haha. Work tomorrow, then packing for my trip. Nervous about flying alone but it's not like I havent' done it before. It's always a bit scary though, sitting next to random people. I will just play with my iPad or read my book or what have you.

Right, sleep, I need to do that!
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Driving home now! So much to talk about! Had so much fun with [ profile] faeriesfolly, [ profile] maybedeadcat and Mathew! Plus got to spend some irl time with [ profile] jellibean.

Until then, here is a photo from the 28th floor of the Marriott, Atlanta.

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Holy crap, Khal Drogo Jason Momoa was just confirmed for Dragon*Con! I will have to try to get his autograph for [ profile] heiland_coo. Or at least wave at him. That's so crazy.

You know, people think librarians read all the time, but I have not FINISHED a book (well a chapter book, I've read tons of picture books) in MONTHS. I just...I lost my groove. I think it was after Everybody Sees the Ants. I just cannot find a book that grabbed me the way that story did. Every book I pick up, I'm like "meh" and then I get bored and play a video game or read a blog and then it's 1am.

We watched "Fright Night" and "The Artist" over the weekend. Both were enjoyable, though I doubt I would watch either of them again. Colin Farell did make a good vampire though and OMG David Tennant was hilarious. I was a bit disappointed by Marti Noxon's script - I guess I expected more from a Whedon alum. More quirky humor and snark. It had it's moments but was just okay.

"The Artist" was just "Singin' in the Rain" but the reverse. Instead of a musical about silent film actors dealing with talkies it was a silent film about an actor dealing with talkies. I thought it was sweet but it didn't do anything for me. I am surprised it won best picture but perhaps it was just the charm of the two leads, who were so great in OSS 117 (which I spazzed about earlier this month).

OH! And if you pre-ordered Hunger Games on DVD, check your disc! Apparently a bunch of them are screwed up. All the copies we had ordered for the library had to be returned to the merchant. Ugh. That wait list is gonna be crazy! I'm going to wait for Santa to bring me the blu-ray because I don't need to see it again right now...but I would like to own it.

I did break down and pre-order Jaws on blu-ray. And yesterday I saw that Community Season 3 had dropped to $20 so I pre-ordered that because the Community seasons seem to stay about $20 after they come out. For some insane reason, Happy Endings season 2 was like $35! WTF! Crazy. So is Cabin in the Woods but that won't be out until Sept so I'm hoping the price will drop after a month.

I think I'm going to get Cabin and maybe Poltergeist and have a not-so-scary Halloween viewing party this year.

Okay, going to paint my nails some random Hunger Games color ("Mahogany Magic") then get to bed. I meant to do things tonight but instead i just played Sims Social and chatted online with friends. Which is doing something, I guess but still...
orangerful: (Default) was just announced this week that Gillian "Dana Scully" Anderson will be one of the guests at this year's Dragon*Con

Time for my to ramble a bit about my first fandom, my first girl crush, and how unbelievabley uncool I was in high school

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First bit of awesome coming out of Comic-Con today -- Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrive Universal Remote. Oh yeah, I'd buy that! Wonder how ridiculous the price will be...I don't really care though. I MUST HAVE IT! Seriously, between this and the Kinect, I will not be living in a Sci-Fi universe in my home! Waving my arms, talking to the screen. GEEK!JOY!

Speaking of Geek!Joy, I haven't read any Star Wars comic books since probably the 1990s, but this announcement that Brian Wood (DMZ, Local) is going to do a run makes me go HM?????? I may have to check in to these. OMG!

This is just making me more excited for Dragon*Con. I think I might attempt to throw together a Leela outfit since [ profile] maybedeadcat sorta has a basic Fry outfit. (I'm probably spelling those names wrong...I'm very new to Futurama). I'd love to have a Dr. Girlfriend outfit, I've watched more Venture Bros. than Futurama, but I doubt I can throw hers together from a single trip to Kohls.

Just saw this AWESOME Rainbow Dash hoodie on ThinkGeek. She's not my favorite but...OMFG IT HAS WINGS!!!!!!

Was on hold with my cable company so I could get my promotional rate renewed and the message kept saying "Please hold the line". "Hold the line?" Isn't that what they say in military shows when the enemy army is attacking? I kept having these weird flashes of Band of Brothers type guys yelling "HOLD THE LINE!"

okay, I need to eat something before I go to work. We've got the magician summer show today (I so want to ask him if he does tricks or ILLUSIONS!) which means it will be hella crazy with kids when I get there. Going to need food in my belly if I'm going to face the crowds.
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Dammit, I've been to SDCC, I know how insane it is and how you spend more time standing in line to see a 45 minute panel than you do in the panel (and you have to choose between seeing one panel over 4 others because of the standing in line-ness) but all these damn tweets and tumblr posts are getting me excited for SDCC again!

I think I just have Con fever...wish it was closer to September. DRAGON*CON IS THE BEST CON EVAR!

Finished up Season 3 of Venture Bros. tonight. Only one season left. NO IDEA what the heck is going to happen. But I never do with that show, it's the most randomest of shows.

Been listening to Overexposed, the new Maroon 5 CD, while driving to work. It's okay, but Hands All Over was better and it's not as good as the first two. I swear, two of the songs sound EXACTLY the same and they are BACK TO BACK! "Lady Killer" and "Fortune Teller" - how did they not hear this????? Also, Adam Levine sounds like Lady Gaga in "Tickets". It def. is the most poppy album ever, and I understand what they meant by that now. I think "Man Who Never Lied", "Lucky Strike" and "Beautiful Goodbye" are my favorites from the album.

I was also thinking how silly "Payphone" is for even existing. I mean, ARE there any payphones anymore??? Shouldn't it be called "cellphone" and instead of the "change" wasted it should be like "minutes" or "data" or something. I dunno, I was just amused by that because every time I see a payphone now I feel like I've found some exotic animal and I want to take a photo to document it's existence.

You know what album really surprised me? The new John Mayer CD. I really liked it a lot. Of course, I barely listened to Battle Studies because...well, it was terrible. I feel like Born and Raised, while not his best, sounds more like the John Mayer I used to drive 4 hours to see (okay, that was sort of a mistake...I didn't realize how far away Pittsburgh was...who knew Pennsylvania was so fucking WIDE!???) But the guitar sounds good, John's vocals are strong, and the songs are clearly personal but not personalized to the ponit of being difficult to identify with (which was my issue with Battle Studies, it felt too specific, like an airing of grievances set to music).

Wow, this turned in to a music post, huh? I bought the Kimbra CD on a whim but really have not given it the attention it deserves. I really like her voice, but I tend to only listen to "Settle Down" then I start doing something else and then the album is over. I will make a point to listen to that one in the car next. Captive audience.'s already midnight and I wanted to get a few rounds of Jetpack Joyride in before bedtime. (seriously, that game is addictive fun. It is my current "one. more. turn." game. AND IT'S FREE!)
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omg it's only 73 more days until Dragon*Con! So close and yet so far away.

I have to say, conventions are amazing things. I've never been to a work-related convention because the idea just boggles my mind, but fandom related conventions are love.

As a fan of so many cult shows, even major cults like Buffy or Star Wars, it's not easy to know when you can bring up your fandoms and not get a weird look. I wear my geekiness with pride on a daily basis, but the days are few and far between when some one acknowledges their presence (like today, I had a young man ask me if there was a new Star Wars book out because he saw all my pins on my badge...and one of our teen volunteers complimented me on my Greendale Community College lanyard)

Conventions are different. They are gatherings of people who are like me - people who love one (or more) silly things so much and they want to express that love and talk about it with like-minded individuals. It doesn't matter who you are standing in line with, chances are they know at least a few Monty Python lines, will get a LOL CATS reference, and might even be able to sing along with you to a Weird Al song.

It's funny, you'd think that going to a convention would make someone feel less special because instead of being the odd geek out, they are one of many. But it is just not the case because of the wide range of people you meet at these events. I swear, no two people experience the same convention. It doesn't matter if it is D*C or SDCC - there is so much going on.

So, if you've ever said to yourself "I should go to such and such a Con someday" make that someday now. They are just so much fun. They are even more fun with friends but I explored a lot of SDCC and my first PAX totally solo and I had a wonderful time mingling with people from all over. I love the way that pop culture can bring so many people together. <3

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YES - FINALLY - I know you have been on the edge of your frakkin SEAT waiting for this post! Now you can read about my super fabulous awesome weekend at Dragon*Con!!!

In bullet point format to keep it from being too TL;DR.

-- I found the billboards on 75 to be the perfect representation of the evolution of a relationship. There are signs for kinky "adult" stores and then two miles down, there is a whole "bring the kids to the peach farm" signs, and also a nice selection of antique store signs. That about covers it haha.

-- Made it to Atlanta safe and sound, gave the car to the valet. While unloading my axe, they accidentally snapped it in two. I almost cried, but [ profile] faeriesfolly packed duct tape and saved the day...and the valet had an accident in the garage and busted [ profile] maybedeadcat's taillight!!!!! ARGH!!!! Luckily, we didn't get the message until later that day so it didn't ruin our Thursday night. Just our Friday morning.

-- Went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner on Thursday. When I went with [ profile] faeriesfolly back in 2009, this is where we ate and we found out about the collectible pins. I bought a set and we split them so she has one dragon and I have the other. I wanted to do something similar, but this year I was not just attending with her, but also with [ profile] maybedeadcat. But, as luck would have it, since it was the 25th Anniversary of D*C, they had a special 3-pin boxed set!!! Totally a sign. I bought it and gave two of the pins to my friends -- the set is only complete when we are together!

-- Texting [ profile] jellibean as we wandered the floor in the Marriott and being told that she was "near the Dalek" -- I knew I was at Dragon*Con when that text was totally logical.

-- Also, it was SO FRAKKIN AWESOME TO STAY IN THE MARRIOTT!! THANK YOU [ profile] jellibean!!!!!!

-- Friday, made a b-line for the Her Universe booth and snagged the Cylon necklace and Yoda t-shirt.

-- Went to the first Buffy panel which included Eliza Dushku, Nicholas Brendan, Mercedes McNab, Felicia Day, Julie Benz, and Clare Kramer. It was a little awkward, they really needed a moderator. Felicia did a good job of trying to keep it moving. Eliza is clearly a sweetheart. Julie Benz and Clare Kramer are adorable and I would be happy just to listen to the two of them babble all day about whatever. Mercedes seemed really shy, Nicholas seemed sort of disinterested. Still, it was fun.

-- Went back to the hotel room later that day and [ profile] faeriesfolly began the process of turning me into FRAY. Phase one, spray painting my hair BLACK. We made quite a mess. [ profile] maybedeadcat documented it for me.

-- Took FRAY to the streets for the Buffy sing-along. Actually had one person identify my character which made me happy. :)

-- Buffy Sing-a-Long was a lot of fun, but I always like singing those songs with a whole crowd of fans. Doctor Horrible was better though, the stage show was tighter and the actors seemed to be more confident. Hilarious thing was the lady sitting next to me. She started chatting with me as they set up the Doctor Horrible show. She was babbling about meeting someone in line and then was like "I'm commemorating this show with some Firefly tea! Do you know what that is?" And I was all innocent and was like "what is it?" and she revealed she was sipping some sort of alcoholic beverage while we were sitting there LOL! Just cracked me up! She did compliment my singing she must have been pretty tipsy ;-)

-- Wandered back to the hotel, going up the escalator we reach the top and I see King Arthur come galloping by, and hearing the faint sound of coconuts being banged together I watched in pure geek joy as he rode by along with Sir Galahad, Patsy, some ladies from Castle Anthrax, and a monk carrying the holy hand grenade.

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I just want you all to know that 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes' was better than it had any right to be and *might* be my favorite movie of the summer.


Yeah, I did not see that coming. I'll type something more descriptive up later...

Ugh, why did I even agree to work at all this week?????? I can't even focus on typing this blog entry without thinking "OMG DRAGONCON!!!!!!!*


Can't wait to see [ profile] maybedeadcat's reaction to the madness!

Can't wait to hang out with [ profile] faeriesfolly and giggle about all the awesomeness we will see!

Can't wait to actually SEE [ profile] jellibean and give her loves of HUGS because it's been too long!

Can't wait to MEET [ profile] starbuck92 for reals!!!!!! I love meeting my LJ friends :)

Speaking of -- [ profile] wicked0witch, did you want to exchange contact info or should I just attempt to pick you out of the crowd of Amy Ponds during Saturday night's showing of Doctor Who?

AH! It's MIDNIGHT!! My iPhone alarm just went off to tell me that DRAGON CON IS CLOSE!!!!!!!!!

Okay, need to get sleep, need to rest up so I'm ready for the weekend of NO SLEEP up ahead.

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First an EARTHQUAKE, now a HURRICANE! What a frakkin' WEEK!!!!!!

I just don't want the power to go out before Doctor Who !!!!!

OMG DRAGON CON IS IN 5 DAYS! I seriously cannot concentrate or think beyond that right now. I keep trying to do other stuff (you know, work, clean the apartment etc.) but my brain is just "AAAAAAH!"

I should create a packing list of some kind...

I'm just taking my Starbuck and Fray costumes...not sure which to wear on what day...I'm only going to dress as Fray for a few hours because that damn hair spray makes my head itchy! It makes my hair hard as a rock too so I don't think I want it in there all day. Also packing a nice collection of geek t-shirts for when I'm not being either of those ladies. Debating on whether I should attempt to cram my tauntaun sleeping bag into [ profile] maybedeadcat's would be fun to run in the race but it would mean less room for goodies on the way home and I already have quite the shopping list:

Her Universe t-shirts
Jason Palmer print
QMX Firefly prints
other random cool impulse purchases that are bound to occur

oh yeah, and I need to leave room for stuff that [ profile] maybedeadcat might want to buy too! LOL!

Also, I am LOVING Spotify...just such an awesome service. I love that I can share playlists (here's my hurricane/rainy mix I just threw together). If anyone still needs an invite, I think I have some, though [ profile] maybedeadcat and [ profile] simontrueheart snagged one with no problem just by submitting their email...

okay okay back to whatever I was doing before I started this entry...
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16 days!!!!!!!!!

After searching and failing to find a wig that met my needs, I ordered 3 cans of black hair spray last night plus some purple hair clips in the hopes of being able to pull off Fray hair on D*C. I paid for ground shipping so hopefully they will arrive BEFORE the event. Shipping was more than the damn spray but none of the party city stores near me had it in stock so I figured the $6 shipping was probably equivalent to the amount of gas money that would have been spent driving all over to find spray.

On an unrelated note - tumblr is sort of annoying me. I think the issue is that so many of the tumblr's I follow are fandom related so it's like fandom with no filter of blogging or comments, just statements and they just annoy me. I'm growing tired of Harry Potter/Pottermore posting to the point that, while I was sort of "meh" about HP before, I'm beginning to HATE HP. I know it's not HP's fault, but still...gah, the books were just okay people. The first three were fun and then JK's editor apparently died because after that they get long and ridiculous and that seventh book? Blah.

And the Doctor Who wank?? Jeebus, people do understand that the ACTORS who played the Doctors left because they wanted to go and do other things, they were not forced off at gun point. I'm so frakkin sick of the Rose this Rose that Moffat sucks blah blah blah. Why are you watching if you don't like it??? Gah, like I said, it's because people just post images and statements, it's not like on here when actual thought is put into explaining their problems with the show.

Ummmmmmmm yes I had a couple beers when I got home, played some WoW with [ profile] simontrueheart (yes, I'm back on the will probably last until the Star Wars MMORPG comes out and who the hell knows when that will be! Even BIOWARE won't say, WTF?)....I think I'm going to put on a DVD now and play in photoshop because I haven't made any graphics in AGES and it's just sad. Need to use that side of my brain...


EDIT: posted some icons to [ profile] orangerfulboxes :)
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Trying to get some costume ideas together. Right now, I'm trying to decide if I can pull off a Buffy outfit. Mostly it would be wears jeans, a nice top, and then putting on my cross necklace, claddaugh ring, and carrying a stake.

If I get REALLY motivated, I'm going to try to make a slayer scythe. Nothing screen worthy, but at least something I could carry around to ID me as Buffy.

Of course, if I can pull that off, I might try the next step and get a Fray costume together. She would require a teensy bit more, depending on which outfit I go with. ([ profile] faeriesfolly, I would need you to do the lip scar for me) I always wanted to do the orange cargo pants outfit but damned if those are not hard to find on the cheap! Might just use the same pants I plan to use for me...

Starbuck costume. Have not actually added much to this since last July, but I was thinking of getting a cigar to chomp on since that's pretty trademark.

I've also got this idea to make some t-shirts. You know how Captain Hammer and Doctor Horrilbe have their little fan groups in the show? Well, who got left out of that fun and who will be at Dragon*Con? EXACTLY - Felicia Day! So, I was thinking of making t-shirts (or at least the iron on image) and having myself, [ profile] faeriesfolly and [ profile] maybedeadcat all wear them on the same day and go get a photo with Felicia that day. Because Penny needs love too!

[ profile] jellibean also had the brilliant suggestion of Arthur Dent which I really want to do because HHGTTG is my favorite book of all time. [ profile] maybedeadcat said I can borrow his bathrobe, then I just need a towel. And maybe an empty tea cup. And I'd probably decorate my iPhone to look like the guide. My mom suggested getting some sort of bluetooth device and making it look like a babel fish in my ear. I love my mom.

Mom also suggested dressing up like the Mom in "A Christmas Story" and carrying a bar of Life Boy soap and a pot roast LOL!

So, yeah, some time this week/month I need to go to Michaels and see if I can find some craft supplies to help me at least make a prop stake :)
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So I've convinced [ profile] andy_wolverton that he has to come with me to Dragon*Con next year so we were brainstorming costume ideas because that is half the fun (plus, I figure if I start planning now I might see some random stuff between now and then and make some costumes). Anyway, here are some outfits I'd like to have for next year:

Wichita from Zombieland ([ profile] andy_wolverton said he'll try to get a Talahassee outfit together, [ profile] faeriesfolly you could be Little Rock...or just a zombie LOL!)

River Song from not sure which episode yet. Sort of tempted to pick "Silence in the Library so I have an excuse to buy her Sonic Screwdriver but something tells me I could probably find the camo-suit she wore in 'Flesh & Stone' pretty easily ([ profile] andy_wolverton said he would be The Doctor and [ profile] faeriesfolly can perfect her Amy outfit)

Jesse from Toy Story - I don't think this would be too hard to pull off, she's just a cowgirl. Maybe make a wig from some red yarn...

Starbuck - because the outfit is pretty much there already

I'd love to do a Splicer or Little Sister outfit. Seems like they would just require getting a dress from a pawn shop and messing it up a bit. Then making a mask. Maybe there will be more screenshots from BioShock Infinite and I can make someone from that game...

So many ideas!!!! Wish I knew how to sew (or had the patience/attention span to sew). Maybe I could get a really simple pattern and set up the machine in front of the TV...keep my brain occupied.
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Well, I wore Morgan out and by Sunday morning, she needed to give her tootsies some TLC. Being Dr Saunders is SRS BZNS and her toes were not quite ready for the job. So I let her hang out in the room and take care of her feet while I played around in the hotels.

For Sunday, I put on my khaki pants, green tank top, and Yoda backpack - yes, my super-ghetto Luke-in-Training "costume" (I use that term VERY loosely).

I don't remember how it happened, but I ended up at the Walk of Fame. Felicia was there and I decided that this was it, this was going to be the day I got her autograph!!!! I got in the loooooong line and waited (did I mention she was the queen of DC? Because she was, once again she was one of the few with a long wait - I think Tom Felton and James Marsters were here only equals that day).

Anyway, I had my Froggy photo from the day before in my little Yoda folder. I was feeling pretty good. People kept walking by and saying "whose line is this?" and we'd all say "Felicia Day!!!!!" like happy fanboys and girls. They would respond with a "who?" and then we'd take their DragonCon badges away and have them escorted out and then we'd all exclaim a different thing - "DR HORRIBLE!" "THE GUILD!" "BUFFY!" "GEEK GODDESS!" (that last one was ususally me). The lady behind me in line was very chatty and nice, telling me about how her husband and her watch The Guild and use it as a way of guaging their crazy for WoW. She said she had to tell Felicia about that.

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omg, sorry I haven't posted the second update. I meant to get these all over at once and then work was just overwhelming with all the stuff I needed to do after being out for pretty much 2 weeks. Then I got distracted by Beatles Rock Band....



Set the alarm on Saturday so we could get up and watch the parade! The Dragon*Con parade is a chance for costumers to show off their favorite fandom and march through the streets of Atlanta. Everything from Trekkers to Losties, to Stargate Marines to Aliens and Predators, and all the Steampunk you can eat. Crazy stuff. [ profile] jellibean represented in her deckhand outfit. The modded cars were really cool too - there was a pirate ship, a Beyond-Thunderdome looking truck with a machine gun in the back, and a Klingon bird of prey.

After the parade ended, we quickly headed down to the hotels to get in line for the Battlestar Galactica panel. [ profile] jellibean switched places with [ profile] faeriesfolly (because Morgan has not seen BSG! Can you believe this? tsk tsk) so she could avoid major spoilers. The panel included Michael "Tigh" Hogan, Mary "Roslin" McDonnell, Michael "Sam" Trucco, Allessandro "Gaeta" Juliani, Kate "Ellen" Vernon, and Luciana "Kat" Carro. Some of the questions were of the painful fanboy *headdesk* type ("Would you vote for Laura Roslin if she ran for President of the United States?" "If all that stuff in season 3 had never happened, how do you think the show would have ended?") but the cast did a good job of handling them all. My favorite question was the "what was your favorite line you got to say" - Hogan went with "It's in the FRAKKIN' SHIP!" and McDonnell bellowed "I'm coming for ALL OF YOU!" and Carro went with the "Starbuck, my cup runneth dry"...

Then someone got the mic and asked "What happened to that really hot guy that played the Chief?" and everyone turned around and saw it was Aaron Douglas! The cast played along, of course, with lots of " don't know who you're talking about" but Douglas hopped up on stage and took a few questions even though he wasn't officially there.

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Okay, wow, let me start typing before all of memories start to fade! I can't believe a week ago today I was in Atlanta, GA...madness.

Let's see, where to begin? Last Wednesday I drove to West Virginia. Now, despite the fact that I live in Maryland and regular old Virginia is a mere hour away, West Virginia turns out to be a LOT further. It was about a 6 hour drive to where [ profile] faeriesfolly lived, but it was all on backroads so there was no traffic. I listened to an audiobook and then started in on the iPod mixes. Made it there a teensy bit faster than I should have (I blame the gotta keep up your speed if you want to make it to the top of a mountain!). Anyhoo, I made it there and FINALLY got to meet [ profile] faeriesfolly aka Morgan in person! And her puppy Izzy, who is just as famous to me. haha. We went into town and had yummy foods at the "Only Cajun Restaraunt in West Virginia" - Gumbo's, and then we went to Swirl, a tiny little ice cream shop. To top it all off, she showed me "Repo: The Genetic Opera", which I knew I needed to see before Dragon*Con.

Thursday we managed to shove all of her stuff into the Mini (I really should have taken a picture of our mess) and had smooth sailing all the way down to Atlanta. Only traffic we hit was right when we got to the city and even that was minimal. We checked into our hotel and then started the Dragon*Con experience off right - by standing in line for our badges for over 2 hours. But it was fun! We had some very nice people around us so we chatted a bit. Standing in line was a nice change from sitting in a car.

Friday morning we donned our Merlotte's (True Blood) waitress outfits because we knew Charlaine Harris was speaking that night. While it isn't a very high-tech costume, it is really comfortable - I mean, black shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes? YES! Only annoying thing was navigating around with the random bottle of True Blood. Was not sad to toss that in the hotel room when we want back later in the evening.

ANYWAY we managed to meet up with [ profile] jellibean and watch a bit of the Shatner/Nimoy panel on DragonCon TV. It was really cool to finally meet her, and her boyfriend Joe. Both of them were on DragonCon gurus, giving us hints and tips on how to get around. They were gearing up for their Lost group meet up, looking very stylish in their jumpsuits.

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because I don't think I could sleep tonight if I wasn't already so tired. I'm so excited. My body is tired from working and running around today, but my brain is on a loop of "OMG DRAGON*CON OMG TOMORROW OMG"

Actually starting to get a headache...or maybe that is because I haven't eaten dinner yet because I was a bit distracted with the packing.

I think I have everything. Plenty of clothes, my costumes (Merlotte's waitress, Active/Doll, Vampire, Luke w/ Yoda backpack), random Dragon*Con stuff...

I'm trying to figure out what time I should leave tomorrow. Def. want to be out of the house before noon. I'm thinking maybe 10am...still early enough to treat myself to an egg mcmuffin but late enough I get to sleep in a bit.

iPod has been filled to the brim with random music. I have a few other CDs to bring along, included Daniel Tosh and Brian Regan. Hopefully we will not laugh so hard we run off the road. My laptop is charging, though I don't know if I'll use never know! iPhone goes into the charger once AD is home.

AH! I'm so excited!!!!! I'll be tweeting like crazy during the whole thing. Not sure if they have fixed the for iPhone yet, so everything might be coming via Twitter. But if it works when I get to Atlanta, I'll probably post an update of some kind, or at least costume photos.

Def. have to document finally meeting [ profile] faeriesfolly and [ profile] jellibean in person. I'm just as excited about that as I am about stalking Felicia Day...well, almost. ;-)

*yawn* wow, I'm gonna have a microwave meal with AD and then pass out, hopefully in bed.
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Did some work on my True Blood outfit today - by day we can be Merlotte's waitresses, and by night we'll be the vampires that chug Tru Blood at the bar.

Now I understand why all the vamps hang around with their mouths open, it's very awkward.

I just need to practice saying "Hello, this is the library information desk, how can I help you" with less of a lisp and I'll be ready for Halloween!

Click through for more photos of me being silly! (and OMG I applied make-up - I think that took longer than the fangs)

Hm...where can I put my teeth so that the kitties don't find them...

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