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FYI: has the last of the Rock and Republic Star Wars shirts on clearance $15 and under!

I have a few of these and I LOVE them. They do tend to run smallish, so I got XL and they are a good fit, actually have a little extra room in case I shrink them LOL.

I might have to grab a few more because you can never have enough Star Wars shirts, especially ones that SPARKLE!

Girls love sparklys.

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I've never been a fashion person. I've never really thought about clothes too much, apart from my Her Universe geeky outfits.

But now that I have discovered Torrid...dear god, hide my wallet!

They just launched a new line designed by Rebel Wilson. And I want SO MUCH OF IT (well, not the stuff with the weird koala design, that doesn't do it for me...but the other stuff that I'm pretty sure I could wear to work if I wanted to be fancy, GUH!).


I guess finding a story that actually carries attractive clothing in sizes that definitely fit me makes a big difference. Who knew digging through the racks at Kohls or hoping that Hot Topic makes an XXL in a shirt would be so destructive to my fashion self esteem?

Anyway, not going to spend money now. I'm going to add them to my wishlist, and if they are still available next time I want to shop...then I will get them.

...or I will send the list to my Mom right NOW and tell her that I am not going to buy them but if Santa would like to order me anything, I would much appreciate it LOL.
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So, still no house yet. We've struck out 3 times.

First one we really liked but it was built in 1985 and was on septic and had never been updated. We decided this made us too nervous, that the odds of things breaking were too high for our budget to handle.

Second one we LOVED the house, the yard was huge but it was in the most random part of Glen Burnie on a little street in a development that I think was abandoned in 2002, with just a handful of houses and the next community over was sketchy. These people had dropped it $50,000 and no one had bought it yet and we wondered why...

Third one was GORGEOUS, good location but...way out of our price range. And it was too nice to even pretend to haggle because it was probably worth more than it was listed for.

So last night we drank a bottle of wine and ate an entire thing of Hagen Das ice cream and then today Tim bought himself a new phone (his was dying) and got suckered into the "free" tablet. I went ahead an ordered myself the set of Funko Fantastic Mr Fox Legacy figures that were on sale at Entertainment Earth.

We've got a few more houses on our "look at" list but this week has been too busy.
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^^^see what I did there?

I spent my ModCloth gift certificate from my birthday! :D I'm usually awful at spending gift cards so I made it a goal to spend this one ASAP! Plus, they had a coupon day!

Here is one of my new pretty things!

My shoes are cuter than yours #shoes #modcloth #lastofthebirthdaymoney

My shoes are cuter than yours #shoes #modcloth #lastofthebirthdaymoney

And now it is time to start closing up the library!
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Got this email from Her Universe! I am so excited to see the new Marvel merch! I hope she has some more cute skirts. I love my TARDIS skirt and I need to get the new Star Wars one.
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For the next six hours, Groupon has a Starbucks $10 Gift Card for $5.

In case you are a coffee junkie like me but also hate paying full price at Starbucks.
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[ profile] andy_wolverton just alerted me to the Summer Reading comic book giveaway that comiXology is doing RIGHT NOW! No strings attached, just sign up for the website and you can get free comics for 20 days (well, 17, it started a few days ago)!

They also have a regular free comic collection too. I just snagged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Scott Pilgrim's FCBD story from there.

I've never actually read a comic on my iPad. Most of the single issues I buy for collecting reasons (currently collecting the new Serenity comics, which are fantastic) and otherwise I wait for the trades and check it out from the library. But this is a great way to test run series without filling up my shelves!

I can never say no to free. :)
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Also, people complain about the NSA watching there every move but ever since I bought something on ModCloth EVERY SINGLE SITE I go to has an ad for ModCloth with images of the items I had been browsing.

Also, I did get my first order from ModCloth. Sadly, the shoes I really wanted didn't fit but it was probably a good thing because they were crazy expensive...super cute but so pricey. UK sizing is confusing for US feet. They are out of my size now so I will get a full refund. I did get an adorable skirt and some other shoes though. hehe. I just love the whole retro look of the shoes and dresses. There are a lot of sandals I want on there. I tried to browse Kohls today to convince myself I should get things elsewhere but those sandals were LAME. I maybe go back later this month (next credit card cycle) and browse again...maybe.
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Not sure if I should tell you all this but...

Criterion is having a FLASH SALE right now, 50% off in-stock dvds and blu-rays. For you movie buffs on my flist, this is awesome. Fantastic Mr Fox was just added to the collection in a 3-disc set. The sale goes until NOON tomorrow (Feb 26).

And just to make things worse, Hot Topic has their entire site 25% off and Her Universe just released THIS awesome TARDIS skirt! As usual, not sure if it actually comes in adult sizes but...I want it. Might order the 3X if they have it in stock, I think that might fit over my butt LOL.

oooooh Adventure Time stuff is on sale...wonder how long this deal is good for....
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Her Universe has a huge sale going on right now, looks like they are trying to clear out their SyFy stock so it's mostly Battlestar Galactica, with a Warehouse 13 thrown in for good measure. Crazy deals, most of it marked down to $5 - $20 (used to be $17-$60).

Shipping is sort of a bitch but you're saving so much on the shirts, it's worth it.

They tend to run small but they are oh so comfortable when you can get the right size. I'm going to re-order the Cylon spine shirt and I'm thinking I might just get the basic "So Say We All" shirt and hoodie. Because I think I have a hoodie addiction LOL.
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Her Universe just sent out an email with New Valentine's Day items. I have to say, I do not like them. They would be cool as little posters or cards or even pins, but as a shirt goes, no. Just no. Too much text. That's too much time for someone to be staring at my
chest. I'd never wear it. This has to be the first flop for me from the HU line. You would have to have a very particular body type to make this top work.

Which is kinda good because I can't afford any HU stuff right now anyway LOL
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I just bought this set. I'd been holding out on purchasing Dark Crystal and Labyrinth on blu-ray because 1) I already own them on DVD and 2) they usually end up in the bargain bin after awhile. But today Amazon had both of them + Mirrormask as the Gold Box deal on sale for $38 - About $12.60 for each blu-ray. And even though I've only seen Mirrormask once, I could not resist, especially after I read the reviews on

This and the Blu-Ray Boxed Set Deal of the Week was the Bourne Trilogy...yeah, bought that too for 50% off.

And some day I might even have time to watch all these movies...
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Yeah, well I totally FAIL at saving. But the purchases today were NECESSARY purchases...

I mean, AD got his new computer put together this past week. It's a BEAST! I mean, it really has to be with Starcraft II coming out in a month, he wanted to have the best video card to handle the graphics heavy awesomeness. And after I saw how smoothly Sims 3 ran on it...well, of course I NEEDED to upgrade. Placed my order with NewEgg this morning - thank goodness their credit card has no interest for 12 months on orders of $500 or more (which mine was...). So soon, I will be on a machine that can run Sims 3 with no problems and will be ready for Starcraft II next month, plus Civ V in September and eventually Diablo III, whenever the heck Blizzard launches that thing.

And then we went to the mall because AD was looking for a shirt to wear on "casual Fridays" at his job and we went into Hot Topic. AD found me some really RED hair dye and...well, I NEEDED it! I want to have CrAzY hair when I go to Comic-Con and I think bright red will be pretty durn crazy. Plus, having AD dye my hair for me with this $13 hair dye is a lot cheaper than going to a real salon. Plus, I won't get the LOOK from the stylist when I'm about to go for it (they always look worried, like half-way through the process I'm going to start screaming and I'm going to rip the brush from their hands and run out of the store - note to stylist: if I'm in there asking for RED HAIR - I WANT RED HAIR! It grows back, I know it does, it always does, so just dye it *kicks soapbox back under desk*)

And while we were at Hot Topic, I saw this little Yoda doll and when I examined him more closely I saw that he TALKED! And then I realized it was the same Yoda doll I've had on my Amazon wishlist for over a year so I HAD TO BUY HIM DIDN'T I????

And then I wandered back into the Clearance isle and there was a Supergirl t-shirt for 50% off in my, I bought that too. I love Supergirl. When I was a little kid, I had Supergirl pajamas (and, to be honest, I'm in my pajamas right now which partially consist of a tank-top with the "S" logo on it...)


Then AD was nice enough to take me to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and...OF COURSE I HAD TO HAVE CHEESECAKE! But he paid for that so it's not as bad hehe.

It's been a very busy Saturday, to say the least. Tomorrow I've got to be all presentable because we're going to company picnic for AD's work. Hopefully we will not melt. Our nephew will be there, so at least I know there will be SOMEONE I can talk to about important things (Buzz Lightyear vs. Ironman).

deal queen

Mar. 16th, 2010 06:16 pm
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Today was a good day for shopping:

- stopped by Target on my way in to work and picked up 'The Princess & The Frog' on blu-ray. They had it for the same price as Amazon, plus Bob from the DCSWCC posted a $10 off coupon in the forums so I got the blu-ray combo pack for less than $20! HUZZAH!

- And our Target has a Starbucks and I still have the gift card my mom gave us for Christmas so I grabbed a free coffee on my way out the door.

- Went to Gamestop afterwork and picked up DragonAge Origins: Awakenings and used up my two e-rewards gift cards, which means I only paid a whopping $14 for that game. HOW AWESOME IS THAT????

Now - do I import Aurelia or make a new Grey Warden...these are tough decisions!!!! And I need to finish Natia, my castless dwarf's, quest so she can be imported over because I sorta like her more.

*sigh* I love this sunshine but it's causing a glare on my screen and I want to get my DAO:A ON!
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new couch!
Originally uploaded by orangerful
Well, we definitely did our part to help the economy this weekend!

AD convinced me to go out on Black Friday. We didn't get up early or anything, just left around 11 to pop into Kohls and managed to snag some new silverware, which we desperately needed. Plus, AD got himself some new jewelry and a cute pink Abbey Dawn dress (FYI if anyone sees the Abbey Dawn hoodie w/ headphones at their Kohls in XL, WE NEED IT!)

Then we went to Arundel Mills, which is our HUGE outlet mall by us. Got a really cute Tinkerbell tree topper and AD upgraded to a smartphone - he got a Sidekick because he thinks they are cool (I think it is because Veronica Mars used one....)

We also went to Michaels and bought a bunch of picture frames on sale, so what would have been $200 was about $60. Now to find photos of people we actually know to fill them with (though some are for my autographed photos from Dragon*Con).

Saturday, we went to the Shakespeare play in DC (As You Like It) and had lunch at Jaleo. Then on the way home we stopped by Hallmark and snagged two new ornaments - Snoopy and Woodstock playing guitar, and Ecto-1 (which plays the Ghostbusters theme). Then we bought enough cards to get a stuffed toy Snoopy that "plays" Christmas carols on the piano. (Though I have to say, the boxed cards were pretty lame. I'm going to see if I can design something for the holiday cards this year...we'll see how that goes!)

And today I tried to stay home! I did! But then I get a call at 2pm from AD and he's tell me about this awesome couch he found at Valu City. Our current couch was from 1974 and had 2 huge holes in the seat cushions. So we needed a new one. So we went over and it was half off! We convinced Amy & Joe to help us move it to the apartment (Joe has a van) and now we have this glorious thing you see in the picture. It's HUGE but it's so nice that there is space for everyone - even the kitties!

Erm...I have no frakkin clue how we'll get the tree in later this month...we'll worry about that when it happens. But right now - COUCH!
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So, remember that dress I was talking about on Thursday? Well, I went into Kohls today to return some of the other items that did not fit and lo-and-behold, they had the dress in the story, one size down from what I bought. So I figured, what the heck, let's try it on and see if it fits.

It did. Perfectly! So I bought that one and I'm returning the other one. Also, it appears I'm supposed to wear it without a bra? I dunno, clothes are so confusing.

In other shopping areas, found a swimsuit BOTTOM that was adorable, but the stupid top was not so much. Apparently, the "tie-up" tops are in right now, where you tie it around your neck, which is all well and good if you have normal sized boobs, but for those of us that were overly-endowed, these kinds of tops lead to neck pain. And that was the kind of top made to go with the bottoms I found. I said "screw it, they're seperates, I'll buy 'em seperate!" and just got the bottoms, thinking I could wear them with my old top...except now I can't FIND my old top. Blah. I'll figure something out eventually.

I don't think the fashion police patrol our area so I might even just clash horribly with the other top I found (the bottoms are hot pink, the one top I did find is black, blue, yellow stripes....yeah, not really sure I could pull that off)

I do now have pool passes though. We've lived in this community for 5 years and we've NEVER used the pool. Its a bit silly. Hopefully Amy & I will change that over the summer, make swimming part of our weekly works outs.

Also, I signed up for Blip.Fm because [ profile] juliet_demarcus was using and it looked cool. Already spamming the Twitter people with my weird musical tastes. If you're on there, send me a wave (wait, can I still say that or has Google copyrighted it?)
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Got my order from Kohl's today, about 50/50 on what worked and what didn't.

I'm really torn about this dress. It fits kind of weird, like it might be too big around the top, but the middle seems just right and I'm afraid to go a size smaller...but it's so damn cute!!!!

Plus, look at it - doesn't it seem like there's a costume in there (yes, I have a one-track-Dragon*Con-mind, and I will until...well, probably for the rest of the year!)? I mean, even some sort of Buffy thing...[ profile] jellibean said there is a Buffy prom, I could totally wear this!

I'm going to try it on again when AD is around and get his opinion if it is too big or just plain funky.

And for those of you that don't care about my clothing issues - OMG PLUSH TALKING YODA WANT!
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Conundrum - will I ever feel like plugging in my PS2 again now that we have a Nintendo Wii, Xbox360, and PS3?

See, Gamestop is having a special this week - trade in your PS2 plus 2 PS2 games and get $100 off a PS3. I was thinking I could probably trade in our PS2, get a PS3, and return that PS3 to Target to get our money back. I know, it's a bit ridiculous but it's $100! That's more than a few bucks!

But, as AD pointed out to me, that's the only system I have DDR on and it's the only system my DDR pad works with.


But, right now the TV is occupied with the plugs for the other 3 systems plus the cable. I'm not even sure the PS2 is plugged in. Will I ever feel the need to crawl down behind there and plug it back in just to get my DDR on? Do I hold on to hope that maybe Red Octane will make some sort of plug that makes my pad work with the PS3 or Xbox360? (ha, yeah right, they'd rather I dropped another $70 for a new pad, I'm sure!)

It's a great guilt free way to get rid of my PS2 (I hate throwing out working electronics) but at the same time - DDR! I'm like the 8 year old kid who sees his mom throwing out the toys he had when he was a toddler and freaks out that he still NEEDS it!!!!

I guess I could keep the pad and the games for old time that's a ridiculous idea. Stupid not backwards compatible PS3...I just want you to play my DDR games, that's it! I swear!

Of course, looking at the Gamestop site, this might be a moot point...they do not list the free games that we got when we purchased our PS3 at Target in the product description (Resistance and Motorstorm)....

Well, I have until May 10th to figure it out...but I think I'll just hang on to my ol' PS2 for now. Maybe one day, when we have a house, I'll have my little star wars room and my old TV can sit in there with the PS2 hooked up to it (because it will look like crap on our shiny new TV) and I can DDR to my hearts content...if I want to...

Nevermind, I called Gamestop and they don't have the PS3 that is packaged with the 2 games we got! PROBLEM SOLVED! I KEEP EVERYTHING!

Just ignore me.
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Okay, not that bad. But it was really slow at work tonight and I spent a lot of time browsing Entertainment Earth's Anniversary Sale. At first I convinced myself I needed to buy some BSG posters, but AD managed to talk me down from that ledge (would have been @ $60) and I got what I came for - back issues of Buffy Season 8. I ordered issues #16-#23 so I will be all caught up. Hopefully, I will remember to go to the comic store when #24 comes out. I also picked up the Buffy comic Omnibus vol 2, which was 50% off. I probably already own the comics in the collection (one of my Star Wars buddies, Tim, gave me all of his Buffy comics for safe keeping) but I'd rather read them in this format so I don't have to worry about damaging the pretties I have.

I DVR'd the premiere of 'Parks and Recreation'. I hope it's funny! AD is working on homework now or I would watch it.

Oh, and all this hullabaloo about FOX not airing "Episode 13" of Dollhouse (see [ profile] fandom_mania for the low down) - here are my thoughts:
If what the E! Online article says is true, than this episode was probably a lot like (as [ profile] girly_scribbles said) Restless - a coda to the end of the season but not necessary for the season. I'm not surprised FOX would hesitate to run the episode, considering they think all their viewers are morons anyway. If their imaginary audience can't follow Dollhouse, I doubt they think they will understand an abstract episode that has nothing directly to do with the main storyline. Plus, Joss didn't whip out Restless until the fourth season of Buffy, when he knew his fans were mature and loyal enough to follow the randomness of that episode. I'm not sure Dollhouse has matured enough as a show to handle an episode like that.

*sigh* Just another reason to buy the DVDs. Can't really officially judge this "Episode 13" issue without having actually SEEN the episode - that's the rub. At least the show hasn't been cancelled...yet.

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