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**waves** Hi new friends!!

Okay, I feel like life is settling back to normal after the trip. There is still a small pile of laundry on the floor that will get done Sunday, but I found some time tonight to sit and read LJ so that was nice.

Tomorrow we are going to RenFest! We missed it last year because of the buying a house/getting married. Believe me, I was very upset! But we are sneaking it in tomorrow, the final weekend. I just want my TURKEY LEG! And maybe a bee sting (hard cider + mead = yum! You don't worry about what time it is when you're in medieval England!)

BIGGEST NEWS OF THE DAY - DONALD GLOVER WILL BE LANDO! I went from having no interest in the Han Solo prequel movie to being totally invested.

Things that everyone already saw but I'm just now seeing - GUARDIAN OF THE GALAXY VOL 2 TEASER! I'm feeling good about this, mostly because it is the same team as the first movie and that feels right. No change in director or anything like that. And I like that the trailer is just about the group, not trying to show me a million new villains or subplots etc. The first movie was such a pleasant surprise.

I've never been into makeup, but I see there is a #nomakeup movement going on right now. One of my favorite artists just posted on her blog about how to make your own natural face powder. Seems legit. I'm actually kinda tempted to try it.

Round 87 sign ups are open for [ profile] character20n20 and I'm trying to brainstorm who I want to focus on this time. Last time I did Rey. Almost feel like I should do a TV show character so I have more images to choose from...anyway, I have some time to ponder.

Anyway, going to bed now because gotta get up early for RenFest - the actually had big issues with the car line last weekend (people were stuck for hours in traffic) so we're going to try to get their right when it opens.

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This is a legit book. It's at the library in the film studies area.

This is a real book.  It's at the library. Check it out. #books #movies #nicolascage

Mind you, it's not a very *thick* book but she is serious in her studies. Reminds me of that episode of Community when Abed took the course on Cage and by the end, couldn't decide if he was an idiot or a genius.
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At first I thought "I should watch Star Trek tonight to remember him" and then I thought "oh my god, if I already get teary eyed at the end of "Wrath of Khan" and the J.J. Abrams reboot, I will probably end up a crying mess if I watch it today.

Reading about Leonard Nimoy's life is just amazing. He just did all the things, kept learning, kept having fun.

He really did Live Long and Prosper.

I emailed my Mom to tell her and she replied that my Dad had actually called her to let her know. We've always been big Star Trek fans, but they were obviously fans before me.

She said to me "His Spock was like a flesh and blood yoda, or (yoda was like a plush Spock), except with a sense of humor, ironic as it was."

I made the mistake of clicking on the link that aggregated tweets from other Star Trek cast, remembering Nimoy. Now I feel like I'm going to cry.
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Posterous is shutting down on April 30 so I moved my books/movie review blog over to Wordpress in the hopes that will be the LAST time I move it (this would make the third transfer LOL).

ANYHOO, posted my movie thoughts on PITCH PERFECT and PARANORMAN.

Also, I am SO SO SO HAPPY that ARGO won Best Picture tonight! I was angry that Ben Affleck didn't even get an Oscar nom for director, so I'm glad that they at least saw fit to give him the statue for best picture.

And Jennifer Lawrence. **sigh** I just adore her. I didn't get to watch, but I heard the poor girl fell up the stairs walking to the stage? I'm sure it will be all over YouTube and Tumblr tomorrow. I love her because she is a clutz and a tomboy, but she does clean up nice!
orangerful: (Default) was just announced this week that Gillian "Dana Scully" Anderson will be one of the guests at this year's Dragon*Con

Time for my to ramble a bit about my first fandom, my first girl crush, and how unbelievabley uncool I was in high school

david duchovny, why won't you love me? )
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So...I'm back. Trying to figure out where to start. I guess I'll just fill in any blanks that I left while mini-blogging over my phone (seriously, I can only type so much with a touch screen).

Thursday we woke up bright and early. Both Jeff & I wanted to see the Tron Legacy panel, so we got in line around 7:30 am to wait for the doors to open around 9. See, they don't empty out the rooms after each panel at Comic-Con, so if there is a big even sometime during the day, the room will most likely fill up that morning and just never empty out. Tron was probably one of the bigger events in Hall H that day.

But before Tron was Megamind, the computer-animated cartoon starring Will Ferrell, Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, and Brad Pitt. 3D glasses were handed out as we walked into Hall H, so we all got to see the trailer and a clip in 3D before the cast came on stage. In classic Ferrell style, Will stumbled onto the stage wearing his Megamind outfit - complete with blue face paint. He also had a box of donuts and some juice - "oh, I didn't expect there to be this many of you...sharing might be hard". Tina Fey also came on stage with snacks and explained that they were from 7-Eleven and she did use her own money, so if everyone in the room could give her 1/1000 of a cent, she would really appreciate it. Jonah just came on stage like a normal person haha. Then the guy leading the panel teased that there was one more member of the cast - you could hear the crowd gasp with anticipation - then they brought out the cardboard cut-out of Brad Pitt and explained that he couldn't make it. Har-har-har. It was a fun panel, though I have a bad feeling that they sorta gave away the entire movie in the trailer. But if it has enough humor, it still might be worth watching.

Then came the Tron Legacy panel and the 3D glasses were on again for an extended clip from the movie featuring a creepy CGI Jeff Bridges. The cast, director, and creator of Tron came out on stage and the panel was led by Patton Oswalt. I think he was my favorite panel leader because he had this great mix of fanboy and snark in all his discussions. For example, any time a clip from a movie was shown, they warned audience members that no recording was allowed and volunteers were patrolling to look for cameras. When they began to queue up the Tron footage, Oswalt quipped "And you know there is no better way to show how much you honor and respect all of the hard work these people have put into this movie than by posting a shaky, out of focus video on YouTube." Tron was filmed with the latest 3D tech, so I'm actually interested in seeing it in 3D.

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So, AD & I went to the Shore Leave Convention this weekend. It's a tiny little Con held in Hunt Valley, MD. We had never been before, but this year they had both Katee Sackhoff AND Edward James Olmos on the guest list, so we HAD to make the trip! It's about a 40 minute drive from our apartment and the doors opened at 9am, so we got up pretty early for a Saturday and rolled up there. We managed to meet up with [ profile] destertale and a few other friends when we got there so we had some help getting the lay of the land.

We signed up to get photos with Katee. While waiting for our photo op time, we wandered the hall. I had dressed in my BSG outfit (the top I picked up at Dragon*Con, the dog tags AD got my for Christmas, and the pants from Kohls that I've yet to replace). AD decided that I needed to get a sidearm and holster. So we found a vendor with some pretty good prop replicas and I snagged a BSG gun before the shoot (no pun intended).

It was so worth it:

total fangirl moment )

We got to hear both EJO and Katee talk. EJO was very serious at times. I swear every other thing he mentioned was the "most something-or-other in the United States". He did make a great comment about the fans, and how having the Internet to interact with fans took the show to a whole new level because the writers/directors/actors could SEE what we were all thinking about the show and it inspired them. Katee was adorable. I just wanted to snuggle her and her cuteness. She is SO TINY! I had no idea. She talked about her tomboy childhood and how she pretty much needs to have a gun in every role she plays. LOL. We got both of their autographs for the BSG Wall Of Fame in our apartment, then we went back and got our photo-op photos signed for free.

Long day but fun. We also snagged a photo of Jeffery "Michael Weston" Donovan because he looked hot, and I grabbed a photo of Kahlan and Cara from Legend of the Seeker just in case some day I run into them! Plus, they both looked hot and there was a 3 for $15 deal. AD also bought the BSG "Last Supper" photo because it's awesome. And I got a "Sunnydale High School" sticker for the back of my car, which I've wanted for awhile.

And now the full schedule for Comic-Con has been posted. It's going to be a WILD weekend. Just 9 more days now...

actor meme

Jun. 23rd, 2010 11:07 pm
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Comment and I will give you ten actors and ten actresses. Then post in your Livejournal with your favorite films of theirs.

actors & actresses chosen by [ profile] pylarwoman for me:


Liam Neeson - oh so many, depends on my mood! It's hard to deny the beauty and intensity of him as Oskar Schindler. But, then again, I tear up every time he plays the lonely single step-father in Love Actually. And he was such a great villain in Batman Begins.

Bradley Cooper - Haven't seen very many of his movies, just The Hangover which was fun, but I don't know if I'll ever watch it again. The first time I ever saw him was in Kitchen Confidential, another show that hardly had a chance on FOX. But he was good as the Not-Quite-Anthony-Bourdain character. He's sort of like Ryan Reynolds to me - very pretty but I feel like Hollywood wants him to be famous a bit too much and is forcing him down our throats...erm, eyeballs.

David Tennant - hm...looking at IMDB, it appears I've only seen Tennant in Harry Potter and then for the half of Hamlet that I watched. I've only seen one episode of his run of Doctor Who.

Simon Pegg - While I enjoyed Shaun of the Dead, I prefer Pegg in Hot Fuzz. I've seen more buddy cop movies than zombie movies so the humor easier for me to get.

Dylan Moran - Have to do a TV show here because Dylan is Bernard in Black Books.

Brad Pitt - Hands down Tyler Durden in Fight Club . When I think of Brad Pitt, that is the first image that pops into my head.

Colin Firth- my introduction to Colin Firth was Shakespeare in Love (I can hear [ profile] andy_wolverton making a face from here), and, like Neeson, his role in Love Actually is what makes that movie so great (I mean, really it's sort of a silly movie but it's the solid cast that makes it so darn watchable!). We just saw A Single Man earlier this year and it was fantastic.

Ashton Kutcher - Not Applicable.

Tom Cruise - never been a big Tom Cruise fan but I'd have to go with either Minority Report or War of the Worlds. I feel like Spielberg was able to see the action star in Cruise by not force us to look at the pretty boy aspect as much, which is why I enjoy those movies.

Sylvester Stallone - wow...I've five minutes of the newest Rocky movie, mostly looking for Milo Ventimiglia...and Judge Dredd, which I would hardly call a good movie. Sorry Sly, I promise to watch the real Rocky one day.


Eliza Dushku - Yeah, I'd have to go with TV here too because she will always be Faith to me (even if AD calls her Missy)

Dawn French - Vicar of Dibley! Or the voice of the one crazy lady in Coraline.

Alyssa Milano - Who? *googles* yeah, I can honestly say I've managed to not watch anything she's ever been in.

Cameron Diaz - Being John Malkovich!!!!!!!!

Katherine Heigl - Knocked Up? It's the only thing I've seen her in, she seems to pick just dreadful parts. RESPECT YOURSELF WOMAN, READ THE SCRIPT BEFORE SIGNING!

Amanda Seyfried - She'll always be Veronica Mars' dead BFF Lily to me.

Jennifer Garner - Nothing. I saw Daredevil. I never want to see Elektra. And I doubt I'll watch 'Alias' since I heard it goes downhill after the first couple seasons.

Olivia Wilde - again with the Google...I've only ever seen her on House. But I guess I will be seeing her in Tron:Legacy (unless it gets horrid reviews)

Judi Dench - Judi makes EVERY movie better. Is she in the movie? Than it's awesome because the woman never phones it in. If she's the star or just playing M, I loves her!!!

Lena Olin- okay, now you're just making up names *googles* oh, she's real...never seen her in anything though. *shrugs*

Man, I FAILED at this meme!
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Oooh they keep talking about snow and snowstorms this weekend. I'm trying to not get my hopes up, but I"m scheduled to work Saturday and it would be so SWEET to get a snow day. Or even a delayed opening. But since I'm aware of the snow, my guess is that it will completely miss us.

Before I forget, gotta wave hi to my new friends!!! *waves to* [ profile] starwild, [ profile] stinabug87, and [ profile] rhi_anna!!!!!!

I finally watched Legend of the Seeker this morning with breakfast. I'm not sure what all the OOC fuss was about. I felt like Kahlan and Cara were well within their character limits.

spoilers for Dark  )

In other news, I gave my DVD copies of Battlestar Galactica to [ profile] heiland_coo (we upgraded to blu-ray back in July) and in return she pre-ordered Mass Effect 2 for me, so I'm waiting impatiently for that EPIC 2-Disc monster of a game to show up. I'll probably have to make it it's very own special tag. In the mean time, I still have 20% of Fereldin to explore in DragonAge.

DA spoilers )

And for those of you that are not LotS fans or DA players - here's a treat for sticking around this long:

Adorable...and Elmo isn't so bad either ;-)
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crazy busy day today - first day of Summer Reading Program registration. In the Young Adult department alone, we had 104. One Hundread and FOUR! That's crazy. Who are these teens that don't know they are supposed to be sullen and "too cool" for the library? And why are they not coming to my programs??? I hope some of them show up for my "Bookend Art/Decorate the Library" event next week. Or I will be sad as I just spent $30 on craft supplies...

Firefly Blu-Ray came in the mail today (Thank You Amazon's Gold Box deal). I cannot wait to watch it all over again plus all the extra special goodies. I <3 commentary.

I'm 100 pages into Wil Wheaton's Just a Geek and I'm really enjoying it. He's just so personable. And I think all of the stuff he's going through, even though he's an actor and working in a completely different profession than me, it's still all very relatable. The self-doubt, the voice in your head telling you to make a name for yourself...I was so happy to read that he's guest starring on Leverage this season since in the book he's talking about not getting a lot of jobs.

Part of me wants to re-watch Star Trek:The Next Generation but part of me is afraid that it won't have aged well at all. I'm a different TV viewer than I was however many years ago that was on the air. ST:TNG and ST:TOS were both episodic shows and I'm so used to series with HUGE plot arcs that span the entire season, with characters that change and develop from episode to episode. Will I be able to watch TNG and not feel frustrated by their static characterization? ST:TOS doesn't bother me as much because I've seen it many times in reruns and it was already old. But I grew up on TNG, so it doesn't feel as old...but sometimes I'll catch a few moments randomly on TV and it just looks so old.

Maybe Netflix will eventually have it streaming via Xbox...that's how I'm rewatching bits of TOS. Yeah, they are cheesy but the stories still work...or maybe I just know so many of the stories so well now, it doesn't matter how many blocks of wood they pass of as "computer discs".

Tomorrow is a belated birthday/early father's day celebration at my parents' place. I'm skipping out of work at 1pm and driving to their place since AD will have class all night. I got my dad a PS3 - partly because they are damn cool but mostly because I have massive guilt about telling him to buy an HD-DVD player last christmas. *headdesk* Plus, he's big into First Person Shooters and I think it would be easier for him to get his hands on games if he just had a console instead of a PC. Yeah, he'll have to learn the controls but in the end, I think there are more games to choose from.

Plus my mom can download Lumines and go crazy. haha.

Anyway, off to bed! Have a lovely Tuesday everyone!
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Oh irony - in attempting to upgrade my operating system to XP, something went wrong and my PC is demanding the FLOPPY DISC with the recovery information. Guess who threw out all the floppy discs a few months ago? Yeah, exactly.

AD has a plan though. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back on my computer instead of using the laptop, which just feels weird for posting on LJ because I have no idea how to open tabs and stuff.

ANYWAY - downloaded the Wolverine demo on Xbox and let me tell you, it was fun. Like, guilty pleasure fun. You just go around and slaughter everything in sight in uber-cool moves. Yeah, it's rated MATURE for a reason. Wolverine lunges across the screen and shoves his claws into the baddies faces and then turns around and chops the other guys arms off. I think I'm gonna have to GameFly this one.

Speaking of, I'm watching Hugh Jackman on Daily Show now...*melts* He's so awesome. Can they clone him and just distribute him? Or like, clone him and train him to do different jobs, like to be a teacher or a librarian. Come on, you know everyone would do their homework/read some books if Hugh Jackman told them to...
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After a looooooong day at work and coming home tired and headache-y, I found this in my mailbox:

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Feb. 24th, 2009 08:51 pm
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New Watchmen trailer! (thank you for telling me, [ profile] crazylike_afox)

Looks very cool, though I'm afraid it may have the same problem as Incredible Hulk...they just showed the whole movie in the trailer! Well, at least Watchmen has a bit more intrigue than HULK!!SMASH. I feel like I should re-read the comic because I barely remember it...maybe when school is done. EDIT: just read the summary on Wikipedia (MASSIVE SPOILERS!) and refreshed my memory. I still want to see the book again, but now a few things make sense. Moore's stuff is so dense, I have a hard time keeping it all straight in my brain.

[ profile] heiland_coo bought tickets for the midnight showing of 'Twilight'. I'm scared of the fangirls! I have to resist making any smart-ass comments under my breath during the movie. OH ITS GOING TO BE SO BAAAAAAAAD! Painfully bad. Thank goodness I'll be seeing 'Quantum of Solace' a few days after. James Bond > Edward Cullen.

We saw "Zack & Miri Make a Porno" on Tuesday. It was amusing. Not the funniest thing every, relatively predictable, but not a bad way to kill a couple of hours. I've decided I really like Elizabeth Banks. She just cracks me up, no matter what role she is in. I think I could hang out with her and have a good time.
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AD's friend recommended this movie, so we Netflix'd it to see what all his fuss was about.  I knew Kevin Costner was in it and that there was some sort of Jekll/Hyde thing going on in the plot.   And that is about all you need to know.

There seems to be some sort of virus in Hollywood now that is making script writers add extra plot twists to movies that don't need them.  Mr Brooks suffers from this virus.  But, if you can get past that, its an enjoyable enough thriller.  Not great, but a solid 3 stars. 

Also, Demi Moore has clearly had some work done on her face and I found it very distracting.  I wonder if that is why she wore her hair down the whole movie, because she's got extra skin stapled back there....ew! 

Dane Cook is also in this movie.  And I still want to punch him in the face. 

Originally posted on

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So, at my Star Wars club's Winter Social event on Saturday, we had a local celebrity stop by - John Morton. He played Dak in The Empire Strikes Back and an astronaut in Superman II. He did a little Q&A session with us and then signed some goodies. It was pretty cool. And very nice of him considering he did it for cake free.

So, that means I can do six degrees of separation from me to almost anyone in the Star Wars universe, because Dak talked to Luke and Luke got to talk to almost everyone in the OT included the Emperor, which means I can link myself to the PT too. hehe. Plus, he worked with both Richard Donner AND Richard Lester on the shooting of Superman II, so I can link to Christopher Reeve AND The Beatles. LOL!

Oh, this game is fun! ;-)
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Jenna ("Pam") posted to her MySpace blog about the WGA strike

She also linked to the writers/actors of the Office, picketing outside the studio. Again, they break down one of the big issues - the free internet streaming versions of their episodes which the network makes money off of, yet they don't.

James Gunn also explains why he is striking.
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Okay, after viewing this video, it is clear that I must meet Kristen Bell some day. Her spaz tendencies seems to be as random as mine. *sigh* Joss is still number one on the "before I die" list, but Kristen is now the second.

Video - KB wipeout  )

Also, not only is this video silly, but it was posted on YouTube by Adrian Pasar (Nathan Petrelli on 'Heroes') which is just so cool of him. I really think the internet has allowed entertainers to connect with their fans in a whole different way.

And a weird video from Showtime, trying to get us excited about Season 2 by showing clips from Season 1...or something. The poem overtop of it all amused me. Especially near the end. "He's psycho-licious!" haha. I smell icon! (not for the squeamish, he's a serial killer people)

video - dexter's greatest hits! )

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